UWE Insider: A Hot Topics Interview with Billsta Anderson

Hot Topics

Hello UWEniverse! How you doing? It’s Gwendy Willhelm with a special edition of Hot Topics. Today I have an exclusive interview with Billsta Anderson. Here’s a quick snippet that I enjoyed. It’s his verbatim, not mine.

I’d like to see the tag team titles be introduced, hence the reason I want to dominate that division.

We all know Angels and Demons as Lily Jackson and Billsta. Lil and Bill are quite the tag team. But there was no Lily, I met one on one with Mr. Anderson himself. I asked him questions that would spark his interest but also questions that would satiate my need to know everything. When I say I have a need to know everything, that means everything and nothing is off limits.

I hope you enjoy the interview, because I did. I’ll see you soon for more Hot Topics a bit later. Ciao!

So Billsta, after getting kidnapped before your title match. Do you think this effected your chances?

Well, that’s a good first question to start with. I got beaten half to death. Burned, drowned and gagged. Now you tell me, do you think Amy Gobraless would of shown up if that was her? No! She may have beaten me, but the matter of fact is I wasn’t a 100%. I was mentally defeated before I even shown up to that ring in Greece. It angers me that even though nothing happened to the champion and she ONLY just beats me! I mean come on, she shows up once in a blue moon and wins with her half-assing wrestling style. Is that what you call a champion Gwendy? No! A champion has the fighting spirit to be fighting each week.
Anyway, next question! The more I think of her, the more I want to cave her skull in with a brick. So…. Next!

What are your current goals?

My current goal is to go out there. Week in, week out and leave everything in the ring. Just to see the excitement on the faces of the fans.

What would you like to see happen with Angels and Demons?

Short term: Dominate everything in our paths

Long-term: Tag team champions!

What is the relationship between Lily and Billsta exactly? *Gwendy raises an eyebrow, squints her eyes and leans in towards Billsta*

We’re really good friends, I like her (Alot) *Billsta winks* but our relationship is more on professional terms. But hey! Who knows where we could end up.

After the title match against Amy… What now?

I’m going to fight my way back to the number one contender spot then take that shiny belt and turn it sideways then shove it up her hynie, NO LUBE!
*Billsta starts to chuckle* No, no seriously I plan to make my way to the top of the UWE mountain and fly the England flag proudly.

Do you have any dream matches or dream opponents?

Hmmm, well my first dream match would be an Elimination Chamber match featuring the creme de la creme of the UWE, past and present.

My dream opponent has got to be Asylum, I mean this guy is psychotic. We share the same vision of kicking asses and taking names! Me Vs Asylum in let’s say a Hell in a Cell match.

What titles do you want to see introduced into the UWE?

I’d like to see the tag team titles be introduced, hence the reason I want to dominate that division. Also I’d like to see a diva’s belt make an appearance alongside the hardcore belt. These are the best options I would like to see, also I would like to see the European Championship get introduced. Europes finest battling it out in the ring, what else can you say apart from: YES!

Finally Billsta, where can you see yourself in 1 year?

Well Gwend, is it ok to call you that? *Gwendy shakes her head in approval* Well you see, I don’t see myself as a world beater. I’d rather just beat everyone up in the world, if you catch my drift? I can see Gold & Glory and that’s all I intend to achieve. So, Gwendy. Thanks for having me, it’s been a pleasure. I’m Billsta Anderson and I have been your “The Voice of Truth” Cheers & don’t forget to watch the replays of last week! Only on the UWE network for $9.99!.

Billsta Anderson

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