UWE Over the Top in Vancouver XXIX


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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UWE Studio’s, Vancouver
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Last week, James Calhoun and Robert Whitlock shocked the world when they seemed to announce a partnership with a singular goal: rid the world of Lara Pegorino. Will the GM have anything to say, since she is denying Calhoun a shot at what he believes to be rightfully his?
Marcus LeVine and Tiami Erickson seem to be on a collision course, but she is a notable absentee this week. Her… associate… Ricky Molaroni will be in action though, facing the up and coming Buster Bradley!
Also returning are the newly crowned UWE Universal Tag Team Champions, #EmphasisOnBullet, who will take on The Menagerie. Can they prove that winning the tournament was no fluke?
All of that, and more… right here in Vancouver! Only on Over the Top! 


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Hachirou Eto vs. El Hijo de Los Muertos

(referee: JJ Hemphill)

Hachirou Eto seems utterly unimpressed with his adversary as the bell rings. With the Empire looking on at ringside, El Hijo de los Muertos wastes no time going after his opponent. The masked Luchador rushes forward to attack his foe. Eto’s response is to lift his leg up and plants the big boot into his face. The large Japanese wrestler lifts his fallen opponent up and tosses him into the ropes. As Muertos returns Eto lifts Muertos up and catches him before driving him into the mat with an impact powerslam.

Eto puts a single foot stop his prone foe and flexes his impressive muscles. The ref drops down for the count.

Eto pinned El Hijo in near record time! The Vancouver looked on in what is almost stuned silence as JJ Hemphill calls for the bell!

All of the Empire get into the ring, and raise Eto’s hand. This was a statement to the entire locker room.


Match Two – Single’s Match
David Stone vs. Jake Donaldson

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

David Stone and Jake Donaldson slowly circle one another waiting for an opportunity to attack. David stomps forward, feinting an attack. Jake darts back to avoid the assault that never comes and Stone responds with mocking laughter. Donaldson grimaces and goes back to circling, waiting for an opening. Stone darts in again and Jake jumps back to avoid the feint again. This time David laughs even louder and adds chicken wing movements to his taunting. Donaldson fumes but keeps his cool, looking for a chance. David Stone jumps forward again but this time instead of jumping back Jake moves forward and rocks Stone with a big punch.

Donaldson presses forward with punch after punch, forcing David back against the ropes. Once there Jake whips David across the ring into the opposite ropes. Jake rushes forward and jumps into the air to drop David with a hard dropkick. Stone pops back up but Donaldson floors him again with another dropkick. David gets to his feet again but this time Jake leaps forward and hits a Thez press before landing a series of right hand punches.

After finishing his flurry Jake gets off and pulls Stone to his feet. From there Jake knees Stone in his stomach and grabs him in a tight headlock that transitions into a takeover. Donaldson pulls back and fires off several more quick punches to Stone’s face before getting up. Jake starts to lift David back up When Stone rakes his fingers down Donaldson’s eyes.

Jake grabs his face and reels back. David Stone ignores the chastisement of the ref and dives forward to topple Jake with a chopping block to the leg. Donaldson starts to get back up but a quick kick to the head from Stone keeps him down. Stone then drops to hit Jake with an elbow drop. He stands then drops a second elbow. He gets up again and looks like he’s going for a third but hits the ropes instead. As he runs back David leaps into the air to land a huge leg drop! Stone for the pin!

Donaldson is up!

Stone takes out his frustration by landing several hard punches against Jake’s face. After repeated warnings Stone finally stops and gets to his feet, pushing off Donaldson’a head. David then begins another attack, kicking Jake in the ribs time and time again until he rolls over. From there Stone drops another elbow, this one across his opponent’s back, then locks his hands around Jake’s chin and pulling back hard.

Stone wrenches roughly on his opponent’s chin, trying to force Donaldson to tap. The official drops down to ask Jake if he’ll submit but the wrestler refuses to give in even as David pulls back harder.
Once it becomes apparent that Donaldson won’t tap out Stone let’s go. He starts to get up but pulls back on Jake’s head and rams his face into the ground before trying for another pin.
Kick out!

Stone picks Jake up and whips him into the corner where he collides with the turnbuckle with a thud. David charges in to try and clothesline his foe but Donaldson turns and elbows Stone in the face. Stone stumbles from the blow and Jake climbs to the second rope, leaping off to hit a flying leg lariat that puts David Stone flat on his back.

Jake scrambles to his feet and grabs hold of David’s head as he gets back up. Donaldson fires knee after knee into David’s stomach. After punishing his opponent’s midsection, Jake underhooks Stone’s arms and flings him with a double underhook suplex. The crowd begins to cheer as Donaldson seems to be gaining momentum.

