Over the Top XXVIII in Vancouver


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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UWE Studio’s, Vancouver
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For the first time ever, Over the Top comes to you LIVE on Tuesdays! In our 28th show consecutive weekly show, the stakes are higher than they might seem, as competitors old and new try to fight their way into title contention. And what will happen between Lara Pegorino and James Calhoun? The GM and former UWC seem headed straight for war. Let’s hope they don’t bring the company down with them. 


After Lucilla’s controversial interview, the world is shocked, when they see one of UWE’s majority shareholders show up. Robert Whitlock comes out to the ring and not only criticizes Lara Pegorino, he is soon joined by James Calhoun, the man whose career he tried to destroy only weeks before. What does this mean for the future of OTT’s GM?


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Hachirou Eto vs. Nidia Vladiwebski 

(referee: JJ Hemphill)

After the bell rings, there is still a sense of hope on the face of Nidia. She sees all of the people at ringside, she sees LeVine and Sykes, she sees Jay J. Arnolds, and she sees the nearly seven-foot monster she needed to get past on her way to victory. Still, however, a part of her is hopeful as she looks into the eye of the beast. There is no circling the ring, no stare down, nothing. Eto stands in place, yelling for Nidia to fight him, and she comes charging at him full speed.

All of the hope drains out of her as she is simply picked off her feet, thrown high into the air, and sent crashing to the mat with Eto’s patented Yamada no Ikari. He immediately goes for the cover and JJ Hemphill rushes in to count.




WINNER, by pinfall at 00:28

All three members of The Empire who were at ringside spill into the ring, celebrating with the big man. Marcus LeVine personally raises the hand of the giant, but as the group celebrates in the ring, Cassie Sykes seems to be arguing with Jay J. Arnolds. The two are exchanging words and Arnolds seems to be holding Cassie back as she tries to make her way towards the side of the ring closest to the ring attendees. Eto looks irritated with the whole ordeal, deciding to step back and watch things unfold as Marcus grabs Arnolds and pulls him out of the way of LeVine’s fiancée. Marcus smiles as he watches his beautiful future wife order a microphone away from the ringside attendants.

She saunters back to the middle of the ring, and for the first time, the fans hear the voice of Ms. Sykes.

“Tiami Erickson. You talk, a lot. You talk a fucking lot. Hearing you talk over, and over, and over again is getting annoying, because, frankly, no one wants to hear it.

What makes matters worse, is that you’re a hypocrite, in fact, you are, without a singular doubt, the biggest hypocrite I have ever had the absolute displeasure of meeting. You talked a lot to my beautiful fiancé about the fact that he apparently “insults” the people you care about. Well you know what, all I’ve heard come from your mouth for weeks now, are insults and degrading remarks about my fiancé.

I can handle your annoying voice, your terrible sense of fashion, your terrible make-up jobs, hell, I can even stand your piss-break wrestling matches, but I can’t stand a hypocrite. So, Tiami, next month you’re facing my fiancé in a death match, but next week? Next week you’re facing me, one-on-one, in a good-ole Toronto street fight. If you don’t, I’ll just go look for you backstage and kick your hypocritical ass!” Cassie simply throws the microphone out of the ring and quickly finds her way out of the ring and heading back up the ramp.

Inside the ring, Arnolds looks to Marcus LeVine to see if he knew that was gonna happen. LeVine just laughs, shakes his head, and follows his wife to the backstage area. Arnolds looks to Eto now, and the monster simply walks back to the center of the ring, cracks his neck, and stares down the center of the hard cam before leaving the ring the same way as the two before him.


Match Two – Single’s Match
Karma Tenzin vs. Chris Reed

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

As the giant Chris Reed prepares to make his debut he seems more interested in making eyes at the women in the audience then his opponent. When the bell rings Karma Tenzin shows how seriously he’s taking the match as he quickly comes at his large foe. The Bhutanese Beast ducks under Reed’s opening attack and launches a flurry of leg kicks and punches. The quick attacks seem more like bee stings to Reed however, who continues to try and swat at his opponent.

Tenzin dodges the lumbering strikes easily until he happens to zig when he should zag and receives a massive chop on the noggin. Karma hits the mat and is soon lifted back up and scoop slammed by Reed. The giant lifts the beast back up and whips him into the ropes. As Karma returns he is greeted with a massive boot to the face.

