UWE Over The Top XIX


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Nineteen weeks in!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
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There is a buzz surrounding Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment, that much is obvious. With 8 matches on the card and a whole bunch of new Superstars looking to break through in one of the world’s most competitive wrestling federations, only time will tell who is strong enough, competitive enough, and resilient enough to become a UWE mainstay, and maybe even a main event player? Eavan Maloney, The Xecutioner, Oscar Wilder and Timothy Hunt all set for their very first UWE appearance, but of course the Superstars of UWE will not allow the newbies to run them over. Oscar Wilder will face an especially tough challenge in the Masked Madman Asylum, who makes his long-awaited return to a UWE ring after a few weeks of absence. And Tiami Erickson will face Mr. UWE Brandon Moore in what will undoubtedly be a hard-fought battle.
And on top of that, Matt Moore will finally face off against Wülf Erikson one on one after their last bout was hijacked by James Calhoun.
And speaking of the Ultimate Wrestling Champion, he will finally tag with Amy Gobraless as they take on their arch-nemesis Lucilla, who will have her legally wedded wife in her corner: the tiny Canadian herself.


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Justin Lust vs. Timothy Hunt

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

The opening contest of the night sees the start of another night filled with new UWE talent! Timothy Hunt is here to dish out some hurt. Justin Lust is here to do what he does best and that’s bug everyone in sight. The Vancouver crowd shows Lust how they feel with a chorus of boos. He simply ignores them and puckers his lip. A kissy face in the mirror is the only reaction these fans will get.

The bell rings and Lust rolls his eyes, setting his mirror down. He lazily wanders over towards Hunt to initiate a collar and elbow tie up. Timothy Hunt takes control of Lust’s arm, wrenching it into a bar maneuver. Lust lets out a girlish scream sending a howl of laughter riding like a wave through the UWE Studios arena.

Hunt releases the arm and transitions into a wrist lock. Justin wiggles into the perfect position. Referee Claudia Morello has her view obstructed by Timothy Hunt’s body. Lust takes advantage of this and sends a big knee to Hunt’s groin, garnering even more boos.

He follows that quickly with a spinning roundhouse and drops for the cover!



Hunt kicks out ferociously!

Lust hurries back into it, however, grabbing Hunt by the ears. Timothy breaks Lust’s grip on him, though, sending a flurry of backhand jabs. This is followed by a big dropkick, sending Lust back! Hunt hits the ropes and Lust attempts to halt that with a clothesline. Timothy Hunt is able to duck and continue!

Hunt comes back with another dropkick! Lust hits the mat and Timothy wastes no time in executing a standing moonsault. Cover!



Kickout by Justin Lust!

Hunt says forget about it! He lifts Lust back to his feet and locks the head and an arm. Hunt lifts Justin and holds him there…the blood rushing to Justin’s head…and he drops! Brainbuster! Another cover!



Lust somehow manages to kickout yet again! Resiliency or annoyance? Who knows?!

Timothy is just as confused as to how Lust is managing to continue after being dropped on his head like that. Nevertheless, Timothy is calling for the end! Lust manages to scurry away, though! He backs into the corner and pulls Claudia Morello in front of him as a shield, cowering in fear!

Referee Morello is let go as Timothy Hunt moves in, but her back is turned. Lust sends a thumb right into Hunt’s eye! Timothy staggers backwards as Lust ascends to the top rope! Once Timothy has relieved the pain from his eye, he turns just in time to see Lust diving at him with a crossbody!

Nobody’s home! Hunt sidesteps and Lust hits nothing but canvas! The pretty boy bounces to his knees from the impact and Hunt takes advantage immediately! He cocks back and zooms in…huge running knee strike to the kneeling Justin Lust! That had to knock him cold!

Timothy is calling for the end as he hoists Lust’s limp body to its feet by the hair. He lifts Justin in a crucifix powerbomb position…Hunt flips Lust over! A cutter!

Arcane Controversy connects! Hunt hooks the leg and Referee Morello slides in!




Timothy Hunt has picked up a win his debut match in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment!

Winner, by pinfall at 05:03
–Timothy Hunt–


Match Two – Single’s Match
Mike Manning vs. Danny Oliver

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

The second match of the night is now underway, with Danny Oliver going to war without his brother. The Dog of War, singular in this case, is looking to take it to Mike Manning. Speaking of Mike Manning, apparently he had a conversation with Matt Moore and believes him to be his sensei. Manning claims to be a master of the art of Strong Style now. The guy is nothing if not predictable, so Oliver may need to watch out!

Who are we kidding? This is the Hapless One we’re talking about here! The match starts with Manning sending, what appears to be, a huge forearm at Danny Oliver. Oliver doesn’t budge, though! Danny just stands there as his opponent bounces off his large frame. Undeterred, Mike tries again with a similar result. He is looking frustrated now!

Angry at his failure, Manning bounces off the ropes to get a running start. As he comes in for this attempt, Danny sets himself and hits Mike with a hard shoulder bump, sending him to the ground. The crowd laughs loudly at the Hapless One’s predicament. He fights hard to hide his embarrassment as he returns to his feet.

Danny attempts to offer a handshake to his unhappy opponent hoping to show there are no hard feelings. The ashamed Manning slaps the hand away and spits at Danny’s feet, however. Danny gives Mike a shrug and tries again, smiling and offering the olive branch. Mike simply gets even more upset, attempting to push Danny before slapping him across the face.

Danny stands in shock for a moment before suddenly unloading a hard forearm to Manning’s head, knocking him to the mat. As soon as Mike stands back up, Danny levels him with another forearm. As Mike tries to rise once more, he is met midway with a huge double leg takedown. Danny slams Mike on his back!

The younger Oliver lifts Mike to his feet. He grabs onto Mike’s waist and sends him over with a big belly-to-belly suplex. The mat shakes with the impact, but Danny isn’t done yet. He leaves Mike on the ground and runs to the ropes, leaping onto the second rope to hit a springboard moonsault! That’s quite a move for the big man as he lands hard onto the tiny inferior Manning!

Danny is quick to get off of the crushed Hapless One. He pulls him to his feet one last time and sends him into the ropes. Manning comes back and Oliver pops him up into the air! Danny hooks onto Mike’s legs in a powerbomb position and quickly slams him back down to Earth!


Manning is just a broken pile of flesh now! Danny Oliver covers him and hooks the leg as JJ Hemphill moves in.




Winner, by pinfall at 03:26
–Danny Oliver–

That’s it! Danny Oliver stands and looks down at the pathetic Manning. He offers a look of sympathy and waits a moment, thinking about helping him. But he realizes the help would not be appreciated and simply drops to the mat, rolling out of the ring. He exits up the ramp, arms raised, celebrating his dominating victory.

Match Three – Single’s match
Asylum vs. Oscar Wilder

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Oscar Wilder claimed in the build-up to this match that he will ‘fight right’, and that’s exactly what’s needed when you step into the ring with the Masked Madman. The UWE newcomer shows very little signs of fear when Chuck Aitken rings for the bell. A feat in and of itself! But maybe it’s his lack of knowledge about Asylum that makes him so brazen right out of the gate! Whilst many UWE veterans would think twice about trading blows with Asylum, The Hardcore Hick comes right out of the gate with straight jabs and shoot kicks that drive Asylum back. The Masked Madman, perhaps taken aback by this sudden outburst, doesn’t have an immediate response. When his back hits the turnbuckles, Wilder continues his assault with a series of bionic elbows that hit his mask. He continues this offense until Aitken intervenes, finally separating the two. Wilder is smart and keeps his eyes on Asylum however, preventing any chance of a counter, and when Aitken gives the go ahead, Wilder charges his opponent, hitting him with a knee in the gut.

Asylum doubles over, and with a well-executed kneelift, Wilder smacks Asylum straight in the face! He grabs Asylum by the chin and lifts his opponent’s head up. A wide grin on his face reveals that Oscar is confident he has Asylum right where he wants him. He looks him in the eye and headbutts him several times. However, he forgot that wild animals are at their most dangerous when cornered. With every hit, the fire in Asylum’s eyes begins to light up again, until eventually Oscar starts to realize something is amiss and his headbutts aren’t wearing down Asylum as much as they’re firing him up.

Oscar stops, his eyes widen at The Masked Madman’s endurance, and it isn’t long before a loud ‘smack’ echoes through the arena as Asylum nails Wilder with an elbow smash. The Hardcore Hick reels, before Asylum locks him into a bear hug, before sending him overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. Wilder lands hard onto the turnbuckles, and Asylum retreats like an animal stalking its prey, waiting for Wilder to present an opening as he slowly scrambles to his feet. Wilder uses the ring ropes to get himself up and rests his back against the turnbuckles. Asylum comes charging in looking for a clothesline in the corner, but Wilder ducks, and manages to counter into a roll-up as Asylum bounces sternum-first off of the turnbuckles!



Wilder puts his feet on the ropes for extra leverage!


Aitken catches him! He sees Wilder’s feet on the ropes and interrupts the count as his hand came down for the three. The referee gets up to his feet and demands Wilder gets his feet off of the ropes. The Hardcore Hick obliges, but is none too happy with Aitken. He gets up in the referee’s face and complains about the count being interrupted. Unfortunately, he makes the big mistake of turning his back to Asylum! The Masked Madman pushes Wilder into the ropes as hard as he can, only to dropkick him in the middle of his chest as he comes back! Shock Treatment! Asylum immediately goes for the pin.




Winner, by pinfall at 06:39

Asylum is victorious on his return to Over the Top. Aitken hesitantly tries to raise Asylum’s hand in victory, but a glare of UWE’s resident psychopath changes his mind. A sadistic grin can be seen behind Asylum’s mask. Despite a great effort by Oscar Wilder, Asylum picks up momentum as he advances towards his inevitable clash with Mike Rosati at Midsummer Massacre!

Match Four – Single’s match
The Costa Rican Beast vs. Corporal Punishment

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Diego Diaz, once known as the Soviet Soldier, now known as The Costa Rican Beast or Bestia. Who’s more suited to face a true American soldier in Corporal Punishment? However, it is obvious from the get-go that Punishment is slightly taken aback by his appearance. It is one thing to see him in promo’s, but up close, he is even more intimidating and odd-looking. Nevertheless, being the professional that he is, Punishment simply nods and mouths ‘okay’ as the bell rings. But nevertheless, the speed of Bestia is incredible, as he immediately nails Punishment with a hurricanrana, sending th soldier to the mat. Punishment rolls through, back to a vertical basis, but is met with a spinning heel kick to the face, driving him back down again.

Bestia springboards the ropes, nailing Punishment with a moonsault. He stays on top of the soldier, hooking the leg.



Punishment kicks out. Bestia is back to his feet lightning quick, and hops on top of the nearest turnbuckles with beastlike agility. He waits for the soldier to get back to his feet, and hits him with a picture perfect missile dropkick that sends the enlisted man out of the ring. Punishment lands on his feet though, but is too late to spot The Costa Rican Beast flying over the top rope with a top” con hilo that sends both men crashing to the floor. The crowd, initially a bit deterred by the Costa Rican Beast’s appearance, are starting to get used to him and are actually applauding his high-flying offense, which is spectacular. He seems to care little for it however, focusing solely on his opponent. He hops on top of the apron, and stalks Punishment, waiting for the right time to strike him with another aerial attack. As Punishment gets back to his feet, Beast flies in… and Punishment snags him out of the air! Showing great strength, he keeps hold of the Osta Rican and smashes him back-first into the steel ringpost! Beast tries to crawl away, but Punishment grabs him by the fur on his face, before Irish Whipping him across the ring area, right into the steel ring steps! With a loud clang the Beast lands on the ground. Punishment rolls in and out of the ring to break the count, and then marches over to Bestia, who’s still dazed. Taking full advantage, Punishment once again grabs him by the hair, and proceeds to hit him with multiple face smashes on the steel ring steps! An improvised version of the 21 Gun Salute, and quite possibly even more effective! With the crowd counting along on the beat of the ‘Salutes’, Bestia’s eyes become more and more glazed with each hit. Until the referee is finally at the count of eight, Punishment rolls his opponent back into the ring and follows suit.

Punishment helps the furred former Soviet Soldier to his feet, and whips him against the ropes, but the Beast coutners with a Superman Punch! He can’t capitalize immediately however. The 21 Gun Salute on the steps took a lot out of him, and Punishment is already stirring before he can make his way over to pin him. He’s still fast enough to lock an armbar in on the enlisted man though.

Punishment tries to claps his hands together so Bestia can’t get the pressure he needs. He succeeds in doing so, and instead of Beast licking in an armbar, Punishment lifts up his opponent, displaying a tremendous amount of strength that wows the crowd. He then nails Diaz with a modified one-arm powerbomb, and leans in for the pin as it connects.



Beast doesn’t kick out, but rather Punishment lifts him up again, only to slam him down again. And a third time! Heaving and panting with exhaustion the enlisted man now pins the Beast.




He kicks out! In the nick of time, he gets a shoulder up. Punishment slaps the canvas in frustration. He lifts Bestia up, and launches him against the ropes, and hits him with Jump School! The crowd rises in appreciation as Punishment once again lifts up Bestia and prepares to set him up o nthe top turnbuckle for a Death From Above. However, just about as Punishment is ready to deliver the devastating superplex, Punishment can be heard shouting in pain. The referee’s vision obscured, he sees nothing, but fans in the front row throw about accusations of biting. Bestia pushes Punishment off the top turnbuckle. The enlisted man hits the canvas hard, but rolls through, straight back to his feet. But he is too late to prepare for what happens next Bestia leaps, and… MAULING! Into a pin!



Punishment desperately tries to wriggle free…


Bestia releases Punishment as the ref calls for the bell.

Winner, by pinfall at 09:02
–The Costa Rican Beast–


Match Five – Single’s match
Tiami Erickson vs. Brandon Moore

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

No black eyes. No sinister shenanigans. Today we get to see the ‘real’ Brandon Moore, with Sorrow tucked away firmly inside Brandon’s mind. Tiami almost looks disappointed as she sees the white of Mr. UWE’s eyes. With rumors of a certain ‘Alexis’ buzzing around the UWE Universe, Tiami might have some deep secrets of her own. Nevertheless, tonight is all about Tiami vs. Moore, and as the two eye each other up in the middle of the ring, they engage in a classic shoulder lock up.

Brandon tries to drive Tiami backward, but the self-proclaimed Ice Cold Bitch blocks him, showing great leg strength. Indeed, she stops Brandon in his tracks and continues to push Mr. UWE backwards. She then pushes so forcefully that Brandon flies back into the turnbuckles, rebounds, only to be met bu running bulldog from Tiami. The crowd give her a mixed reaction, with many still very much big fans of Brandon Moore. But Tiami doesn’t seem to care all that much, and immediately covers Brandon after turning him onto his back.


Brandon kicks out. Tiami is not undeterred however, having expected as much. Brandon scrambes back to his feet, and Tiami approaches him from behind, locking her arms around his waist, and sends him flying with a release German suplex, straight into the corner! The back of Brandon’s head hits the turnbuckle hard, and he clutches the back of his neck in pain after his head whiplashes. The crowd squirm along with their hero and Tiami grabs him by the ankle, to drag him back to the middle of the ring. She grabs his head next, only to level him with a DDT. Seemingly to be in the driver’s seat, the fans are worried that Mr. UWE has spent too long locked away in the confines of his own mind to provide any real threat to Tiami Erickson. She gets back up to her feet and circles the body of Brandon, spreading her arms wide as if to say ‘is this all you’ve got?’

Tiami retreats, stalking Brandon from the corner, calling for the Dead As Ice. As a stunned Brandon staggers back to his feet, she sets off to deliver it, but the fans’ cries alert him. He drops to a knee and lashes out with a modified European Uppercut, smacking Tiami so hard that it sounds like her neck snaps! Tiami teeters backwards as Brandon crawls back to his feet, and finally gets some offense in. Knife chop after knife chop, he drives Tiami back into the corner until he finally retreats. He then hits Tiami with a European Uppercut. And another, and another until Tiami slumps down. Now lying against the turnbuckles, butt on the canvas, Brandon measures her up. He rushes in, his boot aimed at Tiami, but she rolls out of the way! Brandon hits the turnbuckle knee first, and grabs it in pain; meanwhile Tiami rolled through and now once again grabs Brandon from behind, and hits a series of rolling Germans!

Tiami and Brandon have now both taken quite a bit of punishment, and the fans let their appreciation for both competitors be heard. Tiami gets up first, giving herself to upper hand to follow up with more offense. She calls for the Icy Coffin, and teases her set-up roundhouse kick. As Brandon gets to his feet she swings her leg, but the savvy veteran ducks underneath and reverses it into an electric chair drop. The crowd goes berserk, and Brandon calls for an exciting top-rope maneuver. He hop onto the top turnbuckle, but takes a moment too long to showboat! Tiami kips up, and ascends the turnbuckles as well, in record tempo! She’s slugging it out with Moore, trying to gain the upper hand, and possibly looking for a superplex. Brandon feels himself reeling, however, and decides to pull one of his best tricks out of the bag.

A ring-shattering B-BOMB! Brandon flips over Tiami and hits her with his very best shot! The arena quakes under the impact, and Tiami’s head bounces off the canvas. Brandon wastes no time pinning her.




Morello calls for the bell.

Winner, by pinfall at 08:03
–Brandon Moore–


Match Six – Single’s match
The Xecutioner vs. Eavan Maloney

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

The night is wounding down, but the stellar debuts are not finished! JJ Hemphill calls for the bell and The Xecutioner versus Eavan Maloney is on! The Xecutioner stares down the Steampunk Warrior, licking his chops at the thought of easy prey.

Maloney shows she isn’t that easy, however! She notices the look she is getting and quickly delivers a set a brutal leg kicks. The Xecutioner is surprised and staggers backwards. Maloney stays on him, though! She blasts him with a couple forearms against the ropes.

The Steampunk Warrior rebounds and comes back at X with a vicious…nothing!

The Xecutioner unloads a big spinning wheel kick as Maloney runs back towards him!

X lifts Maloney back to a standing base and hooks her by the arm. He goes to lift, but Eavan shifts her weight downward! Unexpectedly, Maloney rolls The Xecutioner up! JJ Hemphill rushes in!




Maloney wastes no time in escaping the ring, glad to have the victory!

Winner, by pinfall at 00:00
–Eavan Maloney–

The Xecutioner shoots to his feet and stares Hemphill down, blaming him for the loss. JJ quickly escapes the ring as well, leaving X in a fit of rage as Maloney celebrates up the ramp. The match may have been short, but Maloney has already endeared herself to the UWE crowd, who look forward to seeing her in action again real soon.


Match Seven – Single’s match
Matt Moore vs. Wülf Erikson

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

One of the most anticipated matches of the night is ready to get underway. With one Moore versus Erickson match up over with, we get a Moore versus Erikson battle. Corey Miner calls for the bell, causing Wulf and Matt to meet in the center of the ring for a respectful handshake. The two smirk and begin to circle.

The fans go nuts as the competitors lock up. Moore, using his size advantage, pushes Erikson to the ropes. Moore keeps the pressure on, delivering an cringeworthy downward chop onto Wulf’s chest. Wulf drops to a knee, but Matt quickly yanks him back up into a headlock.

Matt wrenches the headlock in tight, but it’s early in the contest. Wulf Erikson is not worn down that easily. Wulf claps his hands together a few times before switching his arm motion into that of throwing elbows. He’s able to catch Matt with three consecutive elbows to the gut.

This causes Matt to loosen up his grip on the headlock, freeing The Silver Bullet. Wulf decides to hold onto Matt, however. He rotates his body upwards, locking his legs around Matt’s neck. Wulf connects with the headscissors, releasing Matt towards the corner.

Matt stumbles, but keeps himself upright, turning just in time to see Wulf getting back to his feet. Both men smile at each other as the crowd erupts, eager to see more. They’re back to square one, circling the ring with laser focus on one another.

The circling finally comes to a halt as Wulf believes he sees an opportunity. He flies in at Matt, actually catching him off guard. Instead of attacking, Wulf simply slithers between his legs. He then grabs onto Matt’s back and spins himself to Matt’s front.

Wulf is able to get a hold of Matt’s head and flip him over. Snapmare! He follows that up with a vicious kick to Matt’s spine. The thud echoes as the fans cringe. Matt clinches his back up following the kick, but is able to turn and get to his feet as Erikson backs off.

Wulf still has the smirk on his face, but Matt is wincing about from the kick. It’s go time. Wulf comes in at Matt again, but he’s prepared for it. Moore sidesteps Erickson and sends a kick to his gut. This causes Wulf to stay bent over. Matt locks his arms over and around Wulf’s waist. He lifts and pulls Wulf over his head and to the mat. Gutwrench suplex!

Much like Matt was able to get up, Wulf slides along the mat when he lands, able to sneak into a corner and rise to his feet. The two stare each other down across the ring. Wulf shakes it off as he and Matt approach again. He pivots and sends a big European Uppercut at the elder Moore brother.

Matt ducks! He sends an elbow to Wulf’s ribs! He follows that with a ripcord back elbow. Matt hooks on now for a German Suplex. He releases…and Wulf lands on his feet! Wulf is not hesitant in delivering a running bulldog after landing out of the suplex attempt. Cover!



Shoulder up by Moore!

Wulf backs off after the kickout, allowing Matt to get to his feet. Matt nods at Erikson and the two lock up again. Matt makes the first move, hooking Erikson with a wrist lock. Moore pulls Wulf in and drops him to the mat, bridging for a pin!


Quick kick out by Wulf!

Erikson then manages to kip up to his feet, using his speed to get Matt into a wristlock this time. Moore easily ends that, though, with a sharp knee to the sternum. He pulls Wulf in for belly-to-belly suplex. Matt releases, but Wulf turns and flips out of it, landing on his feet yet again!

Wulf leaps up and plants Moore with a sit out flying snapmare! Moore takes the momentum and continues rolling to his feet, though! Moore reaches for one of Wulf’s arm and is able to pull him in for a monkey flip!

No! Wulf lands on his feet AGAIN! He rolls through and keeps going, springboarding and turning…hurricanrana! He hooks the legs!



Powerful kick out by Matt Moore!

Wulf hurries as both men get to their feet, sending a kick to Matt’s thigh. He attempts a kick to the other thigh, but Matt is able to catch the leg. Dragon Leg Screw! The force of Matt spinning the flippy Wulf Erikson sends Wulf on an extra twist before he hits the mat!

Matt gets Wulf to his feet and hooks the arms. He lifts him up for a double underhook backbreaker! Wulf flips over it, though! He flips again, this time back towards Matt! Pele Kick and a cover!



Moore forces a shoulder up!

Wulf keeps up the pace, showing some, but little fatigue. He speeds towards the ropes. Once he’s there, he immediately flies off and flips. Flipping leg drop!

No! Moore rolled out of the way and Wulf lands square on his bottom! Matt pushes Wulf’s shoulders down to the mat and covers! Corey Miner hurries in!



Wulf manages to kick out!

The crowd is really getting into it now with a “This is Awesome!” chant.

Matt pulls Wulf to his feet by the dreadlocks. He sends a set of European Uppercuts, causing Wulf to stagger backwards. One more…but Wulf blocks he! He sends his own back at Moore with the force of both of Matt’s combined!

Wulf looks down at Moore and points to the top rope. Wulf rushes the ropes, spreads his legs, and bounces off. Split-legged Phoenix Splash incoming! No, Moore moves and Wulf eats the mat!

Matt gets up and puts the hurt on Wulf with a series of stomps. Matt drags Wulf to his feet and sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip. Another attempt a monkey flip…it fails again! Wulf flips out and keeps running as he lands on his feet! Wulf comes back!

Roaring Elbow from Moore! No, Wulf ducks!

Wulf is back to where he started on the ropes, springboarding for another hurricanrana! No! Matt holds on, stopping Wulf’s momentum dead in its tracks! Matt lifts Wulf into the powerbomb position! Instead, Matt tosses Wulf up, causing him to land back down on his feet. He quickly transitions into an implant DDT! Cover!




No! Wulf manages to kick out in the nick of time!

Moore crawls back onto Wulf shortly after the kick out, as Erikson has stayed down. Another cover and Miner slides in.


Kick out!

Matt is getting frustrated as most wrestlers do with Wulf Erikson. He gets up and brings Wulf with him. Matt sends a big chop to Wulf’s chest. Then a forearm. He then pulls Wulf in at the waist. Belly-to-belly suplex?

No! Wulf breaks the hold, hooks onto Matt, and flips with his own maneuver! The Rainhei connects and Wulf holds on!



Moore stays in this!

Wulf was sure he was going to pull a fast one on Matt Moore there. He looks towards the referee for verification. Corey Miner holds up two fingers and mimics a shoulder coming off of the mat. He lets Wulf know that it was most definitely not a three count.

Wulf finally accepts it and turns to see Matt Moore rising to his feet in the corner. Wulf rushes over and grabs a hold of Matt. An Irish Whip sends Moore across the ring to the other corner. Wulf follows, but Matt bounces forward and throws a sick lariat!

No! Wulf ducks underneath the arm and continues running. He runs up the turnbuckle, twisting back towards Matt. Corkscrew crossbody!

And his midsection meets a dropkick!

Both men are down now. Matt is resting from the high pace he had to keep up with. Wulf is clutching his stomach, hoping he can recuperate during the time that Matt is laying off of him. With the two competitors on the mat, Corey Miner begins his count.





Matt Moore begins to stir.



Wulf starts to crawl towards the apron.



Matt pushes himself up to a knee, then quickly to his feet. Wulf drags his body out to the apron and pulls himself up via the ropes. Corey Miner acknowledges their actions and calls off his count.

Matt sees Wulf on the apron and heads over. Wulf has other plans, though! He ducks down and sends a big shoulder into Matt’s stomach. Matt reels back and Wulf slingshots himself into the ring…

Moore comes to life and connects with a huge European Uppercut! Wulf is sent back over to the apron and down the ringside area. He braces himself against the barricade and stands himself up. Matt stomps his feet a few times before rushing to the other side of the ring.

Moore rebounds and bursts through the ropes. Matt Moore with a suicide dive! What?! He connects with Erikson and both men are down outside of the ring! Corey Miner has no choice but to start another count.




Matt pulls himself up using the barricade.



He grabs onto Wulf and lifts him to his feet.


Matt rolls Wulf into the ring and quickly follows, breaking up the potential for a count out.

Matt approaches Wulf, grabbing again, to lift him to his feet.

Surprise! Wulf hooks onto Matt and rolls up him with a small package! Corey Miner is just as surprised, but is able to get down for the count!



Moore is able to push himself and Erikson apart to break up the pin!

Wulf rolls away from Matt, upset that he wasn’t able to get him with another surprise pin. Wulf stands and actually begins to argue with Corey Miner. Matt, overwhelmed by the pace that Wulf has been keeping, gets up on all fours and notices the heated argument. He stays down for a bit, glad to be able to rest.

