Anything Goes in Calgary, Alberta


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Presenting the ‘Anything Goes’ Theme Song

The Stampede Corral, Calgary, Alberta
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After a chaotic OTT XXVII, we’re finally here… Anything Goes, the night where UWE takes it to the extreme! Every match will have a special stipulation, and all titles will be on the line!
But we have much more than just that on offer. Marisol Hawkes will fight in what is rumored to be her last ever match, and it will be an emotional affair as she takes on Tiami Erickson. Tiami will set aside her differences with Marcus LeVine for just one night, as Marisol looks to go out on a high.
Speaking of LeVine, the sinister Canadian will have a chance to cement his status as one of UWE’s most vicious and cruel. He specially requested the most brutal of matches and the toughest of opponents, so Lara Pegorino decreed he do battle with the promising up-and-comer Caliee Adams in a match that is guaranteed to make someone bleed… It’s First Blood to the finish!
SO watch, as The Armenian Beast and Eavan Maloney defend their titles against their contenders. And prepare to be amazed as #EmphasisOnBullet takes on the formidable duo of Ruby and Corporal Punishment.
It’s Anything Goes! Blood will be shed. Victories will be earned. Spoils will be enjoyed! 


Show Opener – Hardcore Match
Mike Manning vs. Michael Kelly 

(referee: JJ Hemphill)

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“The Hapless One” stands tall, looking unusually confident. That is, until Michael Kelly’s music hits. He confidently walks through the curtain, sporting his new eye candy on his arm, Belle Valentine. The two walk down the ramp and into the ring as Michael walks up to Mike Manning’s face. Towering over Manning, The Maestro Of Strong Style begins to berate him with insults, the spit flying out of his mouth and onto his opponent’s face. The look of rage begins to build on Manning’s face as he’s had enough of the barking, slapping the absolute taste out of Michael Kelly’s mouth and sending him back a few feet. Referee Hemphill has seen enough and quickly calls for the bell to start the match. Ding! Ding! Ding! Michael rubs his face and perversely smiles back at Manning. Full of adrenaline and confidence, Mike Manning runs at Kelly but is quickly brought back to reality with a thrust kick to the chest, sending him flying to the nearest corner of the ring. Stalking his prey, Kelly keeps him in the ring and begins driving his knee into Manning’s abdomen with a massive amount of intensity. The impact of each knee sends the back of Manning’s head to slam into the turnbuckle.

ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! JJ Hemphill pushes Michael off of the clearly out of it Manning who soon after slumps into the corner with glossy eyes. The referee takes a knee to check on Manning who doesn’t seem to know where he’s at. Kelly pushes the referee out of the way and drags “The Hapless One” to his feet. Michael cocks back and slaps Manning, sending him back down to the floor. Michael walks around his prone body and begins kicking him in the back of the head to add insult to injury. Leaning over, Kelly starts to lay into Manning with a flurry of elbows to the side of the head before he decides to himself that it’s time to end it. Grabbing Manning by the hair, Kelly pulls him up to his feet and reveals the work of his elbows, a disgusting looking crimson mask upon the face of his opponent. Running to the corner, Michael looks at the groggy Manning and sticks his hands out with finger guns. Bouncing off of the corner, Michael runs full force toward Manning, hitting the “Date With Desti-Knee”, driving his knee to the side of his skull and dropping him like a sack of bricks. Kelly hooks the leg.




Winner, by pinfall at 04:20

Michael stands up to his feet and smiles at the mess that he’s made, wiping Manning’s blood off of his own chest. Referee Hemphill attempts to raise Michael’s arm to which he declines with a deadly serious glare. Michael signals to the referee that “This is his time” and that he “Better get your ass out of my ring”. JJ Hemphill gets out of dodge, hopping out of the ring while Michael stands over the helpless Mike Manning. Reaching down, Michael grabs onto Manning’s left arm with both hands and looks out at the crowd. Looking at his opponent, Michael drops down to the mat and a loud CRACKING sound echoes throughout the first few rows of the arena. Mike Manning yells out, grabbing at his newly broken arm and flopping across the ring in pain. The medical staff quickly runs through the curtain to tend to Mike Manning as Michael and Belle leave up the ramp.


Match Two – First Blood Match
Caliee Adams vs. Marcus LeVine 

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

As Caliee Adams stood in the ring, waiting for her opponent, there was nothing. No lights, no imagery, no music, there was only silence. The fans grew restless, and more importantly, Caliee grew restless. She was practically barking at the referee to get Marcus down to the ring, but it was to no avail. After four minutes of nothing, the referee was prepared to call for the bell, but just before he could, Heathens by Twenty One Pilots blasted into the arena. The fans actually let out a small cheer, not for Marcus, but for the fact that he was finally on his way to the ring.