Chris leaves the Bhutanese Beast crumpled on the canvas and heads over to the ropes. There he leans over and begins making advances on commentator CJ Kim. Tenzin slowly gets back to his feet and fumes as he witnesses Chris making kissy faces at his girl. The agitated Karma rushes forward and leaps into Reed’s back, locking in a sleeper hold.

Chris stumbles around the ring, trying in vain to grab and swat at Tenzin who continues his choke. In desperation Reed slams Karma into a turnbuckle, but still the Beast holds tight. The giant tries again but Tenzin won’t be shaken, he clutches tightly around his foe’s throat. Chris stumbles forward and falls face first onto the canvas. The official lifts Chris’ hand three times and after it drops down the third time, Corey Miner has no choice but to call for the bell.

WINNER, by referee stoppage at 03:05

After the match, Karma rolls out of the ring to go check up on CJ, who hugs him, but quickly tells him to get to the back so she can focus on her actual job. Tenzin obliges, but not before making sure Chris leaves her alone as he is going backstage.


Match Three – Single’s Match
Ben ‘Buster’ Bradley vs. David Stone

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

The bell rings to let David Stone and Buster Bradley that the match was ready to start. Buster starts off charging at Stone like a bull chasing a matador. David smirks and raises his foot to kick Buster in the face. Bradley surprises his opponent, however, by shoulder rolling under the boot. Ben hits the ropes and comes back just as Stone is turning back and floors him with a big clothesline. David pops back up but is quickly floored again by a huge backhand chop. Buster lifts David up and then scoops him up to slam him hard into the mat. From there Buster hits the ropes again and tries to hit an elbow drop.

Stone rolls out of the way at the last moment and let’s Buster crash down onto the canvas. Buster starts to get back up but David dropkicks him back down. Stone gets back to his feet and takes a moment to get his bearings as Ben starts to get back up again. As Buster gets to his feet Stone kicks him hard in the gut then drives Ben’s head into the canvas with a snap DDT and attempts to pin

Kick out before two!
Stone kneels in front of Buster then kicks his legs out and then drives his knee into Ben’s head and then pins again.
Buster gets a shoulder up again!

Stone frowns and begins dropping big punches on his opponent’s face before grabbing his head in a tight headlock. David wrenches as Buster grunts under the pressure. David leans his body back against Buster to prevent him from sitting up but the determined Bradley still struggles. David uses his experience to plant his body across Buster’s as he squeezes down on his neck.

The referee lifts Buster’s hand and let’s go, causing it to fall back to the mat. The ref does it again…a third time-no! Buster lifts his arm back up and begins to sit back up. Stone tries to push him back down but the powerful Buster gets to a sitting position. David wrenches on his opponent’s head but Buster still presses forward, fighting to his feet. Bradley wraps his arms around Stone’s waist and lifts him up, dropping him back on the mat.

Both men lay on the mat breathing in deeply. The struggle looked subtle to the fans but both men exerted themselves on the canvas and now they are taking a moment to breathe. David Stone is the first to start getting up with Buster following close behind. David gets to his feet while Buster is still on his knees and runs to hit the ropes. As he rebounds Buster is back up and David aims a clothesline at his head.

Ben ducks under and grab a hold of Stone, whirling him around before laying into him with a quick series of hard punches. Stone reels from the blows then is pulled in by Bradley, who lifts him into a Samoan drop and bridges up for a pin.

David Stone up at one! Buster hooks David’s head and leg and amazes the crowd by standing up with 270 pounds of David Stone on his back! Buster splashes back again and again tries to pin!
No, Stone gets the shoulder up!

Buster gets to his feet and lifts David back up but Stone surprises Ben with a hard shot to the groin. Stone then lifts Bradley up and hits a reverse atomic drop! The abused Buster goes down and Stone capitalizes with a series of quick kicks and stomps to his opponent. Stone then leaps into the air and lands a leg drop across Buster’s chest. David gets up immediately and hits a second, then a third!

Stone goes in for a pin!
Buster kicks out with only a breath between the ref’s hand and the mat! Stone grimace and pulls Buster back to his feet before putting him into position and dropping back into a pulling piledriver that slams Ben’s head into the mat! David hits the ropes and jumps into the air before driving his elbow down into Buster’s chest! David goes for the pin!
Bradley kicks out! The irate Stone yells at the official, slapping his hands together slowly, indicating he thinks that the count is slow! The ref argues back that it was only two and Stone protests with three hard stomps to Buster’s chest, counting out loud as he does. The official again holds up two fingers and Stone again counts three stomps on his downed foe.