As the disagreement on the pin falls throughout the match continues, Moore finds that it is time to strike. Matt sweeps Wulf’s legs and mounts him. He begins to rain down forearms onto the Silver Bullet. Wulf is somehow able to squeeze his legs around Matt and roll them both. Wulf is in the mount position now! It’s his turn to pummel Moore with forearms galore!

Matt is able to shove him off before too much damage is done, however. Both men hurry to their feet and Matt connects with a big knee. He follows that with a double axe handle to the back, a knife edge chop, and an Irish Whip attempt. Wulf reverses the whip and sends Matt running!

Moore crashes, back first, into the corner. He signals for a cannonball! Matt slumps out of the way, however, sending Wulf flipping into the turnbuckle. The angle in which he connects causes him to hang his legs over the ropes. Tree of Woe!

Matt sees this and moves in, but somehow, Wulf is able to pull himself up onto the top of the ropes. Matt grabs at his back from the canvas. He and Wulf struggle, both trying to gain some footing. Eventually, Wulf is able to free one of his feet, sending a back kick to Matt’s chest.

Matt goes back, hard from the kick, and connects with Corey Miner who was trying to officiate them out of the corner! Matt checks on Miner who has hit the canvas from the bigger man colliding with him. In the meantime, Wulf stays seated on the top rope.

Suddenly, an unknown individual hops the barricade and darts right at Wulf! Eagle-eyed viewers and fans of wrestling everywhere will recognize the man as someone who has the utmost beef with Erikson. It’s Bryan Blaze! Blaze leaps onto the barricade, catching Wulf off guard.

He grabs the dreadlocks, pulling Wulf’s head in, and swings! He connects with a huge shot…wait a minute! He’s got brass knuckles! Bryan Blaze just clocked Wulf Erikson with brass knuckles! Wulf falls back into the ring, onto his head, folding up like an accordion.

Blaze laughs at his handiwork and jumps off of the apron. Blaze holds up his hand and wags his fingers, showing off the brass knuckles to everyone. Finally, security has a hold of him. He doesn’t even struggle. Security pushes and shoves, forcing him up the side of the entrance ramp, away from the action. All the while, Blaze has a sadistic smile on his face.

Finally, Matt has Corey Miner back up to his feet. Corey licks his wounds a bit, holding onto the ropes, as Matt remembers he’s in the middle of a highly contested match up! He turns, ready to battle, but notices Wulf on the mat. Neither Moore nor Miner have any clue of what happened!

Matt simply assumes that Wulf slipped up and tumbled during their exchange. He backs himself into a corner and begins to pound his chest. Corey Miner finally gets back in the action, moving slowly and showing signs of pain. He sits back and watches as Matt continues to pound his chest.

It isn’t long before the crowd starts clapping along with the pounding and Wulf Erikson starts to roll around. He pushes himself to his feet at a cripplingly slow pace. Wulf manages to get up, nonetheless! But he goes right back down…

Wulf turns right as Matt turns!

Discuss Big Boot!

Erikson slumps to the mat again and Moore climbs on top of him. Miner moves in for the count.




Matt Moore gets to check that last box and Wulf might have another name to add to his own list! Moore pulls himself to his feet to celebrate the victory, completely ignorant to the fact of interference. Corey Miner checks on Erikson, filled with the same ignorance. If Bryan Blaze had not interfered in this match up, it could have gone much differently!

Winner, by pinfall at 17:09
–Matt Moore–


Main Event – Tag Team Match
Lucilla & Ruby vs. Vicious & Delicious

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

It is organically decided that Ruby and James Calhoun will start the match off. The bell rings and the two wrestlers get ready to do battle, but before they begin their match Ruby begrudgingly offers a handshake to the Callous One.

Calhoun hesitates but finally takes the offered hand and for a moment looks like he’ll shake it but instead leans in to kiss the back of Ruby’s hand before waving at Lucilla who beats on the turnbuckle in irritation.
Ruby rolls her eyes and then the match gets properly under way. The Tiny Canadian goes for a lock up but meets a jab from Calhoun instead. The cowboy takes a boxing stance and continues to throw quick, hard jabs whenever his opponent comes in.

Undeterred, Ruby steps to Calhoun’s left but when he tries to jab she spins right and ducks in, coming up with a hard kick to Calhoun’s leg. As the cowboy tries to get back into position Ruby grabs his arm and sends him flying with a quick arm drag. She holds on to his arm, and twists it behind his back into a hammerlock. Calhoun is strong, and a hard man to keep down however, and he manages to get back to his feet. He uses his superior size and strength to drive Ruby back into his own corner by walking backwards, and as Ruby is squashed between the buckles and the cowboy, Amy claps his shoulder to tag herself in.

She then proceeds to headbutt her to the back of the head, forcing her to release the hold. Amy hops over the top rope as Calhoun exits and hits Ruby with a snap suplex, following it up with a legdrop and a series of elbow drops. Ruby tries to protect the back of her head, but Amy is obviously targeting her temple, now proceeding to kick her viciously and ferociously over and over again. She does this for a while, often taking a cheeky glance at Lucilla, asking her if she likes what she’s doing to her little tiny Canadian enforcer wife. Ruby is near defenseless and Amy scoops her up, and throws her at Lucilla, daring her to tag herself in and come face to face with her.

Lucilla happily obliges.

She does so, and without even taking another look at Ruby, she strus along the ring, and comes faces to face and nose to nose with Amy, their heads butting as they face off. Lucilla and Amy both smile. Not because they’re happy, but because they hate each other, and they’re loving the prospect of putting a beatdown on the person across from them. It doesn’t take long for them to get going. Amy grabs Lucilla’s legs and tackles her, like a linebacker would. She mounts her and start laying into her, much to the crowd’s pleasure. Lucilla reverses however, and now being on top, she hits Amy with fists and elbows from all sides. Lucilla dismounts, gets to her feet, and hops over the top rope, to hit Amy with a rolling thunder, followed by a standing moonsault and a standing shotting star in one smooth motion. It’s a beautiful sequence, and she pins Amy immediately.



Amy kicks out, and shakes her head to get some of the cobwebs off. Amy is one tough chick, and it takes a lot more than that to put her away. Lucilla wouldn’t have it any other way however. She grabs Amy’s hair, hoists her up onto her shoulders and looks at Calhoun before hitting Amy with the Ripgut! The crowd ooh’s and aah’s, and Lucilla takes a step backwards, not pinning Amy but stalking her in order to hit a Cookie Thumper. When Amy is correctly positioned, she runs up, … Amy rolls out of the way just in time and Lucilla’s boot hits nothing but canvas. Amy rolls to her corner and jumps at Calhoun’s extended hand. TAG! The cowboy’s in, and he charges immediately at Lucilla, looking to put her away with a Boot Hill! But Lucilla ducks underneath, and Calhoun charges forward, landing near Ruby’s corner. The tiny Canadian uses the ropes to hoist herself up and she hits him with an enzuiguiri from the apron, right to the face! The cowboy seems dazed, and crumbles when Lucilla levels him with a chop block.

A nasty grin now etched across her face, Lucilla grabs the champion by the hair, gives him a quick peck on the forehead as she pulls it back, exposing his face. She then follows that up by putting her elbow right in between Calhoun’s eyes! She helps Calhoun to his feet, and wants to humiliate the cowboy even further, by going for her famed testicular claw! But not this time, Luci. Calhoun sees it coming and blocks it, before ramming his hand down Lucilla’s mouth, locking in a mandible claw! Lucilla is totally taken aback by this surprising course of actions. Red paint starts dripping out of her mouth, as Calhoun not only tries to choke Lucilla out with the favored maneuver of Lucilla’s superfan, but also dismantles her Red Light mist! Brilliant strategy by the cowboy, and he drives Lucilla back to the middle of the ring. She goes down to one knee, the light in her eyes fading…

RUBY IN THE ROUGH! Calhoun never saw it coming! He was too focused on Lucilla to see Ruby sneaking in behind him, running the ropes lightning fast and plating he kneestrike right between his eyes! He collapses like a bag of potatoes and Lucilla escapes the mandible claw he used to choke her out. Ruby hops back over the apron, and urges Lucilla to tag her in. She is still slow however, with not a lot of oxygen left in her… Sh crawls back to her corner, with Calhoun doing the same. Slow and steady, they finally reach their corners, tagging Ruby and Amy in at the same time!

Both jump out of their corners lightning quick, with Ruby feeling she has something to make up for. Slightly faster than Amy, she manages to nail her with a dropkick to the knee, bringing her down. Ruby once again goes for the Ruby in the Rough! Amy dodges it, and as Ruby’s momentum makes her bounce off the ropes, she is hit with the Rude Awakening! Amy goes for the pin!




Ruby kicks out! So very close! The crowd gasps, but they cheer for their resident sweetheart, who shows great heart and determination. Amy isn’t having any of it, though. She calls for Visions of Amy, and wants to set it up with a pendulum backbreaker. In order to garner some mome tum she bounces Ruby off the ropes, but Ruby speeds up, catching Amy by surprise, and kickes her in the gut! Amy doubles over, and Ruby puts her head between her legs. She leaps, and the duo flips over into a Tiny Canadian Destroyer!

Ruby covers her!




Winners, by pinfall at 12:39
–Ruby & Lucilla–

Ruby sits up straight as the bell rings. She can’t quite believe it! And neither can Lucilla. She rushes into the ring and as Chuck Aitken tries to help Ruby up to raise her hand, Lucilla in a ft of fury hits Ruby with a Cookie Thumper! Amy has since rolled out of the ring, but Lucilla mounts Ruby and starts throwing fists at her, shouting accusations of stealing her glory. Both Calhoun and Amy look on in surprise, as the fans boo Lucilla so loudly the broadcast microphones crap out.

She doesn’t stop. As the broadcast comes to a close, she is still hammering away on Ruby, while security rushes out.

Quick results
°Timothy Hunt def. Justin Lust by pinfall
°Danny Oliver def. Mike Manning by pinfall
°Asylum def. Oscar Wilder by pinfall
°The Costa Rican Beast def. Corporal Punishment by pinfall
°Brandon Moore def. Tiami Erickson by pinfall
°Eavan Maloney def. The Xecutioner by pinfall
°Matt Moore def. Wülf Erikson by pinfall
°Lucilla & Ruby* def. James Calhoun & Amy Gobraless by pinfall

UWE Over the Top XVIII


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

Posted Image

Eighteen? We’re legal!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
Posted Image

With Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment LIVE for its eighteenth consecutive show, never having missed a beat, the hype surrounding the company is bigger than ever. This much is apparent, with many new Superstars having been signed by the General Manager. Four of them will make their Over the Top debuts tonight, as Marcus LeVine takes on El Hijo De Los Muertos; Lx-Tim faces a mystery opponent; Michael Kelly faces off with fan favorite Wülf Erikson in a number one contendership match for the Canadian Championship, and Tiami Erickson doesbattle with Ultimate Wrestling Champion James Calhoun in the main event. And to top it all off, we’ll have two of UWE’s most hated and respected, Lucilla and Brandon Sorrow, go to war!

With new debuts already announced for OTT XIX, the future of UWE is looking brighter than ever. With starts like Eavan Maloney in attendance, it’s clear that Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment has only just begun to show the world what it’s worth.
This. Is. Over. The. Top. Are you ready???


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Marcus LeVine vs. El Hijo de Los Muertos

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

With so many debuts on hand tonight, there is no better way than to deliver one right out of the gate! And speaking of right of the gate, as soon as the bell rings, Marcus LeVine takes the fight straight to El Hijo de los Muertos! He drives a shoulder into the masked star’s midsection, shoving him back into the corner. Marcus then starts to pound Hijo’s h’ad with right hooks, not wanting to waste anytime showing the UWE fans what he is about.

Unfortunately for him, too much longer and he’ll be disqualified. Referee Claudia Morello calls for him to get off of Hijo in the corner. Marcus complies, but not until Claudia tries to force herself between him and El Hijo. Marcus breaks off of Hijo and seemingly snaps in frustration.

He turns back around and rushes towards the luchador, but the son of the dead has something else in mind. Hijo gets a boot up and sends LeVine stumbling backwards! Hijo ascends to the second rope, waiting for Marcus to get in position.

LeVine turns and is lined up perfectly. El Hijo de los Muertos dives off with a huge crossbody block! He hooks the leg and Claudia slides in.



Powerful kick out from Marcus LeVine!

He’s furious with how the match is going, but El Hijo is not letting up. Hijo gets right back on the attack as LeVine gets to his feet. He comes at Marcus with a flurry of strikes that backs him against the ropes. El Hijo then sends Marcus across the ring with an Irish Whip. As Marcus rebounds, Hijo drops to the mat.

LeVine continues running over Hijo and rebounds again. Marcus is moving much faster than El Hijo anticipated! The luchador was not able to get into position in time. Instead, as soon as he gets back up to meet LeVine, he’s blasted with a running leg lariat!

Marcus quickly gets to his feet and lays a bundle of stomps across the upper body of El Hijo de los Muertos. Grabbing Hijo by the mask, Marcus prevents him from escaping. LeVine rolls Hijo over and slams his face hard into the mat.

He then puts up a finger to his mouth as he sets his boot on the back of Hijo’s head, calling for the crowd to go silent. A handful of them do, but there is a loud chorus of boos. Marcus says screw it anyways and sends more vicious stomps to Hijo, this time to the back of his noggin.

Claudia once again has to physically interfere for Marcus to listen. She advises him that one more time and she will disqualify him without hesitation. Marcus shouts back at her that he doesn’t care because this match is over. He lifts El Hijo de los Muertos to his feet and hooks his arms in the double underhook position.

Marcus sings out, “Oh, Canada, my home and native land!” He then lifts El Hijo and spins…

He drops El Hijo to the mat with a mighty force.

O Canada connects!

Marcus takes his sweet time in rolling El Hijo over and going for the cover, not even hooking a leg or pinning the shoulders down. He simply sits against the downed luchador. Claudia Morello comes in the count.




That’s it! Marcus LeVine gets up and demands Claudia raises his arm in victory as his first match in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment is a successful one!

Winner, by pinfall at 04:22
–Marcus LeVine–


Match Two – Single’s Match
Mystery Opponent vs. Lx-Tim

Posted Image

(Referee: Corey Miner)

As LX-Tim waits in the ring, a new competitor appears from the entrance ramp. The mystery opponent is revealed to be the Soviet Soldier. With one known as Bane at his side, the soldier enters the ring…but Bane calls for the music to be cut. Bane appears to have tricked the world, introducing the competitor as being from Volcan, Costa Rica.

Bestia, the Costa Rican Beast it is! A third beast here in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment! Covered in fur and shrouded in possibilities, this beast is ready to battle a veteran of the UWE landscape. LX-Tim seems unintimidated, the showoff that he is. He walks right up to the beast and stares right into his eyes.

Referee Corey Miner calls for the bell and the staredown remains intact. LX-Tim is the first to strike, sending a slew of punches into the new Beast’s head. It backs him into the ropes. Tim sends him across the ring, but the Beast reverses, causing the Portrait of Greatness to rebound off of the opposite ropes.

LX-Tim manages to use his agility to springboard off the ropes and throw a back elbow to the Costa Rican Beast. Tim hops to his feet and yells at the crowd, getting his adrenaline flowing. He’s pumped up, especially after getting the upper hand on the newcomer.

Tim goes to lift the Beast to his feet…


The Costa Rican Beast just chomped down onto Tim’s wrist as he was lifting him to his feet. With Referee Miner behind Tim, he is unaware of this happening. Tim is able to fight his way free from the gnawing of this new beast.

He clutches onto his wrist, turn away from his opponent, screaming in pain. Referee Miner tries to ask what’s going happening, but LX-Tim refuses to acknowledge him. Tim kicks the bottom turnbuckle paid in frustration and to release some of his anger. He turns back towards the Costa Rican Beast, absolutely furious that he’s been bitten.

The Beast leaps up and connects a headscissors, pulling LX-Tim down onto his head! He rolls through with it and hooks the legs for a pin.

He calls that Mauling!

Corey Miner hurries in to count.




Winner, by pinfall at 02:24
–The Costa Rican Beast–

And just like that, the Costa Rican Beast has won his debut match. LX-Tim has come up short again, as the Costa Rican Beast and Bane exit up the ramp, ignoring the jeers from the crowd. Tim pounds the mat, letting his showboating get the best of him yet again.

Match Three – Single’s match – Number One Contendership
Michael Kelly vs. Wülf Erikson

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

As always, Wulf Erikson is accompanied to the ring by his recent fiancée, Sierra Williams. Wulf assumes the position and lets Chuck Aitken pat him down for any foreign objects or substances. Without further ado, yet another debut takes place. Michael Kelly emerges from behind the curtain, absolutely ready to get things rolling!

He hits the ring after high-fives and fanfare, declining the same type of search from the official. He sits across the ring from his good friend, both knowing they need to put that friendship aside for one night in order to move on to the Canadian Championship. The two let each other know they’re ready and Referee Aitken rings the bell!

Almost at the drop of a hat, Michael and Wulf lunge at each other for a lock-up and the Vancouver fans erupt! Michael gets the advantage and starts ringing Wulf’s arm. The look of pain is all too real as he desperately tries to find the in-road to reverse. MK locks it in tighter and manages to wring Wulf’s arm around once more, flipping him onto his back.

Kelly follows this with a sharp knee drop onto the Silver Bullet’s shoulder. Next is a smooth transition into a Fujiwara armbar. The crowd certainly approves of this speedy pace to start the bout. Wulf grimaces and pumps a fist as he reaches for the ropes, you can almost see the lightbulb moment in his head as he deftly adjusts. Wulf sends Kelly over with an armdrag.

Both men are to their feet now! Kelly returns the favor with an armdrag of his own! With a handful of the dreadlocks, MK drags Wulf to his feet. He sends three hard forearms to the solar plexus. A hiptoss attempt is then blocked. Kelly launches himself behind Wulf and attempt a German suplex.

No! Wulf flips out of it and lands on his feet! The crowd roars as Wulf keeps his hands locked around MK’s waist, getting him in position for another. He only receives a back elbow for his trouble, though, forcing him to break the hold and stagger back. MK roars and throws a hard lariat!

Erikson manages to duck! He keeps going towards the ropes. Sprinboard…corkscrew crossbody! He covers Michael Kelly.


Shoulder up just before two!

The crowd loves it, and as does Sierra who applauds them for the transaction before both Wulf and MK get to their feet, pivoting and putting up their dukes to a rousing ovation and a chant. The crowd shouts that this match is already awesome in the early goings.

Michael and Wulf continue to circle each other once again and Wulf immediately shoots for a lock up. Michael steps back and throws a thrust kick at his stablemate. Wulf manages to catch the leg! Wulf Erikson tries to sweep Michael’s other leg, but to no avail. Michael hops over the sweep attempt and kicks off of him.

Kelly hurries after Wulf with vicious European Uppercut. Wulf is sent reeling back against the ropes. With the momentum of the European uppercut and his natural speed, Wulf gets sent off of the ropes and comes flying at MK with a huge shotgun missile dropkick to the chest.

Kelly is sent back into a corner and Wulf continues the onslaught with a second dropkick. This one slumps MK down into a seated position. Wulf runs to the opposite corner, pandering to the crowd and signaling for his cannonball senton to the downed MK in the corner. With a full head of steam, Wulf takes off and shoots for the cannonball.

Nobody’s home! Michael Kelly has slipped out of the ring! The way Wulf connects with turnbuckle, his legs are hooked to the top, leaving him in a tree of woe position. Michael climbs the turnbuckle that Wulf is hanging from, and starts viciously stomping on the free right knee of his friend. Two handfuls of stomps later and Michael grabs the hand of Wulf, pulling him up.

He lets go and leaps off…double foot stomp! Holy moly, the impact of that one! Michael hooks the leg and Chuck Aitken moves in.



One and half is all MK gets!

Kelly immediately goes for another cover.


Even sooner, Wulf gets out of the pin attempt!

Kelly shows some frustration towards his friend not staying down. He sends a forearm and slams Erikson’s head into the mat several times. There is a mixed reaction as Michael covers Wulf again.



Wulf gets a shoulder up yet again!

Kelly begins to drag Wulf to his feet now. MK sends Wulf across the ring with an Irish Whip. As the Neon Knight comes back, Kelly throws a superkick…

Wulf rolls out of the way to avoid the kick! The audience volume picks up as MK staggers off-balance and Wulf bounces back up to his feet and hits the ropes once more. Kelly ducks down, hoping for a back body drop. Erikson simply leaps over him! Wulf changes directions against the ropes now! MK is running, too!

They’re simply running back and forth across opposite sides of the ring, passing each other by. The audience volume picks up as both men try to land clotheslines, hit the ropes in opposite directions, and then both collide feet with a dropkick attempt.

Both men jump to their feet, but Kelly manages to catch Wulf with a kick to the back. MK throws Wulf into a corner and follows after him. Wulf handstands on the top of the corner, causing MK to eat nothing but turnbuckle after his splash attempt!

Wulf gets down and hooks for a neckbreaker. Kelly manages to shove him off! Kelly locks him in for an inverted suplex. Erikson manages to wiggle free and land on his feet! Poison-rana! Erikson hooks the leg!




Kelly kicks out!

Wulf and Sierra look to each other in disbelief as he sits up. The roaring crowd lets Wulf know how close he was. He slaps the mat in frustration. Wulf gets to his feet, igniting the crowd, jumping up and down in place. He hits the ropes and comes back flipping. The leg drop misses! Michael Kelly moved out of the way!

Michael is quick to his feet, landing a stiff kick to the seated Wulf’s spine. He runs off of the ropes. He goes for the Penalty Kick, but no! Wulf leans back to the mat just in time to avoid the kick. Wulf kips up! Michael Kelly lands a stiff knee to the gut of Wulf, dropping him down to one knee. Michael lifts him back up to his feet.

Michael begins to lay into Wulf with a series of forearms. The crowd counts along and on the last forearm attempt…Wulf ducks! Wulf locks the waist, looking for a German Suplex. Michael blocks the attempt and spins behind Erikson after a few elbows. Michael pulls Wulf backwards, rolling through, ending it with a disgusting Dragon Suplex. The bridge!



Wulf kicks out!

As the crowd goes nuts for the near fall, a frustrated Michael Kelly gets up quickly and begins to pull Wulf to his feet. Big chop! Followed by a left hook to the jaw! Michael slides Wulf into a schoolboy, letting go rather than attempting a pin. He pops up to his feet and sends a superkick!

No! Much like the avoidance of the Penalty Kick, Wulf leans backwards, dodging the attack. Michael stumbles from the miss, getting scooped up by Erikson. His own schoolboy!



Kelly reverses the pin into his own!




Erikson manages to free himself, causing both men to rest on their knees. Huge forearm by Wulf! Michael roars and Wulf’s head snaps back to another huge reaction as he delivers a sharp European uppercut! Wulf lunges onto all fours. He launches into another handstand and pivots before swinging and nailing MK in the temple with a capoeira-inspired. MK’s eyes roll back and he slumps forward, playing possum leading to a quick roll up!




Wulf escapes the pin, leaping to his feet, and straight into a corkscrew senton. Michael Kelly gets his knees up, however. Michael grins as though the end is nigh, scooping Wulf off him by grabbing a handful of dreadlocks and guiding him to his feet. A stiff forearm connects. A hard Irish Whip sends Wulf spilling out to the apron.

Kelly attempts yet another superkick, but Wulf yanks down the ropes. Kelly is crotched on the top rope and Wulf goes for his favorite spot. He shakes the ropes, bouncing Kelly up and down on his nether region. Kelly manages to get off of the ropes, though, avoiding further injury to his little Michael.

Wulf doesn’t hesitate to continue his attack. Rope swing leg lariat! Kelly is outside the ring. Wulf leaps back over the ropes and calls for the DTF! Wulf bounces once…twice…he flips for the 450 splash onto MK…

Oh my god!

Michael Kelly connects with a superkick, finally! His foot catches Wulf as he came out of the flip. Jesus.

Michael laughing as he shakes his head and looks down at a dazed Wulf. Wulf’s nose is bleeding profusely. Kelly calls Wulf an idiot among a few other choice words before giving him a quick thrust kick to the head. MK grins again as Wulf curses out loud and rolls onto his stomach.

Michael throws a few softer kicks to the back of Wulf’s head as he tries to get to his feet. Kelly gets Wulf hooked for a suplex to the ringside mat. Erikson manages to squirm free. Wulf kicks Kelly in the back of his knee and leaps up for another Poison-rana!

No! Kelly manages to hold onto Wulf’s legs. Kelly sends a kick back into Wulf’s head. Michael lets go and Wulf simply crumbles to his knees. He lifts Wulf into a suplex position again. Instead of suplexing him onto the mat, MK tosses Wulf onto the barricade!

Picking Wulf up from the ground, Michael positions him over the barricade with his head leaning out towards ringside and his body near the crowd. Taking a few steps back, Michael aims himself and then throws up his signature gun taunt. Right before Michael takes off, Sierra grabs him by the arm. Catching him by surprise, Michael turns around.

The two begin a shouting match on the outside. Michael has heard enough and swipes his arm away, free from the grasp of Sierra Williams. Michael throws his gun taunt up once more and runs with a head full of steam at the seemingly defenseless Erikson. Wulf barely manages to avoid the running knee strike!

Leaning over the laps of the fans, Wulf snaps back into his senses. A male fan has the displeasure of having Wulf standing atop his legs waiting for Michael to get back to his feet. As Michael staggers to his feet, Wulf jumps off of the fan’s legs and over the barricade. Wulf connects with a hurricanrana!

Michael hurries back to his feet and rushes at Erikson. Lariat! No! Wulf ducks and Michael turns around…

Pele Kick!

Wulf gets Kelly back into the ring and quickly lands a running senton. He covers MK.



Shoulder up!

Wulf runs his hand under his bloody and achy nose before lifting Kelly to his feet. Big kick to the solar plexus followed by an Irish Whip. MK comes back looking for a bicycle kick…but Wulf cartwheels!

Kelly looks back, Erikson handsprings, and…

Best Enziguiri Ever! Cover!



No! Kelly gets a shoulder up!

Wulf is visibly frustrated now as Sierra attempts to shout calming words from ringside. Wulf goes to lift Kelly again, but is met with a huge knee to the ribs. MK whips Erikson and hits a back body drop…Wulf flips and lands on his feet!

Erikson springboards for a crossbody…Kelly catches him! Kelly slings Wulf over his shoulder and dumps him onto the top rope. He makes his gun gesture!

Erikson avoids whatever Kelly had planned and springboards again! Sunset flip for a cover!



Powerful kick out by the debuting Michael Kelly!

Wulf is again frustrated, pointing to the outside, calling for his SBS. Wulf heads out of the ring and locates a chair. He throws it into the ring and slides back in to follow.

