UWE Power Rankings(Post-Gallipoli Edition)

Power Rankings

1. Morsmordre (3) – It’s been a mixed week for Morsmordre, but Asylum’s incredible display against Bob the Badguy warrants the number one spot. While Brandon wasn’t victorious, this group has shown time and time again that they’re the gold standard in UWE, and so far no one has been able to take them down a peg. But if they want to hold on to this number one spot, they better keep delivering the goods!

2. The Armenian Beast (1) – For the first time in a long while, The Armenian Beast is knocked off his throne in the Power Rankings. Sorry, Beastie, but that’s what happens if you don’t show up! Not that it’s your fault, but the world keeps on turning with or without you. He’s still the champion, but he’ll have to come back soon (and win) or risk dropping even further down the rankings.

3. The Rhett Vipers (4) – Jenson and Ruby bust into the top three after a great display against Chaos by the Michigan Dragon. Both Chaos and Jenson are undefeated in single’s and tag team competition, so no one can argue that this number 3 spot is not what they deserve. Ruby will face Serah Feena next week, and if she can keep their near perfect record clean, they might find themselves even higher next week!

4. Amy Gobraless (2) – No podium for Miss Gobraless this week, as she gets the same treatment The Armenian Beast got. If you want to hag onto your spot, you’ll have to show up and compete; because remember, there’s always someone out there who’s hungrier than you are and who’s looking to dethrone you. But don’t worry, Amy, once you get back in the thick of it, you’ll get back ito the top three in no time.

5. Special Forces (5) – A mixed week for the Special Forces. Major Payne lost to Tyler Reeves, but Corporal Punishment picked up an astonishing win over Brandon Sorrow. +1-1 equals zero, and that’s why they neither lose or gain a spot.

6. Angels & Demons (7) – Lily and Billsta defeated the team of Craven and Natasha, and therefore they go up in the rankings! They might be even higher, had the single’s record of both members been a little bit better. But still, their rise is slow, but steady.

7. Tyler Reeves (N/A) – Talk about making an entrance! “The Icon” Tyler Reeves is out to make a name for himself and he did just that. He busts into the Power Rankings like a wrecking ball, and now it’s up to the others to stop him. The question is: can they?

8. Bob the Badguy (6) – Badluck for the Badguy. After coming up short against Asylum, he goes from 6 to 8. Everyone can have a Badday, but if you’re a Badass like Bob, you’ll be back in business in a blitz!

9. Chaos (8) – The Canadian Psycho slides a bit further downafter his loss to Jenson Rhett. He needs a big win, fast, or he might not make this list in the weeks to come! He can take Morsmordre, numbers one on this list, down a peg by defeating Brandon Sorrow. If he does, that, expect to see him skyrocket his way up the Rankings.

10. Serah Feena (9) – A no contest for Miss Feena isn’t enough to go up in the list. Like Chaos, she could do with a big win and, like Chaos, she could do just that this week when she faces Ruby. Don’t get disheartened, Serah, we all love you very much, and we know it’s only a matter of time before your true potential shines!

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