Jake looks to be reinvigorated as he pulls Stone back up and onto his shoulders. Donaldson holds him momentarily before dropping into a Samoan face buster that transitions into a pin.

Stone kicks out! The veteran won’t go down so easily.

Donaldson doesn’t give up, instead he pulls Stone up and positions himself to pull David down across his knee for a backbreaker. Once there he locks in a tight side sleeper while still stretching Stone across his knee. David struggles but can’t seem to break the hold. The ref asks David if he’ll quit but the tough get refuses. Jake tightens the hold and it seems like Stone will have no choice but to submit…

Until he jams both thumbs into Donaldson’s eyes! Jake let’s go and stumbles back. David gets up and once again ignores the ref and fires off his trademark super kick…

Donaldson ducks it! Jake starts to light Stone up with a quick and furious flurry! Punch after punch rocks Stone to the core! The crowd cheers as Jake continues his attack and then spins in for a hard kick.

But Stone catches the leg and drops into an ankle lock!
Jake writhes and fights but David pulls back harder, Jake has nowhere to go! He shakes his head over and over in denial to the ref but finally he give in and taps out to the move. Despite the tapping out Stone won’t let go! He keeps the viscous lock in as the bell rings over and over!


After what seems like forever Stone lets go and stands up to spit on his fallen foe. The crowd mercilessly boo Stone, UWE legend or not, as he disrespects the Torment leader. This won’t go down well!


Match Three – Single’s Match
Ricky Molaroni vs. Ben ‘Buster’ Bradley

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Buster Bradley and Ricky Molaroni come together in the middle of the ring and lock up. Ricky tries to push against Buster but the muscular Bradley doesn’t move and in fact begins to push Ricky back. Buster suddenly pulls Ricky into a headlock and squeezes tightly. Ricky yells out in pain and falls to one knee as his head is crushed between Buster’s muscles. Molaroni tries to get back to his feet but Every time he does Buster wrenches again and cuts off Ricky’s attempts to escape. Ricky’s face begins to turn bright red as he struggles.

Buster whips Molaroni over and drops an elbow into Ricky’s chest. Buster lifts Molaroni back up and scoops him up into a quick slam before dropping another elbow. Ricky gasps for breath as he is brought back up by Buster. Ben picks Ricky up into a front slam and drops him across his knee. Buster lifts him back up and performs the Body Buster before pinning Ricky!


Buster does it again! The big guy is on a roll here.


Buster stands and lifts both hands above his head as the crowd cheers. With the roll he’s on, one might start wondering if he could be in contention for a title shot soon!


Following Buster’s match, Danny Oliver makes his way to the ring but is viciously attacked by New Found Attitude. But lo and behold, James Calhoun comes to the rescue! He rescues Danny, and publicly complains about how Lara Pegorino was unable to protect her roster. Following this, a beaten up Danny cuts a scathing promo on Lucilla, his upcoming opponent. He WILL see the match through.

Match Four – Single’s Match
Lucilla Pegorino vs. Danny Oliver

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

A severely weakened but nonetheless extremely determined Danny Oliver stands face to face with Lucilla Pegorino, completely undeterred. He goes in, trying to get some grappling going with the Serpent, but Lucilla uses her freshness and supreme speed to dodge him every time he attempts a hold.

She cartwheels, ducks and rolls and every time Danny gets close, she avoids him. It’s a tactic meant to frustrate and as the crowd starts to boo, it seems to be working. Danny ultimately foregoes the technicalities and rushes at Lucilla with a monster clothesline, but she ducks! As Danny runs the ropes she hits him with a basement dropkick, flattening him.

She immediately explodes back to her feet, unleashing a barrage of stomps to the back of his head. Danny crawls to the nearest corner, but there is no escape as Lucilla simply captures him there, continuing to stump a mudhole in him as he tries to get back to his feet.
Lucilla backs off, and runs up, hitting Danny with a running facewash. She follows it up with a cannonball and as Danny is lying limp in the corner, Lucilla spreads her arms wide as the crowd boo to max capacity.
Eventually she grabs Danny’s ankle and drags him to the middle of the ring, although the corpulent Oliver outweighs her by a long shot and it takes quite a while. She goes down for the pin…


Danny kicks out! It took too long, but Danny is still obviously hurt, both from the pre-match assault and Lucilla’s tactics. For such a hellcat, she has always been deceivingly intelligent as an in-ring tactician. She hits Danny with a standing moonsault before he can recover, and immediately gets back up to follow it up with another one. She goes for the cover again!