Wulf rolls MK onto his back and ignores the pleas of referee Chuck Aitken. Wulf grabs the chair and hits the ropes. Wulf goes for the SBS!

Kelly moves!

Michael looks over at his friend who is now on all fours in the center of the ring. Wulf inches up onto his knees, taking the hair out of his face and revealing more blood now gushing out of his nostrils. Michael walks towards Wulf and picks up the chair fresh with his blood on it next to him. With Michael lifting the chair over his head, Wulf squares his hands up and looks up at his friend who’s about to strike him with said chair.

Michael shakes his head, as he steps back and throws the chair outside of the ring. Chuck Aitken is one glad referee after that. He steps up to Wulf and slowly picks him up to his feet. MK rebounds…bicycle kick! But Wulf stays standing!

Another kick attempt by Kelly, but Erikson side steps it and sends a big jumping forearm his way! Michael shakes it off and stands right in front of Wulf, staring at him, eye to eye, forehead to forehead. He asks for another! Wulf certainly obliges, sending another stiff forearm. Kelly keeps asking for more!

A frustrated Wulf continues throwing a tide of stiff forearms, each one harder than the next, with every single one landing its target. Wulf throws a last forearm, but Michael swats it down and throws a forearm of his own. As Wulf starts to fall back first onto the mat, Michael keeps him up, holding him by grabbing his wrists. He cocks his head back and pulls Wulf towards him, delivering a forceful and powerful stiff headbutt.

The sound of forehead to forehead echoes throughout the arena. Wulf slowly falls down to the canvas face first. The camera pans to a close-up of a completely knocked out Wulf Erikson, moving slowly up the camera now focusing on Michael Kelly standing still over his stablemate’s body with streams of blood trickling down his face.

Sierra pounds the mat on the outside, trying to encourage Wulf to stay in this one. It may be of no use. Kelly backs into the closest corner he can find, wiping the blood from his eyes. He points the gun right after Wulf, waiting…waiting…

Wulf begins to finally stir, turning his attention to his beloved Sierra. She mouths some words of pride to Wulf, who finally pulls himself to his feet. He turns and finds Michael Kelly throw the crimson upon his face. Kelly rushes in…

Kelly throws a knee at Wulf…



Wulf collapses to the mat and Michael Kelly, giving way to his fatigue, follows suit. He lands on top of Wulf, with zero energy to hook a leg. Chuck Aitken moves into position as the limp Kelly lays upon the even limper Wulf Erikson.




Winner, by pinfall at 24:12 and NEW number one contender to the Canadian Championship
–Michael Kelly–

The bell rings and Michael Kelly is announced the new number one contender for the UWE Canadian Championship! Sierra hurries into the ring, clutch Wulf’s head onto his lap as she kneels next to him. Michael rolls off and raises his hand in victory from the mat. He looks over at Wulf who is coming to now that his future wife is holding him.

The camera catches both men smiling at each other through the pain before it fades away to a commercial.

Match Four – Single’s match
Lucilla vs. Brandon Sorrow

Posted Image

(Referee: Corey Miner)

It’s here! A match between two of UWE’s behemoths. Many debuts tonight, but these two have been in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment for years, and it shows. While the crowd has always been supportive of Brandon Moore, it’s obvious he’s locked away in the confines of Brandon’s mind, evident by the black eyes of Sorrow peering at Lucilla. The youngest of the Pegorino sisters, Lucilla is all out by herself tonight. No Ruby as backup. As Miner rings for the bell, she gives Sorrow a curt nod. A sign of respect perhaps? In any case, it doesn’t seem to be mutual, as Sorrow simply sneers.

They start the match off with some chain wrestling. Sorrow slides in and locks his arms around Lucilla, taking her down to the match with a belly to back takedown. As soon as she this the floor, Sorrow locks in a hammerlock to obstruct Lucilla’s moves. However, the flexible reverses, twisting herself and turning it into a hammerlock of her own. With her now on top of Sorrow’s back, she initiates a headlock, making sure to properly apply the pressure needed to choke him out.

Sorrow manages to find just about enough leverage to plant his knees on the canvas, and uses the added strength to lift the Divaweight up, and turns it into a belly to back suplex, sending both of them crashing to the mat. Both Sorrow and Lucilla roll to the side and get to their feet in the blink of an eye, with the crowd being given no choice but to admire their technical prowess. However, it looks like Sorrow got the upper hand in that little exchange.

Lucilla grins, mockingly applauding him, but Sorrow stands motionless across her. It’s not until Lucilla moves that he does too, making sure not to get caught off guard. Lucilla slides in this time, wrapping her arms around Sorrow’s knee, taking him down with a dragonscrew legwhip. She holds on to the knee and viciously starts kicking the back of it, hoping to take away some of Sorrow’s speed and aerial ability. After a good ten seconds of kicks so fast her leg became a blur, Lucilla then drops an elbow on it, obviously targeting the weakened spot. Sorrow tries to wriggle free but to no avail. Lucilla keeps hold of his ankle as she keeps dropping elbows on his knee, continuously draining its strength. When she feels like she has done enough damage, she released the ankle, and Sorrow grabs his knee in pain, shaking his lower leg to try and restore the blood flow.

Lucilla doesn’t give him much of a breather through, as she runs in to kick him in the head with a savage punt kick! Luckily, Sorrow has two minds looking out for his physical wellbeing, and he’s quick enough to duck before Lucilla takes his head off. He rolls through, and gets to his feet. A slight limp in his step, his movement is impeded though. With Lucilla having no such issues, she is twice as fast and hits him with an enzuiguiri, levelling him. Grinning viciously, she hopes over the top ropes to the outside and wows the crowd with a rolling thunder. As she lands, it seems like she has the upper hand now.

With Sorrow down, she hopes on to the top turnbuckle. She calls for the Lucid Dream and leaps! But Sorrow ducks and Lucilla hits the canvas hard! Sorrow gets up as fast as he can and locks Lucilla’s head in his arm, lifting her up for a trademark Sorrow brainbuster! However, Lucilla manages to shift her weight, disabling Sorrow to get her in the proper position. Lucilla lands back on her feet, her head still locked in. Sorrow tries to lift her back up, but Lucilla blocks it… by reaching out with her hand and locking in a testicular claw! Sorrow releases her immediately and tries to get free, but it is an agonizing move that Lucilla has perfected over the years, and she does not let go!

Miner is just about to start a count to 4 to force a release, as Sorrow’s black eyes get even darker, and he sinks his teeth into Lucilla’s neck! The crowd gasps at this horrific turn of events, but all Lucilla does is cackle in pleasure as Sorrow is biting down on her and she’s holding his balls in return. Miner is confused at what is happening, and just starts counting to 4 for both. As he reaches the number, Sorrow bites down hard one last time and Lucilla gets another extra hard squeeze in, before they are finally separated. Lucilla smiles and the crowd roars as they see that blood is trickling out of the bite mark in her neck. She runs her hand down her neck, lapping it up with her palm, before licking it off.

With several front row members gagging, Lucilla licks her hand clean, before sticking her index finger in her neck. She doesn’t stop before it’s blood red, and she points it at Sorrow. Her lips can clearly be seen forming the words ‘Suck It’, as she extends it to her opponent. Sorrow, however, stands stoically across from her, not accepting the offer. This seems to piss off Lucilla, who isn’t used to people refusing blood sacrifices. She stomps her feet and inches closer, once again repeating her words. As the crowd starts to get into it, a spontaneous ‘SUCK IT!’ chants emerges, which resounds throughout the arena from the front row all the way up to the cheap seats.

Vancouver fans, you sick bastards!

Under thunderous noise, Lucilla is now so close that she almost pokes her blood-stained finger in between Sorrow’s lips. But right before she’s about to make contact, he traps her arm underneath his armpit, does the same to ther other, and starts headbutting her. Trapping Headbutts! The crowd goes insane at this turn of events, and as Sorrow pummels Lucilla with his head, a sadistic smile creeps across his face. He forces Lucilla into the corner, and when he finally releases her, grabs her by the waist. Almost dead weight, but luckily Lucilla isn’t very heavy. He positions her on the top turnbuckle before grabbing a fistful of hair and following her. The crowd knows what’s coming. They can sense it. Sorrow is setting up the Darkness Falls. When both he and Lucilla are standing on the top turnbuckle, the crowd either holds their breath or screams out loud. Sorrow raises Lucilla up, and… She blocks it! She knows exactly what is coming, having scouted Sorrow well. She then raps her arm around Sorrow’s neck too, grabs him by the trunks and in an amazing display of surprising strength, manages to lift him overhead! Superplex to the outside!!!

The Vancouver crowd goes insane, and they all rise to their feet to see the carnage on the outside. Lucilla and Brandon Sorrow land hard, a broken heap of mangled bodies in front of the announce table as CJ Kim averts her eyes and Ricky Darlington is hopping up and down with excitement. Both struggle to get to their feet, as Corey Miner starts his count.

At the count of three, amazingly, Lucilla is already stirring. With blood still trickling out her neck, her entire chest has turned a crimson red. She grabs Sorrow by the hair and pulls him to his feet. At the count of five, she Irish Whips him into the nearest ringside barricade, not too far from where CJ Kim is seated. Brandon connects spine-frist but as Lucilla charged in for a cannonball, he ducks! Lucilla now lies ina battered heap on the floor instead. Sorrow sees an opportunity at the count of seven. Completely ignoring the referee, he picks Lucilla up, and hoists her up into a vertical suplex position. She stays up in the air for a while. Then, Brandon leaps, landing on the ringside barricade, all the while maintaining Lucilla in position. He then uses the barricade as a springboard, and hits the Darkness Falls on Lucilla, right on the announce table as it collapses as if it was made out of cardboard! The crowd starts a spontaneous ‘Holy Shit’ chant, but as Corey Miner is already at the count of nine, neither Sorrow or Lucilla stand a chance of making it back to the ring in time.

As he reaches the ten, he calls for the bell, much to the dislike of the crowd, who boo the referee. They wanted a clear winner, but the match was simply too close to call.

Draw at 14:34 by double count-out

However, even after the bell, neither Sorrow nor Lucilla want to stop fighting. After a minute or so, both are back on their feet; wobbly, but standing. And they start slugging it out! Either not realizing that the match is over, or simply not accepting it, they want to keep fighting forever; and so do the fans! But as the show must go on, a security team emerges from the backstage area to separate them and take them away. But when they see them coming, both Lucilla and Sorro focus their attention on them instead! They start dropping like flies and Lucilla and Sorrow lay them out one by one before turning their attention back to each other. But more security guards emerge! At least a dozen come out. When Lucilla and Sorrow lay out half of them too, Matt Moore emerges from the backstage area!

Along with about six guards, he restrains his brother (or what his brother is supposed to be), and guides him towards the back. Lucilla is trying to fend off her own security, until…

BOOT HILL OUT OF NOWHERE! James Calhoun suddenly jumps the barricade, emerging out of the crowd, before nailing Lucilla with his big boot. He is followed closely by Amy Gobraless, holding a kendo stick, who laughs at the sight of Lucilla down and out. Calhoun extends his hand, almost as if he’s offering Lucilla up as a gift! Amy stands over Luci, who is defenseless. Amy raises the stick, and thwacks Lucilla in the head! She lifts the stick up again, and repeats the process over and over. Until the crowd ERUPTS!

Ruby comes sprinting out of the backstage area. Wasting no time, she slides into the ring, runs up the turnbuckles, and somersaults off of them, hitting both Amy and Calhoun, bringing them both down to the ground. Ruby quickly helps Lucilla to her feet, whose entire body now seems covered in blood. Her face pale, it looks like she has lost a lost. She guides her to the back as Amy and Calhoun scramble to their feet, with the cowboy up next in the main event. Amy shakes her head in disgust at Lucilla’s escape, before jumping the barricade again and disappearing through the crowd.


Main Event – Single’s Match – Non-title
Tiami Erickson vs. James Calhoun

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In a highly anticipated main event, Calhoun and Tiami Erickson face off for the first time ever. After what can be described as months of build-up, these two finally go head to head. As Chuck Aitken rings the bell, Calhoun looks to catch TIami by surprise. He lunges at her to nail her with a clothesline, but she reacts just in time by falling backwards Matrix-style, bridging, and gets back to a vertical base. Calhoun grins as he sizes Tiami up, holding up his thumb and index finger pinched together. ‘This close’, he indicates, and Tiami grins back, shaking her head. It’s obvious the Ultimate Wrestling Champion will have to try harder than that.

They start circling each other, with Tiami looking extremely focused as she observes Calhoun’s every move closely. They start inching towards each other, looking for an opening but finding none. When Calhoun tries to goad her into a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, she puts up her hand with slight hesitation, only to hit Calhoun with a lashing kick to the mid-section as soon as their fingers touch. The champion doubles over, and TIami wastes no time to hit Calhoun with a DDT! She rolls Calhoun over and goes for the cover.


Calhoun kicks out almost immediately. Tiami allows the cowboy some time to regain his footing, but only to find the right angle for a spinning heel kick. Calhoun’s head snaps back and he reels, shuffling backwards until his back touches the ropes. Off the slight bounce, Tiami uses what little momentum it gives her to latch on to Calhoun’s upper frame and sends him flying with a belly to belly suplex.

The fans rise to their feet in appreciation, as the Vancouver crowd loves watching Calhoun get his ass handed to him… by the sister of one of his greatest rivals no less! As Calhoun lands on the mat, a painful grimace appears on his face, but it’s obvious he’s enjoying this as well. He gets to his knees, and the crowd roar in anticipation as they see Tiami rushing in to go for the ‘Ice Cold Truth!’ But Calhoun sees it coming just in time and rolls out of the way. He gets back to his feet in the blink of an eye and as soon as Tiami comes to a grinding halt, she gets nailed with a flying lariat of Calhoun. He follows it up with a fistdrop, and start clobbering away at Tiami’s face, giving her a patented Calhoun whuppin’, but the Erickson clan member isn’t just going to take it lying down. She fights back, blocking shots left and right, before getting a headbutt or two in that give Calhoun some pause. She eventually grabs him by the hair and pulls it sharply towards her, using the momentum for extra force on a particularly nasty headbutt that resounds throughout the UWE Studio’s. Calhoun seems a bit taken aback by TIami’s aggression, and after a follow-up elbow from the self-proclaimed ‘Ice Cold Bitch’, she manages to throw the much heavier Calhoun off of her. The cowboy rolls through, and both get up to their feet before coming to a stand-off.

The crowd shows its appreciation with a round of applause. Tiami chants resound throughout the Studio’s, and as Calhoun and TIami, both panting and heaving, size each other up again, it is the cowboy who takes the initiative. He charges, slides in on one knee to throw TIami off, and then locks his arms around her waist from behind. He deadlfits her up, and then throws her to the mat, making her land on gut. Face-down, she is hit with a knee drop by Calhoun, right to the base of the neck. Calhoun then proceeds to grab her by the hair and pulls her to her feet, before Irish Whipping her into the corner. As soon as Tiami lands sternum-first against the buckles Calhoun runs in to hit her with a European Uppercut. Tiami’s head snaps back and Calhoun takes full advantage by unleashing a series of violent backhand chops, each making the UWE crowd cringe as they can only imagine the pain they cause.

Calhoun doesn’t stop until Tiami’s chest is a welted mess and eventually Chuck Aitken comes in to break him up. He pushes Calhoun to the middle, enforcing a clean break. But when Calhoun rushes back in, he runs straight into a boot by Tiami, levelling the cowboy. Much to the delight of the fans.
Tiami uses the ropes to jump up to the second turnbuckle. She stalks Calhoun, waiting for the right moment to strike. When the Callous One is back to a vertical base, she leaps, and hits him with a flawlessly executed Tornado DDT! The crowd rises to its feet as she pins him…



Calhoun kicks out! TIami slips off of him in a hurry, and waits for him to get back to his knees…. ICE COLD TRUTH!! The Shining Wizard makes Calhoun collapse like a sack of potatoes, and the crowd cheers as they’re sure TIami has it won. With a look of excitement on her face, she covers him, hooking the inside leg.




Calhoun had his foot on the bottom rope. Had TIami hooked the other leg, she might’ve gotten him then and there. She slaps the canvas in frustration. But as she stands over Calhoun’s body, the cowboy looks to strike! He hooks an arm around Tiami’s thigh and rolls her up!



TIami kicks out. She rolls out of the way and gets back to her feet. Calhoun does the same. TIami rushes in, looking for the Dead As Ice! Calhoun sidesteps and reverses it in to a lungblower!!
The crowd boo as Calhoun rises to his feet and gestures for the Callous Clutch. He hooks TIami’s armsbehind his knees, but before he can lock his hands around her chin, she struggles like a woman possessed. She manages to wriggle one arm free, and uses it to unlock her other one. She falls to the mat, but Calhoun responds by kneeing her in the face. He then grabs her hair and pulls her to her feet…

TIami is levelled, and Calhoun smiles. He takes a few steps backwards, and calls out to the crowd for his deadly finisher. As Tiami struggles to get back to her feet, the Callou s One sizes her up and storms in… BOOT HILL!

He immediately covers her…


(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Winner, by pinfall at 10:02
–James Calhoun–

The crowd applaud in appreciation of this awesome contest. As Chuck Aitken calls for the bell and raises Calhoun’s hand, he shakes it off. Instead, he extends it to TIami, who is slowly recovering. She accepts it and Calhoun pulls her to her feet. TIami nods in appreciation, grabs his arm and raises it, acknowledging him as the fair winner of a great match. Sportsmanship at its finest, and a remarkable show of respect from two people who seemed to hate each other not so long ago!

And that’s a wrap folks! Another week of great drama, as we saw feuds develop, people debut, careers blossom, and a new number one contender being crowned. Be sure to tune in to UWE’s Over the Top next week to catch all of the action!


Quick results
°Marcus LeVine def. El Hijo de Los Muertos
°The Costa Rican Beast def. Lx-Tim
°Michael Kelly def. Wülf Erikson to become new number one contender to the Canadian Championship
°Brandon Sorrow vs. Lucilla results in a draw
°James Calhoun def. Tiami Erickson



Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises Production

Posted Image

Presenting the Exodus theme song…]

UWE Studios, Vancouver
Posted Image

Exodus is here! With UWE’s second PPV since their relaunch, the stakes are huge indeed. Both the Canadian Championship and the Ultimate Wrestling Championship will be defended, and with both The Armenian Beast and Ronnie Cage looking to hold on to their titles, it’s obvious that this could be a turning point for UWE. The company has been making waves recently, and has drawn a lot of interest from some big names in the industry. With stars like Drew Stevenson, Michael Kelly, Tiami Erickson, Ashley Williams, Sierra Williams, Angelica Vaughn, Tasu Ikeda and more in attendance, it’s time for the UWE Superstars to show the world that this is the greatest place in the world for professional wrestling.
Because next to title matches, we will also see Mike Rosati unleash his pent up frustration on Miss Vladiwebski; Korey Keegan make his long-awaited debut; see the return of Lx-Tim as he faces off against Matt Moore; the culmination of the war between JTX and Brandon inside a steel cage; Corproal Punishment looking to humiliate the man who retired his uncle… and Lucilla square off against Amy in a match nearly six years in the making!



Show Opener – Single’s Match
Nadia Vladiwebski vs. Mike Rosati

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

The opening bout of the night pits Mike Rosati against Nidia Vladiwebski. In what was certainly a disappointing turn of events, Rosati’s match with Asylum was postponed until the next pay-per-view and he has been delegated to curtain jerking duty. It’s a sure thing that Mike isn’t taking kindly to that.

This match wastes no time in going as referee Claudia Morello calls for the bell. Mike Rosait comes out of the corner like a mad dog! Pun intended! Rosati is doing exactly what he said he would. He’s out to destroy Nidia and send a message to the Masked Madman.

Mike is relentlessly pounding on Nidia in the corner she was standing in. He lets up only because Morello has gotten to a count of four. He’d be disqualified if he continued to the onslaught. Mike reluctantly backs off of Nidia and allows her to stand.

She stumbles out of the corner and Rosati is right back at her. He drops her with a big running axe handle. Nidia hits the mat, but hurries to her feet. Mike rushes at her again, this time with a clothesline. One more time, Nidia gets up rather quickly. Instead of running at her with an attack, Rosati is waiting as she stands.

Rosati hooks Nidia across the chest as he moves under her arm. He lifts her up and…slam! Uranage! Nidia hits the mat hard. Rosati now stands in the corner as Referee Morello questions his intentions. He is simply leaning against the turnbuckle, waiting for Nidia to show signs of life.

She finally does after a good while, slowly getting to her feet. While she’s pushing herself up, Rosati is ascending the ropes. He waits for Nidia to turn and notice him and when she does, Rosati leaps off of the top!

Lights Out! The flying knee strike to the head connects and Nidia crumples back down to the mat. Rosati turns Nidia onto her back and hooks the leg. Morello comes in for the count.



The pin is broken up?

What is Rosati doing? He had the match won, but he instead removed himself from atop Nidia and lifted one of her shoulders off of the match. Claudia Morello instructs him to just get it over with. Rosati is doing things his way tonight.

After breaking up the pin, he rolls Nidia onto her stomach and hooks her arms. He flips over and wrenches on them.

The Cattle Mutilation is locked in!

Nidia actually springs to life at this point. It is life filled with excruciating pain, but it is life nonetheless. The submission maneuver causes her to immediately scream an affirmative to Referee Morello’s question of if she gives up.

Winner, by submission at 04:02
–Mike Rosati–

Morello calls for the bell, but Rosati keeps the Cattle Mutilation going. Claudia begs, pleads, and yanks at Rosati to remove him from the submission. He finally releases the hold, a good handful of seconds after the match was signaled to end. Rosait rolls out of the ring as Morello checks on Nidia. He admires his work as he exits up the ramp, promising to do the same to Asylum once he can finally get his hands on him.


Match Two – Single’s Match
Korey Keegan w/Amber Valentine vs. Justin Lust

Posted Image

(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

The Leader of the Lost makes his debut with the Queen of the Rebels, Amber Valentine, in his corner. Taking on Justin Lust, Korey Keegan looks to impress in his first match in Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. JJ Hemphill calls for the bell and this match is on. Korey waits for Lust to meet him in the center of the ring, but Lust is too busy in the corner checking himself out in the mirror.

He makes kissy faces, runs his fingers through his hair, and seems generally unimpressed with the bout ahead of him. Korey and Amber share some words, unsure what to think about this Justin Lust character. JJ Hemphill approaches Lust and tells him that the match has started. He mentions dropping the mirror and turning his attention towards his opponent.

Lust seems offended that Hemphill is even speaking to him. Hemphill finally wrestles the mirror away from Lust, sending it to the ringside area. Lust argues and finally turns towards his opponent. Keegan was waiting! He rushes in and hits a big running knee, sending Justin Lust’s pretty face to the mat!

Lust tries to get to his feet as fast as he can to match Keegan, but Korey is on him like white on rice. Lust goes after Keegan, but Keegan sends a kick to his gut. He positions Justin for a powerbomb, but runs forward and sends him into the turnbuckle! Buckle Bomb!

Lust bounces out of the corner, right back to the Leader of the Lost. Keegan grabs onto Lust, hooking the arm around his neck. He lifts him up…

And drops him down onto a knee! The House of 1000 Deaths connects!

Keegan quickly covers and JJ Hemphill slides in.




Korey Keegan has won his debut match up!

Winner, by pinfall at 02:57
–Korey Keegan–

Amber Valentine slides into the ring and stands next to Korey Keegan. They stare down at Justin Lust’s defeated body for a moment, before sending the same look up to the camera and the crowd. They are letting everyone know that they have arrived.

Match Three – Single’s match
Matt Moore vs. Lx-Tim

Posted Image

(Referee: Corey Miner)

Matt Moore has been on a tear lately, having defeated James Calhoun at the last Over the Top. LX-Tim is always a threat in the ring, having first been in the UWE even longer ago than Matt was. Corey Miner calls for the bell after both men situate themselves in the ring.

The two competitors begin to circle, both looking for any opening they can find. It doesn’t appear to be happening, though. Instead, a collar and elbow tie up is applied. They push on each other, trying their hardest to get an advantage. Neither men will budge, but Matt Moore gets the upper hand by transitioning into a headlock.

Matt wrenches it in, but LX-Tim is able to pull him against the ropes. He sends Matt across the ring, breaking the headlock. Moore comes back, but LX-Tim drops to the mat. Matt trots over him and hits the ropes on the other side. The fans are roaring, excited to see an awesome wrestling sequence!

But they’re left empty-handed. LX-Tim steps to the side and leaves a foot out. He trips Matt and sends him to the canvas. The fans boo and get Tim’s attention. He turns to the crowd and mouths off to them. As he turns around, the boos turn to cheers. He is met with a huge dropkick from Matt Moore!

LX-Tim hurries to his feet and gets hit with another dropkick. The same thing almost happens again. Tim gets up and Matt gets ready for another dropkick. LX-Tim drops down though and slides out of the ring, garnering boos yet again. Matt lets out a roar to the crowd and to his opponent.

Abiding by the referee’s commands, Matt stands in the center of the ring, waiting for LX-Tim to get back in. The wily Puerto Rican’s face of annoyance should be chiseled in stone as Moore awaits with Latino with great anticipation. The smarmy Spanish superstar slowly ascends onto the apron and takes his time getting through the rope and back into the squared circle.

Matt readies himself to charge at Tim, however the Brooklynite immediately cowers underneath the safety net of the top and middle ropes! The crowd emphatically boos at his cowardice, whilst Referee Miner admonishes Matt to leave him well enough alone. Moore is clearly incensed, but patience is a virtue that is strong with him.

The Portrait of Greatness peeks out and makes his way to the middle of the four cornered coliseum, where both men are at long last going to engage in battle. Both raise arms looking to lock horns once again, but Tim bewilders Matt with a disgraceful thumb to his left eye! The fans once again vocalize their displeasure, meanwhile Miner admonishes Tim, although the New Yorker couldn’t care less.

Tim connects a Toe Kick to Moore’s midsection, doubling him over before positioning him into a Front Facelock. Implementing all his strength, LX vertically lifts Matt into the air, vociferously slamming him onto the sweat infested canvas with a thunderous Suplex! Twirling his feet to escalate to a vertical base, he once again connects a second Vertical Suplex that is just as emphatic! One more time, rising upward, the Latino tries to finish off the trinity of the attack, however once lifted in the air Moore displays his perseverance and wriggles out of Tim’s clutches to drop right behind him.

The Portrait of Greatness rotates and receives a wickedly swift European Uppercut that completely shakes him! Matt continues to barrage LX with a slew of the blindingly fast Uppercuts until up against the ropes. Moore opts to whip Tim across the ring, causing Tim to rebound and return to Moore, getting captured in his clutches and is served with a thunderous Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex! The crowd erupts in celebratory cheers as the fan favorite is back with the upper hand.

