Over the Top XXXII in Vancouver


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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UWE Studio’s, Vancouver
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Show Opener – Single’s Match
Buster Bradley vs. Corey Sanders
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(referee: JJ Hemphill)

The second meeting between Corey Sanders and Buster Bradley begins with the two men circling one another slowly. Sanders begins feeling out his opponent with a few feints to try and get him to drop his guard. Bradley stays on focus, however, not falling for the fake shots. Corey then fires a real punch and Buster ducks under and shuffles in and grabs Corey in an elbow and collar tie up.

Buster snaps Corey into a tight headlock and squeezes down like a vice. After struggling for a few moments Sanders twists away and pulls Bradley’s arm into a hammer lock. Ben grunts as his arm is wrenched painfully. Buster ducks under Corey’s arm and grabs him into a waist lock, pulling him tight. Buster picks Sanders up but Corey hooks a leg to keep himself from being lifted. Sanders then reverses the hold and reverses the hold, spinning to stand behind Buster.

Buster grabs hold of Corey’s arm and peels it off, lifting his arm to grab Sanders head and whipping him over with a headlock takedown. On the mat Buster resumes wrenching on Sanders head. Corey grunts and struggles, pushing back on Buster’s head to sit him back. Sanders then quickly wraps his legs around Buster’s head and puts him into a scissor lock.

Corey squeezes tightly on Buster’s neck, causing the ref to start to check Bradley’s consciousness. The arm is raised!
One drop…
Two drops…

Three dro- No!

Buster gets the arm back up and struggles to sit. As he does Corey pulls him into a modified Triangle choke and begins trying to finish the match. Buster lifts Corey up for a powerbomb but Sanders keeps the hold on tight. Bradley picks his opponent back up and drives him back down but still the choke is kept on. Buster tries once more, this time lifting Sanders up as high as he can before powerboming him once more.

Sanders finally lets go and both men lay on the mat. Buster gasps for air while Corey tries to recover the slams. The official begins to count when neither man stirs.

Corey begins to get up first while Buster continues to take deep breathes. Sanders gets up and Bradley finally stirs, rolling to his stomach and trying to stand.

Sanders waits until Bradley is back up to come in and hit his opponent with a series of quick punches that pushes Buster back against the ropes. Once there Corey delivers a huge kick that drops Buster over the ropes. Sanders tries to follow but the ref orders him to wait then begins to count.


Buster starts to get up at four and slowly rolls back into the ring. Sanders hurries over and lifts Buster back up and then drops him again with a snap suplex. Corey picks Bradley up once more and then flings him into the corner, rushing in the hit a corner clothesline. Next Sanders begins to launch a flurry of punches and kicks, ending in an Alpha 7 super kick.

Buster only stays standing because of the ropes and slumps in the corner. Corey lifts the bigger man up onto his shoulder and puts him on the top turnbuckle, standing on the second turnbuckle and launches more punches.
As Corey pulls back for the tenth punch Buster blocks and then hits Sanders hard in the ribs, then a second time! Bradley grabs hold of Corey and lifts him up before performing a huge avalanche Body Buster slam before going for a pin.


Winner, by pinfall at 06:38

Buster stands on wobbly legs and raises an arm as he slowly makes his way out of the ring.


Match Two – Single’s Match
Tiami Erickson vs. Hachirou Eto

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Hachiro Eto and Tiami Erickson state daggers into one another as they wait for the bell to ring. As soon as it does Tiami rushes at the larger man as if she intends to rush right into him. Hachiro sets himself and prepares to grab hold of his opponent when Erickson surprises him by dropping down and sliding between his legs. The ref headed Devil spins and kicks hard into both knees, dropping Eto to the mat. Ti then quickly gets back to her feet and hits the ropes, leaping up to perform a dropkick into the face of Hachiro as he is trying to stand.

