UWE Hot Topics Interview: Chett Rosenthal

Hot Topics

Gwendy here with another hot topics interview.



This week I have a word with Chett Rosenthal; the owner of the company. It took me awhile to lock this interview, but I got it. The Hot Topics interviews are successful, so next I’m going to try and have a word with Lara Pegorino from the Sports Entertainment Network. How you doing Lara? But first, check out my interview with Chett himself.


How you doing Chett Rosenthal?

I’m well thanks, how are you Gwendy?


I’m well. I’d like to ask you a few quick questions surrounding your company the UWE. What made you want to bring the UWE back to television?


It was a collective business decision. I am the majority shareholder, but there are other shareholders that exist as minority holders. The company has stakes and the UWE has a lot of room to grow as a company. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to revive a company I’m passionate about. I had help from people that helped build this company. Experts, if you will. For example, businesswoman Lara Pegorino had a platform to re-launch the UWE.


Now, who are these other share holders, can you spill?


The company is ran by the board of directors. The board has agreed to protect the identity of the minority shareholder at this time as they are a third party group that wishes to remain behind the board. I will say that the minority shareholder, or shareholders, sit on the board.


Who made the decision to appoint Caroline Cage as General Manager?


The board made the decision as a collective. It was a unanimous vote and Caroline was more than happy to step into that position. Of course there were others that had been in the position before, so there was alternative interest. That was a major factor into the decision process, but ultimately Caroline was most suitable for the job.


I’ve been saying for a bit now that UWE could do well with new titles. What do you think?


Gwendy, I couldn’t agree more. The UWE has been heading in a new direction. The current direction UWE is heading in is different, but not entirely different than the direction that was taken in the past. The introduction of unique divisions would be beneficial to the UWE. At one point [UWE] had multiple titles, but the roster was bulkier then. Presently, there is groundwork being laid for the future and the fans will just have to remain patient.


Chett, you scout some amazing talent. For example, the Rhett Vipers came from the indies. How do you do it?


*Chett laughs* Gwendy I don’t do it by myself, but thank you. UWE scouts only the best talent.


UWE has foundations in Toronto as a Canadian wrestling promotion. The promotion tours various regions, so the company can be classified as global. Where did the decision to implement regional tours come from?


That decision was made by the board of directors. There is a wonderful group of people that run the company. They do a lot behind the scenes to keep things afloat and that decision was there’s alone. I merely agreed with the majority.


One last question, any favorite wrestlers in the UWE?


I admire every wrestler on the roster. The UWE only scouts the top and prime talent from around the world.


Thank you Chett for answering a few questions. It was a pleasure speaking to you.


It was my pleasure Gwendy.

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