All the fans in attendance are vehemently enthralled witnessing Moore gaining the better of the Latin starlet whilst they continuously cheer for the fan favorite of the pair athletes. The Portrait of Greatness hasn’t been living up to the moniker thus far in his eyes, thus he seeks to rectify this problem whilst he clambers to a vertical base.

Matt unfurls a Roundhouse Kick to the temple of his adversary and Tim reacts instinctively, ducking underneath and responding with a fantastic Leaping Spike Reverse STO at breakneck speed to plow his in ring nemesis into the perspiration filled canvas! Instead of deciding to release his grip from the attack, Lx-Tim keeps his grubby mitts on Moore and hooks his far leg across the neck of his foe.

Seamlessly weaving his hands behind Moore’s head, the Brooklynite has one arm pass over their own leg and the other under. The Portrait of Greatness paints an illustration of wrestling perfection this moment by pulling backwards with his arms and pushes forward with his leg, causing gargantuan pressure to have Moore writhing in excruciating agony! The fans immediately hiss and boo, all the while LX chuckles at their displeasure and continues to apply pressure.

Moore struggles from the optimum pressure being exerted from the Puerto Rican athlete and continues to twist and turn in attempt to reach salvation by means of a rope break. Matt extends his legs near the bottom rope, curling his foot and eventually finds his escape as the toe tucks over the top of the rope! Despite this, the dastardly Latino continues to keep to Koji Clutch cinched in, cuing Referee Miner to commence the count.





Fi…the hold is released just before Miner counts the five!

As LX-Tim releases the hold, Matt uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet. He turns to try and get his offense going again, but is met with a snapmare. As he sits up from the roll, LX-Tim plants a massive kick into Moore’s back. He clinches his shoulder blades back and rolls away from the Portrait of Greatness. Tim does not relent, however.

He grabs Matt by his short hair and pulls him to his feet, garnering boos from the crow and orders from Referee Miner to let go. He does so, but only after Matt is standing in front of him. LX-Tim sends a back elbow into Matt’s head. This causes Moore to rebound off of the ropes.

As Matt comes back, Tim bends down and launces him with a back body drop. Tim lets out a roar, pumping himself up as Matt reaches a seated position. Tim appears to be ready to show off his in-ring abilities as he runs to the ropes in front of Matt. He passes over Moore and hits the ropes behind him…

Tim comes back and…

He drops to a knee and applies a headlock!

The crowd boos heavily as his display of trickery infuriates them. Tim wrenches the hold in deep as Matt struggles to regain control of this match up. The fans are really trying to get behind Matt Moore. They’re stomping, clapping, and cheering until their lungs pop, hoping to give him the energy to break free of the headlock. It might be working! Matt begins to pound a fist to the mat along with the clapping of the crowd.

He is able to turn a bit and use that same hand to push himself up to a knee. Using all the force he can muster, Matt gets to his feet. The headlock is still hooked, but not for long. Moore throws a handful of elbows into the gut of LX-Tim. Tim lets up, allowing Matt to hit the ropes. He rebounds and runs straight into a shoulder check by the Portrait of Greatness.

LX-Tim shouts some insults down at Matt, getting right in his face. Matt surprises him! He hooks on and rolls Tim up in a small package! Corey Miner speeds in!



LX-Tim forces himself out of the pin!

Tim hurries away after kicking out, shocked at how close that was. Matt jumps to his feet, shaking off the earlier assault from LX-Tim. He rushes towards Tim who has backed himself into a corner. The Portrait of Greatness is able to duck away and leave Matt backed into the corner now.

He sends a variety of strikes towards the Gaijin Kaiju before backing up, preparing for a running attack. LX-Tim darts forward and launches himself towards Matt. Matt rolls out of the way! Tim’s upper body bounces off of the turnbuckle and sends him stumbling backwards. Matt grabs onto LX-Tim’s head and pulls him backwards with a hard traditional neckbreaker.

Matt rolls over after the neckbreaker and puts LX-Tim into a side headlock. That doesn’t last long as Tim is able to use his flexibility to lock his legs around Matt’s head. He forces Matt to let go of the headlock and keeps Matt’s head tightened between his legs.

LX-Tim accompanies this with a few slaps to Moore’s stomach for good measure. A few moments pass within the headlock before Matt devises a plan. He twists himself onto his stomach and pushes himself forward onto Tim. Matt goes into a headstand position and pushes himself up.

He lands on his feet and sends a kick towards Tim. Tim dodges, grabs onto Matt, and rolls him up for a schoolboy! He lets him go, though, instead of attempting a pin. Matt rolls through and Tim throws a sitting enziguiri at Moore.

Matt blocks the kick and stomps down at Tim. Tim rolls away from the stomp and gets to his feet! Matt throws a knee, but Tim is able to put his hands in the way and block it! LX-Tim retaliates with a dropkick that Matt is able to sidestep!

As Tim gets up, Matt throws his own dropkick, but Tim dodges much like Matt just did! They both quickly turn and throw up a fist, but realize the momentary stalemate. The crowd goes nuts at the actual wrestling display put on between the two.

It doesn’t last long though as LX-Tim throws a sharp kick to Matt’s stomach as he was admiring their in-ring craftsmanship. Tim hooks Matt and sends him over with a fisherman suplex! He keeps hold and bridges for a pin.



Moore forces LX-Tim off of him, breaking up the pin fall.

LX-Tim looks to stay on the attack. He sends a knee into Matt’s head as he is getting to his feet. Moore drops back down to the mat, pushing himself up on all fours shortly after. Meanwhile, LX-Tim has moved backwards, getting a picture perfect view of his opponent.

The Portrait of Greatness has Moore lined up! He speeds in and sends a kick right to Moore’s head! The Footnote!


Moore pushes himself out of the way! Tim is able to stop his momentum as he reaches the ropes. He turns back around and is lifted onto Matt’s shoulders! Matt launches him into the air and LX-Tim comes down, gut first onto Matt’s knees! Gutbuster!

Tim lets out a howl, clutching his stomach on the mat as Moore backs into the far corner. Much like Tim just did as he was looking to hit The Footnote. Matt pounds his chest a number of times as LX-Tim forces himself to his feet. Tim looks for Matt and eventually finds him…

Moore charges out of the corner and spins…

He lifts his foot up…

Discuss Big Boot!

The move connects! LX-Tim slams down on the mat as Moore quickly goes in for the cover.
Corey Miner hurries in for the count!



Matt Moore has yet another victory under his belt! He wastes no time in exiting the ring, celebrating his victory up the ramp as LX-Tim appears furiously disappointed in the center of the squared-circle.

Winner, by pinfall at 13:19
–Matt Moore–


Those in attendance for Exodus are ready for yet another of a handful of grudge matches to take place this evening. They are on the edge of their seats, expecting either David Stone or Corporal Punishment to arrive through the entrance curtain at the top of the ramp. They’re met with a different surprise, however.

Music relatively foreign to UWE fans begins to play throughout the arena leaving the UWE faithful fans confused as to what’s going on. There are some in the crowd, however, that recognize this theme song anywhere as they pop realizing who it belongs to. The crowd all look up at the blank video screen expecting something to appear and yet nothing shows. Around five seconds pass by and in bright bold letters the words “CHOSEN ONE” pop on the screen.

An entrance video appears on the screen and Michael Kelly bursts through the curtains. Dressed in his faction’s official “Bad Moon Rising” T-shirt and blue jeans, Michael Kelly begins jumping around on stage, pandering to the cheering crowd. The reaction from the fans puts a big smile on his face, as the “Chosen One” throws his arm up, pointing his index fingers towards the sky. He walks half way down the ramp and turns towards the tron, waiting on something or someone.

“Calling” by Vamps, a theme only associated with one person, takes over the sound system. The Crimson Devil herself, Tiami Erickson, walks through the curtain in casual wear, a blue T-shirt and black jeans. Tiami walks slowly down the ramp and is greeted halfway by a smiling Michael Kelly as the two begin to make their way down the ramp and towards the ring.

The two walk side by side down the ramp with Michael making a pit stop on his way to the ring. He walks around ringside, slapping the outstretched hands of the crowd, and grabs two microphones from the nearby timekeeper. Michael makes his way back around, climbs up the steps, and holds the second rope up for Tiami to enter. Michael follows suit, entering the ring and handing Tiami a microphone. She signals for Michael to go first, but he mouths “ladies first”. The two take to the center of the ring as Tiami brings her microphone to her face and begins.

Tiami introduces herself the audience. She threatens to kick the teeth out of the mouths of those who stand in her way and points the finger at one UWE superstar in particular, James Calhoun. From there, she introduces the fans to Michael Kelly, playing up to the fact that he will become the present and the future of Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment.

Michael blushes out of embarrassment to Tiami’s words, donning a smile so big his pearly white teeth are out in the open for the whole crowd to see. Stepping back a bit to the nearest turnbuckle, Michael tries to laugh his big, dumb smile off of his face. Staring at Tiami, Michael smiles at her and gives her a wink which the crowd pops for. He walks up to her and gives her a quick hug whilst whispering something in her ear. Stepping back, Michael brings the microphone to his face and begins to speak.

Michael thanks Tiami and has the crowd give it up for her one more time. He states his joy in coming to Vancouver and finally being a part of the UWE. He mentions his friend Wulf Erikson and how he is here to have some competitive fun. UWE is the perfect place for that!

He’ll be able to work with some of his best friends as well as entertaining the crowd. He speaks of how important friendship is in the wrestling business because everyone is fighting to take someone else’s spot. He states that there’s not competition like the competition in UWE and that’s why he’s here. He wants to tear the house down on a nightly basis and will take no prisoners when it comes to the UWE locker room. He wants everyone to give him their one hundred percent effort, because the competition is what he came for.

Michael leaves with the words, “So it is etched in the stone and written in the sands of time. For my next opponent, whoever that may be…you have got a date with Desti-Knee.” Tiami’s music hits and Michael holds the second rope up so that she can exit the ring. Michael exits the ring behind her and the two walk up the ramp and through the curtains to the back.


Match Four – Single’s match
David Stone vs. Corporal Punishment

Posted Image

(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

Yet another grudge match is occurring here at Exodus. At Genesis, it was David Stone who forced Major Payne into retirement. Ever since, he and Corporal Punishment have been at each other’s throats. Right now, they get to settle it!

JJ Hemphill calls both men into the center of the ring. He relays the match rules and his instruction before calling for the bell. It rings and this bout is underway. Stone and Punishment send a vicious stare towards one another, beginning to circle. They are both looking for the first opportunity to strike.

The UWE crowd seems divided, sharing chants for both stars. The two competitors are absolutely eating it up, hoping to show their half of the support how they get things done. Without seeing an opportunity while circling, Stone and Punishment decide to go for the collar and elbow.

They lock up and try to impose their will upon one another. Stone uses his size advantage to take the Corporal into a corner. Stone breaks the lock up and sends a flurry of boxing style punches into Punishment’s stomach.

Hemphill requests that he take it out of the corner. Stone agrees, backing off of the Punishment, only to charge forward. Stone goes for a corner clothesline, but CP slides out of the way, turning Stone into the same position he was just in.

Punishment now delivers punches to Stone’s midsection in the same manner that was done to him! Hemphill calls for him to break it up and Punishment acknowledges. Stone looks a bit irked that his actions were mimicked. Punishment backs up to the center of the, gesturing for Stone to come at him out of the corner.

Stone exits the corner and the two begin circling again. A few moments pass before Punishment shoots for the leg. Stone tries to sprawl, but the Corporal whirls around to his backside instead of going through with the leg takedown. Punishment reaches up and clutches his arm around Stone’s head, bringing him in for a headlock.

It doesn’t last long, however, as Stone’s larger stature makes it easy for him to maneuver against the headlock. He lifts Punishment up and drops him with a back suplex. CP reaches for his back as Stone gets up, wanting to keep the pressure on.

David stomps down on Punishment’s back, hard, as Punishment tries to roll away. And another stomp. Stone lifts Punishment to his feet. As the Corporal gets up, he slaps David Stone’s hands away! CP takes a step back and launches a foot at Stone…

Boot Camp!

The superkick connects, out of nowhere! Stone doesn’t fall however! The kick sends him back against the ropes. He bounces off and…

Stone Cutter!

With his left foot, Stone sends his own superkick at Corporal Punishment! Punishment drops to the mat and David Stone follows. He covers and Hemphill comes in for the count. This could be it!



No! Corporal Punishment gets a shoulder up!

Stone questions Hemphill’s counting, shocked that his superkick wasn’t enough to put Punishment away, even in the early goings of this bout.

Punishment is now crawling towards the nearest corner. Stone sees this and heads towards him. As he reaches down to lift him to his feet, Punishment slips between Stone’s legs and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Punishment hurries and grabs Stone by the head in the corner.

He slams his head into the turnbuckle pad once…twice…three times…

The crowd begins to count.

All the way to 21! The 21 Gun Salute!

Stone is dazed as he stumbles out of the corner. Punishment leaps onto the ropes and with a smooth transition, leaps right off! Jump School!

The flying clothesline connects and Stone finally drops to the mat! Punishment is fired up! He takes to Stone’s lower half, grabbing onto his legs.

The Corporal lets out a roar, using all the strength he can find to start swinging David Stone! The entire time, Punishment is screaming at the top of his lungs! He swings Stone around for what appears to be about eight times before letting him drop to the canvas.

Punishment hooks onto the ankle now, connecting with an MMA style ankle lock! The Giant Swing/Ankle Lock sequence that Corporal Punishment calls Taps has been applied!

What a fitting name it is as David Stone finds himself tapping out! JJ Hemphill acknowledges Stone’s pounding of the mat and calls for the bell! That’s it!

Winner, by submission at 06:34
–Corporal Punishment–


Match Five – Single’s Match – Canadian Championship Match
Wülf Erikson vs. The Armenian Beast

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Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

One of the most anticipated matches of the evening is on the horizon. With Sierra and Lady Maeve in their corners, respectively, Wulf Erikson and The Armenian Beast do battle for the Canadian Championship. The crowd is going wild for this one and Erikson figures he’ll show some respect to the reigning champion.

Wulf steps to the center of the ring and extends his hand to the much larger competitor. Gurgen approaches Wulf with a quizzical expression. The Beast shrugs and grabs onto Wulf’s hand. Erikson smiles and looks to the crowd, ready to put on a show.

Not so fast! The Armenian Beast pulls Wulf in by his hand and lifts him high above his head in the Gorilla Press position! Erikson wiggles free and drops behind Gurgen, backing away. The Champion turns with an innocent look on his face as Erikson questions his intentions. He really thought that Wulf was just giving him a free first shot.

Obviously, that’s not the case. Gurgen reaches for Wulf now, but Erikson uses his speed advantage and circles behind him. He sends a big clubbing blow to the Beast’s back, but he is not impressed. Wulf hurries off of the ropes as the Beast turns. He goes for a leaping crossbody, but the champion catches him.

Beast drops forward with a big slam. He gets off of Wulf and hits the ropes. He comes back and splashes onto Erikson, but Wulf is able to roll out of the way! Gurgen lands hard on his stomach and bounces to his knees as Erikson scurries to his feet.

Wulf sends a bundle of kicks and punches to the kneeling Beast. One kick, however, ends up being caught by the champion. Gurgen holds onto Wulf’s leg and makes his way to his feet. This gives Wulf some time to think and he jumps up, sending an enziguiri into Gurgen’s noggin.

This sends the Armenian Beast stumbling back into a corner. Erikson keeps up the fast pace. He runs at the Beast and then runs up him! Erikson backflips off of Gurgen. Once he lands, he sends another enziguiri his way. This one connects hard, causing the Beast to drop down to a seated position in the corner.

Erikson rushes to the opposite corner, only to immediately speed back towards his opponent. Erikson launches himself from the mat and sends a big dropkick to the seated Armenian Beast. Wulf hops up and howls to the crowd, getting himself pumped up.

He turns and sees that Gurgen has rolled out of the ring. Wulf refuses to let up! He speeds towards the ropes, hitting a cartwheel. From there, he flips out of the ring towards the Armenian Beast.

Nobody’s home!

Gurgen actually showed some intelligence there! He moved out of the way, causing Wulf to crash and burn to the ringside area. Referee Chuck Aitken hollers for them to bring it inside the ring or he’ll have to start his count.

Gurgen either ignores Chuck or doesn’t hear him. He grabs Wulf by the waist of his pants and pulls him up with one arm. The Beast then lifts Erikson up in the Gorilla Press position much like at the start of the bout. From there, he drops him face first onto the apron as Chuck Aitken has started his count, reaching four.

The champion lifts Wulf to his feet again, this time rolling him into the ring. Gurgen follows, breaking the count and continuing the match at his pace. Gurgen doesn’t have to go far to reach Wulf. He stands with Wulf between his legs and drops down hard, sitting on Erikson’s back.

Wulf screams as Gurgen puts all of his weight onto the smaller Erikson’s spine. Fortunately for the Silver Bullet, he is right by the ropes. He stretches his arm out and is able to grab onto the bottom ring rope. Chuck Aitken takes notice of this and demands for the Armenian Beast to get off.

The Beast turns his head and sees Erikson holding the ropes, needing the visual to understand what Referee Aitken was blabbering about. Beast obliges, standing up and letting off of Erikson’s backside. Wulf pulls himself out onto the apron as Gurgen turns around.

The Armenian Beast attempts to grab at the Neon Knight, but Erikson ducks and sends a big shoulder into the Beast’s midsection. Gurgen grunts, but goes right back for him. One more time, Erikson thrusts his shoulder into the Beast’s stomach. This one sends him back.

Wulf propels himself onto the top rope and springboards in at The Armenian Beast. He lands on the Beast in a sit-out position, looking for a hurricanrana. Gurgen stumbles a bit, but as Wulf falls down to pull the Beast with him for the rana, it is halted.

The Armenian Beast keeps a lock on Erikson’s legs, causing the hurricanrana attempt to be futile. Gurgen instead grabs the upside down Silver Bullet around the waist, hoisting him up and squeezing him. A modified bear hug is in place as the blood rushes to Wulf’s head!

Gurgen shakes him and shakes him. He simply drops Wulf on his head now, with no intention of ending the match with the modified submission maneuver. Gurgen approves of his work so far, playing up to the crowd.

Once his attention his focused back on Wulf Erikson, he deadlifts him off of the ground for what could possibly be a German Suplex. He flings Erikson over his head, but the challenger completes a flip, landing on his feet. Gurgen is up, but with his back to Wulf.

Wulf sends a big shoulder check into the knee of the Armenian Beast. This sends him down to a kneeling state. Wulf winds up and delivers a huge roundhouse kick to the back of the champion’s head. He’s finally got Gurgen down on the mat!

Erikson hurries in for a cover. Chuck Aitken follows suit!



The Armenian Beast hurls Wulf Erikson off of him with a mighty force! Two count!

Wulf knows he can’t let up, so he immediately rushes in with a barrage of stomps before the Beast can bring himself back into the fight. Wulf has an insane of amount of energy, ready to go as long as he needs to in order to topple UWE’s original Beast!

Wulf pulls Gurgen up to a knee. He rebounds off of the ropes and comes back with a dropkick to the face. Gurgen is sent right back down to the mat. Erikson doesn’t stop, though, immediately getting back to his feet and hitting the ropes again.

Wulf jumps onto the middle rope and launches himself backwards. He spins and flips, connecting right on the Armenian Beast’s midsection! The springboard Phoenix Splash hits! He stays on for the pin!

Chuck Aitken slides in.



The Armenian Beast gets a shoulder up! The damage is being done, though. Instead of a forceful kick out like before, the Beast kicks out like any other normal human being. Sierra takes note of this, yelling at Wulf to stay on him, pounding the apron.

Wulf acknowledges her and sends more stomps into the Beast. Erikson then makes his way to the top rope. His back is turned to Gurgen, which can mean only one thing. Wulf leaps backwards and extends his body out.


No! Gurgen has moved out of the way! Reminiscent of the missed moonsault to the outside earlier in the match up! That’s why it’s called a high risk maneuver! The big man shows some surprising speed as he hurries to get Wulf to his feet.

The Armenian Beast sends a bushel of hair towards the Neon Knight’s face

Beard to the Face!

Wulf is kicking and screaming, but the screaming is muffled by the beard. He is scratching and clawing at Gurgen to let up on the maneuver. The Beast may not have it locked in fully! Wulf is able to wiggle away and push himself through the ropes!

This forces Chuck Aitken to plead with Gurgen to back away. Soon enough, it works, but Gurgen looks at Chuck as if he had been betrayed. Chuck eventually is able to explain to Gurgen what is happening, thankful that he still has his life.

The Beast turns his attention back towards Wulf Erikson, who, yet again, takes to the skies! Another springboard!

Gurgen meets his chest with a thunderous headbutt! Wulf hits the canvas with a sickening thud. The Armenian Beast drops down and covers the Silver Bullet. Chuck Aitken gets in position.



Wulf Erikson lifts a shoulder off of the mat! Gurgen looks surprised. He scratches his head as he gets off of Wulf following the kick out. That very well could have been the end of it, but Wulf Erikson is a fiery competitor.


What in the hell?

What is The Armenian Beast doing?

He’s climbing the ropes! The big bearded Canadian Champion is slowly climbing the ropes of the nearest corner. He saw Wulf doing and must have decided to give a try himself!

Gurgen crouches on the top rope, trying to maintain his balance, as the ropes give it their all not to snap right off! The Beast isn’t sure what he wants do, but he’s up there and better figure it out!

Meanwhile, Wulf Erikson has gotten to his feet. The crowd is cheering Gurgen’s attempted aerial tactics, but the dream never comes a reality. Doing what he does best, Erikson, who would’ve thought, springboards again!

He reaches out for the Beast’s neck, but appears to just get a handful of hair. He drags the champion down to the mat with him for a top rope springboard neckbreaker! Both men crash hard to the mat. Chuck Aitken has no choice but to begin a count as the two competitors are on their backs.






Wulf begins to stir.



The Armenian Beast shows signs of life.


Wulf Erikson has lifted himself with some help from the ropes. Chuck recognizes that Wulf is to his feet and stops the count. Gurgen is soon to follow, standing slowly but surely.

Wulf hurries in, blasting Gurgen with a series of punches, kicks, chops and uppercuts. Gurgen is groggy. Wulf is really bringing the fight to him! The Beast is backed up against the ropes at this point.

Erikson rushes to the other side of the ring, hitting those ropes. He comes back and hits a cartwheel. That’s an obvious sign for his Best Enziguiri Ever! He comes out of the cartwheel and…


The Armenian Beast shot from his position on the ropes and completely decimated Wulf Erikson with his double axe handle finishing maneuver.

Erikson is sent flipping from the attack, twisting once in the air, and landing on his back. Gurgen desperately climbs atop the downed Neon Knight, giving reason for Chuck Aitken to start a count.




Winner, by pinfall at 16:25 and STILL Canadian Champion

With the size advantage, there were many who did not believe that Wulf Erikson would bring it to the Armenian Beast. He silenced those nonbelievers, but the Beast ends up retaining the Canadian Championship.

Lady Maeve enters the ring with the championship belt and presents it to Gurgen. He raises it over his head, proud of his victory, and happy to have the Lady as the one presenting the belt to him after a successful defense. They exit the ring and stroll up the ramp to the back, showing off the retained gold.

Meanwhile, Sierra is there to help Wulf, giving him a post-match pep talk as Wulf comes to in the center of the ring. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Wulf Erikson is still in the Canadian Championship picture. He took The Armenian Beast to the limit and that is in and of itself a victory.

There is something of a hush over the UWE Studios crowd as The Champion of all Canadia’s music has faded out. Wulf grins sheepishly at his friends in the front row, and then Sierra, all of them looking wistfully back at him..

Ricky Darlington: I knew he couldn’t get it done!

Wulf leaned over the top rope and he hung his head for a couple of seconds, taking some deep breaths as he contemplated everything. All that he had worked for, it had eventuated to nothing. He had failed this time.

This time…

Blake Wells: Don’t be cruel, Ricky. Gurgen is literally an Armenian Beast.

There is a rousing ovation for Wulf as he slapped the top rope, brushed his forearm across his face and raised his arms in the air. Sierra smiled up at him and joined in with the applause as Wulf stepped out of the ring. When he jumped down to ringside, she wrapped her arms around him and clearly made an attempt to cheer him up. It seemed as though Wulf wasn’t having any of it, though. Sierra looked a little bit dejected as he made a beeline for the little group in the ringside seats..

CJ Kim: Aw…he wanted his mama.

Kara leans over the barricade and gives him a quick hug as MK, Ashley, and Angelica pat his back. Kara looks into his eyes and she thrusts something into his hand. She gives him a look of encouragement before he nods, putting the item in his back pocket and turning around to face Sierra. She makes a puppy dog face to which he chuckles and takes her hand, gesturing toward the ring with his head. He calls out for a pair of microphones from the announce table. Blake and CJ were only too happy to lend theirs and toss them to Wulf. He catches them and hands one to Sierra.

[Ricky Darlington]: Oh no, they’re not getting their greasy mitts on mine!

Sierra takes one and shrugs as Wulf leaps up onto the apron. Sierra makes her way up the ring steps. Wulf sits down on the second rope. Several camera flashes go off as Sierra steps in between the top and second rope. Wulf then launches himself over the top rope to an ovation for the couple.

[Sierra Williams]: What’s going on, Wulf? You said no pranks!

There is a roll of laughter which Wulf joins in and gestures as if to say there’s nothing of the sort going on.

[Blake Wells]: I wonder what Wulf Erikson has in mind here guys?

[CJ Kim]: It could be anything. But no pranks, apparently.

The crowd is roaring their approval as Wulf once again wipes a forearm across his face and takes several deep breaths as he looks up to a confused looking Sierra.

[Ricky Darlington]: My guess would be that he’s about to beg Sierra not to leave him because he’s such a loser!

Wulf is about to speak, but he stops. He and Sierra both grin as there is a chorus of loud ‘SIERRA’ and ‘WULFIE’ chants from the Vancouver crowd.

[Blake Wells]: ENOUGH, Ricky!

[Wulf Erikson]: That’s amazing…thanks, Vancouver..

The ‘SIERRA’ and ‘WULFIE’ chants roll on as Wulf grins and makes the ‘shhh’ gesture..

[Wulf Erikson]: For real, though. Can I just have a minute of your time? And more importantly..

Wulf turns to Sierra and there is an ‘Awwww!’ as he gives the still confused looking Sierra a quick, reassuring hug.

[Wulf Erikson]: Can I just have a minute of this lady’s time?

The crowd slowly dies down.Wulf takes Sierra’s hand and looks into her eyes as Sierra raises the mic with her spare hand.

[Sierra Williams]: Talk to me Wulf!

[Wulf Erikson]: I know that I couldn’t get the job done tonight..

The crowd give off a mixed reaction, and Sierra is about to reassure Wulf, but he stops her.