Finally David waves off the ref and goes back to the battered Buster Bradley. Stone picks him up and throws Buster over him with a big fallaway slam. David struts over to his prone opponent and kicks him roughly on the ribs a few times. Buster gasps for air and David smirks, picking Buster up before launching him with another fallaway slam. Stone then walks over and pins.

Buster still refuses to stay down!

A frustrated David Stone rolls out of the ring and fetches a microphone. Stone walls back to Buster, who is slowly trying to stand and begins speaking into the mic.

“Buster, you tried, man, but it’s over. Now lie down like a good boy and I’ll pin you or rose I’ll really have to hurt you…”

Buster manages to get to his knees as Stone speaks. The veteran leans down to tower over Buster who pulls back and slaps David so hard it turns his head. The angry Stone turns back and kicks Ben in the chest hard enough to knock him over.

Stone picks him up and throws Buster hard into the further turnbuckle. The personification of Perfection runs in and hits a stiff clothesline. Stone then propels Bradley into another corner and follows up with another clothesline. David repeats the fling and clothesline with the last two turnbuckles and finishes with a bulldog. As Buster bounced off the mat the crowd can see blood running down his face, he’s been busted open! Stone goes for a cover.


Buster Bradley kicks out!

The angry Stone rolls Buster over and begins slamming his head into the Matt several times. Once he finishes he begins scrubbing Buster’s face against the canvas, causing more blood to pour out. Finally the ref steps in and orders Stone to stop. David stands and begins arguing back and forth. Buster slowly stands as Stone shoves the official. The angry ref starts yelling in David’s face. Stone pulls back to throw a punch at the ref but to his surprise Buster grabs David’s arm and spins him around and kicks the veteran wrestler in the abdomen.

Stone bends over and Buster lifts him onto his shoulder and begins shaking him with the Canadian backbreaker. Stone struggles and tries to escape but his back is still in pain from his recent table match and he is forced to submit. Buster drops Stone down as the bell rings.

WINNER, by submission at 11:14

Match Four – Single’s Match
Lucilla vs. Samuel Kelly

Posted Image

(Referee: Corey Miner)

Lucilla is back in a UWE ring for the first time in a good while, and it’s obvious the fans haven’t missed her. It’s a BOO fest from the very get-go as she goes head to head with Samuel Kelly, younger brother of the man about to main event the show later tonight.

A soon as the bell rings, they go at it. Tactfully? Technically? Gracefully? Don’t forget this is Lucilla we’re talking about. Right out of the gate, she slaps Sam across the face with all her might, his head snapping to the side. The younger Kelly holds his jaw in momentary disbelief as Lucilla cackles. Then he grins, licks his lips, and turns his head back to his opponent.


With a massive backhand, he returns the favor and then some! The crowd gasps, and waits with bated breath to see Lucilla’s reaction. She laughs, and winks at Sam, and then points at her face. She’s enjoying it! She wants another!!!

Sam gladly obliges, and hits her even harder this time, the sound of backhand on cheek ringing through every corner of the UWE Studio’s. A handprint is clearly visible on Lucilla’s cheek this time, and the Sicilian cups it with her palm as if it was precious treasure. Samuel frowns, not really knowing what to make of it, and decides he’s had enough. He closes his fist and lashes out again, hitting Lucilla with veritable haymaker, right on the kisser! Lucilla staggers backwards, the impact too big to laugh off this time, and drives her into the ropes with a thrust kick. On the rebound, he hits Lucilla with a European Uppercut, but she still isn’t going down! Her legs are wobbly though, and Kelly starts throwing jabs left and right all over her upper body and face in an effort to bring her down.