Or so they thought. Marcus was still nowhere to be seen, and as the words to the song came in, the fans had been waiting for Marcus for well over five minutes. Finally, the Saint of Hardcore stepped onto the stage, and his music died down. He wasn’t dressed for competition, however. Marcus was wearing what seemed to be an incredibly expensive suit, and his fiancee was in an equally expensive dress. The Maniac of Montreal was also holding a microphone and humming a menacing tone as he walked down the ramp. Marcus could hear the chorus of boos, and he grew annoyed at the sound as he let out a small outpouring of emotions into his speech, “Ladies and gentlemen, there is a reason I’m holding a microphone and you are not, and it’s because what I have to say is important, what you have to say: no one cares. So shut up.”

The outburst by LeVine only made the fans boo louder, and the superstar could be heard growling as he looked towards Caliee.

“Caliee is that how you say that? Is it said like “K-lee” or more like a “Ca-lee”? You know what, don’t answer, I really don’t care. Caliee, I’m out here because, well, one, we have a match scheduled, but honestly if I cared about that I would have actually dressed for the occasion now wouldn’t I? The more important reason that I’m here is that you have kind of been pissing me off for a while now. I mean, why do you have a contract? Why are you in this company? You don’t deserve it. You’re a nobody. I’m the future of the industry and yet I have to share an employer with the dregs of society, a useless pretty face with no actual abilities. You see, I’m not wasting my time with an invalid, I want this company to employ some actual talent.”

Marcus let out a small smile, and laughed a quiet, maniacal laugh before continuing:

“Which is why I got them to hire this man.”

As Marcus finished his statement, he was pointing behind Caliee, and as The South Hampton Heroine turned around, she was met with a man who dwarfed her in size. Caliee was decked with a clothesline, and the shot hit like a shotgun as she flew backwards and did a full flip, landing on her face. The Monster inside the ring continued to dismantle Caliee, hitting her with one suplex after another, each one being a different version; German, T-bone, belly-to-belly, Dragon, Back. All the while Marcus LeVine began to hype up his acquisition.

“This, my dear friends, is Hachirou Eto. Eto here has been making a name for himself in Japan, or at least, he should have been. If you couldn’t tell, the dude is a genetic freak show. Nearly seven feet tall, well over Three-hundred pounds, and still one of the fastest men in the wrestling world. He truly is, as he has been called, “The God of Warfare”. I wouldn’t want to mess with the dude. Me! And I’m a freaking psycho. You know what though, why should Eto get all the fun? That doesn’t seem fun.

I got it, I got it! Chris! Joey! Get out here! Let’s have some fun boys.”

Marcus threw his mic to the ground and rolled into the ring, Chris and Joey were quick to join him from backstage. Inside the ring, Eto was still picking Caliee apart, having just thrown her into the turnbuckle so hard the ring was shaking. Caliee got no rest though because as she was about to fall forward she was met by Marcus LeVine, who lifted her up onto his shoulders. He laughed as he saw his runway across the ring, and he went full speed ahead, driving Caliee into the turnbuckles with a massive running death valley driver into them. He watched on as Caliee crumbled into the mat, but he still wasn’t done, he was sending a message not only to Caliee but to the head office of UWE. He picked up the defenceless athlete and whipped her towards the One Man Mountain Mover, Hachirou Eto. The massive athlete tossed Adams into the air as if she was weightless. Gravity, however, didn’t see her as such, and she was brought back down to Eto, who picked her out of the air and sent her crashing to the mat with a power slam. Caliee screamed, clearly something was wrong, but those screams only seemed to feed even further into the maniacs twisted need, and he dropped to his hands and knees, yelling at Caliee to get up again, begging her to make the mistake of moving.

Marcus crawled to the ropes like a snake and stretched his arms out for a microphone, his fiancee obliging him.

“Caliee, caliee, caliee. We aren’t done yet. We’re not done here yet. These people want blood! UWE wants blood. That’s why they put us in this match, they wanted blood, so how about it, let’s give them blood!”

Marcus dropped the microphone once again and stood up, pulling his devilish instrument out of his pocket; a switch blade. He held it high for the world to see, and just as quickly as he had pulled it out, Chris and Joey were holding Caliee up, putting her on her knees. Marcus placed the blade against her forehead, and let out a wicked smile as he slid the blade across, leaving a nice trail of blood behind it, and letting a cascade of it pour down her face. Marcus closed his blade and sent a last parting gift to his would-be opponent. He sent her sprawling to the mat with a superkick.

He looked at Caliee’s nearly lifeless body and called for him and his compatriates to leave.

Winner, by First Blood at 04:12


Match Three – Tables Match
UWE Universal Tag Team Title Number One Contendership
New Found Attitude vs. Dogs Of War

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

There’s bad blood in the air as New Found Attitude and the Dogs of War prepare to start their match. After some quick deliberation between the teams it’s decided that Mike Rosati and Jared Oliver will be the first men in. The pair circle slowly for a moment and size one another up. Jared moves in to lock up when Maddogg jams a thumb in his eye. The elder brother reels and Rosati moves in to lock into a tight headlock. The cagey veteran squeezes hard and cranks down on his opponent.