[Wulf Erikson]: Though I know that it’s okay. I know that a guy like me has plenty of opportunities to make things right in this game. Though I’m gutted right now, there is something else more pressing to me that keeps me going. Though this isn’t so much a game, this is what they would say is playing for keeps. As far as having the opportunity to make things right in this department, this one is more of a one shot deal.

There is another ‘AWWWW’ as Wulf reaches into his back pocket, and he gets down onto one knee. Sierra’s eyes start to water immediately as the camera zooms in, catching Wulf open the box and produce a very expensive looking diamond encrusted engagement ring. The camera pans up at Sierra as she starts to cry tears of joy.

[Wulf Erikson]: Sierra, in the time we have spent together, you have already proven to me that you will stand by me through anything, and now it’s on me to prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am committed to doing the same. Forever. Don’t cry. Those days are over now! I’ll make sure of it. Sierra Williams, will you marry me?

The ‘AWWWW’ has been steadily rolling throughout the crowd..Sierra’s face appears on the big screen as she is unable to speak through the tears of joy she has been crying while Wulf has been speaking. She finally manages to nod her head and a tremendous cheer rose up through the Vancouver crowd as Wulf also broke into those joyful tears, taking the engagement ring out of the small box and gently easing it onto Sierra’s finger before standing.

The crowd lets them have it as Sierra and Wulf engage in a long embrace in the center of the ring.

[CJ Kim]: She said yes, guys! Can you believe that Wulfie’s getting married?

[Ricky Darlington]: He screws damn near everything else up, so I don’t doubt that he will also screw this up somehow.

[Blake Wells]: Ah, Darlington. Ever the optimist!

[Ricky Darlington]: Wait, Wells! You didn’t let me finish. I was also going to say, Sierra seems really happy so it actually looks like he is doing something right in that life of his. Ahh, good luck to ya, kid!

The crowd is deafening as Sierra and Wulf share a passionate kiss in the middle of the ring.

[CJ Kim]: Well ain’t that nice, Blake?

[Blake Wells]: Yeah, so sweet. Look folks, Wulf couldn’t get it done tonight, but as you can see it all worked out in the end! I’ve got something in my eye…we’ll be back soon with the long awaited contest between Amy Gobraless and Lucilla!

The two newly engaged individuals bow to the crowd and reunite with their group of acquaintances in the front row, celebrating. Exodus then fades to a video package hyping the next edition of Over the Top, making sure fans tune in to see the fallout from this evening.


Match Six – Single’s Match
Amy Gobraless vs. Lucilla w/Ruby

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

A match six years in the making! After Lucilla’s scathing promo on Amy it’s obvious that these two ladies haven’t exactly kissed and made up since UWE’s last go-around.
With Ruby accompanying Lucilla to ringside, it’s obvious that Venus’ Favorite Vixen has a bit more backup than Miss Flawless Gobraless, whose partner James Calhoun is in the back preparing for his UWC Title match. And with a very excited fan in the front row holding a ‘LOOK AT ME LUCILLA’ trying to get a Lucilla chant going, and failing miserably, she already has more crowd support than she usually does.

Lucilla doesn’t look at her though, no matter how much her number one fan is shouting at her. She eyeballs Amy across the ring from her, and the sly smile on Amy’s face reveals that the busty beauty is not in the least intimidated by her arch nemesis. It’s almost as if little lightning bolts are shooting forth from their eyes and as soon as Morello calls for the bell, the two ladies charge at each other like women possessed. Amy’s slightly smaller stature and her top-heavier frame allow her to find the perfect angle to tackle Lucilla to the ground. She starts clobbering away at Lucilla’s face, punching, scratching, clawing, screaming and hurling insults. Lucilla defends herself to the best of her ability, and uses a double palm strike on Amy’s ears to stop her assault. Amy clutches her ears before Lucilla grabs her by the throat and reverses the mount. Now on top of Amy, Lucilla gets some punches of her own in before leaning in and starting to headbutt her rival. She does it so fast and hard that her head almost becomes a blur, butting the life out of Amy’s skull, all the while still strangling her with her hands. Morello eventually intervenes, and starts to count to 4. Lucilla keeps headbutting and choking Amy until the very last split second before disqualification, and as Morello berates her for bending the rules, the Sicilian-born Diva keeps her eyes on Amy, who is crawling back to her knees, coughing to clear her throat. Amy uses the ropes to pull herself up, and as soon as Morello gives the go-ahead, Lucilla clobbers Amy’s back sending her through the ropes and to the outside. Amy stumbles to the outside, and Lucilla runs up the turnbuckles, before launching herself off the top turnbuckle towards Amy with a picture perfect moonsault. However, Amy sees it coming just in time and rolls out of the way. Lucilla crashes and burns, hitting the floor with a sickening smack.
Lucilla’s number one fan, who the UWE faithful recognize as Angelica Vaughn, the young blonde girl who entered the Battle Royal at Genesis, shrieks in terror. Next to her are some of UWE’s newest signees, Michael Kelly, Tiami Erickson and more! They cover their ears as Angelica screams, and Lucilla clutches her chest in agony while Amy recovers, grinning.

She grabs Lucilla’s hair and guides her to the nearest ringpost, in which Amy slams Lucilla’s face. She does it over and over again, until red droplets start to form on Lucilla’s forehead, seeping through a slight cut. The crowd cheers as they see Lucilla is busted open, and almost all but one in the audience is chanting ‘KILL! KILL! KILL!’ on the rhythm on Amy’s bashes. Amy doesn’t stop until Morello reaches a count of nine, and rolls Lucilla back into the ring, her face now a veritable crimson mask. She follows suit and goes for the cover.



Thr..Lucilla gets her foot on the rope! Amy slaps the canvas in frustration. She stands over Lucilla’s body and looks to be going for The Fatal Flaw! But as she grabs Lucilla’s arm the younger Pegorino sister rolls her through into an inside cradle!



Amy kicks out! Lucilla gets to her knees and smiles as she runs her hand down her face, spreading the blood out evenly, before slapping Amy I nthe face, leaving a red sanguine streak across the face. As both women get to their feet, Lucilla runs her palm down her face again, before hitting Amy with a palm chop to the chest, leaving a bloody handprint. Amy looks disgusted as Lucilla laughs, and her disgust makes her doubt for a second, leaving her open to a spinning heel kick strike that nails her in the face. Amy is flattened, and Lucilla wastes no time going to the top rope. The crowd rises up in anticipation as she looks to hit Amy with the Lucid Dream. She leaps! Amy rolls out of the way and all the way to the outside! But this time Lucilla spots it, and lands on her feet after doing a corkscrew shooting star. She immediately follows Amy, who is now using the ringside barricade to hold herself up. She’s merely a foot away from Lucilla’s superfan Angelica, who keeps hurling insults at her as her Bad Moon Rising stablemate Michael Kelly looks on shaking his head. Amy seems to be getting annoyed, and as she looks at her, Angelica swipes at Amy. Amy frowns, but even as she misses, the distraction is enough for Lucilla to come charging in with a running dropsault. As Lucilla lands back on her feet right in front of Angelica and Amy is sent flying backwards, her superfan is excited beyond belief. She’s hopping up and down, and suddenly hugs Lucilla over the barricade, locking her arms together. Lucilla tries to wriggle free, but before she can do so, Amy is back on her feet and grabs Lucilla by the hair, and nails her with the Ravishing Neckbreaker!

Angelica gasps in horror as she realizes what she did, and Amy ‘tips her hat’ to her, mockingly thanking her for the assist. Amy quickly rolls back into the ring to break up the counts and exits. She grabs Lucilla by the hair again, but before she can lock something in, Lucilla surprises Amy and hoists her up onto her shoulders, before nailing her with The Ripgut! The crowd boos Lucilla, and as she turns her attention to Angelica who apologetically and with tears in her eyes begs for forgiveness, Lucilla grabs Angelica by the blonde locks, before hitting her with the Red Light, blowing the Asian Mist in her face!

Michael Kelly pulls Angelica away from Lucilla but it’s too late, and as UWE’s newest Superstar asks Lucilla if she’s crazy, she nods, and gets all up in his face, crimson mask and all. She then tells him to shoo, before she squashes his balls and as she turns her back to him, she is speared into the barricade by Amy! It does not collapse, but Lucilla is obviously rattled. Amy wants to go in for the kill. She walks up to punt Lucilla in the face, but at that point Ruby (who’s been remarkably quiet at ringside) steps in between the both of them. Amy screams at her to go out of the way, but Ruby refuses. Amy notices Morello is nearly at the count of ten, and rolls back into the ring. Ruby picks Lucilla up and sends her back into the ring as well, to prevent a count-out loss. Lucilla crawls to her feet, but Amy is still sizing her up. Ruby notices, and rolls into the ring, once again blocking Amy’s path, who throws a fit. Rather than wait, Amy simply dropkicks Ruby, who lands straight on top of Lucilla, and Amy flies into the little heap throwing fists and elbows at both ladies. A threeway brawl ensues, and eventually Ruby has no choice but to strike back, but amidst the confusion it is nearly impossible to see who’s attacking who. Morello has had enough, and after several of her cries to break it up are ignored, she calls for the bell!

No contest at 11:58

The three ladies keep brawling, and Morello calls out to the backstage area to get security involved. Ten men come storming out and slide into the ring to pull them apart, but they have no intention of breaking up soon. Four men have to restrain Lucilla while Amy and Ruby have three on them.


Match Seven – Single’s Steel Cage Match
JTX vs. Brandon Moore/Sorrow

Posted Image

(Referee: Corey Miner)

Two men ready to destroy each other, that is the narrative of this bout, one for pleasure, the other for vengeance.

They both make grand entrances to the ring. JTX trots out with Kyle Stone Memorial Cup replica, claiming it to be the real deal, and claiming to be Mr. UWE. Once he reaches ringside, he grabs a microphone and announces that the bout will be for his Kyle Stone Memorial Cup.

The cage has lowered around the ring, has been fastened to the posts, and Corey Miner signals for the bell. This battle is on and it gets off to a strange start. JTX drops to his knees and throws his arms to the side, yelling for Brandon Sorrow to do his worst. He wants him to come and get him.

Sorrow looks on with a soulless expression as JTX pleads with him to get what he wants. He wants Sorrow to snap into full control and wreak the havoc he is known for. That will go right into JTX’s plan with removing Moore from the picture for good.

Without a word, Sorrow drops to a knee as well, a few feet in front of JTX. Meanwhile, Corey Miner is hooting and hollering at them to get the match started. Sorrow throws his arms to the side now much like he did in his entrance.

This causes the lights in the arena to begin to flicker as he closes his eyes. JTX realizes he’ll have to bring the fight to Sorrow in order to get what he wants. With Sorrow’s eyes closed and his mind focused on the manipulating of the lights, JTX jumps to his feet and sends a big side kick into Sorrow’s chest.

The lights reset to their normal status as Sorrow jolts backwards to the mat. JTX stays on him with a flurry of stomps. JTX then lifts Brandon to his feet and pushes him against the cage. He shouts some NSFW things at Sorrow and knees him in the gut against the cage and the ropes.

JTX now rushes to the other side of the ring, rebounding back towards Brandon. JTX leaps and goes for a splash…Sorrow ducks out of the way! JTX hits the cage and bounces off. His back is towards Sorrow now. The Supernatural Superstar moves in and grabs onto JTX.

He drags him forward and throws him into the cage on the other side of the ring. JTX bounces off again and this time hits the mat. Sorrow drops down and locks onto the arms of Hot Pink Fury. He goes to hook in his Sing Your Sorrows submission maneuver early!

JTX isn’t allowing that to happen. He worms his way out of Brandon’s grasp and puts some distance between the two of them. JTX hurries to stand, putting his guard up with an odd smile on his face. The two superstars now stand across the ring from each other, plotting their next moves.

They begin to circle as the unforgiving steel surrounds them and referee Corey Miner. The match transforms into a traditional bout for just a moment. They lock up in the center of the squared-circle and struggle to gain the advantage over one another.

The thought of a wrestling match instead of a caged fight quickly dissolves as JTX stomps onto Sorrow’s foot. That causes the lock up to break and he follows with a swift uppercut to Brandon’s chin. Sorrow stumbles backwards, but quickly regains control of himself and throws a right hand into JTX’s head.

JTX responds with a fist of his own and they’re off. Punch after punch is shared between the two rivals. As they begin to wear down, they brawl all over the ring instead of in a stationary position. They exchange their punches in the corners, by the cage, in the center, by the referee, everywhere in the ring you can imagine.

Sorrow gets JTX into a corner and goes for one last massive punch. JTX moves! He switches position with Sorrow, sending him into the corner now. JTX throws a barrage of punches into Sorrow before pulling him forward. JTX hooks Brandon’s head and plants him with a DDT.

With zero hesitation, JTX gets up and uses his feet to push Sorrow towards the nearest side of the cage. JTX reaches down and grabs Brandon by the hair. He pushes Sorrow’s face into the cage as Sorrow lets out an aggressive roar. He may not feel emotions, but it appears he can feel pain.

JTX grinds Sorrow’s face against the steel, again shouting some statements that are best left redacted. Corey Miner watches on, knowing there is nothing he can do about these actions in this type of environment. JTX now pushes onto the back of Sorrow’s head and neck area with his feet, using the ropes as leverage.

Sorrow’s face and head are now sandwiched between JTX’s foot and the steel cage. This lasts for quite some time until JTX releases his foot. He finishes up by using the ropes to launch himself, bring his foot back down like a swinging single-legged dropkick. It connects with Sorrow’s back, forcing him against the cage one last time.

JTX turns and mocks the crowd as they jeer. Hot Pink Fury is beginning to look a lot more menacing as this contest progresses. He turns back towards Sorrow, who is now crawling along the area between the ropes and the cage. It’s noticeable that blood is streaming down his face, past his blackened eyes, and into his beard from his forehead.

JTX is pleased with this turn of events. JTX approaches Sorrow as he is pulling himself up between the ropes and the cage. The pink-haired deviant takes a thumb and wipes some blood off of Brandon’s forehead. He takes the blood on his thumb and spreads it upon the part of his chest showing over the neck of his shirt.

JTX has a pleasure filled expression put on. He licks his lips and reaches for Sorrow. Sorrow comes to life, though! He traps JTX’s arms with some help from the ropes and sends his Trapping Headbutts at him. The crowd counts along and Sorrow lands fifteen of the headbutts before letting go of JTX. JTX falls straight back to the mat and Sorrow slumps down against the cage wall.

JTX’s face is now covered in the blood of Sorrow after their heads connected so many times. Referee Miner does his best to check on both competitors, but has no authority to do anything but count a pin or call a submission in this one. He can’t even start a count for a double knockout, because this is no standard rules match up!

A long couple of minutes go by before Sorrow begins to stir. He grabs the bottom rope and uses it to slug his way back into the ring fully, towards his downed opponent. He makes it to JTX and throws a hand over his body. Corey Miner slides in and hits the mat.


JTX gets a shoulder up!

Only a one count! Sorrow left JTX down for too long before attempting the pin. Brandon rolls off of JTX after the kick out and the two lay on their backs next to each other. Nowhere nearly as long as the last wait, the two start crawling in separate directions, blood still removing itself from Sorrow’s forehead.

JTX makes his way to a corner and begins to ascend to the top ropes. Sorrow turns and sees this from across the ring. With a burst of energy, Sorrow rushes and jumps up onto the turnbuckle with JTX. Sorrow pounds JTX in the side a couple of times before hooking his arm and head. He goes to lift JTX, but the hot pink superstar stands his ground.

Sorrow is unable to lift him! Instead, he gets met with some punches of his own. JTX breaks Brandon’s hold and bends him down in front of him. He hooks around the waist and he’s calling for…

A top rope Hot Pink Destroyer!

JTX flips forward and…

He goes nowhere! Brandon Sorrow is clutching the links of the cage wall! JTX is upside down on Brandon’s back, having expected to continue flipping forward. Sorrow uses all the strength he can find to keep himself and JTX from crashing to the mat. Sorrow balances himself and releases his grasp on the cage one hand at a time, grabbing a hold of JTX’s legs.

Now Brandon has JTX up in an Alabama Slam type of position. JTX tries to wiggle free, but Sorrow violently flings him sideways into the cage wall. That stops any attempt at trying to break away. Brandon then ends his hold on JTX’s legs and sends him dropping to the mat below. JTX lands on his back and is in perfect position from the landing.

Sorrow looks back at JTX and starts to scale the cage. Doesn’t he know that escaping the cage will result in a loss?

Oh, my…

It looks like he’s well aware.

Sorrow stops at the top of the cage and looks behind him down at JTX one more time. The crowd absolutely erupts! Sorrow leaps backwards and flips!

A picture perfect moonsault from the top of the steel cage!

That hits nothing but the hard canvas of the squared-circle! JTX moved out of the way causing Sorrow to crash and burn! Sorrow bounces high from the mat after landing, clutching his stomach, only to hit down once again. JTX pulls himself up with the ropes and quickly rushes to lift Brandon to his feet.

JTX hooks Brandon’s arms and spins…


It connects, planting Sorrow’s crimson face into the mat. JTX rolls him over and covers! Corey Miner is in position for the count!



Referee Miner’s hand is as close as it can be to the mat without hitting it at the time Brandon Sorrow gets a shoulder up! Corey Miner calls off the pin and signals to the timekeeper than the pin fall was broken up at two!

JTX looks stunned for only a short moment before realizing he needs to keep up the offense to put Sorrow away. JTX heaves Sorrow to his feet, but Sorrow gets another unexplained burst of adrenaline!

Brandon smacks JTX’s hands away and kicks him in the gut! He hooks his arms and lifts him up, only to immediately plant him on his head.

Demon Driver!

Sorrow pushes JTX off of him and hooks a leg! Corey Miner slides in.



It’s an identical situation to the previous pin fall attempt! JTX barely kicks out, but it’s a kick out nonetheless! His shoulder goes up at the last possible moment and Sorrow sits with a look of tyranny on his face. Is he upset that JTX kicked out or does he just happen to always look that way?

Sorrow, with a face as red as a tomato, doesn’t think JTX has it in him to kick out again. He rolls him back over and goes for another pin fall. Corey Miner gets down the count.



JTX’s shoulder comes off of the mat right at the two count. Sorrow decides to lean against a turnbuckle now and wait for JTX to get to his feet. With void eyes and a stone cold expression, Sorrow moves along the ropes and stalks JTX like a lion in the jungle.

JTX finally rolls onto his stomach, his arms shaking as he pushes himself to a knee. It takes even longer to get from that kneeling position to a groggy stance. He turns towards the direction that Sorrow is standing. Brandon Sorrow zooms forward, but JTX sidesteps and uses his momentum against him!

He sends Sorrow up and into the steel cage! Sorrow bounces off, back towards JTX, who hooks the arms and spins! JTX is going for the Unprettier!

No! Sorrow is able to push him off! JTX is able to stop himself with the ropes and looks back at the approaching King of Darkness. He sends a back kick into Sorrow’s gut and turns to grab onto him. JTX gets Sorrow in position for the Jaw Dropper!

He drops, but Sorrow manages to keep his head up! JTX simply slams his rear end onto the mat with nothing to show for it!

Sorrow tries to wrangle up JTX, but the hot pink performer escapes by sliding between his legs! He hops up and grabs Sorrow’s arm, dragging him to the center of the ring before spinning with him.


No! Sorrow is able to push JTX away! This time, the force of Sorrow’s shove is so mighty that JTX is unable to stop himself from crashing into the steel cage! His face smacks against the cage wall, knocking him silly. JTX stumbles backwards after eating the cage and his body turns towards Sorrow.

Sorrow hooks the head and arms and lifts JTX up in a suplex position! Instead of slamming JTX to the mat, he decides to slam his body against the cage where his head was just sent pounding. Using the momentum of the give from the cage wall, Sorrow speeds across to the other side of the ring, bouncing JTX off of the cage there as well!

Finally, stepping to the center of the ring, Sorrow drops JTX with a Falcon Arrow! A modified version of his Darkness Falls finisher! He used the cage to lay more hurt into JTX due to the absence of the top rope portion of the maneuver.

Sorrow covers JTX with his back and Corey Miner slides in!




Miner calls for the bell and that is it! Brandon Sorrow has defeated JTX!

Winner, by pinfall at 21:09
–Brandon Sorrow–

As the bell rings, the cage begins to rise above the ring. It takes a moment, but Sorrow is able to stand over the downed body of JTX. His blackened eyes and bloodied face send a demonic stare as his entrance music blasts through the sound system.

The lights then go out and as they come on, the entrance music abruptly cuts off. Brandon Sorrow is no longer in the ring and those paying attention to the entirety will realize that JTX’s Kyle Stone Memorial Cup has vanished as well. JTX’s body still rests in a pile in the center of the mat. It doesn’t take long for Corey Miner to realize what needs to happen.

Paramedics and the other members of the referee squad hurry down the ramp. JTX is alive, but he’s not moving just yet. The paramedics check on JTX and determine that nothing is broken and there are no life-threatening injuries hidden within him. The referees put on white gloves to protect them from Sorrow’s blood that has smeared across the upper half of his body.

Instead of putting him on a stretcher, the medics and referees simply hoist him up and put his arms over their shoulders. They walk him carefully to the edge of the ring and set him down to roll him out. Once they do, they sit him up on the apron and again wrap his arms around their shoulders. From there, they walk JTX up the ramp and to the backstage area. Hopefully he’ll be willing to get checked out.


Main Event – Single’s Match – Ultimate Wrestling Championship Match
Ronnie Cage © vs. James Calhoun

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The anticipated main event begins with Ronnie Cage and James Calhoun standing face to face in the middle of the ring. Both men are speaking angrily at one another and though most fans can’t hear their words they can tell that it isn’t small talk being exchanged. Suddenly Calhoun slaps Ronnie Cage squarely across the face. The Champ stands for a moment before firing off a hard punch and then they are off. The fans begin screaming as the two men exchange hard punches.

Cage ducks under one of Calhoun’s punches and moves behind him, grabbing hold of his waist. Cage tries to lift Calhoun but the cowboy hooks his leg under Ronnie’s and grabs hold of one of his hands, peeling it off then spinning around to put Cage in a hammer lock. Calhoun cranks hard and Cage grunts in pain but responds by elbowing back into his opponents face. As James reels from the blow Ronnie reaches back and hooks around Calhoun’s head, whipping him to the ground with a headlock takedown. Cage then wraps an arm around his foes neck and squeezes in a tight headlock.

Cage cranks down hard on the cowboy’s neck and Calhoun gasps for breath against the vice like grip. Calhoun struggles to one knee and reaches behind him to thrust a thumb into Ronnie’s eye. Calhoun gets a stern warning but ignores it as he scrambles to his feet. Ronnie tries to blink the pain away as he stands but is met with two hard rights and a kick to the gut. Cage bends over from the blow then receives a hard elbow stamp to the back of his head, dropping him to the mat. Calhoun wastes no time stomping his downed foe several times before putting his boot onto Cage’s throat and pressing down until the official counts to four. With a cruel snicker the callous one lifts Ronnie back up and throws him into the ropes and follows with an attempted lariat. Ronnie drops suddenly however and counters with a drop toe hold.

Cage gets to his feet first and grabs hold of one of Calhoun’s legs, he pins it to the ground then drops s hard knee to the ankle. James yells out in pain, prompting Cage to repeat the crushing knee. Calhoun tries to pull his leg away but Ronnie quickly wraps it into an ankle lock, causing the cowboy to yell out in pain again. Cage continues to twist as Calhoun tries to crawl for the ropes but his larger opponent keeps him stuck in place. The determined champ rises to one knee in an attempt to get Calhoun to tap. Desperate to get out the gritty cowboy kicks back hard.

Ronnie hits the ground holding his groin and Calhoun is ordered to his corner as the ref checks on Cage. The champ grits his teeth and rises to his feet determined to finish Calhoun clean. The official calls for the action to resume but neither they nor Cage has noticed that Calhoun has closed in until Cage is hit with a reverse lungblower that turns into the Callous Clutch!

Cage looks stuck, he claws at Calhoun’s hands but can’t peel them off. The fans on both sides of the battle are going crazy, some cheering for Calhoun to finish it others rallying behind the champ. As the challenger yanks back on his opponent’s head it looks to be over when suddenly Calhoun yells out in pain. Ronnie did all he could think of, sinking his teeth into one of his foe’s hands. As Calhoun releases Cage rushes to his feet and the two meet in the middle of the ring once more.

The crowd is on its feet, cheering as Ronnie and James bombard one another with stiff shots. Each man takes his turn belting the other as if playing a game of hit for hit! Ronnie aims to launch his next punch when Calhoun shoots a hard toe kick into his stomach. The cowboy grabs the champs arm and sets up for the Lasso Punch! At the last second Cage ducks under and…


Calhoun hits the ground like a ton of bricks and Ronnie hurries to cover.


At just barely the last second Calhoun shoots a shoulder up. The frustrated Cage grabs hold of his opponent’s head and launches several hard shots before standing to kick him in the face. The anger shows on Cages face as he lifts Calhoun again and locks him into a tight full nelson. Ronnie pulls back and looks ready to end things when Calhoun stomps into the champion’s foot and breaks free, hitting the ropes and leaping to drop Ronnie with a flying lariat!

Calhoun is first to his feet and as Cage rises the cowboy stands behind him. Calhoun looks to th e left…he looks to the right…then as Cage returns to his feet….


Ronnie eats a face full of cowboy boot and then collapses to the mat. Calhoun raises both hands over his head and drops to his knees before covering the champ. He nods along with the count confidently.


NO! Ronnie Cage kicks out of the boot hill and Calhoun look like he can’t believe it! He nearly roars at the ref, insisting it was a three count. The two begin a heated argument and Calhoun doesn’t notice Cage getting to his feet behind him. The champ grabs hold of the challenger and spins him around to face a flurry of hard punches that drive Calhoun back into the corner. Once there Ronnie climbs to the second rope and begins dropping hard punches to Calhoun’s face. The fans call out with each shot.


As he is about to hit ten Ronnie lifts his fist to his lips and kisses it, climbing to the top ropes for added height as he slams the fist down hard. When Cage dismounts everyone can see blood pouring down the cowboy’s face. Ronnie raises his fist but his celebration is short lived as Calhoun yells out at him.

Calhoun: Hit me again, Cage!

Ronnie turns back to see Calhoun walking forward, ignoring the blood running down his face. The champ pulls back and obliges, the right hand punch turning Calhoun’s head. The cowboy looks back and spits blood in Ronnie’s face.

Calhoun: HIT ME AGAIN!

Ronnie continues to give his foe just what he’s demanding but every hit only leads to Calhoun begging for another. Finally Cage pulls back for a massive overhand right but Calhoun blocks it and uses Cage’s arm to pull him in for a lasso punch.
The champ ducks under again and this time hits the ropes coming back to spear Calhoun. The rib crushing move hits but the cowboy has presence of mind to hook Ronnie’s head and as the two men hit the mat Cage drives his own face onto the ground with the power of his spear. Both men are down and motionless, without any choice the ref begins to count.

