UWE Hot Topics Interview: Chett Rosenthal

Hot Topics

Gwendy here with another hot topics interview.



This week I have a word with Chett Rosenthal; the owner of the company. It took me awhile to lock this interview, but I got it. The Hot Topics interviews are successful, so next I’m going to try and have a word with Lara Pegorino from the Sports Entertainment Network. How you doing Lara? But first, check out my interview with Chett himself.


How you doing Chett Rosenthal?

I’m well thanks, how are you Gwendy?


I’m well. I’d like to ask you a few quick questions surrounding your company the UWE. What made you want to bring the UWE back to television?


It was a collective business decision. I am the majority shareholder, but there are other shareholders that exist as minority holders. The company has stakes and the UWE has a lot of room to grow as a company. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to revive a company I’m passionate about. I had help from people that helped build this company. Experts, if you will. For example, businesswoman Lara Pegorino had a platform to re-launch the UWE.


Now, who are these other share holders, can you spill?


The company is ran by the board of directors. The board has agreed to protect the identity of the minority shareholder at this time as they are a third party group that wishes to remain behind the board. I will say that the minority shareholder, or shareholders, sit on the board.


Who made the decision to appoint Caroline Cage as General Manager?


The board made the decision as a collective. It was a unanimous vote and Caroline was more than happy to step into that position. Of course there were others that had been in the position before, so there was alternative interest. That was a major factor into the decision process, but ultimately Caroline was most suitable for the job.


I’ve been saying for a bit now that UWE could do well with new titles. What do you think?


Gwendy, I couldn’t agree more. The UWE has been heading in a new direction. The current direction UWE is heading in is different, but not entirely different than the direction that was taken in the past. The introduction of unique divisions would be beneficial to the UWE. At one point [UWE] had multiple titles, but the roster was bulkier then. Presently, there is groundwork being laid for the future and the fans will just have to remain patient.


Chett, you scout some amazing talent. For example, the Rhett Vipers came from the indies. How do you do it?


*Chett laughs* Gwendy I don’t do it by myself, but thank you. UWE scouts only the best talent.


UWE has foundations in Toronto as a Canadian wrestling promotion. The promotion tours various regions, so the company can be classified as global. Where did the decision to implement regional tours come from?


That decision was made by the board of directors. There is a wonderful group of people that run the company. They do a lot behind the scenes to keep things afloat and that decision was there’s alone. I merely agreed with the majority.


One last question, any favorite wrestlers in the UWE?


I admire every wrestler on the roster. The UWE only scouts the top and prime talent from around the world.


Thank you Chett for answering a few questions. It was a pleasure speaking to you.


It was my pleasure Gwendy.

UWE Insider: A Hot Topics Interview with Billsta Anderson

Hot Topics

Hello UWEniverse! How you doing? It’s Gwendy Willhelm with a special edition of Hot Topics. Today I have an exclusive interview with Billsta Anderson. Here’s a quick snippet that I enjoyed. It’s his verbatim, not mine.

I’d like to see the tag team titles be introduced, hence the reason I want to dominate that division.

We all know Angels and Demons as Lily Jackson and Billsta. Lil and Bill are quite the tag team. But there was no Lily, I met one on one with Mr. Anderson himself. I asked him questions that would spark his interest but also questions that would satiate my need to know everything. When I say I have a need to know everything, that means everything and nothing is off limits.

I hope you enjoy the interview, because I did. I’ll see you soon for more Hot Topics a bit later. Ciao!

So Billsta, after getting kidnapped before your title match. Do you think this effected your chances?

Well, that’s a good first question to start with. I got beaten half to death. Burned, drowned and gagged. Now you tell me, do you think Amy Gobraless would of shown up if that was her? No! She may have beaten me, but the matter of fact is I wasn’t a 100%. I was mentally defeated before I even shown up to that ring in Greece. It angers me that even though nothing happened to the champion and she ONLY just beats me! I mean come on, she shows up once in a blue moon and wins with her half-assing wrestling style. Is that what you call a champion Gwendy? No! A champion has the fighting spirit to be fighting each week.
Anyway, next question! The more I think of her, the more I want to cave her skull in with a brick. So…. Next!

What are your current goals?

My current goal is to go out there. Week in, week out and leave everything in the ring. Just to see the excitement on the faces of the fans.

What would you like to see happen with Angels and Demons?

Short term: Dominate everything in our paths

Long-term: Tag team champions!

What is the relationship between Lily and Billsta exactly? *Gwendy raises an eyebrow, squints her eyes and leans in towards Billsta*

We’re really good friends, I like her (Alot) *Billsta winks* but our relationship is more on professional terms. But hey! Who knows where we could end up.