Jared pulls down on Mike’s arm to create space and then pulls it back to counter the headlock into a hammer lock. Maddogg grunts and elbows back but Jared surprises him by ducking under it. He keeps hold of the hammer lock with one arm then grabs Rosati’s waist with the other, lifting him into a back suplex.

Jared gets up quickly and moves to grab Mike’s leg. He aims to slam his injured knee but Mike counters with a Greco Roman kick to the groin. Jared falls to his knees and Mike kicks him hard in the face. The veteran stands and then lifts Jared up before scoop slamming him to the mat. From there he hits the ropes and drops an elbow across Jared’s chest. Rosati picks him up again then pulls him over to his corner before tagging David Stone in.

When Stone enters New Found Attitude double Irish whips Jared into the corner then Stone whips Maddogg so Rosati can deliver an extra powerful clothesline to Jared. Maddogg then climbs out of the ring, leaving Stone to continue the match. David walks over to Jared and climbs to the second rope, delivering hard punches to his face as the crowd counts.


As Stone prepares to land the seventh Jared blocks and shoves Stone off. The personification of Perfection rolls with it and stands up to rush the corner. Jared rolls forward under the attempted clothesline and lets Stone collide with the corner. David turns slowly and is greeted by a hard kick that drops him to the mat. Jared then stomps down onto his fallen foe a few times before lifting him back up to perform a snap suplex. The elder Oliver then picks Stone up once more before attempting a swinging neck breaker. Stone counters with a hard knee to the gut then hits a snap SET.

David picks his opponent up and whips him roughly to the corner. Stone follows up with a clothesline that turns into a bulldog. Stone quickly gets to the corner for another tag. New Found Attitude shows off their team work by lifting Jared into a double suplex. The Dog of War comes crashing down but is picked up and double whipped into the ropes. Rosati and Stone attempt a double clothesline but Jared ducks under and hits the ropes again, coming back for a flying lariat to both men.

Jared quickly rolls through and rushes to tag his brother in. Danny rushes in and clotheslines Stone out of the ring and then turns to throw hard punches at Maddogg. Danny then flings Rosati into the ropes, as Maddogg comes back Danny lifts him into a snap powerslam. The younger Oliver roars as he stands and the crowd roars with him. Jared quickly slides a table into the ring and Danny sets it up. He then picks Mike up and tries to suplex him through the table. Maddogg blocks the attempt and counters with a suplex of his own.

Mike gets back up and lifts Danny back up and starts to hammer him with hard shots. Danny is forced back to the corner and Mike runs back then rushes forward to land a big dropkick. Danny falls to the ground and only stays seated because of the ropes. Rosati jumps up again and lands another dropkick, this time in the face. Maddogg then lifts his opponent up again, this time hitting a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop. Mike then stand a and lands a second elbow drop, a third. He stands over Danny then leaps high into the air to drop a huge elbow down.

Mike picks Danny up and pulls him over to the table and tries to whip Danny into the ropes. Danny suddenly reverses, sending Rosati back to the ropes. Right before he hits the ropes Mike and Stone reach out and also hands, Danny doesn’t notice however and picks Rosati up into a spine buster, driving Maddogg through the table. The younger Oliver stands and lifts his arms in triumph. The ref steps in and shakes his head, explaining about the tag. Danny doesn’t get much time to argue, however, as he eats a super kick from Stone!

David picks the fallen Danny up and flings him into the corner. Stone then helps Mike up and both men head over and begin to punch and kick Danny. The ref tries to usher Maddogg out but he shouts out 9n response.

“No DQ, asshole!”

New Found Attitude then resume their assault. Jared rushes in and drops Stone over the rope with a dropkick. Jared turns to attack Maddogg and lands some big punches before Mike blocks and fires a big kick into Jared’s stomach and then hits the jaw breaker. Stone gets to his feet and slides the other table in to his partner. Maddogg sets it up then picks Jared up and lifts him into a suplex that sends him through the second table. Stone rolls back into ring and begins to celebrate with Mike. The ref once again walks in and shakes his head. He informs Mike that neither he nor Jared was the legal man, New Found Attitude’s plan backfired.

Danny comes in and double clotheslines the opponents to the ground. The younger Oliver then heads over to help his brother up. Jared shakes the cobwebs out as the other team starts to get up. Danny clotheslines Maddogg out of the ring and picks David up as Jared heads out to get a third table. Danny hits Stone with the D Town Detonator as Jared puts the table in the corner. The brothers put Stone against the table and then Danny backs up and rushes at Jared who grabs his brother into a monkey flip to send Danny into a cannonball that sends him crashing into Stone and through the table.

Winners, by putting an opponent through the table at 10:02 and NEW number one contender’s to the UWE Universal Tag Team Championships

The bell rings and the Dogs of War raise their arms in victory. Mike rolls into the ring with a chair and slams it into Danny. Jared turns in surprise but he too eats a chair. Maddogg raises his weapon and drives it down onto each brother in turn before dragging Danny out of the ring. Stone slowly rolls out of the ring as well and together they lift Danny up and double suplex him through the announce table.