At the count of five Calhoun begins to get to his feet. He reaches down to lift Cage back up when the quick thinking champ hooks Calhoun’s leg and head and rolls him into a small package!


No! Calhoun shifts his weight and rolls through, it’s now the cowboy on top!


Winner, by pinfall at 11:02 and NEW Ultimate Wrestling Champion

It’s over! Cage looks stunned in the ring and rolls out looking simply amazed and bewildered. The Callous Ones in the crowd cheer loudly as their favorite asshole claims his victory. Maddogg Mike Rosati yanks the belt away from the time keeper and climbs into the ring, presenting the title to his friend. Calhoun quickly grabs the belt and raises it over his head, turning to each section of audience. When he turns back Calhoun and the Vancouver fans are shocked to see Mike kick James hard in the gut and deliver a jaw smashing stunner. Rosati then rolls out of the ring without a word and ascends the ramp as an angry and confused Calhoun lays on the mat staring daggers into what he thought was his friend. And it is on that note, one of betrayal, that Exodus comes to a definitive close.


Quick Calls
ºMike Rosati def. Nadia Vladiwebski by submission
ºKorey Keegan def. Justin Lust by pinfall
ºMatt Moore def. Lx-Tim by pinfall
ºCorporal Punishment def. David Stone by submission
ºThe Armenian Beast def. Wülf Erikson by pinfall to retain the Canadian Championship
ºAmy Gobraless vs. Lucilla ends in a no-contest
ºBrandon Sorrow def. JTX by pinfall
ºJames Calhoun def. Ronnie Cage to become the new Ultimate Wrestling Champion


UWE Over The Top in Vancouver XVII


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

Posted Image

Oh, she’s only Seventeen!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
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Exodus! June 4th. The date is looming, and with UWE’s go home show about to kick off, the Vancouverites wonder who will go into the 2nd PPV with lots of momentum, and who will be playing catch-up.


Before the first match, the Vancouver crowd is treated to an appearance by Mike Rosati! The former Maddogg makes his way to the ring and calls out Asylum, challenging the Masked Madman for a match at Exodus! However, Lara Pegorino comes out, and announces that to her deep regret, it will not happen. However, he will face Nidia Vladiwebski at Exodus.
However, Lise Fortier then comes out, and proposes a contract signing for Midsummer Massacre. A stipulation of Mike’s own choosing, against the man he’s been dying to face. The contract is signed by Rosati, and it looks like we already have one of the main events for the PPV following Exodus!

Show Opener – Single’s Match
Karma Tenzin vs. Asylum

Posted Image

(Referee: Corey Miner)

As the match starts, it’s obvious Asylum isn’t his usual self. Even when Corey Miner rings for the bell, the Masked Madman hardly reacts. Karma Tenzin is wary however, suspecting a trap. He circles around Asylum cautiously, fully expecting him to burst out of the gate at any given second. But even as The Bhutanese Beast slowly starts closing in on Asylum, it’s like the psychopath doesn’t even know who his opponent is, or where he’s at.

Eventually, Tenzin applies a headlock to Asylum, but the masked madman’s arms already hang limp from their shoulders. They sway weakly, and eventually something that might have resembled a punch once evolves from the movement, but he might as well have hit the Bhutanese Beast with a slab of polystyrene. The fans in attendance are shocked by this unexpected turn of events. They start booing, but for all th wrong reasons. They might despise Asylum, but at least his antics and ruthless aggression never fail to entertain. This, however, they did not pay to see. And none seem more frustrated than Karma Tenzin himself, who looks at the referee, asking what is happening as he lets go of the headlock.

Corey Miner shrugs and walks up to Asylum, waving his hand in front of his eyes, but the maniac is unresponsive. UWE’s nombre deux scratches his head, and wonders what he should do. Call for the bell, maybe? As he looks at Asylum’s glazed eyes, he shakes hishead and looks over at The Bhutanese Beast, before turning around and signaling the timekeeper…

But as Miner’s hand goes up to call for the bell, Asylum’s hand snaps forward, grabbing the official’s wrist! Corey gasps as Asylum has his wrist locked in an iron grip. Tenzin stirs, and frees Corey Miner from the madman’s grasp. The official rubs his wrist, and Asylum, still looking like he’s teetering on the brink of collapse, suddenly lashes out at The Bhutanese Beast with all his might, the sound of the slap sending shockwaves throughout the UWE Studios! The Vancouver crowd has a reason to get excited again, as Asylum seems to have found his fighting spirit, despite his questionable physical state. Tenzin is clear of mind however, and easily ducks the next swing that comes from Asylum. He gets up behind him and locks him in a double chickenwing, before turning it into a suplex! Asylum lands on the mat, and the momentum sends him through the bottom rope, before falling to the outside in front of the announcer’s table. Tenzin follows him to the outside, and Irish Whips Asylum into the ringpost, head first! Asylum collapses to the floor, and Tenzin is immediately back on him. He lifts Asylum up, and smashes the masked madman into the steel ring steps several times.

However, what Tenzin doesn’t realize, is that with every smash, Asylum seems to be getting stronger and stronger. The repeated smashes make the glaze on his eyes disappear. His mouth starts to contort and a snarl begins to form. With every hit, Tenzin is feeding him adrenaline, and Asylum is all too eager to feed off of it, enabling him to overcome whatever knocked out his senses at the start of the match. Suddenly, Asylum blocks the next ringstep smash by smacking his hands on them. He jumps back up to a vertical base and surprises The Bhutanese Beast by grabbing a hold of him, lifting him up and nailing him with a spinebuster on the same steps that Tenzin was using to hurt him.

With Miner already at the count of 9, Asylum quickly rolls in and out to break the pin, not content to get the count out victory so soon. It immediately becomes apparent that Asylum is back to his old self, and he grabs Tenzin’s head before viciously grinding it on the steel steps, hoping to break the skin and draw blood. Tenzin retaliates by elbowing Asylum in the gut. THe psychopath grabs Tenzin by the neck, before throwing him into the ringside barricade! Tenzin lands hard with a vicious smack. Smelling blood, he rushes in to knee Tenzin in the face but the Beast rolls out of the way and Asylum knees the barricade instead. Tenzin rolls through again, and as he approaches Asylum from behind, locks his arms around the waist and deadlifts him into a reverse bear hug. Asylum is taller than Tenzin, so the Bhutanese Beast does beautifully to follow the move all the way through with a bridging German suplex! The audience finally starts to sound their appreciation, and this time it’s Tenzin who rolls in and out of the ring to break up the count.

But as always, taking your eyes off of Asylum is dangerous. The masked madman explodes from his fetal position with surprising speed and drives Tenzin into the ring apron. He then grabs him by the wrist and whips him into the announcer’s table! It rattles as Tenzin makes contact. Asylum once again charges at him like a man possessed, but The Bhutanese Beast has enough awareness to see it coming. He takes a step forward, bends over and counters it into a big back bodydrop, sending Asylum flying! The masked madman lands on the announcer’s table, which collapses under the impact!

The fans start a ‘holy shit’ chant. Asylum is squirming in pain on the collapsed table as Tenzin turns around with… is that a smile on his face? One might almost think so. Asylum is slowly getting back up to his feet, but Tenzin steps back in. As he gets to his knees, Tenzin levels him again with a miniature big boot. Realizing the referee is already at the count of 9 again, Tenzin quickly rolls in and out of the ring again, wanting to finish this the proper way. But as soon as Tenzin rolls back out, he hears a shriek!

Asylum has gotten back to a vertical base and has grabbed hold of CJ Kim! The Masked Madman has her in a side headlock, and as Wells and even Darlington look on in stunned and terrified silence, it is Karma Tenzin first and foremost who is horrified. He wants to charge at Asylum in a fit of atypical rage, but Asylum now switches his hold over to a double chcikenwing. He growls at Tenzin to keep his distance or watch CJ gets destroyed. Tenzin lifts up his hands immediately and backs away, knowing that Asylum does not make idle threats. Asylum throws CJ into the ring, and as the crowd looks on in fingernailbiting horror, they see Asylum lift the announcer up onto his shoulders. Is he going to Lobotomize her?

Asylum shouts at Tenzin to get in the ring, and the Bhutanese Beast immediately does so. He holds up his hands trying to plead with Asylum. But the only response Asylum gives him is by point at the mat. Tenzin understands. He nods and goes to lie on his back. With CJ still on his shoulder and the threat of Lobotomy still very real, Tenzin is paralyzed with concern for his girlfriend. Asylum plants his foot on Tenzin’s chest and a confused Corey Miner finally slumps down for the count.


Winner, by pinfall at 10:20

Following the calling of the bell, Asylum throws CJ carelessly on top of Karma before exiting the ring. Tenzin immediately wraps his arms around his girlfriend as she looks on in tearful shock. The crowd boos Asylum with all they can muster. What an insane way to kick off Over the Top! As medical staff rushes out to tend to CJ, she reassures them that she’s fine, and completely fit to continue her announcing duties. As ringside workers set up a new announce table, they applaud the brave Miss Kim as she takes up her seat next to Blake Wells again.


Match Two – Elimination Tag Team Match
Lucilla & Ruby vs. The Dogs of War

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken w/ JJ Hemphill)

Completely ignoring the ‘We Want Ruby’ chant, Lucilla insists on kicking things off, and she starts on the opposite side of Danny Oliver, the younger of the Olivers. As soon as the bell rings, Danny charges at her with youthful enthusiasm, but Lucilla slides through his legs, avoiding him. She runs through, and at the other side knocks Jared Oliver off of the apron with a well-aimed elbow. She climbs the turnbuckle, spins and leaps, landing right on top of Danny, levelling him with a beautiful hurricanrana.

Jared Oliver is already furious with the antics of Lucilla this early in the match. He hops back on the apron and tries to go through the ropes but Chuck Aitken is on the case and physically holds Jared back from getting involved while he isn’t the legal man. JJ Hemphill is eyeing the senior official as he goes about his job, and doesn’t notice that in the middle of the ring, Lucilla quite plainly kicks Danny Oliver in the balls with a punt to his genitals. Lucilla grins as Danny collapses in agony, and the corwd boos her with all their might. This just infuriates Jared even more, and he’s now almost trying to bulrush Aitken to get at Lucilla, but it’s just playing to her advantage as he sticks her thumb in his eye and presses down. Danny roars in pain, and it isn’t until Lucilla’s own tag partner gets involved that she is forced to break up the illegal maneuver. Ruby grabs Lucilla by the shoulders and tears her off of Danny, who clutches his eye socket. Lucilla seems none too pleased with this interruption and shoves Ruby away, leading to an even louder chorus of boos. But as Jared Oliver finally backs away, Danny smells a moment of weakness and rolls Lucilla up from behind!



Lucilla kicks out, barely in time as she was caught completely off guard. Danny, one hand still clutching his eye, and moving with an odd limp following the low blow, grabs Lucilla by the hair and pulls her to her feet. With his obvious size and strength advantage, he one-handedly whips her against the ropes and as she bounces off hits her with a snap power slam, getting all of it! The crowd cheers for the first time in a while, and as Ruby looks on, Danny goes to town on Lucilla! It seems he has a point to prove, as he hits her with a series of mounted punches and elbows that are so lightning quick that Lucilla has to put up her very best defenses not to get knocked out then and there. Danny’s weight makes it near impossible for Lucilla to break free, and it’s not until Chuck Aitken tears Danny off of Lucilla that she gets a bit of a breather. But Danny’s immediately back on her, grabs her ankle and twists in an ankle lock, taking a page out of his brother’s book. Lucilla tries to wriggle free, but Danny’s expert application makes it very hard for her to get the right leverage for a reversal. Danny slowly drags Lucilla backwards, ankle lock still applied, towards his own corner. He pushes his own back into the turnbuckle, and Jared tags himself in by slapping his brother’s back. He hops over the top rope, and immediately lands a legdrop on the back of Lucilla’s neck. With the ankle locks also still applied, Jared locks in a Fujiwara armbar, and Lucilla is now being contorted at all sides. Lucilla screams in agony, but Ruby doesn’t even budge from her corner, realizing that she has enough power of will to withstand the holds, and secretly enjoying the pain the Olivers are dishing out right now. Once again Chuck Aitken must come to Lucilla’s aid as he counts to 4, forcing Danny to relinquish the hold and get out of the ring. The armbar is still locked in however, and Ruby starts to realize Lucilla might be in trouble. But once Ruby’s shoulders enter the ring to potentially go and break up the hold, Lucilla’s foot finds the bottom rope. Jared gets some extra torque in before releasing it though, and as he too finally has to let go, Lucilla grabs her arm in pain as she rolls away from the Dog of War. But Jared doesn’t let her retreat to the corner, as he follows the example of his brother Danny and targets the already hurt ankle. He grabs a hold of it, and drops a couple of elbows on it, each time making sure to slam it as hard into the mat as possible every time he connects. Lucilla grunts every time Jared connects and it now seems as if she’s in big, big trouble, even more so when he eventually locks in an ankle lock again. This time though, Ruby seems more worried. She hesitates a second, but then eventually goes into the ring to break it up. Her hesitation allowed Danny to spot it though, and before Ruby has the chance to break up Jared’s lock, she is bowled over by the much larger, stronger and heavier Oliver.

While the crowd never likes to see Ruby lose, they’re absolutely ecstatic at the prospect of Lucilla potentially tapping out. They rise to their feet as Lucilla screams in agony, and raises one of her hands. It goes down!

And lands right on the leg of Danny Oliver, who was still in the ring after knocking Ruby over. She uses Danny’s leg for leverage, and pulls herself away from Jared, whose lock is loosened. Lucilla grabs Danny’s leg with her other hand, and the added leverage is enough to tear herself loose, but her ankle is hanging from her leg like a limp piece of lettuce. Aitken pleads with Danny to get out of the ring, but the younger Oliver brother points at Lucilla, saying he can’t get out while she has her arms wrapped around his legs. With Aitken face to face with Danny, Lucilla plants her teeth in his thigh, before releasing him and getting up to her one good foot… only to eat a Superkick by Jared! The Dog of War goes for the pin!



Ruby charges in and breaks it up. Danny grabs her Ruby from behind and nails her with an overhead German, sending the tiny Canadian flying, and leaves the ring as well, before Aitken disqualifies them. Jared goes back for the cover..



This time Lucilla kicks out by herself. Jared smacks the mat in frustration, and lifts Lucilla to her feet. He grabs her by the throat, turns so that he’s reaching behind him and wants to go for the Oliver Twist! He spins… But Lucilla grabs him by the neck and reverses it into a DDT!

The crowd applauds, and with both Jared and Lucilla down, Ruby and Danny are now on the apron, extending their hands as their respective tag partners start crawling towards them. A ‘WE WANT RUBY’ and ‘LET’S GO DANNY’ chant emerges, and the crowd explodes as both Lucilla and Jared tag themselves out at the exact same time!

Ruby explodes from her corner like a true spitfire, and hits Jared with a beautiful dropkick. He goes down but immediately gets back up again, only to eat a Pelé Kick! Ruby is on fire, and after a standing moonsault followed by a standing 450 splash, she calls for the Ruby in the Rough! She retreats to her corner, waiting for Danny to get back to his knees… Once he does, she carges in, and gets all of it! Danny collapses to the mat like a sack of spuds, and Ruby firs the crowd up by throwing her hands in the air. She goes back to her corner, and hops on the top turnbuckle. As she leaps, Lucilla slaps her backside, reminiscent of last week. Ruby hits the Ruby-red Death, planting her feet squarely in Danny’s face, and runs through. She leaps over the top rope and clotheslines Jared off the apron, while Lucilla pulls off a move of her own…

Lucid Dream on Danny! The corkscrew shooting star press in beautifully executed, and Lucilla pins the man from Michigan…




Chuck Aitken calls for the bell.

Winners, by pinfall at 11:25
–Lucilla & Ruby–

Post-match, Ruby gets back in the ring, and Chuck Aiken raises the hands of the married couple. Whilst they seemed to be on a different page at the start of the match, they sure turned it around with excellent teamwork near the end to get the win.


Match Three – single’s match
JTX vs. Nidia Vladiwebski

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

JTX trots down to the ring with his remake of the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup and announces that the match would be for that same Cup. The bell rings and the contest is on! Nidia has heard of JTX’s plans to not enact any offense on her, so she goes in hard. It’s safe to say JTX wasn’t expecting this.

Right out of the gate, Nidia speeds in and throws some heavy kicks at JTX, backing him into a corner. She hurries for a grapple, but JTX slips passed her. Nidia has an uncharacteristic fire inside her as she turns to keep JTX on the defensive.

She rushes JTX once again, throwing punches and kicks galore. JTX is able to block them this time, moving about swiftly, throwing his hands in the way of each strike. On her final straight jab attempt, JTX grabs a hold and judo flips Nidia.

She is quick to her feet after the counter, this time plotting her next move rather than diving in wildly. The two competitors circle. Nidia is again the first to attack. She charges, but JTX slaps on a quick arm drag to send her across the ring. She comes back for more. Another arm drag.

Nidia is visibly frustrated now, pounding the mat. JTX’s plan has gone off without a hitch. Nidia gets back up and this time, she’s able to catch JTX with a dropkick! This sends JTX against the ropes. Nidia goes on the offensive! She puts a series of chops into JTX’s chest and runs off of the opposite ropes.

She hurls herself towards JTX, but he slumps down, pulling the ropes with him! Nidia Vladiwebski is sent to the floor! JTX centers himself in the ring, waiting for his opponent to come to and reenter the squared-circle.

It is now that the lights in the UWE Studios arena begin to flicker. JTX snaps his gaze towards the entrance ramp as the lights go from dark to light in rapid fashion. His obviously feels like someone is playing tricks on him

It appears that is the case, as the face of Brandon Sorrow appears on the video screen. In a split second, it’s gone, but the lights continue. The face of Sorrow returns, but vanishes just as quickly as before. This happens a few more times, putting JTX on guard, wishfully awaiting the arrival of his arch enemy.

It doesn’t happen, however. The lights and the video screen go back to normal, leaving JTX disappointed. It caused a distraction, however! Nidia is back in the ring! JTX turns his attention from the possible Brandon Sorrow appearance back towards her. She’s waiting for him!

Nidia leaps up and locks her legs over JTX’s shoulders, pulling him over with a beautiful hurricanrana! She follows through, hooking JTX for a pin fall! JJ Hemphill slides in and counts one…two…

JTX pushes Nidia off and breaks the count! He quickly stands and Nidia stays on him! She pulls her leg back as far as she can before sending it right towards the gut of Hot Pink Fury.

JTX catches her foot! He holds it there for a moment, staring his opponent down. He then throws Nidia’s leg away, causing her to spin around. Immediately, JTX clutches Nidia’s arms and twists with her. He’s got her in position…


Nidia’s face and body are planted hard into the mat. JTX rolls her over and goes for the pin. Referee Hemphill slides in for the count.




That’s it, JTX has the win!

Winner, by pinfall at 03:41

Following his victory, JTX stands in the ring and shouts for Brandon Sorrow to come and get him. He motions that he is waiting right there for Sorrow to come do his worst. Time passes and absolutely nothing happens, leaving JTX disappointed yet again. It looks like he’ll have to wait until Exodus to get Brandon Sorrow inside of the steel cage.

Finally, Sylvie Rose announces JTX as the winner and JJ Hemphill raises his hand. JTX pushes the referee away and walks over to where Nidia is laying. Nidia looks up at him for a second before turning away in disappointment. Nidia runs her hands through her hair and punches the mat in frustration.

JTX looks down at Nidia and reaches his hand out to her. Nidia doesn’t know how to react so she timidly reaches out to accept his extended hand. JTX bends down and helps Nidia to her feet. She stumbles for a moment before gaining her footing. She hangs her head in shame as she awaits JTX’s next move. JTX leans in and puts his hand on Nidia’s chin, bringing her head up and facing her forward.

He gets his mouth in close to Nidia’s ear. We cannot hear what is being said, and Nidia’s thick brunette hair obscures his lips, but JTX is whispering something to her. Once he is done speaking, Nidia looks up at JTX and nods.

JTX pats her on the back and nods at her back before turning around and exiting the ring. He jaw jacks with the fans sitting beside the entrance ramp as he makes his way back to the locker room. Nidia frowns for a second before biting her bottom lip and rubbing her forehead with the palm of her hand.

This leaves Ricky Darlington to give his thoughts on what just occurred, “I wonder what JTX said to Nidia. It’s hard to even fathom a guess from her facial expression.”

Match Four – Single’s match
Matt Moore vs. James Calhoun

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Matt Moore and James Calhoun waste no time in making their entrances. Referee Morello shouts her instructions to both men and this anticipated singles contest has begun! The two men circle, looking for a pathway that leads to an advantage.

Soon enough, Matt Moore makes the first move. He connects with a hard kick to Calhoun’s outer thigh. And another! He preps for one more, but Calhoun backs into a corner to get away. Matt is definitely looking to show off some of that Japanese strong style.

Moore tries to rush Calhoun, but the Callous Cowboy ducks under the center ropes and calls for the referee to back Matt away. Morello does just that as she demands Matt let James remove himself from the corner before continuing. Moore obliges.

Calhoun finally gets out of the corner and they begin to circle again. It’s déjà vu. Matt sends a thunderous kick to the same spot as the two before. Calhoun isn’t having any of that. This time, he rolls out of the ring, mouthing off to the front row fans who are booing his preserving tactics. The Callous One is showing some frustration towards the fact that Matt was able to land those kicks.

As Calhoun turns around, after kicking the air in anger, he sees Matt Moore coming right for him! Matt goes for a dive! But it’s a fake out! Moore doesn’t dive. He simply exits onto the apron as Calhoun braces himself for impact.

Matt waits for James to remove his arms from covering his head before he leaps at him from the apron. Calhoun has some quick thinking, however! The axe handle from Matt is sidestepped and Calhoun sends a right hand into his gut. The momentum sends Matt flipping forward, hitting the ground hard. Calhoun wipes his hands clean and smirks. He then points to his head, gesturing about his intelligence in the situation that just arose.

Matt begins to rise to his feet. Calhoun pounds three hard rights into Moore’s head. The cowboy then lifts Moore all the way up, sending him straight into the barricade with a massive thud. Inside the ring, Claudia Morello orders the men to bring it back while starting her count.

Calhoun goes after Matt again, attempting an Irish Whip. Matt reverses! The destination was the steel ring post and Calhoun’s plan backfires. He eats the steel. Claudia is at a five count now, but neither man has moved back into the ring.

Matt keeps up the offense, rushing towards Calhoun. He hops onto the nearby steel steps, using it as a launching pad for an enziguiri. The Callous One hits the mat! Matt quickly gets him back up though, rolling him into the ring.

Moore slides in and gives James a hard stomp before lifting him to his feet. Three hard palm strikes to the face follow. The Gaijin Kaiju now hits the ropes, hoping to come back for a dropkick. Before he can get into position, though, Calhoun explodes with a huge clothesline that drops Matt like a sack of potatoes!

Calhoun stands and kicks Matt right in the face. The cowboy then plants his boot against Matt’s forehead, grinding his heel down hard. Morello demands Calhoun remove his foot, but Calhoun simply just smirks. He holds up four fingers, letting her know to start counting and he’ll let off at four.

That turns out to be true. After he removes his boot from grinding Matt’s face, Calhoun reaches down to lift him to his feet. Matt comes out of nowhere with a hard right to the cowboy’s stomach. He then hooks a leg and spins Calhoun over with a big Dragon Screw!

Matt recuperates after dropping Calhoun with the dragon leg screw. Calhoun starts to get up as Moore closes in. He stays on the offensive. With Calhoun at a knee, Matt sends a hard straight kick right into his back. It sends Calhoun tumbling forward across the ring onto his face.

Matt mounts Calhoun on his back and starts to rain cross elbows down to the back of his head. Near the ropes, Calhoun scrambles and grabs a hold of them as the elbows continue to pound him. Referee Morello calls for Matt to get off of him, but he continues throwing the elbows.

Claudia starts counting and gets to four. Matt finally lets up as Calhoun uses the ropes to roll himself over. He looks up at Moore, who now has a number four made with his hand. He’s copying what Calhoun did earlier, showing him he’s not letting the cowboy get to him.

Matt backs off as Calhoun still has the ropes, per Morello’s request. Calhoun pulls himself up and the minute he lets go of the ropes, Matt shoots in. He grabs Calhoun and drags him to the nearby corner. He places Calhoun’s arms over the ropes to hold him in place.

Matt sends a vicious kick right into the Callous One’s midsection. He follows that with another as the crowd begins to count. Matt just keeps delivering the kicks with zero regret. Matt gets to nine and backs off, ready to wind up for number ten to be a big one.

As he does so, Calhoun shouts, “Bring it one more time, you son a bitch!”

Matt happily complies. He sends the tenth kick right into the gut. Calhoun falls to a knee in front of the turnbuckle now. Matt makes his way to the opposite corner of Calhoun. He slaps his knee and lets out a roar before charging forward. Matt throws a hard knee, but Calhoun ducks out of the ring!

Matt’s knee collides with the middle turnbuckle. Just as quick as he moved, Calhoun grabs onto Matt’s leg and trips him up. Moore hits the ground inside the ring and Calhoun, on the outside, pulls him by the legs to the steel post. Calhoun returns the favor from early. Matt sent him into the steel ring post, so now James will do his own damage.

He slams Matt’s right leg into the post as Referee Morello demands he get back in the ring. He’s trying to take those hard kicks away. Matt clutches his leg that just had a few awfully painful moments. Calhoun slides back into the ring and drags Matt to the center.

Calhoun now laces his leg around Moore’s. He sets the other leg in place and plops onto the mat. The figure-four leg lock is cinched in! Referee Morello makes sure Matt wants to continue and he shakes his head, signifying that he will not give up. Matt is holding on despite the pain.

This causes Calhoun to bridge up and cause even more damage with the submission! Surprisingly, Matt beings to unwind himself from the hold! He manages to push Calhoun’s foot out of position, slowly breaking the maneuver. Feeling his grip slipping and fearing a reversal of some kind, James simply lets go of the move.

Matt clutches at his knee, but the Callous One shows no remorse. Calhoun lifts Matt and sends him towards the ropes. Mustering whatever strength he can and fighting through the pain in his leg, Matt jumps onto the second rope. He springboards backwards and connects with a hard elbow!

Both men hit the mat with a huge thud, but Moore makes his way to his feet, making sure his leg can hold him up. Matt rubs on his leg for a moment as he backs against the ropes. He’s got the time to recuperate so he’s going to make the most of it. Calhoun is still down from the springboard back elbow and Matt finally decides to move in.

