UWE Over the Top XXVIII in Vancouver


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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UWE Studio’s, Vancouver
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Coming to you, for the first time ever, LIVE ON TUESDAYS!! You heard that right, no more Monday nights. UWE is officially switching to Tuesday. Coming off of Anything Goes, which was a massive PPV that took it to the extreme. With Calhoun and the General Manager at odds over the top prize, it seems like things are heating up at the top of the food chain! And who will establish themselves as the new title contenders? The Armenian Beast needs a new challenger, and someone will have to step up to the plate if they want a shot at the big, golden belt. Victories and hard work will be the deciding factors to accomplish that goal.Every match counts! Let’s see how the UWE Superstars can get their names in the running for the belts!


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Hachirou Eto vs. Nidia Vladiwebski 

(referee: JJ Hemphill)


In the opening match, newcomer Hachirou Eto will face Her Haplessness Nidia. Not much is known about Hachirou, but we’re quite sure that will change after this match. With Manning out of commission for now, it’ll be Nidia who has to entertain him.


Match Two – Single’s Match
Karma Tenzin vs. Chris Reed

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

His beastly compatriot made a successful return to the ring at Anything Goes, defending the Canadian title against Jake Donaldson. Can Karma Tenzin get another W in The Menagerie’s column, as he faces newcomer Chris Reed? Tenzin has been touted by many as the next big thing, but he has hit a few roadblocks. Can he use Reed as a means of propelling himself up the card, or will Reed put a stop to those plans?


Match Three – Single’s Match
Ben ‘Buster’ Bradley vs. David Stone

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Buster has made an impressive start to his UWE career. Some say he can go far. Can he use this particular legend as his stepping stone? Some say David Stone needs a big win, and Buster Bradley will sure look like a great appetizer to the Hall of Famer.

Match Four – Single’s Match
Lucilla vs. Samuel Kelly

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Little sister vs. little brother. Lara Pegorino and Michael Kelly’s siblings will go one on one as the latter makes his UWE debut, following in Michael’s footsteps. Lucilla once debuted by knocking off a UWE legend. Since then, she has become one herself. Can Samuel do the same?


Main Event – Single’s Match
Josiah Turnbow vs. Michael Kelly

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Michael Kelly shocked the world at Anything Goes when he absolutely brutalized Mike Manning. Josiah, of Torment Gym, will hope to knock The Chosen One down a peg and get a big W inside of Torment’s column. Some say Josiah just might be the most exciting prospect coming out of Jake Donaldson’s training facilities. Defeating Michael Kelly would go a very long way towards proving that.


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Roleplay limits: Each participant can post 2 (TWO) roleplays each, with a 1.500 word limit per roleplay, before the deadline.

Match promo limits: No more than 500 words for your entrance and you may post endless match posts of maximum 500 words per entry. If your opponent hasn’t posted within 24 hours you may double post a match post, but if and only if the entrances are up for all competitors.
Good luck, and have fun!


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