The crowd boos wildly as New Found Attitude leaves their opponents lying unconscious and head for the back.

Match Four – Street Fight
Brandon Moore vs. Sorrow

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

This match was supposed to take place as a street fight on the outside. But as the camera’s tried to cut to the scene of the fight, there was nothing but static. What does this mean? More updates on this story as it becomes available.



Match Five – Last Woman Standing
Tiami Erickson vs. Marisol Hawkes

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

This is it. Marisol Hawkes’ last ever appearance inside a squared circle, and she is going out on her own terms. As she stands face to face with Tiami Erickson, the crowd starts a rapturous ‘THANK-YOU-MA-RI-SOL’ chant, paying respect to the woman who is intent on going out with a bang.

Indeed, as Corey Miner calls for the bell, she bangs Tiami straight in the head. She’s definitely not planning on going out on her back! Tiami is driven back into the ropes by Marisol’s flurry of punches and elbow strikes, and Marisol shoves her into them, before hitting a belly-to-belly suplex on the rebound, sending Tiami overhead.

Erickson gets back to her feet, but Marisol is straight in her case, and grabs Tiami from behind. She nails her with a German suplex, and keeps her arms locked! She hits three more rolling Germans, and asks that Corey start the count as Tiami stays down. The referee obliges.

Tiami gets back to her knees, but takes her time, realizing she will get back up before the ten count and there is no rush.
Tiami gets back to her feet and the referee stops the count. Marisol comes flying in with a crossbody to take Tiami down again, and she hits it… but Tiami grabs aholdof her and as they land on the canvas, she rolls through and lifts Marisol up, before sending Hawkes flying with a fallaway slam! Marisol lands hard but manages to roll through. But as soon as she gets up, Tiami hits her with a running clothesline.
With Hawkes down, Tiami grabs her ankle and starts twisting it, locking in an ankle lock. Hawkes starts screaming in pain, and grabs a hold of the bottom rope, but to no avail… there is no breaking up a submission in a Last Woman Standing Match. Tiami ups the torque even more, and Hawkes’ screams almost double as a result. Hawkes knows there is only one way to escape: get to the outside! She pulls on the rope with all her might, until she manages to grab hold of the apron. With the added leverage, she forces her upper body out of the ring until eventually Tiami has no choice but to release the hold.

But as Hawkes gets back to her feet on the outside, the limp is apparent, and she seems to have been slowed down significantly. Tiami notices and is in straight pursuit, rolling out of the ring. And even though Marisol is a friend, Tiami is also a fierce competitor, and therefore she picks out her opponent’s weakest spot: her back. Tiami comes running hit and absolutely nails Marisol with a running elbow to the lower back, which has given Marisol so much trouble recently and is ultimately one of the contributing factors in her decision to hang up her boots. Hawkes collapses, clutching her back in pain, and Tiami grabs a handful of her blue hair, lifting her back up to her feet. She grabs Marisol by the wrist, and then Irish Whips her back-first into the steel ringpost!

Yes, this is Anything Goes, and things are about to become a whole lot more extreme. Marisol screams in agony once again, and Tiami sizes her up, looking to put her away for good. She rushes in, but Marisol ducks out of the way and Tiami runs straight into the ringpost, shoulder first! Marisol gets back up and fighting through the pain, she kicks Tiami in the gut and hits her with a Twist of Fate on the outside!

The crowd turns it up a notch, cheering for both Tiami and Marisol, and they go berserk as Hawkes hops on top of the apron, and then climbs the turnbuckles! She points at Tiami, the crowd, and then at the ceiling! She’s about to raise the roof. She’s going out on a bang, and she is going to make sure she takes Tiami down with her. She leaps off the top turnbuckle to the outside… DIVINE FORGIVENESS!!!!


Tiami rolls out of the way right on time and Marisol lands on the outside, right on her back. Both women are down as the crowd starts a HOLY SHIT chant, and Miner starts a count with both women down.

Tiami starts to stir, but Marisol shows no movement.
Tiami is on her knees. Marisol stirs slightly.
Tiami is up! She’s up on her feet. She’s panting and looks at Marisol who is slowly but surely trying to recover, although it’s obviously more on instinct than anything else.
Marisol’s hand grabs the ringside barricade!
Marisol uses the barricade to pull herself up! Her legs are wobbly and shaky, but her knees are off the ground, and Corey Miner declares her as standing!

Tiami seems impressed and the crowd chant Marisol’s name in admiration of her courage, willpower and endurance. But as she looks up at Tiami, eyes glazed, there is a certain aura of inevitability surrounding it all. Tiami takes a deep breath, charges, and…

DEAD AS ICE THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Tiami spears Marisol, and they both fly through the barricade separating them from the fans, who scream in in unison. Miner, with both ladies down once again, starts another count!