Danny kicks out! With considerably more effort this time, but still convincingly. Lucilla pulls up her nose and takes a step back, allowing him to get back to his feet. It’s clear she has something in mind to put him away. He gets to his knees, and Lucilla closes in, and hits the Cookie Thumper, almost stomping Danny’s face through the canvas! The crowd ‘ooh’s at the impact and Lucilla laughs, standing over Danny’s limp and lifeless body. Her gloating continues for a couple more seconds, before she points at the corner. The crowd boo’s, but Lucilla simply smiles, and continues to hop onto the top turnbuckle. She’s going to make this a quickie, is she? Lucid Dream incoming. She twists in the air as she hits her corkscrew shooting star, and lands hard!

But misses Danny completely! The Dog of War moved at the last split second and Lucilla hits nothing but canvas. Instinctively, Danny throws himself on top of her, using his natural weight to get an advantage.



Lucilla kicks out, barely! The elevation she got off the Lucid Dream caused her to nearly knock herself unconscious. But Danny gets a sudden surge of adrenaline! He locks his arms around Lucilla’s waist and hits her with a gutwrench suplex that sends her flying halfway across the ring! Lucilla gets to her feet but it clotheslines into the corner. Staggering forward, Danny locks his arms around her and sends her flying overhead with a belly-to-belly!

The crowd is feeling it. They cheer on their fan favorite, and their passion gives him fire. He makes a get-up gesture at Lucilla who obliges, albeit on spaghetti legs. He nails her with an enzuiguiri and climbs to the top turnbuckle.

Picture perfect moonsault! Danny’s going for it! Legacy of Detroit! But as soon as Lucilla feels his foot on her knee she scurries away and grabs the bottom rope. Danny grabs her ankles and pulls her back to the center of the squared circle. He pulls her back to her feet, sends her into the ropes and hits a scoopslam on the rebound. He goes for Legacy of Detroit again, but once more, she avoids it by hanging on to the bottom rope. Danny is undeterred though, and goes in for another offensive maneuver, but Lucilla takes a swing at his knee with her boot! Danny stumbles, his knee buckling, and she takes full advantage. She kips up, and with a dropsault sends him stumbling into Corey Miner! With the ref momentarily down, Lucilla is in for the kill.

Thy Serpent’s Tongue! Her red mist hits Danny square in the face, and the Dog of War screams out in agony, wildly flailing as he’s blinded. Lucilla manages to snatch one of his arms, and… FHS!!

Danny collapses, and Lucilla goes for the cover. Miner is back up just in time to see it and goes in for the count..




It’s over! Lucilla stole one, and Miner calls for the bell.


Lucilla cackles as she wipes red paint residue off her face. She seems pretty pleased with herself as Danny is clutching his eyes in agony. The fans boo her, demanding a DQ, but the referee’s call stands.


Main Event – Tag Team Match
The Menagerie vs. #EmphasisOnBullet

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The inaugural UWE Universal Tag Team Champions are in action for the first time since winning the belts in the tag team tournament, but they’re faced with a beastly endeavor as they take on the menagerie, consisting of Gurgen and Tenzin, Armenian and Bhutanese Beast respectively.

It’s Adeline La Roux starting off the match against Karma Tenzin, who goes over the rules with his tag team partner one more time. As Chuck Aitken calls for the match to start, it’s obvious that both teams have their own strategy. The Bullets want to speed things up, but the Menagerie wants to slow them down to a crawl.

Adeline foregoes the usual lock-ups instead choosing to run the ropes and immediately go for a springboard cross-body, but Tenzin catches her in mid-air, showing relatively surprising strength, something you’d normally expect out of his tag team partner. And the Bhutanese Beast goes back to his roots. No fancy throw or big impact power move. A headlock. Plain. Simple. Effective. And his specialty. Renowned for his iron grip, Karma grabs Adeline so tight her head does not budge an inch. But it sure as hell slows her down, taking away her biggest weapon: aerial offense.

In the corner, Wulf tries to get the crowd to clap for Adeline, giving her an adrenaline boost but even as she uses her legs for leverage and starts flailing at Tenzin, his grip does not loosen even a fraction of an inch. Slowly, Adeline starts to fade already, and Tenzin bends his knees, locking it in even deeper. Adeline’s arm starts to go limp until eventually it hangs by her side.

Chuck Aitken grabs it, lifts it up releases.

It drops.

Again, he lifts and releases. On the outside, Wulf is now banging his foot on the apron to get the crowd gong, and the Vancouverites are chanting her name in unison!