Tiami lets Eto get to his feet before launching a hard kick to his stomach. Hachiro simply glares at his foe and slaps his defined abs, challenging her to kick him again. Tiami does and lands it with a loud thud heard throughout the arena. Eto again slaps his rock hard stomach and waves her to try again. Erickson comes in for a third kick but before she hits she suddenly changes angles to slam her foot across Eto’s jaw line. Hachiro staggers back but doesn’t fall.

Tiami runs to hit the ropes and rebounds to rush back at her foe. Hachiro surprises Tiami with a sudden burst of speed he springs forward and drops Erickson with a massive clothesline. Eto walks over to his opponent and kicks her hard in the side, forcing Tiami to roll over. Eto then places a massive foot on her back and steps over causing Erickson to cry out in pain. The crowd boos at the showing but this only encourages Hachiro to do it again, this time standing on one leg and flexing his muscles as he puts his weight down on the helpless devil.

Finally Eto steps off and then picks Ti up by the hair, dragging her around the ring. Erickson flails and trys to escape but the grip of Hachiro is to strong and he continues to pull his opponent around. Only the refs count of four stops Tiami’s torture.

Eto then turns and flattens Erickson with another big shot. He lifts her up again only to drop her once more. Eto then flings Tiami into the ropes and pops her up for his finishing slam. As Tiami comes down however she adjusts her trajectory and kicks her legs out. The huge dropkick drives Eto into the corner where Tiami charges in to hit Eto with the shining wizard. Erickson then climbs the ropes and dives off to land an elbow drop on the prone Hachiro.

Tiami gets back up and lifts Eto up into a reverse DDT position. Before she can finish him off, however, Marcus Levine walks out onto the ramp, catching her attention. Ti looks to the smug Levine and then points to Hachiro then back to Marcus.

The distraction was short but all Eto needed. He spins out of the position and grabs Tiami’s hand, pulling her into a short arm clothesline. Hachiro picks his opponent back up only to fling her into the ropes and again pop her up, this time finishing the devastating slam before going for the pin.


Winner, by pinfall at 06:36

Eto stands in victory and prepares to leave only to be stopped by Levine, who points to Tiami and nods. Eto turns and picks her back up, popping her up once more to drive her down again. Levine shakes his head and Hachiro once more picks Erickson up to hit her with another powerful slam.

The official continues calling for the bell but Marcus and Hachiro don’t seem to care. Levine points to the floor outside the ring. Eto lifts Tiami up over his head and throws her outside the ring like a pile of laundry. Hachiro and Marcus then walk together and exit the ring, leaving Tiami in a heap on the ground.


Match Three – Single’s Match
Lucilla vs. James Calhoun 
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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

It’s clobberin’ time! James Calhoun and Lucilla return to the ring as the latter seeks to defend her family name against the man who has targeted her sister, General Manager Lara Pegorino. As the bell rings, Lucilla immediately starts kicking away at Calhoun’s quads, but the cowboy seems mostly unfazed as he seems to shrug off the kicks and reverses with an Irish Whip into the corner. Lucilla lands hard back-first, and Calhoun comes running in with a vicious clothesline. However Lucilla ducks and Calhoun hits the turnbuckles chest-first, bouncing off of them. Lucilla rolls him up from behind!



Th- Calhoun kicks out! He immediately gets back on his feet, as does Lucilla but this time Calhoun’s clothesline does connect, hitting her with such devastating impact it turns her inside out. Calhoun grabs her by the hair and lifts her up to his shoulders, nailing her with a running powerslam. He continues to stomp away at Lucilla before he hits running legdrop. He goes for another cover!