Neither woman has budged so far.
Tiami begins to stir slightly, but so does Marisol!
Tiami’s on her knees, and clutches at a nearby empty chair, abandoned by a fan, for leverage. Marisol is absently flailing her arms, looking for similar support.
Tiami uses the chair to pull herself to her feet. Marisol is on her knees!
Marisol collapses back to the floor as Tiami Erickson stands on shaky legs! The referee declares the match over, and Tiami Erickson the winner!

Winner, by being the Last Woman Standing at 11:35

As the bell rings, the crowd cheer for both Tiami and Marisol. Erickson goes over to Marisol and helps her back to her feet, before the two share a hug under rapturous applause, which only is amplified when TImothy Hunt and Ricky Molaroni show up. The two men join in the embrace, and as they walk over to the entrance ramp, Molaroni hoists Marisol up his shoulders. This allows her to fully take in the admiration of the crowd one last time as the curtain falls on her wrestling career. There weren’t many dry eyes in the audience, rest assured of that.


Match Six – Ladder Match
Canadian Championship Match
The Armenian Beast © vs. Jake Donaldson

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

Jake Donaldson begins his match against the mountainous Canadian Champion by bringing the fight aggressively to his foe. Donaldson rushes across the ring and begins laying into Gurgen with a flurry of punches and forearm strikes that takes the massive monster of a man by surprise. The beastly bearded brute attempt a to counter attack by swinging his meaty paw at Jake but the quicker Jake ducks under the clubbing swing and hits the ropes. Jake comes back and jumps to hit Gurgen in the knee with a low drop kick, stumbling the beast. The leader of Torment continues assaulting the leg of his fearsome for by launching several quick but hard kicks into the back of Gurgen’s leg. After several kicks Gurgen finally goes down to one knee. Jake hits the ropes again and then rushes back to launch another dropkick into the beastly champion’s chest. Gurgen rocks but stays up, causing Donaldson to repeat the attack, which rocks the mountain of a man even further but still fails to drop the resilient champion. Jake runs to bounce off the ropes once more but this time leaps into a Thesz press. Beast hits the canvas and Jake fires off several hard right hands to the hairy face of the Armenian Beast.

After several blows land Jake finally stands and walks to the lower body of Gurgen. From there Donaldson begins to stomp on the knee he had been attacking earlier, bringing his foot down several times onto the Beast’s leg. After a few hard kicks Jake lifts the leg up and elbow drops the knee, then again, three times! Finished with his abuse of the leg Jake goes back to Gurgen’s head and tries to lift the massive man up again but suddenly howls in pain. The source of his anguish is soon apparent, Gurgen has bit down hard onto his opponent’s hand and like a pitbull is locked on tight.

Jake punches and kicks at Gurgen but can’t get him to release the bite. Gurgen finally lets go but only after he reaches out and grabs hold of Jake. The Beastly Brute then flings Jake with a huge belly to belly suplex. Donaldson gets back up quickly and rushes back to his opponent but Gurgen manages to scoop him up and fling him once more across the ring. Jake gets to his feet slower this time, giving Beast time to cross the ring with a noticeable limp.

As the torment gym leader gets back up he is greeted by a meaty forearm that drops him again. Gurgen lifts his foe back up and then again slams his huge paw down onto him. Jake slowly begins to get back up but the Armenian Beast isn’t patient enough to wait so he picks Donaldson back up and whips him hard into the corner. Gurgen follows, forcing himself to run on his site knee. Before he can comnect, however, Jake lifts his foot to kick the Beast in the face. Gurgen stumbles and shakes his head quickly then rushes back in, this time Donaldson leans back and kicks both feet up. Gurgen staggers from the double kick and Jake quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle.

Jake flies through the air and tries to drop a fist into Gurgen’s face but the Armenian Beast shoots an arm up and catches his opponent by the throat. Donaldson struggles to get free but Gurgen keeps a tight hold of his neck with his massive paw of a hand. Gurgen lifts his opponent up and drives him into the canvas with a huge choke slam and drops down for the pin.

The dim witted champion looks to the referees, curious as to why no count had begun. The red points out the fact that they are currently in a ladder match and motions to the ladder outside the ring as the crowd chants.

“Get the Ladder! Get the Ladder!”

The Armenian Beast nods and rolls out of the ring to retrieve the ladder. He brings it back in and lifts it over his head before driving down onto Jake. Gurgen then lays across the ladder that is laying across Donaldson and attempts another pin. JJ puts his face in his hand and shakes his head. The poor referee taps Gurgen on the shoulder and points to the belt hanging over the ring. The crowd begins to call out again.

“Climb the ladder! Climb the ladder!”

A look of sudden realization comes over Gurgen’s face. He lifts the ladder off of his foe and sets it up under the belt and climbs. As he nearly reaches his goal Jake gets to his feet and stumbles over to push the ladder over. The Armenian Beast goes into a free fall that stops only when he collides with the corner, going face first into the turnbuckle. Jake brings the ladder over and sets it back up, beginning his own climb to the top.