Matt grabs a leg of Calhoun’s, wanting to pay him back for the damage done to his own leg. He drops an elbow on it and rubs it in to add insult to injury. Matt stays on Calhoun, wrenching the leg. He’s not looking for a submission, but simply looking to inflict some damage as Calhoun screams out. Referee Morello continuously asks James Calhoun if he gives up, but the cowboy defiantly answers with a no each and every time.

Finally, Matt releases the hold, looking to do some more offense onto the Callous One. He allows James to stand to his feet and shouts, ”How about another one?!” Matt winces through the pain in his leg, but rushes towards the ropes again. He jumps onto the second rope and springboards off towards Calhoun.

Matt comes off with an elbow…no! Calhoun catches Moore’s backside, not allowing the elbow to connect. The Callous One grabs a hold of Matt’s arm and pushes him forward. With the arm, he turns Matt around and pulls him back…


The overhand right sends Matt crumpling to the canvas. Calhoun wastes no time in falling on top of the Gaijin Kaiju. He hooks the leg and Claudia Morello gets into position. She starts her count!



No! Matt Moore gets a shoulder up!

Calhoun is more agitated rather than shocked by it. Calhoun grabs Matt by the head and hits him with three hard rights before pulling Moore back to his feet. The agitated cowboy launches another hard punch before lifting Matt up into a quick scoop slam.

James jumps into the air, driving his elbow into Matt’s sternum as he falls. The Gaijin Kaiju grabs his chest as Calhoun tries for another cover. Morello begins her count.



Shoulder up!

Angrier than before, Calhoun snatches Matt by the hair and starts to smash his face repeatedly into the canvas of the ring. Claudia warns Calhoun and quickly begins her count. At four, the Callous One backs off. He then lifts Matt up to his feet and tosses him into a nearby corner.

The Callous One charges forward, but Moore ducks out of the way, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. As he bounces back, Matt greets him with a flurry of kicks, ending in a leaping back kick. Calhoun stays up, only because of the assistance from the ropes.

Matt sends a hard shoulder to Calhoun’s stomach. He follows that by lifting him onto the top rope. Matt climbs up as well, locking his arms around James’ head. Matt pulls Calhoun down with him…huge top rope DDT!

Matt is crawling towards Calhoun now, giving Referee Morello reason to skip the double knockout count. Moore slinks an arm over Calhoun’s chest and Claudia Morello slides into position. She pounds the mat once…twice…shoulder up at the last possible moment! Calhoun kicks out!

Matt Moore has no energy to be shocked by the two count. He simply rolls off of the Callous One and crawls his way to a corner. Matt pulls himself to his feet and begins to bang loudly on his chest as he watching Calhoun begin to stir. James starts to make his way to his feet in the opposite corner of Matt.

Calhoun turns and Moore speeds in, spinning for his Discuss Big Boot!

Calhoun sidesteps Matt to avoid the big finisher!

As Matt hurries to turn back towards Calhoun, he is met with a huge dropkick to the knee. Matt drops to a kneeling position, writhing from the dropkick. Calhoun now rebounds off of the ropes behind Matt. As he comes back, he hooks Matt’s head and drives him forward with a bulldog.

Calhoun grabs a hold of Matt and drags him to the middle of the ring, unsure whether to try for the pin fall attempt or get him up for some more damage. Calhoun finally makes a choice, smiling wickedly. He raises Matt to his feet and delivers a hard back hand chop. The chop echoes through the arena, garnering plenty of “Woo’s” from the crowd.

Calhoun continues, hitting a second chop, and a third. Calhoun ends the chopping spree, now going for a big right handed punch. Matt blocks it! He fires off several of his own punches back at the cowboy, staggering him. After regaining the upper hand, Matt sends James into the ropes with an Irish Whip.

As Calhoun comes back, Matt leaps up, hooks on, and sends the cowboy flying with a big monkey flip! As Matt stands, he lets out a roar that sends the crowd into a frenzy. Moore hits the ropes and comes back with a stiff elbow drop to the downed Calhoun.

He doesn’t stay on for a cover, however. He gets up and hits the ropes again. He comes back with another elbow drop! And he goes for a third one! Moore leaps…Calhoun rolls out of the way! The third time definitely wasn’t the charm there for Matt Moore.

Matt’s elbow hits the ring hard, but he gets to his feet. Calhoun has done the same. Both men are spent after a long grueling wrestling bout, but they know they have to keep going to get the job done! Matt charges Calhoun, but Calhoun bends down and lifts Matt onto his back! He’s almost got him hooked for the 8 Second Ride!

Moore fights out of it! He slips down Calhoun’s back and grabs a hold…Cobra Clutch! Matt has the Cobra Clutch applied in the standing position! He struggles with Calhoun, trying to apply the leg vice around the body to complete his version of the hold. Calhoun is trying his best to shake.

He manages to get some momentum, forcing himself and Matt Moore backwards! Matt’s back is slammed into the corner, causing him to release his hold on Calhoun! Calhoun stumbles forward, glad to be out of the Cobra Clutch. He goes far enough so that he can turn around and size up his opponent.

Calhoun sees that Matt is still in the corner and speeds towards him. Moore moves out of the way! As Calhoun whips around, Matt lifts him onto his shoulders. He throws him up in the air! Moore drops down and puts his knees up. Gutbuster! Calhoun’s midsection connects with the knees and he bounces off of them, still on his feet.

Calhoun clutches his stomach as Matt wastes zero time in positioning himself in the farthest corner from the cowboy. As Calhoun looks for where Matt went, he notices him just as Matt spins out of the corner! Moore lifts his foot and plants it right into Calhoun!

Discuss Big Boot!

Calhoun crumbles to the canvas and Moore quickly follows, landing himself on top of the Callous One. Referee Morello hurries in and slaps the mat!




Winner, by pinfall at 17:09
–Matt Moore–

Main Event – Single’s Match – Non-title
Ronnie Cage vs. Wülf Erikson

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The Ultimate Wrestling Champion versus the number one contender for the Canadian Championship. An interesting match-up indeed, and with Wülf fresh out of the hospital following an ankle injury, it seems like the Silver Bullet is ready to go at it full speed! The match starts with Ronnie using his size advantage though. He shoves Wulf down to the ground a handful of times before Erikson realizes he needs to change his approach. Wulf slips behind Ronnie before he can get his hands on him again.

Erikson plants a dropkick into the champion’s back, sending him forward. Ronnie turns, approving of Wulf bringing him a fight. Wulf stays on the attack, planting a flurry of kicks into the big man’s legs. Ronnie has had enough of that. He latches onto Wulf and sends a few knees into his gut.

Ronnie follows that with a gutwrench suplex. He goes for a quick cover, but Wulf doesn’t even let Chuck Aitken get to one. Ronnie figured that would be the case. He gets Wulf to his feet and sends a big punch to his head. Wulf retaliates with a fiery chop.

Ronnie responds with a chop of his own. Wulf takes his turn with spinning back fist. That sends Ronnie bouncing off of the ropes. Ronnie comes back with a big clothesline that almost flips Erikson out of his shoes! Erikson uses his ring awareness to roll to the nearest corner. Sierra swings by to check on him.

Ronnie yells for her to get out of the way as he lines up Wulf. Ronnie rushes forward, looking to plant a boot right into Wulf’s noggin. However, Wulf and Sierra split and Ronnie’s leg goes through the middle and bottom rope, leaving him in an awkward position.

Wulf uses the ropes to bounce himself up and comes back down with a hard stomp onto Ronnie. Only one though, as Chuck Aitken tells them to take it out of the corner. Wulf obliges, surprisingly able to drag Ronnie out of the corner.

Just shy of the center of the ring, Erikson leaps high and comes down with a leg across the chest. He goes for his own cover.



Ronnie’s strength allows him to fling Erikson off of him and break the pin fall.

Erikson hurries back towards Ronnie who is getting to his feet. Wulf grabs onto his back and uses it to launch himself up. He attempts a reverse hurricanrana, but Cage grabs onto the ropes! The only thing that hits the ground is Erikson dumping himself onto the mat.

Ronnie gets him to his feet and lifts him up. Huge backbreaker! Cage holds onto Erikson. One more backbreaker! He drops him to the mat and goes for the pin.



Wulf forces a shoulder off of the mat!

Ronnie pounces like a wolf, no pun intended, to keep Erikson from regaining any momentum. He sends a big knee into Wulf’s back as he rolls over. Ronnie gets Wulf to his feet and sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip.

Wulf comes back and ducks under a clothesline attempt! He rebounds again and ducks under another clothesline. This time, Wulf springboards off of the ropes. He turns to hit a double axe handle onto Ronnie, but Ronnie is able to avoid it and…

Erikson connects with referee Chuck Aitken! Aitken hits the mat hard and Wulf checks on him, making sure he knows it was unintentional! It doesn’t seem like Chuck is coming to his senses right away, so Erikson turns his attention back towards the Ultimate Wrestling Champion.


Ronnie connects with the superkick! He picks Wulf up and hooks the Full Nelson in the center of the ring! He looks right! He looks left! He looks right again! Something has caught his eye!

Even though he just had a grueling bout with Matt Moore, James Calhoun couldn’t stay away from the main event! Is he here to help his brother or simply hurt the champ? Calhoun was able to get Ronnie’s attention on the apron, but now his attention is turned elsewhere.

Sierra has made her way over to berate Calhoun, telling him to leave, that Wulf doesn’t need his help, and she doesn’t care what his intentions out here are. Calhoun tells Sierra to mind her own business and looks back into the ring…


Ronnie throws a superkick at James Calhoun this time, sending him flying off of the apron!

Cage stares down at the ringside area, shouting at Calhoun, telling him he got what he deserves and there’s more where that came from come Exodus.

Before he can turn around, though, Ronnie is hooked from behind! Wulf Erikson spins Ronnie about and drops him to the mat! Wit’s End connects!

Chuck Aitken is stirring and sees the maneuver connect!

Wulf falls onto Ronnie and Chuck is in position! He counts, slowly, but surely…




Winner, by pinfall at 07:41
–Wülf Erikson–

Wulf Erikson has beaten the Ultimate Wrestling Champion! Albeit with a distraction from James Calhoun. Wulf hurries out of the ring and reunites with Sierra. She explains to him what just happened and he glares towards Calhoun who sits at the bottom of the entrance ramp holding his jaw.

Ronnie looks up as he rolls onto his stomach with a death stare right towards Calhoun. All the Callous One can do is grin as he knows he is getting under the skin of one Ronnie Cage. Their upcoming battle at Exodus just got that more personal!


Quick Calls
ºAsylum def. Karma Tenzin via pinfall
ºLucilla & Ruby def. The Dogs of War via pinfall
ºJTX def. Nidia Vladiwebski via pinfall
ºMatt Moore def. James Calhoun via pinfall
ºWülf Erikson def. Ronnie Cage via pinfall




Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

Posted Image

Sweet Sixteen!!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
Posted Image

Yes, UWE is back for its sweet sixteen! No, thirteen! It’s an anniversary show, and that means there is a lot to be excited about. With crowd favorite Ruby back in single’s action against the Flawless Amy Gobraless, and Corporal Punishment forced to team up with his arch rival David Stone against the Menagerie, tempers are sure to flare up!
And not just that, we will find out whether James Calhoun will be suspended by Lise Fortier, or whether he will swallow his pride and apologize to the CEO! Will he be included in the Wulf Erikson vs. Matt Moore match tonight, or not?
And as for the main event, we will see a match that has been brewing for weeks if not months! Mike Rosati has been on the hunt for some redemption against Ronnie Cage, following what he believes to be a betrayal of his former best friend. This one could get ugly!

But with rumors running rampant of JTX and Brandon Sorrow brawling all over the arena, and Wülf Erikson and James Calhoun doing some family therapy with Kara Erikson, the cowboy’s new girlfriend, (or so we assume) there is sure to be drama, drama, drama! The best kind, that is!


The show starts with surprise guest Brother Love making his way to the ring! Along with Wülf Erikson, Kara Erikson and James Calhoun, they have some business to talk about.
After Kara Erikson declaring that she really does love James Calhoun, and lamenting how he and her son don’t really look eye to eye because of their clashing personalities. But then, she dropped a bomb on the UWE Universe, by revealing that Wülf’s biological father, in all probability, is in fact ‘Wild Bill’ Calhoun, a wrestler she had a fling with when she was only 17 years old. The catch? Yes, that’s James Calhoun’s father.

After the shocking revelation that they are in fact half-brothers, Calhoun and Erikson hugged it out in the middle of the ring, but it’s safe to say that this revelation will rock their world and change their lives!

Show Opener – Single’s Match
Amy Gobraless vs. Ruby w/ Lucilla

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Before the match, Ruby gets into the ring, and addresses the Vancouver crowd. Not long after that, Amy comes out, visibly annoyed by Ruby sucking up to the Vancouverites like that.
As soon as Claudia Morello calls for the bell, the crowd starts booing so loudly that the person who just entered the ringside area is almost blasted back out by the sheer force of the sonic soundwaves coming her way. Yup, it’s Lucilla. The most hated woman in sports entertainment simply giggles though, and skips to the ring, before circling it around a few times, and eventually going over to the announcer’s desk. Rather than sit on an empty chair however, she opts to sit on Ricky Darlington’s lap, whose face reddens to particular kind of crimson that hasn’t been named yet.

Both Ruby and Amy can be seen rolling their eyes inside the ring, and it is obvious their dislike of Lucilla is mutual. Still, they have to go through each other to finally rid themselves of her once and for all, and it is for that reason that they’re all too willing to lay the smackdown on each other. They finally lock up in the middle of the ring, and it is Amy who overpowers Ruby, pushing her to the nearest turnbuckle, and elbowing her to the face, before connecting with a kick to the gut. With Ruby doubled over, she hits a Northern lights suplex, immediately bridging it into a pinning combo!


Ruby kicks out with relative ease, and Amy slides back in with a headlock, making sure to squeeze as much air out of the energetic Ruby as possible, and slow her down. Ruby tries to push herself back up to relieve the pressure, and gets to her feet, but Amy counters Ruby’s efforts with a snapmare and kicks viciously against her spine!

The snapping sound can be heard throughout the arena, and the crowd flinches as Ruby winces in pain. Ruby tries to get up, but Amy approaches her from behind, and locks in an abdominal stretch. With Ruby half a foot shorter, it’s easy for Amy to apply a lot of pressure, and Ruby grunts in pain, as the audience starts a rhythmical clap to support her. Ruby’s flexible, and manages to contort her arm so that it slips free, and start nailing Amy with multiple elbow shots, until she’s finally forced to let go.

Amy holds her jaw, and Ruby runs the ropes. Ruby in the Rough!?
NO! Amy rolls out of the ring, avoiding the vicious running kneestrike that is usually a precursor to Ruby’s finisher, and gathers her bearings, realizing that Ruby only needs a split second to be dangerous.

Lucilla in the meantime, jumps off of Ricky’s lap, and starts shouting insults at Amy, which we can’t repeat here. Amy does not back down however, and the two start engaging in a face-to-face insult contest, before literally being nose to nose! Claudia Morello rolls out of the ring, and breaks the two up herself, showing she’s a capable and brave referee. But as Morello pushes them apart, Ruby comes flying in! Topé Con Hilo! She lands right on top of Amy as Lucilla cackles and both of them are sent to the mat below, their momentum even launching them into the ringside barricade! Lucilla claps her hands, and the two ladies try to get to a vertical basis again as soon as possible. It seems like Amy has taken the brunt of the impact though, and Ruby is much quicker to get to her feet. She jumps on top of the ring apron, grabs hold of the top rope, leaps, and springboards off of it. While Amy was just back to her feet, she gets slammed into the ringside barricade so hard by Ruby’s springboard 180-forearm smash, and is knocked over it! Ruby stands on the ring barricade, throws up her arms and hypes up the crowd! They cheer loudly, until a whisper in the crowd eventually evolves into a ruckus, as a certain Hot Pink Fury and Brandon Sorrow suddenly blast through one of the stairway cases that lead to the cheap seats.

JTX grabs Brandon by the scruff of the neck and throws him down the flight of stairs, causing him to land not far from where the announce table is located after falling down for a long while, bumping off of the stair steps. While Ruby is already back in the ring and Morello has started to count Amy out, currently at 3, JTX hustles down the stairs himself and throws Sorrow over the barricade, sending him ringside. Lucilla has lost all interest in the match, as she looks underneath the ring, and retrieves a folding chair. She whistles at JTX and throws it at him, who snatches it out of the air with one hand. He nods almost appreciatively, and proceeds to slam it onto Sorrow’s back multiple time.
At the count-out count of 7, Amy hops back over the ringside barricade and slides back in the ring. She is met by Ruby however, who grabs her leg, and nails her with a legdrag. Amy rolls right back up, and it hit with an armdrag that she also rolls through, getting back on her feet. Amy runs the ropes, but as soon as she bounces off, Ruby’s there to nail her with a drop toe-hold, and follows it up with a double legdrop before going in for the pin!


Amy kicks out, and while she recovers, Lucilla is watching with great interest as JTX keeps on slamming the chair into Sorrow’s back. Lucilla approached JTX, taps him on the shoulder, and then extends her hands, asking If she ca have a turn. JTX grins, and hands her the chair. Lucilla graps it, and takes careful aim, before slamming it straight into Sorrow’s skull! With an appreciative thank you, she hands the chair back to JTX, who nods, and he grabs Sorrow by the hair, only to pick the man up and throw him over his shoulder as he makes his way out of the ringside area.
Back in the ring, Ruby is measuring up Amy. With her distraction gone however, Lucilla hops back on the apron and starts shouting things at Amy again. This only seems to light a fire under Gobraless’ ass however, and she gets back to her feet, before running over Ruby with a clothesline and dropkicking Lucilla off of the apron. Lucilla lands hard against a ringside barricade. Amy grins and flips her off, before flailing wildly as Ruby rolls her up from behind into a schoolgirl pin!


Amy gets her shoulder up just in time, and Ruby is unrelenting in her pursuit of victory, as she nails Amy with a facebuster before nailing her with a full-nelson DDT! On the outside, however, Lucilla is enraged, and it’s almost as if there’s steam coming out of her ears. She gets back to her feet, and starts pacing around the ringside area, while Ruby goes in for another pin.


Amy kicks out again, and Lucilla jumps on the apron in response. This time Morello’s on it and she goes over to Lucilla telling her to calm down or risk being ejected from ringside. Lucilla angrily points at Amy, telling the ref that it’s all Amy’s fault, but while the ref has her back turned, Amy gets up and hits her ‘Break the Balls Down’ on Ruby, or whatever the female equivalent is! Ruby cries in pain and as Morello turns back to the in-ring action, an infuriated Lucilla hops off the apron and reaches underneath the ring again, looking for a weapon. She come sback with a kendo stick, sldies into the ring and doesn’t even hesitate to use Amy’s face for target practice! The smack is heard throughout the arena, and Morello immediately calls for the bell!

Winner, by DQ at 11:01
–Amy Gobraless–

Lucilla doesn’t care, and shoves Morello away. Ruby is infuriated though, having just lost another match of Lucilla. She gets in her wife’s face, and demands to know why she did what she did. She claims that she could’ve beaten Amy fair and square, but now it’s ruined! Lucilla responds like only she can… by blowing her Red Light mist into Ruby’s face, and pushing her out of the ring! The crowd almost jumps the barricades to mob Lucilla in anger, but the stewards do their job perfectly well.
As Lucilla has shoved Ruby out of the way however, Amy hits Lucilla with a Lou Thesz press, and the two ladies start exchanging blows, rolling around in the middle of the ring as Morello tries to separate them, but to no avail. They roll out of the ring and with Ruby having wiped the mist out of her eyes, she tries to get involved, but she’s not strong enough to separate the two as they keep pummeling each other. It is then that the crowd goes berserk, as they see Lara Pegorino rushing down the entrance ramp, over to the two brawling beauties.

She grabs Amy by the waist, and tears her away from Lucilla, as Ruby does the same to her wife. With both Amy and Lucilla struggling, Lara simply deadlifts Amy up into the air, and walks away with her, leaving a screaming Lucilla behind as the show goes to a commercial break!


Match Two – Tornado Tag Team Match
Corporal Punishment & David Stone vs. The Menagerie

Posted Image

(Referee: Corey Miner)

After last week’s mental breakdown, the crowd is eager to see Gurgen’s state of ‘mind’, and as the Menagerie and the forced team of Stone and Punishment get in the ring, the crowd doesn’t really know who to root for most. There are many, many Gurgen chants, but there is a portion of Army vets in the crowd, who are loudly chanting for Punishment, and many ‘neutral’ fans are very much enamored by the experience that Stone brings to the table or the charm of Karma Tenzin.
Either way, in this tornado tag team match there are no need for tags, and as all four men are in the ring simultaneously, Corey Miner calls for the bell. Tenzin, known for his cautious approach and grind’m-down strategy, is surprised when Gurgen speeds off towards their opponents like a bullet out of a gun. Gurgen bowls both Punishment and Stone over with a double clothesline. Tenzin seizes the opportunity to slide in with a headlock on Stone, while Gurgen grabs Punishment by the throat, and lifts him up with one arm. He raises his paw further, lifting the Corporal off the ground, and as the army vet grabs Gurgen’s massive hand, the Beast slams him down with a chokeslam that makes the ring shake!

Stone is still trying to get out of the expertly applied headlock, and is actually given an assist by Gurgen who grabs hold of Stone, tears him out of Tenzin’s hold and applies a bearhug of his own!

It doesn’t last long however, as the Beast is brought down by a chop block from behind by Punishment, and Stone takes advantage. With Gurgen Releasing him, the Hall of Famer picks up the Beast and in an amazing feat of strength hits a fall away slam that nearly makes the ring collapse! Gurgen would’ve fallen out of the ring for sure, if he wasn’t too massive to be unable to get underneath the bottom rope. Tenzin meanwhile, is levelled by belly to belly suplex from Punishment, and the army vet pins him straight away.


Tenzin kicks out, and as the Armenian Beast is stirring, Stone anticipated his interference and levels him again with a back suplex, showing once again how phenomenally strong he is. Punishment, not to be upstaged, lifts Tenzin into a military press position before unceremoniously dumping him out of the ring. The Bhutanese Beast lands hard on the outside floor, and doesn’t move.
Stone and Punishment, working together remarkably well, now focus their attention on what they perceive to be the biggest threat in this match: Gurgen. Stone helps Gurgen to his feet only to subdue him with a Full Nelson. The army vet starts throwing multiple fists at Gurgen’s head, but the Beast’s skull is hard, and it takes many, many blows by the Corporal before it seems to have any effect. After a blow or twenty, Stone finally hoists Gurgen in the air again, and nails him with a Full Nelson slam! Stone goes for the cover.


Gurgen kicks out! Stone is sent flying away, and Punishment looks slightly worried as the Beast’s rage is building. Gurgen gets back to his feet and wraps his paw around Stone’s throat, this time looking to chokeslam the Hall of Famer! He lifts Stone up, but he escapes mid-air, and kicks Gurgen in the gut, doubling him over. He puts his massive head between his legs and in another display of strength, nails the Beast with a massive piledriver! On top of that, Punishment comes flying in with a splash and alnds right on top of the Beast! Punishment hooks the leg and goes for the over.


Tenzin just got back to his feet, and he pulls Punishment’s leg, breaking up the pin and the contact is broken. With Gurgen now down, Stone and Punishment smell an opportunity to team up on the smaller opponent. Stone goes out of the ring and levels Karma with a big boot before rolling him back in the ring. Punishment already ascended the top turnbuckle, and nails Tenzin with a moonsault, before leaping to his feet and delivering a legdrop that Stone follows up with a kneedrop to the face of Karma. Stone covers.


Tenzin kicks out, and it seems like both Stone and Punishment have had enough. The Corporal helps up Tenzin and locks him into a Full Nelson. He calls for Stone to use the Stone Cutter, and the Hall of Famer happily obliges. He hits it!

But not to Tenzin, as the Bhutanese Beast slipped free less than a second before Stone’s kick connects, right to the chin of Punishment! The army vet stumbles to the ground, only to get a fistful of beard to the face, as Gurgen has recovered enough to gather his beard and bearings!
Stone looks to break it up, but Tenzin knee-clips him and locks in the Enlightenment on Stone! The iron grip of Tenzin is unrelenting, and so is the fistful of beard that completely chokes out Punishment. Corey Miner checks the arm of the Corporal, and it’s unresponsive, leading him to call for the bell!

Winners, by referee stoppage at 09:12
–The Menagerie–

While Gurgen isn’t celebrating per sé, he does appear to be enjoying himself.
Tenzin walks up to him, his arm raised in an invitation to high hive, but before Gurgen can complete the gesture, the arena goes dark. The video wall comes to life. It’s a promotional photograph of the Menagerie. The camera zooms out to show that the Soviet Soldier is holding the picture. When the camera stops zooming out, the Soviet soldier leans forward to look at the picture. He glances at the camera and slowly shakes his head, ‘no’. He rips the photo in half and the camera zooms out further to show a table with an ashtray and a bottle on it. He places the halves of the photograph in the tray and pours some of the bottle’s contents all over it. The liquid is colorless and clear … vodka, no doubt. The Soviet Soldier digs a book of matches from his breast pocket, lights one and sets the ashtray ablaze. Now, he nods. The video wall dies. When the arena lights come back on, Gurgen stands in the middle of the ring, paws balled into fists, his arms shaking from the barely contained rage building inside him. Tenzin approaches in an attempt to console his Beastly brother. But the instant he touches Gurgen’s shoulder, The Armenian Beast lashes out. He backhands Tenzin across the face. Tenzin tries to duck out of the way, but ends up largely botching his escape. He’s propelled, ass of teakettle, into the ropes, where he lands, upside down, his left cheek oddly squashed against the canvas. Gurgen, thus roused from his slumber, lurches forward. He dives between the ropes. His knees buckle under the ever increasing weight of the Irradiated Imbecile when he lands on the arena floor. This did not slow him down any. Arms flailing wildly, he stampedes up the ramp. Stone and Punishment, who have apparently paused to observe the strange spectacle yet linger in the aisle. Both men seek the safety of the crowd when the hairy freight train called Gurgen crashes past. They fling themselves over the barricade. Stone ends up amidst a gaggle of early twenties ladies, one of whom wields a David Stone poster. David doesn’t appear to mind all that much. Gurgen disappears into the backstage area, arms still flailing, barking incoherent sounds.