Lucilla kicks out. He once again grabs Lucilla’s hair, and Irish Whips her again, but Lucilla runs up the turnbuckles and hits Calhoun with a Whisper in the Wind! Calhoun gets back on his feet almost instantaneously though, but Lucilla levels him with a dropsault that sends him against the ropes and Lucilla immediately clothesline him to the outside!
Wasting no time, Lucilla goes to the top rope, waiting the right time to strike. As soon as Calhoun is within range, she moonsaults off of the top turnbuckle! She hits Calhoun… But he snatches her out of the air! With Lucilla on his shoulder, he charges at the ringside barricade, and bulldozes Lucilla right through it! The crowd gasps, as both competitors are down! The referee starts the count…

Calhoun starts to move, but Lucilla is still down.
Calhoun is up this his knees.
Calhoun is up to his feet, and starts to move towards the ring!
Calhoun takes a step, but is suddenly stopped as Lucilla clutches his nearest leg! Slightly panicked, Calhoun starts hammering away at her face, …
Lucilla is forced to release and Calhoun rushes at the ring.
Too late! The bell rings, and Calhoun steps before sliding in the ring, realizing what just happened and he turns around again, fully well realizing what Lucilla just did. The Sicilian babe rises back to her feet, smiling at Calhoun who is none too pleased.


He turns around , focusing his attention back on Lucilla, and snarls, charging at her. But she reverses it into a scoopslam onto the nearest chair, which is luckily left unoccupied. Calhoun crashes through it, but Lucilla immediately mounts him and starts throwing punches as it turns into a full-out brawl! Calhoun and Lucilla go at it throughout the entire ringside area until the security tries to break them up… and fails!

More crew rushes out to ringside to break them up, fearing the safety of the surrounding fans, and eventually it takes nearly a dozen guards apiece to get them to split.


Main Event – Single’s Match
Samuel Kelly vs. Karma Tenzin

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Sam Kelly has a massive opportunity tonight, and it seems like he’s more than eager to take it. As the bell rings he jumps right out of the gate, but Karma is on high alert. He ducks and dodges any punch Sam tries to throw at him and when the younger Kelly goes for a grapple, he quickly reverses it into a headlock and grinds Sam down to a halt, taking any kind of momentum or speed out of his offense.

Sam tries to wrestle free by unleashing a flurry of elbow strikes and closed fist punches on Tenzin’s gut, forcing the release of even the Buddhist’s renowned iron grip. He shoves Tenzin into the ropes by the Bhutanese Beast ducks underneath the ensuing clothesline and immediately locks him into an abdominal stretch from behind, once again slowing him down to a crawl.

Trying to wriggle free but largely unsuccessful, Tenzin applies lots of pressure to Kelly’s abdominal area, and it’s not until Sam manages to get a foot free that he can get enough leverage to escape. Kelly seems frustrated at not being able to get any offense in. He rolls out of the ring, but Tenzin is in pursuit. Kelly rounds the cornerpost with Tenzin on his tail, slides back in the ring and runs the ropes as Tenzin slides back in too. Sam tries to go for a big boot on Tenzin but the Buddhist ducks and rolls through, grabbing Kelly’s tights in the mean time and rolling him up into a pin!



Sam kicks out! He seems furious, and as they both get up, he unleashes one strike that Tenzin could never possibly block! Low Blow, right in plain sight of the referee! Chuck Aitken has no choice but to call for the bell under the crowd’s boos!

WINNER, BY DQ at 03:05

As Tenzin crumples to the mat, Kelly grins. He grabs Tenzin by the scruff of the neck and dumps him over the top rope to the outside, before whipping him into the announce table. The Bhutanese Beast is still clutching his groin as Sam slams his head into the table over and over and over. As Kelly then goes to grab a chair, Motörhead’s “March Ör Die” starts to play. The Armenian Beast rushes out to help his beastly comrade despite what appeared to be a few differences in opinion in recent weeks. He rushes down the ramp and runs around the ring, looking to hit Kelly with running axe handle, but Kelly hops the barricade and flees! Still, he leaves with a grin on his face as the show comes to a close. He may not have won tonight, but he definitely leaves as the moral victor, with the Canadian Champion staring him down.


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