Gurgen slowly rises and begins to stagger over to the ladder. Jane grabs hold of the belt but before he can retrieve it the ladder is yanked away, leaving the gym leader dangling in the air from the belt! Gurgen begins shouting at Jake, demanding he come down and continue the match. When Jake refuses the Beast uses the ladder like a giant fly swatter and slams it into Donaldson, causing him to plummet to the ring.

The beast walks over and slams the ladder into Jake, then again. Gurgen sets up the ladder again and climbs to the top. Jake forces himself to stand and slowly gets to the ladder and climbs up as well. Both men get to the top and Jake begins hammering Gurgen as the Beast tries to get the belt. Gurgen takes several shots then begins fighting back as both men trade blows. Jake staggers and Gurgen grabs hold and…Beard to the Face!

Donaldson struggles as the Beast squeezes the life out of him. Donaldson flails uselessly against the hold and begins to go limp. Jake is held up only by Gurgen and looks as if he’s done. Jake suddenly gets a second wind and begins laying punches into his foe. The Beast finally releases the hold and Donaldson keeps punching and then winds up and punches hard. Gurgen begins to fall but reaches up and grabs the belt in desperation. His weight and the fact that the belt had been pulled on before causes it to pull free. Jake watches in horror as the belt falls with Gurgen and continues to stare in disbelief as the bell rings to declare Beast the winner.

Winner, by retrieving the Canadian title at 11:58 AND STILL Canadian Champion…


Match Seven – Barbed Wire Steel Cage Tornado Elimination Match
UWE Universal Tag Team Tournament final
Ruby & Corporal Punishment vs. #EmphasisOnBullet

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

It’s finally here! With the grand final of the tag team tournament having been postponed due to Asylum’s attack on #EOB at the last OTT, Lara Pegorino decreed that the final would happen at Anything Goes inside of a barbed wired steel cage! As the cage lowers, the audience screams and when the two teams get inside of the hellacious structure, the Stampede Corral is absolutely electrified!

Right before Morello calls for the bell, Ruby offers her traditional handshake. The audience waits with bated breath to see if Adeline will accept, but after Wulf nods and shakes Ruby’s head, the Crimson Bullet does the same, before shaking Punishment’s hand as well.

But a handshake is just that, and Adelina and Ruby immediately lock up in the middle of the ring! Wulf and the Corporal shrug, and it’s on! Wulf launches himself at Punishment. The corporal catches him in mid-air however, and launches him overhead with a belly to belly as the crowd cheers. But
Wulf lands on his feet! The crowd are hysterical at the already fast paced exchanges taking place. Wulf hits the ground running from the belly-to-belly attempt and manages to hit a tight springboard.. Erikson attempts an ASAI MOONSAULT but the Corporal jumps back!!

Meanwhile, Adeline takes charge with a headlock on Ruby, followed by an irish whip. Ruby manages to put on the brakes to stop herself crashing into the cage wall from the irish whip, letting out an audible ‘WOAH!’
Nobody home! Addy sees the Corporal is caught in the moment and she seizes hers.. She hits a huge one-handed bulldog on Punishment, and he seems to be out!

Wulf had the bearings to land on his feet from the moonsault, although he finds he isn’t standing face to face with Corporal.. but with a tiny Canadian masked Superhero!

SLAP! He nails Ruby with a step-up enzuiguiri. It staggers her, but doesn’t drop her, as she displays great fortitude. Wulf runs back and on the rebound goes for a leg lariat…

But the fans erupt as Ruby ducks down, sending Wulf sailing and twisting in mid-air from his own momentum. He crashes into the steel cage wall as a result!

Meanwhile, Addy was about to cover Punishment after the bulldog, but she caught the backdrop out of the corner of her eye and jumps straight to her feet! Seeing Ruby, she charges at her and levels UWE’s resident sweetheart with a Thesz press, before unleashing a flurry of fists to her masked face. With both men down and the woman on the mat punching the living hell out of each other, this match is only just getting started!

Wulf slowly manages to drag himself up via the ropes, and he has spotted The Corporal on all fours..and then he grimaces as he sees the BRUTAL cat fight taking place in the middle. But he keeps his focus on the soldier, and takes him down with a running la magistral cradle.



Kick out!!

The crowd volume kicks up considerably as Corporal kicks out of the pin, and at the same time Ruby manages to find an edge to get on top and rain down punches on Adeline! Wulf gets to his feet in the background as the ringside camera zooms in on the catfight! It’s an almost uncharacteristically aggressive display on the part of both Ruby and Addy.

Wulf takes an arm of the enlisted man, and starts to drag Punishment to his feet, but he only receives a flurry of forearms to the abdomen for his trouble, forcing him to double over. And a huge short-arm clothesline turns Wulf inside out. The crowd lets out a collective ‘WOAH!!’ as Wulf eats all of it and is sent twirling, landing just short of the cage wall.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the ring, Adeline grabs Ruby’s arms, stopping the flurry of blows. But Ruby immediately breaks free of Adeline’s grasp and immediately hits the ropes! The crowd POP as Corporal has the ring awareness to realize he was in the way and quickly dove down so Ruby could jump over him. She nails Adeline with a torpedo dropkick, and follows it up with another one for Wulf who only just got back to his feet!