He prepares for another giant haymaker, but as he swings, Lucilla manages to duck, cleverly tripping him up. Sam falls forward, and hits the turnbuckles with his forehead. He scrambles trying to get up and rest his back against the mid turnbuckle, but Lucilla is right on him…

Literally! Bronco Buster!!!!! And indeed, just like she said she’d do, she’s aiming a little higher than usual. Kelly frantically tries to get free, but he is properly pinned in the corner. And despite the seemingly erotic nature of the move, each time Lucilla comes down on him, his head is squashed between her ‘bits’ and the turnbuckles. Miner demands a clean break, which Lucilla reluctlantly agrees to, as she seemed to be having way too much fun. Despite her cheek all red and her legs still somewhat wobbly from Sam’s earlier blows, a sudden surge of adrenaline seems to have come over her. Before Kelly can get out of the corner, she charges in with a running facewash. Samuel’s face is now staring into oblivion, his eyes set to infinity, and he doesn’t really know where he is anymore. Lucilla grins and turns around, slowly backing into him… STINKFACE!!

She rubs her bottom against her opponent’s face, and to everybody’s surprise, the crowd quite likes it. They cheer Lucilla, can you believe it? But they soon resort back to booing as Corey Miner forces her to break up the hold.

Kelly uses the ropes to get himself back to a vertical basis, and is right in time to see Lucilla come charging in with an overhead cannonball! He rolls out of the way, and Lucilla hits nothing but turnbuckle. Sensing a potential shift in momentum, he gets up and starts stomping away at the brunette. But Lucilla grabs him by the belt and jerks him forward, causing him to hit the turnbuckle. She slides underneath his legs, eagerly reaches under and rolls him up for a pinfall attempt!



Sam kicks out! Just in time, as it looked like Lucilla was about to put her feet on the ropes for extra leverage. They both get back to their feet and Sam is the fristt o deala blow, kneeing Lucilla in the gut. She doubles over and Sam hits a Northern Lights suplex. Lucilla tries to get back to her feet but before she can truly do so, he hits another thrust kick, knocking her into the corner again. He runs up, and hits what he calls the 6-12 knees! Lucilla seems to be out of it! Sam grabs her by the ankles and drags her to the middle of the ring, before covering her.



Lucilla gets her shoulder up! Samuel slaps the canvas in frustration and realizes he’s going to need his best weapon to put his opponent away. He rolls Lucilla over on her belly, and places his feet on the back of her knees, hooking her lower legs behind his. He tries to grab her arms, but as he tries t grab her wrists, Lucilla realizes what is happening. She tries to roll over, causing Sam to lose balance, and he is forced off. Lucilla gets to her knees, reaches out and…

Testicular Claw! Locked in tight! Sam gasps and grunts as Lucilla grins, getting back to her feet using the pair of objects in her hands as extra leverage. The referee sees it, obviously, and starts engaging a count.





She’s not letting go, merely laughing as she is driving Kelly backwards while he’s in agony.


Miner has enough of Lucilla’s insolence and calls for the bell!!

WINNER, by disqualification at 09:14

But Lucilla still isn’t letting go! She seems to be enjoying it, and Sam tries to take a swing at Lucilla, but she ducks and ducks, avoiding his incoming blows, until finally she releases him. He grabs his own crown jewels in agony as Lucilla grins, laughs, winks, and tells him to ‘stop by’ later if he wants, and that she’ll be waiting… if he’s still capable.


Main Event – Single’s Match
Josiah Turnbow vs. Michael Kelly

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

‘The Nerd’ vs. ‘The Chones One’. After their war of words over the past week, they finally go head to head in the main event of OTT XXVIII. Accompanied by his valet Belle Valentine, Michael has both the height and weight advantage in the tale of the tape. He manages to gain an upper hand over Josiah as they lock up in the middle of the ring. It’s clear that Michael has no intention of pulling punches. He drives Josiah into the ropes, breaks the lock-up and throws a series of stiff-looking elbow shots at Turnbow that make his head snap back with every shot. He shoves Josiah into the ropes and hits him with an overhead belly-to-belly on the rebound.

But Josiah lands on his feet! Michael, unaware of this, Is of course surprised when Jos runs the ropes and dropsaults Michael, sending him into the ropes as well. Jos, having landed back on his feet, nails Kelly with an enzuiguiri that drops the Chosen One to his belly. Josiah then displays great strength, locking his arms around Kelly’s waist, and deadlifting him overhead with a wheelbarrow suplex that rattles the ring!

The crowd are pleasantly surprised, and as the camera snaps to the front row, they see a certain tiny Canadian Superstar cheering her friend on. Ruby, wearing a Josiah T-shirt, waves at the camera and sticks both her thumbs up, before we go back to the action in the ring. There, Josiah quickly ascends the top turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent to get back to his feet. Josiah leaps off the top turnbuckle and nails Kelly with a corkscrew crossbody. The two stumble to the mat and Josiah immediately hooks the Chosen One’s leg!