After the title match against Amy… What now?

I’m going to fight my way back to the number one contender spot then take that shiny belt and turn it sideways then shove it up her hynie, NO LUBE!
*Billsta starts to chuckle* No, no seriously I plan to make my way to the top of the UWE mountain and fly the England flag proudly.

Do you have any dream matches or dream opponents?

Hmmm, well my first dream match would be an Elimination Chamber match featuring the creme de la creme of the UWE, past and present.

My dream opponent has got to be Asylum, I mean this guy is psychotic. We share the same vision of kicking asses and taking names! Me Vs Asylum in let’s say a Hell in a Cell match.

What titles do you want to see introduced into the UWE?

I’d like to see the tag team titles be introduced, hence the reason I want to dominate that division. Also I’d like to see a diva’s belt make an appearance alongside the hardcore belt. These are the best options I would like to see, also I would like to see the European Championship get introduced. Europes finest battling it out in the ring, what else can you say apart from: YES!

Finally Billsta, where can you see yourself in 1 year?

Well Gwend, is it ok to call you that? *Gwendy shakes her head in approval* Well you see, I don’t see myself as a world beater. I’d rather just beat everyone up in the world, if you catch my drift? I can see Gold & Glory and that’s all I intend to achieve. So, Gwendy. Thanks for having me, it’s been a pleasure. I’m Billsta Anderson and I have been your “The Voice of Truth” Cheers & don’t forget to watch the replays of last week! Only on the UWE network for $9.99!.

Billsta Anderson

UWE Insider: Hot Topics #5

Hot Topics

Hello, it’s time for Hot Topics! Let’s get right to it. I won’t spare the punches this week. In this edition of Hot Topics will analyze some tweets from UWE superstars. But before we get to it, there are a few issues to discuss

How about Morsmordre? Cthuhlu proved he is a dominant force by brawling with Chaos during a ladies match. Chaos was the referee, but Cthuhlu didn’t care. Cthuhlu, later that night, beat Chaos in a showdown. Chaos was angry about it on social media. Of course he’s angry.

Morsmordre, which consists of Brandon Sorrow, Asylum and Cthuhlu, is a dominant group. Brandon walked away in a loss against the Special Forces. I still see Morsmordre as a deadly trio. They will be going after the Armenian Beast and will probably set their sights on him at the Battleground pay-per view next month. Beware title holders of UWE, Morsmordre will probably set their sights on your gold.

So, let’s get to some tweets.

Serah's Tweet

Ok, really? Seriously? So what Serah Feena? You are a new diva. I can see you’re trying to be positive about it, but that is some shade right there. It’s always beneficial to train, so I look forward to your in-ring progress. I’m a fan of the ladies of UWE, so let’s see the competition between Ruby, Lily and the other girls unfold.

Chaos' Tweet

Chaos’ obsession with Lily Jackson is creepy. I’m not even going to use the word borderline to illustrate how Chaos feels for Lily, because it is outright creepy. He is obsessive and therefore intrigued by Lily. We haven’t heard much from her, or seen any on-camera interaction, but maybe we will soon. I’ll be watching.

Billsta's Tweet

How you doing, Billsta? Thank you for the shout out. You can feel free to have a word with me anytime. The UWE blog writers and columnists would love to interview you and have a word with you, myself included. Maybe we can arrange a special Hot Topics interview? I was impressed with Billsta’s title matches against Amy. He came close both times, but in the end came up short in both matches. Sorry Billsta, but there’s always next time.

Lara Pegorino's Tweet

Okay, back to Cthuhlu versus Chaos. That was quite the show down as Lara predicted. You know Lara is the network executive for the Sports Entertainment Channel? She’s the reason the UWE has a televised tour. Lara has a lot on insight in the business, so give her a follow on Twitter. You can learn a lot about the UWE, because she has true insider info. She’s always classy about it, too. No shade Lara, I really like you. Feel free to come onto Hot Topics sometime and dish with Gwendy.

Stay tuned for more Hot Topics. We’ll be sure to dish all the latest dirt and rumors. We will also do more on tweets, so watch out UWE superstars. We are always keeping an eye on your social media. The public accounts, of course.

Thank you for reading,


UWE Insider: Hot Topics #4

Hot Topics

Welcome to another edition of Hot Topics. I know I promised you a special edition last week, but you see Gwendy here was unable to deliver. I apologize. I hope this weeks dirt makes up for it.