Adeline gets back to her heet and is targeted by Ruby who tries to go for an armdrag. But Adeline blocks, and reverses it. The crowd EXPLODE as Wulf runs in with his patented flipping legdrop, but the elation fades as Ruby moves and he eats a big pile of naked ring..he clutches his backside with an expression of extreme pain, just in time for Punishment to land a hard-hitting legdrop which actually connects! Punishment goes in for the cover!



Adeline breaks it up, she grabs hold of Corporal’s head and the crowd are amazed as Adeline manages to let out a shriek and drag Punishment to his feet! She kicks him in the stomach. Punishment doubles over and Erikson runs in for a shining wizard! But he is stopped idway through by Ruby, who hits a Ruby Cutter out of nowhere! Wulf is dropped straight on his head and flops like a fish. It seems like he’s out completely as Ruby goes for the cover with the titles on the line! The crowd counts along with the referee as she slaps the canvas.




They POP as Adeline hits a running senton and breaks up the count, and then grabs a handful of Ruby’s hair, dragging her away from her now prone partner. Adeline lays into Ruby with a forearm strike and Punishment seizes his moment. He hooks Wulf’s arm and grabs a handful of dreads, dragging the jello-legged Silver Bullet to his feet. There is a CRASH and a mixed reaction as Punishment sends Wulf flying into the cage wall, and there is a rumble of laughter as Adeline sends Ruby crashing into Punishment with a hiptoss for his trouble, knocking both of them down. With both Ruby and the soldier lying in a heap, Adeline quickly climbs the nearest turnbuckle. Rather than trying to attempt an escape, she looks down at two potential targets and grins, before licking her lips. She leaps and twists in the air, landing right on top of both Ruby and Punishment, perfectly executing the corkscrew moonsault! With Wulf looking on, Adeline rolls Ruby off of Punishment and pins the soldier.



Punishment kicks out! Adeline immediately switches targets and pins Ruby instead.



Ruby kicks out! Wulf decides he has looked on long enough and comes in to help his partner. They both helps Ruby to her feet, and Irish Whip her in tandem to the nearest corner. But Ruby runs up the ropes, leaps, flips, twists and turns and nails all of EOB with a double Whisper in the Wind! The crowd screams as Ruby hits a double legdrop on both her opponents at once. She then goes for a cover of her own, electing to pin Wulf.



Wulf kicks out! And just like Adeline, Ruby switches targets, electing to go now pin Wulf’s crimson counterpart.



Adeline kicks out as well! The crowd cheer as Ruby rolls through, kips up and screams, ignited the fans even more. She helps Punishment to his feet, and the pair grab Wulf by the dreads. Punishment hoists him over his shoulder, starts spinning around, and Ruby dropkicks Wulf against the head, making it whiplash in the opposite direction! The crowd groans, feeling Wulf’s pain.
Meanwhile, Adeline has made it to her feet. Punishment knees her in the gut, and follows it up with an uppercut. He grabs her crimson locks and guides her to the nearest turnbuckle, before starting to slam her face-first into the top turnbuckle. 21-gun salute, baby! After a dozen slams, he releases her, and Adeline staggers back. He grabs her by the waist and shoulder and lifts her up into a military press! He then drop her face-first on the top turnbuckle. Snake eyes! As Adeline staggers back, Punishment lifts up Addy in an electric chair and throws her over the top rope, pinning her between the ropes and the steel cage wall.

As soon as he does, Wulf makes it back to his feet, still holding his neck in pain. With Ruby having looked on so far, she now runs up to Wulf, and dropkicks him against the ropes, before dropkicking his knees on the rebound, levelling him once again. She points at Punishment, and he smiles. He grabs Wulf by the ankles, and starts spinning around, swinging Erikson round and round as the crowd counts along with every rotation.


As he makes the tenth rotation, Punishment releases, sending Wulf flying, straight into Adeline who was still pinned between ropes and wall. The collision is hard, and the crowd starts a veritable HOLY SHIT chant. Ruby and Punishment high five each other, and call for the end. Punishment grabs Wulf, and helps him back to his feet before hitting him with a Boot Camp! He flops down, and Ruby ascends the top turnbuckle. She jumps… RSD straight to Wulf’s face! This is it, it’s over. She goes for the cover!