Before the third match, can get started, it’s time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Calhoun’s apology! If there will even be one…

Even though he has discovered a new half-brother in Wülf Erikson, things could get very bad for the cowboy tonight, depending on how he handles this. As Lise Fortier, UWE’s CEO, stands in the ring she demands an apology from James Calhoun for deceiving the entire world, lying about his sobriety, and putting UWE in a bad light.
She invites Calhoun to the ring and demands an apology, but before he can say anything, he is interrupted by his agent, Allison Everett, who claims that she has proof of his innocence. She drags out Robert Whitlock, UWE’s former CEO and founding member of FWPK Enterprises. The man admits to having set Calhoun up, and that the cowboy is, in fact, innocent. He paid Karl Bannon to fabricate a story to get vengeance on James.
This understandably enrages the cowboy, and as Lise Fortier makes a wise exit, Calhoun dumps a beer on Whitlock, and threatens to kick his ass, but ultimately lets him go. As Robert Whitlock stumbles away, something tells us Calhoun might not be done with him.

Still, Calhoun is innocent, which means he’s in the upcoming triple threat match, and it’s up next!

Match Three
Wülf Erikson vs. Matt Moore vs. James Calhoun

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

After the revelation earlier that night, James Calhoun has been included in the match-up. The Vancouver crowd can’t wait to see Erikson and the cowboy go at it again, but it very well might be the older Moore brother to come away with the spoils. And will have Sierra Williams, Wülf’s girlfriend at ringside, have an impact?

As the referee calls for the bell, the trio of wrestlers cautiously size one another up. Calhoun and Wulf exchange dangerous glances but don’t rush to engage knowing that Matt is ready to pounce the second they let their guard down.

Finally Calhoun springs forward surprisingly hitting Moore first with a hard right. He quickly turns and throws another at Wulf trying to get at both men quickly.

Matt blocks the next punch aimed at him and fires back. Wulf joins into the fray hitting Calhoun with a hard boot to the ribs. Erikson and Moore both grab an arm and propel James into the ropes. As Calhoun comes back they prepare to double team him but the cowboy goes airborne, dropping both opponents with a flying lariat.

The three men are all up again and circling once more looking for an opening.

This time, Erikson and Moore know what they have to do. They nod at each other and Calhoun expects the worse. Wulf and Matt close in on Calhoun and corner him. He starts to flail strikes wildly at them, attempting to escape, but it is of no use. Matt and Wulf take turns sending hard punches into the Callous One’s dome as he is forced into the turnbuckle.

Moore and Erikson each grab an arm now and send Calhoun across the ring to another turnbuckle. Once Calhoun hits, Wulf goes first, landing a big corner splash. Matt follows with a running forearm. Calhoun slumps into the corner and pulls himself out of the ring to avoid further damage. Wulf looks proud of the early damage inflicted by his partnership with Matt.

Erikson looks over the ropes and shouts down at Calhoun, mocking him having escaped from the ring. As Erikson turns around, he’s met with a massive dropkick.
Wulf hurries to his feet, but Matt sends yet another dropkick his way.

Wulf gets back up to see Matt coming off of the ropes. Erikson ducks and Matt keeps running. As he comes back again, Wulf gives him a dropkick of his own. Before Matt can get back to his feet, Wulf hurries in and sends some stomps to his gut as retaliation for breaking up their partnership.

Wulf now lifts Matt to his feet and gives him an Irish Whip across the ring. And just like that, the ropes are pulled down and Matt tumbles to the outside! Calhoun is back in this thing. Erikson comes rushing at Calhoun on the apron, but James ducks down and sends a shoulder into Wulf’s midsection.

Wulf reels back and Calhoun enters the ring, making it just the two rivals as Matt recovers from his tumble to the ringside area.

Sierra, along with the UWE crowd screams at Wulf trying to warn him as he reels and staggers back, right as James Calhoun roars and delivers a devastatingly stiff running lariat which not only echoes through the arena but sends Wulf back-flipping high, halfway across the ring. It almost appears that Wulf landed on his head, and he remains in the folded up like an accordion position, unmoving. Sierra looks away with watery eyes and her hands over her mouth in shock..in the camera’s peripheral vision, Moore can be seen using the ring apron to help himself up..

Calhoun gives Sierra a devilish, glaring grin and the fans laugh and ERUPT as she defiantly flips him off..

In the background, Moore is slowly sliding into the ring. He seems to be hurting and trying to collect his thoughts, possibly not even sure where he is..

Calhoun shrugs in an overly cocky manner and Sierra shakes her head as he runs at Wulf and the fans boo as he nails him with a hard boot to the ribs which rolls a semi-conscious Wulf onto his back, adding another hard boot to Wulf’s head.

Sierra gets up on the apron and tries to come to her boyfriend’s aid, though the referee is having no part of that and he blocks her passage while she protests.

There is an even louder booing chorus as Calhoun seizes the momentary referee distraction, getting down on the mat, grabbing a handful of dreadlocks and his right arm becomes a windmill blur as he repeatedly smashes Wulf in the face with his famous mule punches.. there is a groan of sympathy from the fans and Sierra’s hands go up on top of her head as she looks like she’s about to cry. Calhoun has busted Wulf wide open, spatters of blood flying off the youngster’s face, also covering Calhoun’s hand and forearm..

The audience ERUPTS as Moore saw what was going on and with an angry grimace, forced himself to his feet and took James Calhoun down with a jumping spin kick to the back of his head that was so hard Calhoun flipped onto his back, motionless. Moore immediately covers him and Calhoun JUST got the shoulder up!

Sierra, with a look of fearful determination, begins slapping the apron rhythmically and the fans cheer and quickly join her, clapping and thumping the barricade walls.

Wulf rolls to his stomach as he recovers from the brutal assault. Calhoun begins to rise to his feet but Matt plants one foot on his knee then hits James with an enzuiguiri.

Wulf begins to get up but Matt is ready for him, coming off the ropes Moore sends Wulf back down with a strong drop kick.

Matt is in the midst of lifting Wulf to his feet when he notices it too. JTX and Sorrow are continuing their fight as Brandon tackles the pink haired grappler and both men roll down the ramp together. As Matt watches his troubled brother fight Wulf launches a knee to Matt’s ribs then drops him with a snap DDT.

Calhoun rises to his feet just in time for Wulf to springboard off the ropes and take him back to the matt. As The Silver Bullet stands he looks out to see JTX and Sorrow trading blows near the ring and gets a mischievous grin on his face.

Wulf gets the crowd excited as he calls for a dive! Erikson starts to head towards the ropes to get momentum, but he’s stopped! Matt Moore has reached out and grabbed onto his foot. Wulf goes to stomp Matt away as JTX and Brandon Sorrow continue trading blows at the bottom of the ramp, clearly exhausting themselves from a brawl that will not cease.

Matt lets go of Wulf and rolls out of the way of the stomp, hurrying to his feet. Wulf backs up towards the entrance side of the ring and Moore charges him. Matt sends a clothesline towards Wulf causing them both to flip over the ropes onto the apron. Calhoun bursts forward now, having regained his composure.

Matt is on his feet first as Calhoun sends a clubbing blow. Matt flies from the apron right in front of the brawl occurring. Sorrow and JTX pay no attention to anything happening around them. Now, James circles back as Wulf gets to his feet on the apron. He charges for a shoulder check, but Wulf moves out of the way, causing Calhoun to be hung from the middle ropes. Wulf sends a hard knee to the Callous One, keeping him hanging on the ropes.

In a smooth motion following the knee, Wulf leaps into the ring and sends a dropkick right into the buttocks of James Calhoun. This causes him to flop from the ropes, onto the apron, and down onto the floor next to Matt and the brawling superstars.

Now Wulf is all alone in the ring. Wulf rebounds from the opposite side of the ring, noticing Matt and James slowly getting to their feet. Wulf launches himself high over the ropes and to the outside! Crash and burn! Right on top of Sorrow, JTX, Matt Moore, and James Calhoun.

Miraculously, Sorrow and JTX are still striking each other as they tumble to the ground from the dive. Wulf, Moore, and Calhoun all stir on the ground, but JTX and Sorrow are fighting each other back to their feet.

They make their way over to the steel steps. JTX manages to land a kick to Brandon’s gut, causing an opening. He grabs a hold and sends him right into the steel steps as they begin to finally feel the effects of the dive from Erikson. JTX takes a knee and nurses his wounds as Brandon writhes on the ringside mat after colliding with the ring steps.

Since this is a triple threat, there are no count outs, so referee Morello has no choice but to wait for the competitors to get up and get back into the ring. She does give herself the opportunity to yell at JTX and Sorrow to get their asses out of here, though.

Matt is the first to rise and he looks between his fallen brother and his competitors. Ignoring the match for a moment he tries to aid the younger Moore but before he can do much to help Matt is dropped by a surprise dropkick from JTX.

Likewise Sierra is trying to help her beaten and bloody beau to his feet when both are dropped by a double clothesline from the callous one. Calhoun stands above the fallen pair and smiles wickedly kicking Sierra hard in the ribs to force her onto her stomach. As she begins to try and get to her feet Calhoun grabs her by the hair then licks his hand before slapping her hard across the backside.

Calhoun slaps Sierra across the ass twice more and goes for a third but his hand is grabbed from behind. The cowboy turns his head just in time to see Wulf plant a hard kick to the back of his head.

Meanwhile JTX has used the barricade to stand but Sorrow bursts forward to hit the pink haired man with a clothesline that sends both into the crowd. Matt sees Wulf putting boots to the downed Calhoun and capitalizes on Erikson’s distraction to surprise the silver bullet with a devastating dropkick that sends Wulf against the apron. Moore lifts both men to their feet one by one before pulling a classic he man maneuver to slam both their heads together.

There is a BOOOOOO as Calhoun’s eyes roll back in his head and he keels over with a stain from Wulf’s face colliding with his own, and a mist of Wulf’s blood flies into the atmosphere and the gusher grows even wider as the smaller man in the exchange goes flying a couple of feet back and lands on the back of his head..

Sierra, at ringside, once again looks as though she is going to cry..

Matt Moore grins somewhat evilly as he grabs a handful of dreadlocks and drags a limp, unconscious, dead weight Wulf Erikson up to his feet. He places a finger over his lips and with a loud *WHAP!!!!* he delivers a loud downward chop to his chest to another BOO. He doesn’t let Wulf’s body fall, however. Moore then roars and drills him with a HARD lariat while holding his dreads but once again, doesn’t let him fall..he is rewarded with yet another loud BOO..

Calhoun starts getting to his knees finally, as the audience is booing is so loud that it woke him from his stunned state..

Moore, as he holds onto Wulf’s dreadlocks, takes a deep bow to the loudest BOOOOOOOO yet. Wulf is almost like his puppet. His prone body is forced to take a bow also..

Wulf is very easily hoisted up onto Matt Moore’s shoulders in an argentine rack. He has a smile on his face as he starts to spin around in circles..and suddenly there is possibly the loudest POP all night as the fans see Wulf’s legs kicking and in one fell swoop, he rolls off Matt’s shoulders backward with the arms still linked and sweeps the leg..

Sierra is elated, jumping up and down, the tears of joy falling down her face!

Wulf, with blood pouring from the gaping wound so much his face is barely distinguishable, totally exhausted, leans back against Moore with one arm raised and the other hooking the leg..


Calhoun JUST crawled over and broke up the pinfall in the nick of time!!! All three men lay exhausted, a body pile of epic proportions..

As the three competitors lay on the mat, Sorrow and JTX have battled their way through the crowd and out of sight. The focus can now fully be put back towards the triple threat match at hand. Referee Morello makes her rounds, checking on each man involved in this contest. A short while passes, but there are signs of life!

Calhoun is the first one to really show any movement. He uses the ropes to assist himself to his feet and notices that Wulf and Matt are both still down. Calhoun rolls Matt under the ropes and plops him to the floor outside of the ring. He then turns his attention to the still prone Wulf Erikson.

The Callous One pulls Erikson up to his knees. He reaches deep down in his belly and lets out a howling laugh as he views the crimson covered face of his opponent. Calhoun then turns to a more serious expression. WHACK! He slaps a huge right palm across Erikson’s face. That seems to have woken Wulf up!

The Silver Bullet looks back right into the eyes of James Calhoun. He’s seemingly asking for more. Calhoun sends another slap. Rinse and repeat! Wulf looks back, Calhoun slaps. Wulf is getting angry and start to get to his feet! Calhoun can’t believe that Erikson is mustering up this courage and energy.

Calhoun goes for another slap as Erikson stares him down…Wulf grabs Calhoun’s wrist to block it! Wulf throws James’ arm away and sends a flurry of right hands to the Callous One’s noggin! Wulf then rebounds off the ropes, using the bit of energy he regained!


DENIED! Calhoun connects with the Lasso Punch! Erikson crumples to the mat and Calhoun falls on top of him.

No! Matt Moore reached in underneath the ropes and has pulled Calhoun off of Erikson! He drags James to the outside of the ring and hurls him against the barricade!

Moore slides into the ring and gets Wulf to his feet. He hoists Erikson onto his shoulders and launches him up into the air. Wulf comes back down…RIGHT ONTO MATT’S KNEES!


Erikson bounces off of Moore’s knees and Matt wastes no time in going for the cover. Morello gets into position and begins her count!


ERIKSON SOMEHOW GETS A SHOULDER UP! Matt Moore sits up in disbelief, mouth agape.

Matt stands, lifting Wulf to his feet as well before taking the Silver Bullet down again with a Europen uppercut. Moore then reaches down and hooks his arm around Wulf’s tender ankle, dropping to the mat to deliver a painful foot DDT that leaves Erikson yelling in pain.

Outside the ring Calhoun begins to get to his feet but Sierra comes up behind and puts her foot on the cowboy’s backside pushing him forward to slam face first into the barricade once more.

Back inside the ring Matt goes for a second foot DDT but Wulf isn’t having any of it. He first uses his second leg to kick Moore in the stomach then scissors his legs to trip the elder Moore.

Wulf and Matt slowly rise to their feet then begin trading punches in the ring, each taking and giving hard shots back and forth. Wulf begins to waver, the beating he received earlier slowing him down. Matt manages to get a striking punch that staggers Erikson and then moves in for the kill. He locks in the cobra clutch and prepares to try and finish it but neither man see Calhoun who was climbed to the top rope. The cowboy dives into a super flying lariat leaving all three men on the ground once more.

The super flying lariat simply dropped Matt Moore like a stone, but Wulf took most of the brunt, once again being hit so hard he sailed and back-flipped into the center of the ring, landing in the folded up accordion position before flopping down, flat on his back..

Calhoun, very much drained, crawls over and covers Wulf..


There is a tremendous POP! As the referee’s hand was coming down for the three, Wulf gets the shoulder up JUST at the last microsecond! Calhoun gets up to his knees with an exasperated look on his face! He’s breathing heavily, he is covered damn near head to toe in another man’s blood and he himself is exhausted but he STILL couldn’t put him away!

Matt Moore has gotten up to all fours, still absolutely dazed from Calhoun’s flying lariat..though he is starting to come to..

Calhoun growls and covers Wulf once again, this time with his forearm across Wulf’s throat holding his shoulders down to the mat and choking him at the same time. Before the referee can count, Sierra frantically gets his attention and points to Wulf’s legs flailing and Calhoun’s forearm..the ref calls that off and starts giving Calhoun a count to stop his illegal move! Calhoun begrudgingly stops and then mockingly acts innocent to another crowd boo..

Calhoun feels a hand on his shoulder as Moore tries to get a handle on him to lock in a mat submission of some sort, but Calhoun growls and he spins around to deliver a HARD seated discus punch to Moore who once again slumps like a sack of potatoes..Wulf is on all fours in the background now, and he could practically write his own name with the steady stream of ‘claret’ pouring down from his head, leaving ominous droplets wherever he crawls..

Calhoun grabs Moore’s head and starts to slam it into the mat over and over and over again, but his face changes and the crowd ERUPTS as he feels Wulf drag him closer to the center of the ring, and ‘gator-rolled’ in a manner that is uncharacteristically smooth for Wulf.
Calhoun cries in agony and his eyes widen when he finds himself with Wulf’s foot in the back of his knee, having his ankle jerked back towards his own head, with Wulf SCREAMING for him to tap! Inverted ankle lock!

To Calhoun’s relief, and another burst of blood splatter, the back of Wulf’s head is met with a seated roundhouse by Matt and both Wulf and Calhoun slump face-down, utterly spent..

Matt is the first to get to his feet, and is slowly stalking Calhoun as the cowboy crawls back to a vertical basis. Matt is staggering and Calhoun doesn’t really know where he is. He staggers around the ring, looking for Matt, who is sizing him up. Moore then bounces off the ropes, spins, looking for the Discus Big Boot! Calhoun ducks, runs the ropes, and nails Moore with Boot Hill instead!

Calhoun is so dazed he simply slumps down on top of Matt. Morello counts it as a cover!


Winner, by pinfall at 22:19
–James Calhoun–

Tonight has been a night of vindication for James Calhoun, as the referee alls for the bell and declares him the winner. Not only did he discover he had a half-brother, he proved his innocence to Lise Fortier and the rest of the world, before coming away victorious. As he staggers back to his feet, the crowd gives a standing ovation to all three Superstars involved in what surely has been one of the most epic bouts of the year so far!


Main Event – Single’s Match – Non-title
Ronnie Cage vs. Mike Rosati

Posted Image

(Special Guest Referee: David Stone)

Stone, now in referee outfit, calls for the bell as the conflict between Mike Rosati and Ronnie Cage finally comes to a head. After weeks of trash talking, insults and throwing blame around, they finally get to settle their differences in the ring.

Or so it seems. Rosati is all too eager to get his hands on Ronnie, and launches a full-scale assault on his former best friend. However, Ronnie isn’t eager to return the blows. ROsati keeps hitting Ronnie, but rather than take the hit and return it, Ronnie fends them off, blocking all the incoming blows as he seems to have trouble finding the will to hurt a man he still very much sees as a close friend. After a good while of Rosati throwing punches around and Ronnie blocking without retaliating, the former Maddogg is infuriated beyond belief. He roars ‘FIGHT ME!’ at Ronnie, and then proceeds to slap him in the face with all his might.

Ronnie grabs his jaw between his thumb and index finger and frowns. He’s obviously none too happy with Mike’s attitude, but even as Mike points at his own face and dares Ronnie to hit him, the Southern Man does not oblige. Rosati spits at Ronnie’s feet, and figures if he won’t fight him, he might be willing to wrestle him, at least. He raises his fist, looking for a Greco-Roman knuckle-lock, a test of strength and a great way to gain advantage in a technical battle. Ronnie seems to finally oblige as the crowd cheers. They locks hands, and then everything comes to a standstill. Neither man is willing to budge even as much as an inch. They lean onto each other, their cheeks touching, their hands pushing, their muscles bulging, their teeth gritting. Not. An. Inch. That’s what they allow each other.

The camera zooms in on Ronnie and Mike’s faces. Mike’s face is one of determination and disgust, his nose wrinkled and teeth bared like the Maddogg of old. Ronnie’s face is one of focus and pride, but also compassion; his eyes fixed, his lips tight together. This is more than just a wrestling move, it’s a matter of pride now. The crowd is silent. Not because they’re bored, but because this contest is so breathtakingly fascinating. They watch on with their mouths wide open as Mike and Ronnie’s faces redden, their breathing becomes labored, the veins in their arms and shoulders start to come to the surface, and the blood vessels in their eyes just about ready to pop. And just about one of them budges an inch, almost invisible to the naked eye who it was, Mike nails Ronnie with a knee to the gut, doubling over the champion. He grabs Ronnie by the shoulder and hits him with an urinagi, sending him spine-first into the mat, before mounting him and trying to start another brawl. With closed fists he clobbers away at Ronnie, who uses both of his forearms to protect his face. Stone looks on, and eventually he tears Mike off at what he feels is an appropriate time. Mike shakes off Stoen and goes right back to clobbering on Ronnie, but Stone pulls him right off this time, and tells Mike to keep the contest fair, at least. Mike seems disappointed in Stone’s decision, and just shakes his head. He grabs Ronnie by the hair and Irish Whips him into the corner before hitting him with a running European Uppercut. Ronnie slumps down to the mat, and Mike is right back in with a running facewash, before starting to stomp on Ronnie in the corner!

Not at all listening to Stone’s count, Rosati continues to stomp on Ronnie at the count of 4. Stone, not wanting to DQ Mike, instead grabs him by the waist and pulls him back, before getting in his face and telling him that if he tries anything like this again, he’ll kick him in the head his damn self.

Mike apologetically holds his hands up to his friend, but Ronnie takes advantage by charging out of the ring, and getting some offense in after all! Seemingly he has had enough of playing the punching bag, and he spears Rosati to the ground. With Rosati scrambling, he grabs a hold of his legs and locks in an Indian Deathlock.
Mike writhes in pain, but he is relatively near to the ropes and after a few moments of scratching and clawing, he grabs the bottom rope. Ronnie immediately releases, and as Mike uses the ropes to get back to his feet, the champion locks in a Full Nelson and drags him to the center of the ring.


Or at least, it could’ve been. But when Ronnie planted his foot in front of Mike’s, he hesitated and didn’t follow through with it. Worried about Mike’s concussion still, maybe?
Mike slips out of the full Nelson and underneath Ronnie’s legs to roll him up.


Ronnie kicks out, and what happens next is an act of savagery. Mike looks at Ronnie, and then brutally hits him with a punt kick as if Ronnie’s head was a football. Ronnie’s body goes limp and Mike grins as he drags the champion’s lifeless body to the center of the ring. He lays Ronnie on his stomach, and grabs his arms, looking to end this the right way, with a Cattle Mutilation!


A shocked Mike Rosati releases Ronnie, and starts looking at the entrance ramp, as the ominous words echo throughout the arena. But there is no Masked Madman. No resident psychopath. Mike grabs the top rope and shouts at the top of his lungs for Asylum to come out if he dares.
At that point, Ronnie grabs him by the trunks and rolls him up for the pin!


Mike is trying to wriggle free, but to no avail!

3! Stone gets up and calls for the bell.

Winner, by pinfall at 09:14
–Ronnie Cage–

Ronnie immediately releases the pin and rolls out of the way. He seems discontent with how he won, but at least he has found a way to win without injuring Mike further, avoiding hitting his head and getting as little offense in as possible. As Mike looks on in utter disgust, Ronnie is handed his UWC belt, and makes his way to the exit as soon as possible, before checking to see if Asylum truly isn’t there.


After the battle between former friends, the UWE faithful has started to swarm to the exits. Just as quickly, they begin to dart back to their seats. For what is probably the last time of the evening, the fans get to see some action!

Again, Brandon Sorrow and JTX have taken their battle into the arena portion of the UWE Studios! A few fans spotted them at first, followed by everyone else, as they make their way through the crowd. They appear through one of the curtains that leads out to the lower bowl seats.

Out of nowhere, JTX is sent down the stairs. He eventually levels out and uses the railing to get himself up as Brandon Sorrow stalks his way down the stairs, shrugging off the touches of the crowd. JTX backs his way down the remainder of the stairs, leading Sorrow along.

As Brandon approaches JTX, finally at ground level, Brandon gets a face full of water! JTX snagged a water bottle from under one of the seats, took a sip, and spit it in Sorrow’s eyes! Both men are covered in dried and fresh blood, neither knowing where they are cut or whose blood they are covered in.

Bruises, scrapes, and cuts cover the two superstars also as Brandon turns around, rubbing his pitch black eyes, because the water mixed with some of the blood and dripped down his face. JTX doesn’t hesitate in attacking Brandon further.

He grabs him by the hair and pulls him through the aisle towards the ringside barricade. A handful of empty seats are at the front of the fan section. JTX turns Brandon around and back suplexes him onto the chairs! The fans surrounding those seats quickly clear out, but not too far to obstruct their view.

JTX hops onto the barricade now, staring down at Sorrow atop the row of chairs. JTX leaps to deliver an elbow onto Sorrow…and he misses! Sorrow moves out of the way, sending JTX slamming through the chairs that he previously laid Brandon upon!

A while passes before the two begin to stir at an equal pace. They both clear the chairs and slowly tumble over the barricade to the ringside area. The commentary team has already headed backstage and ended their night. JTX starts to look for something under the ring as Sorrow crawls towards the commentary table.

JTX comes out with a chair from under the ring as Brandon grabs a chair next to the announce area. JTX comes up behind Sorrow, but he turns around just in time! They both swing their chairs and connect! The two chairs clang and both superstars have no choice but to drop them due to the vibrations on their worn out hands.

Quickly trying to regain the upper hand, they both start throwing punches. Brandon then grabs on and slams JTX’s head onto the announce table. JTX then jolts at Brandon and returns the favor. Then JTX does it one more time! He backs up to the ring as Brandon groggily removes his head from off of the table.

JTX speeds towards Brandon and tackles him over the announce table into the chairs and wires behind it. At this point, a boat load of security guards and referees have started their way down the entrance ramp. The fans all react differently, mostly booing, though. They don’t want to see this fight end!

Following behind the security and referees is none other than the UWE General Manager, Lara Pegorino. JTX and Sorrow have started going at it again, at the pace of a snail. How much longer can these two go? Seriously. Fortunately for everyone’s sake, the security gets a hold of both of them and separates them. They pull them apart at first, rather than apprehending them. Brandon and JTX both break away from the referees and security!

They head for the squared-circle and slide in with a sudden burst of energy! Sorrow jumps on JTX first and pounds him into the corner. The cavalry comes in and yanks Brandon off of JTX, but they leave Mr. UWE Number Two wide open.

JTX comes charging out of the corner and jumps over the guards, laying into Brandon! Brandon throws some strikes back, but both men are completely spent! One last hoorah and they are done for. The security members and the referees have split off, pulling the two men apart and holding them in opposite corners.

Lara Pegorino can finally speak now, begging them to stop. She’s seen enough and the two of them can’t be running around the UWE Studios, tearing the place up like a bunch of animals! She doesn’t care what kind of contract JTX has. She doesn’t care if it’s Brandon Sorrow or Brandon Moore down there.

She’s putting an end to this once and for all! She announces that Brandon Sorrow, or Brandon Moore, whoever the hell shows up, will take on JTX at the upcoming pay-per-view event, Exodus! It won’t be any regular match, though. The two of them need something special to let them go at it. No escape. No interference.

Lara announces a steel cage match! She says that they will make a special cage just for them with no door. They’ll enter the ring and the cage will be dropped on top of them. The only way a winner will be decided is by pin fall or submission! She goes as far to say that trying to escape the cage and not finishing their blood feud will end the match in disqualification and have consequences for the escapee!

There will be no ceiling, because she knows Brandon and JTX enjoy doing some crazy shit, like perhaps jump off the top of the cage. As well, if anyone attempts to interfere in this match, whether it be Matt Moore or one of JTX’s girlfriends, she will personally put her boots on and kick their ass! She exits and lets security and the referees drag Sorrow and JTX separate ways around the entrance ramp, finally allowing the fans to head home.

Quick Calls
ºAmy Gobraless def. Ruby by DQ after Lucilla interferes
ºThe Menagerie def. Corporal Punishment and David Stone by referee stoppage
ºJames Calhoun def. Matt Moore & Wülf Erikson by pinfall
ºRonnie Cage def. Mike Rosati by pinfall