But Aitken has no choice but to continue! He releases her arm a third and possibly final time…

It drops.

But she keeps it suspended before it goes down completely! Acting on pure instinct, she clenches her fist and starts taking surprisingly well-aimed shots at Tenzin’s forehead, each connecting with devastating effect, and more so as Karma’s grip eventually does loosen. But just as it seems Adeline is about to break free, Tenzin leverages her over to his corner and Gurgen tags himself in. Tenzin shouts some directions and rather than going for a straight mauling like he usually does, the Canadian Champion lifts up Adeline and locks her into a bear hug! Their strategy, probably devised by Tenzin, is obvious: ground and slow down the highfliers.

Adeline is trying to clobber her way to freedom, but Gurgen’s grip is equally strong and the blows don’t impact him as much, especially since Adeline is already severely weakened. But while Gurgen is trying to squeeze the life out of her, she decides the only thing she can do to counter him is to try and choke him out as well! In what could be described as a nearly ingenious maneuver, Adeline grabs herself a handful of the Beast’s own bears and shoves it into his own mouth, effectively using Gurgen’s own finishing maneuver against him! The crowd love it and cheerfor Adeline as Gurgen is completely taken aback! His grip loosens almost immediately, and Adeline manages to drive him back into the corner where Wulf is waiting! The Silver Bullet tags himself in with Adeline still having a handful of hair down Gurgen’s maw. Wulf hops on the top turnbuckle, jumps off and while leaping over Gurgen he his him in the face with the soles of his boots. He lands, rolls through, turns and nails Gurgen with a step-up enzuiguiri, all the whole Adeline still has the hold locked in!

Aitken counts to 4, forcing the release, and as he finally gets her hand out of his mouth, he keels over! At the exact moment he hits the canvas, Wulf lands on him, having just executed a moonsault! He hooks the massive leg of the beast and covers him!



THR-Tenzin breaks it up! Gurgen wasn’t moving, and they might very well have gotten him had Karma not interfered. Adeline rushes in and levels Tenzin with a slingblade, telling Wulf to up the tempo. As she pushes Karma out of the ring, Wulf does exactly that. With Gurgen’s body lying in the middle of the ring, he goes for a series of standing flips!

Shooting Star!
450 legdrop!
Moonsault senton!

The crowd goes wild as Wulf points back at the corner where Adeline is eagerly waiting to be tagged in. He goes over and slaps her hand. She hops on the top rope and calls for it! Bite the Bullet!!!!

But she stumbles off the top rope. Tenzin, who had been knocked to the outside, pulled on the rope, causing her to lose balance. She lands hard on the top turnbuckle with her crotch, but luckily Wulf is there to both help her off and tag himself back in as Karma goes back to his own corner and calls for Gurgen to get up.

Meanwhile, the Armenian Beast had begun to stir, and is now seated upright. Wulf springboards off the top rope and hits Gurgen in the face with a missile dropkick. Gurgen is smacked backed down, and the tag team champions seem to be in control! But as Wulf goes over to cover, Gurgen’s maw finds its way around his throat! Without releasing, the Beast gets back to his feet. Adeline sees what’s up and leaps to the rescue, but Gurgen flings Wulf her way and the two collide in mid-air before dropping back down to the mat!

Gurgen is weakened though, and he stumbles back over to his partner Tenzin, who tags himself in as Gurgen takes a breather. The Bhutanese Beast hurries over to the legal man, Wulf, and goes for the Enlightenment! But he can’t lock it in! Wulf struggles, and gets his own arm in between himself an Tenzin’s hold to stop it from being fully applied. Tenzin releases and unleashes a flurry of elbow strikes to Wulf’s neck. With Addy still dazed, he drags Wulf back to the middle of the ring and goes for the Enlightenment, managing to completely lock it in deep this time!

As Wulf is fading fast, the crowd is calling both for him to break free and Adeline to come to the rescue! The Crimson Bullet is slowly getting back to her feet. She shakes the cobwebs off, and sees her tag team partner in trouble. Without hesitation, she comes to the rescue!

But runs straight into an Armenian Double Axe Handle! She is turned inside out, and as Chuck Aitken goes to check on Wulf, he drops his arm down.




Aitken has to call for the bell!


It’s over! The Menagerie have upset the tag team champions! While this would normally bring them in contention for a title shot, the Dogs of War are still number one contenders!


Quick results:
*Hachirou Eto def. El Hijo de Los Muertos
*David Stone def. Jake Donaldson
*Buster Bradley def. Ricky Molaroni
*Lucilla def. Danny Oliver
*The Menagerie def. #EOB


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