THR-NO! Adeline breaks it up! The entire arena screams in surprise as Adeline flings herself onto Ruby, saving the match-up. Ruby gets back to her feet, but Adeline kicks her in the gut. Punishment tries to come to the rescue, but Addy hits him with a Mule Kick! She then hits Ruby with a DDT! With Ruby down and Punishment doubled over, Adeline runs the ropes, comes up on Punishment from behind, hitting him with an ‘I’ll Stab Him!’. Now the roles are reversed. Adeline helps Wulf back to his feet, and she excitedly starts jumping up and down! Wulf grins, and he pats her on the shoulder, the points to the top of the cage! Adeline laughs and runs to the nearest turnbuckle, followed suit by her tag partner. Adeline climbs to the top of the cage so quickly it almost looks like she has wings. However, on top, she is met by the nasty barbed wire, which immediately cuts her forearm and thigh as she positions herself atop the cage. The same thing happens to Wulf, but neither seem to care. The crowd is blowing the roof off the place, and even more so when Ruby and Punishment simultaneously kip up! The masked tiny Canadian and the soldier make a beeline for the top of the cage as well! They do it so quickly Adeline and Wulf have no time to respond, and before they know it, all four are balancing on top of the cage!

Ruby is sitting next to Adeline, and Punishment next to Wulf, with all four trying to knock their opposition off and into the ring. Ruby and Punishment seem to be getting the upper hand, slinging fists at EOB, but then Adeline and Wulf simultaneously block the next strike… and frantically start headbutting Ruby and the Corp! They teeter… and fall off the cage, back into the ring! The high-pitched screams of the crowd are damn near enough to burst one’s eardrums, but Adeline and Wulf stand up on the edge of the cage, ignoring the barbed wire that is trying to cut through their boots and into their flesh. They are slightly wobbly, but without hesitation as they both leap in sync… a double 630 Corkscrew Senton… BITE THE BULLET TIMES TWICE! Addy perfectly lands on Ruby with Wulf doing the same on Punishment. #EOB hook the legs immediately, and Morello drops down to count the double pin…




They did it! Morello calls for the bell!

Winners, by pinfall at 21:13 and INAUGURAL UWE Universal Tag Team Champions

Their theme song starts playing, and both Wulf and Adeline gasp in amazement. With their jaws dropping, the cage starts to rise! Their first taste of UWE gold is here! Morello places the belts in the hands of the Bullets, and as they clasp it to their chests, they embrace each other in the middle of the ring. What a final, and what a win to end this UWE Universal Tag Team Championship. Adeline La Roux and Wülf Erikson are the inaugural champions. A great moment for these fearless, hard workers.

As Ruby and Punishment get back to their feet, they seem disappointed, but it doesn’t take long before Ruby grabs Adeline’s hand, Punishment grabs Wulf’s, and raise it into the air. The new champions raise their belts up high with their other arm, and both Ruby and Punishment share a hug with the people who just beat the in the final. A great display of sportsmanship. UWE has Universal tag Team Champions. Long may they reign.

But as the camera cuts to backstage, it shows Jared and Danny Oliver, smiling and nodding at the TV screen. The number one contenders are already on red alert!


Main Event – I Quit Match
Ultimate Wrestling Championship Match
Eavan Maloney © vs. James Calhoun

Posted Image

After the shocking news earlier this week that Eavan Maloney was forced to relinquish the Ultimate Wrestling Championship due to personal reasons, many were wondering what was going to happen to the title, with James Calhoun having invoked his rematch clause for Anything Goes.

It doesn’t take long for the fans to know the answer. James Calhoun comes out to the ring, and grabs the microphone, demanding in front of the entire Calgary crowd that the Ultimate Wrestling Championship is his, and that the General Manager, Lara Pegorino herself, come personally place it on his shoulder or strap it around his waist. With Maloney now out of contention, the title should go back to its rightful owner, who never should have lost it in the first place. The crowd boo’s Calhoun, but the cowboy doesn’t seem to care as he stands tall in the ring.

Seconds later, Lara’s theme hits the arena, and she walks out with the Ultimate Wrestling Championship neatly folded up under one of her arms. It is the way a caretaker holds a title, so as not to make anyone think she would dare to claim ownership.

The General Manager steps into the ring an goes face to face with Calhoun, who looks down his nose at her. Sylvie Rose hands her boss a microphone, and Lara is clearly not amused by Calhoun’s demands. She says that even though Calhoun is indeed the number one contender, Maloney’s forfeit does NOT mean he will be automatically granted the title. The only thing he has, is a claim to fight FOR it, not the claim to be GIVEN it. If he truly wants to be the fighting champion he has always prided himself in being, then he will earn the title back against an opponent equally worthy of the opportunity.

Calhoun responds by saying there is no such person. Only second-rate wrestlers trying to stretch their necks as they look up at the top of the mountain where he stands tall. And that if Lara Pegorino intends to deny him what is rightfully is, he will go after her with everything he’s got. He drops the microphone and inches closer to her, but Lara simply says two words:

She then drops her mic too, and the two face off nose to nose, until finally Lise Fortier comes out, and tells both of them to stop this right now. Lara respects the CEO’s wishes, and Calhoun makes shooing noises, telling her to run back like a good little lapdog, before shouting that she is unfir to be the General Manager, and that they both will be getting what they deserve soon enough: Lara a Boot Hill that sends her out of the company, and Calhoun his Ultimate Wrestling Championship!

As the crowd boo’s Calhoun, with Lara retreating down the entrance ramp, the show comes to a close.



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