How what that Rising Star Championship match between Billsta, Amy and Bob? I honestly thought Bob had it won. I was shocked that Amy retained. Billsta proved to be a contender too. What will happen next? I think Billsta will go after Amy. I think Amy will let Billsta fall right into her plan and she will strike. Like a spider catching it’s prey in the web it wove.

Cthuhlu. The guy just freaks. me. out. I cannot stand the sight of Cthuhlu. When Cthuhlu got involved in the main event between Brandon and The Armenian Beast I was shocked. To say the least. Asylum is another freaky wrestler too, but at least he wears a mask. Know what I’m saying? But when Cthuhlu used his finishing move to attack The Armenian Beast I thought the Beast was in trouble. I recall saying that The Armenian Beast was going to retain his World title over Brandon Moore, but I was wrong. The Armenian Beast retained his title over Brandon Sorrow. If you missed it, you have to get a hold of the results, the tapes or something.

Some of the superstars of UWE are aggravated. This is all allegedly and according to backstage reports. The superstars are angry because of the two titles. Although the roster is thin, the superstars feel there should be another division to mix it up. You see, this is what I, Gwendy, was talking about before. Maybe there will be new titles introduced on the upcoming tour?

That’s right UWE is embarking on the Battleground Tour. I don’t know much about this tour, besides the name, but it sounds like it’s going to be action packed.

Chaos has a crush on Lily Jackson? Yes, that is true. Chaos has been spotted with flowers and other things on the latest flight. Word on the street is that they’re for Ms. Jackson.

Rumor has it that Lucilla Pegorino has been a good girl lately. I think she’s bored, so she is trying to act good just to get in good graces with UWE management. Smart move, girl. It will get you back on the roster in no time at all.

Okay, that’s it for now. I promise I’ll be back with more real soon. If not, I will eat frogs legs. Please send us your hot topics to us by commenting on this blog, or tweeting @UWENetwork or emailing ultimate.wrestling.ent@gmail.com

UWE Insider: Hot Topics #3

Hot Topics

Hello UWEniverse and welcome to hot topics! UWEniverse? Sounds strange, but it’s the best term to speak to the UWE fan base. You the UWE fans comprise a universe of great proportions. The universe extends to the stars and beyond. I guess. I’m Gwendy Willhelm and it’s time to dish the dirt and discuss the latest in UWE related news.

Brandon Moore and Asylum are having quite the feud. I thought Brandon held his cool during the special referee match between the Armenian Beast and Asylum. He kept his cool so well, that he won the main event match that evening to become the #1 contender for the most coveted prize in the UWE. What will happen now that Brandon is the number one contender for the World title? I think Asylum should get added into the World title picture for good measure. Of course Brandon deserves his fair shot, but let’s just see where this leads. I predict the Armenian Beast will retain his title on the last leg of the Heart of Europa tour. If so, please throw Brandon and Asylum at him. The fans would love to see this.

According to a source, Demoana used to work in the red light district in Amsterdam. She worked in the district when she was younger just to make ends meet. Do we care? No, not really, but it’s interesting to know. This is all allegedly of course.

How are the state of things in UWE? Pretty good if you ask me. There are rumors that UWE is introducing new titles. What titles do I think would best fit the UWE? Here are my thoughts!

The Tag Team titles have a place in the UWE. A tag division would be awesome. UWE has the Special Forces, Angels & Demons and Bad Attitude is hanging around there somewhere. David Stone and Joker haven’t appeared in recent weeks, but if they were available they could make the division worthwhile. The Rhett Vipers are a new tag team. A couple named Jenson Rhett and Ruby make up the Rhett Vipers. UWE could use additional new tag teams like the Rhett Ripers, they were impressive in their recent debuts during the Heart of Europa tour. If done properly, a UWE Tag division could be the next big thing.

A women’s division. UWE has a lot of ladies on the roster. There’s Lily Jackson, Addison Hart, Lucilla Pegorino (though she’s suspended), Demoana and the new girls Serah Feena and Ruby. UWE has blurred the gender lines, but this division could do well based on the talents of the women on the roster right now. Not all of the women can be World or Rising Star Champions. I don’t think the guys would mind a separate Women’s division and neither would some of the women.

So, what do you fans think? Those are all the Hot Topics we have for now, but we will be back by the end of the week with more. Feel free to tweet @UWENetwork or email ultimate.wrestling.ent@gmail.com
All questions that get sent in will be answered by Gwendy. Is there anything UWE related that you want to ask Gwendy about? Do you want Gwendy to dish on a certain topic? All feedback is welcome.