Michael kicks out, shoving Josiah off of him. The crowd is roaring, not having expected Turnbow to take the fight to Kelly quite like this! The Torment member is back to his feet almost immediately, and waits for his opponent to get back up before hitting him with a corkscrew elbow. Kelly is down again, and TUrnbow seems all kinds of fired up! He once more goes for the top turnbuckle and he calls out to the crowd. Sniper’s Nest incoming! He leaps…

Kelly rolls out of the way! Turnbow lands on his feet and rolls through as Michael gets back to his feet. Michael goes for his Date with Desti-knee as a seeming unsuspecting TUrnbow turns around…. But he counters it with the Gamer’s Delight! He nails Kelly in the face and kips back up, much to the adoration of the crowd, and one UWE Superstar in the front row in particular. As Kelly slightly struggles to get back up, Josiah makes a bow and arrow gesture! He’s going for the Marksman Bow! He grabs Kelly’s head, and… Kelly starts throwing vicious fists at the side of his opponent, forcing the break before he is hit with the finisher.

Jos comes right back at Kelly, but the latter is ready for him this time. He stops him right in his tracks by grabbinh him around the throat, and unleashes a series of headbutts. They’re not quite beheadings, but with each hit, Turnbow’s eyes seem to glaze over just that little bit more. After seven blows, Kelly switches up, deliver straight right elbows to Josiah’s forehead, driving him back into the corner. The larger opponent seems to have the clear advantage here, and as Turnbow is backed up into the corner, the maestro of strong style mercilessly and relentlessly starts kneeing him in the gut time and time again.

Chuck Aitken is forced to intervene and has to physically drive Michael back to avoid disqualification, as it didn’t seem like Kelly was going to stop by his own volition. There is a silent rage behind Kelly’s eyes as the camera focuses on him, and he seems to take delight in hurting Josiah. A slight trickle of blood starts running down the Torment member’s forehead, undoubtedly a result of the headbutts and elbows, but as Aitken declares the clean break, Jos gallantly charges out of the corner and sends Kelly to the outside through the ropes with a hurricanrana! Kelly lands on his feet though, and Turnbow keeps the fast pace going. He runs the ropes, dives over going for a corkscrew plancha…


Kelly uses the ringside barricade as a springboard and knees TUrnbow right in the face before he can connect! Turnbow’s lifeless body collapses to the floor and with Belle Valentine cheering him on, Kelly grins sadistically. Michael scoops up the body of his opponent and throws it into the ring, following suit. The Chosen picks Josiah up again, and lifts him up…


Michael goes for the cover.



Josiah manages to get his foot on the ropes!!
But Belle Valentine quickly shoves it off again. Aitken didn’t spot it!


Aitken calls for the bell.

WINNER, by pinfall at 09:23

Kelly gets back to his feet, having secured the victory. But he doesn’t appear to be done with Josiah. He grabs the Torment member’s arm and he tries to lock in his ‘Time Off’ hold! He’s looking to put Turnbow on the shelf like he did Manning… But the crowd scream as a certain tiny Canadian hops the barricade and slides into the ring. Ruby to the rescue! Michael had some scathing words for Canada’s tiniest superhero during the week and she obviously hasn’t forgotten about that. Now that he’s looking to injure her friend, she’s not going to stand by and watch him do it! Belle Valentine shrieks, alerting Michael to her presence, and the Chosen One gets back to his feet. Ruby kicks him on the knee, and Michael returns the favor with a kick of his own. A true slugfest ensues, and the crowd start screaming more, as all of Torment suddenly rushes from the backstage area! Heather King, the Nashville Starlets, Corey Sanders and even Jake Donaldson come out to protect both Josiah and the woman who came to his rescue. Michael, realizing he is outnumber, is forced to retreat, but as he and Belle Valentine make their way to the back, it’s hi who leaves with a W behind his name, as all of Torment and Ruby stare him down from ringside the ring when the show comes to a close.


Quick results:
– Hachiro Eto def. Nidia Vladiwebski
-Karma Tenzin def. Chris Reed
-Buster Bradley def. David Stone
-Samuel Kelly def. Lucilla
-Michael Kelly def. Josiah Turnbow


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