LEAKED: Footage of Meeting Between GM and Owner!!

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After OTT XIV aired, footage was sent in of a meeting between Lise Fortier and Lara Pegorino, where they discussed many UWE-related things. It seems to have come from Lise’s Real Housewives camera crew, and shot without Ms. Pegorino’s permission.

Neither has yet been reached for a comment.

You can view the footage here.

UWE Insider: Hot Topics #9

Hot Topics

Welcome to an all new edition of Hot Topics. I’m glad to be back after a brief hiatus… of sorts. I was on vacation. Guess where Gwendy went… I went to the Bahamas. After vacation, I learned that there were changes in staff duties. Lucky for you all, I’m still on the writing payroll.

Asylum defeated the Armenian Beast to become a multi-reigning-World Champion, so we send out a huge congratulations to Asylum on his victory. That’s a huge, huge win because not that many can take down the Armenian Beast. It’s a big feat. Who will challenge Asylum now? The Armenian Beast, reportedly, isn’t going to be at a few upcoming shows. However, we probably haven’t seen the last of the Beast just yet. Keep in mind he still has a rematch clause.

Congratulations to the ladies on a new Women’s Championship. Lily Jackson was the inaugural champion, declaring her a three time Ladies Champ, but that changed quick after Princess Diamond Diva dethroned Lily to win her first title. Diva has only had a handful of matches for UWE and she’s already on top. Maybe Lily was distracted with her new boo, Chaos. Or maybe Princess Diamond Diva’s mind games worked. Regardless, Lily needs to keep focused, especially if she’s the self-declared Queen of UWE. She nearly beat Princess, the new blood are proving to be quite strong talent.

There’s a new power couple on the scene and it’s Princess Diamond Diva and her man Damian Darque. Damian has been impressive in his debut matches and now he’s going to face David Stone on an upcoming show. Look out David Stone, Damian is on the rise and he’s coming up quick.

Reports say that Demoana and Serah aren’t getting along. Demoana won at the Halloween Hell costume contest because let’s face it… skin wins. Serah is showing jealousy and what used to be a modest lady has now become a hate filled wench. Sorry Serah, we love you, but you’re acting un-lady-like. But they aren’t the only ladies in the locker room with tension: there’s Amy Gobraless, Diamond Diva and of course Lily Jackson. None of the girls appear to be friends!

Remember, if you have any dirt get in touch with us through the comment section of the blog or the twitter @UWENetwork

UWE Insider: Hot Topics # 8

Hot Topics

How you doing?

I’m Gwendy with Hot Topics. Did catch the pay-per view? I did and I got an opinion. What’s new!

So, the Rising Star Championship match didn’t happen. I’m a tad disappointed with this division. It’s like, this match had so much promise, but it didn’t go anywhere. Then, you have the follow up show and poof… No sign of the belt anywhere. Is the UWE scrapping the belt? That’s just a question I got, there’s no rumours or anything, just pure speculation. And dirt. Lot’s and lot’s of dirt, because this is Hot Topics and we’re moving along.

Craven beat Billsta at the pay-per view in the first match of the night. It was a decent match. I thought Billsta had it won, but Craven got the win this time. Billsta Anderson and Lily haven’t been making many appearances together, but I hope they do soon. They have great chemistry.

Speaking of Lily, Lily Jackson defeats Serah Feena at the pay-per view. It was your typical divas match and Lily was able to come out on top. Lily Jackson is a wonderful woman. I admire her talent and appreciate her on the roster. But the ladies of UWE need something to do. Now, Caroline was talking up a Women’s belt. Note: Women’s and not Diva’s. What’s the big deal in the name anyway? Diva is empowering. In my opinion! I think the UWE just needs to introduce this belt for the sake of Lily. C’mon guys.

Diamond Diva is finally making her debut. This excites me. She is going to debut against a mystery opponent. Mystery opponents are always the best, but sometimes they’re real shockers if you know what I mean. Diamond Diva, we’ll be waiting for your debut.

The Armenian Beast and Asylum double pinned Chaos. This is a flash back to back in the day when Chaos and Danger got a double victory over the Deadman. Y’all remember that, right? Well, this is just a throw back to that. I’m sure of it! The outcome shocked me… I didn’t expect it, but it was one heck of a match and the guys pulled it off.

The Armenian Beast and Asylum now have a rematch for the World title at a UWE live event. Asylum is turning over a new leaf and we’re seeing a new side of him. I think he’s going to come after the Armenian Beast in full force and we get to watch… lucky us!

I’ll have my popcorn and I’ll be watching.

This is all the time I got now. Thank you for reading.

Gwendy W.

UWE Insider: Hot Topics #7

Hot Topics

My name is Gwendy and I got the dirt and the opinion to go along with it. Welcome to another edition of Hot Topics. Let’s cut to the chase.

So UWEniverse, you’ll never guess who I managed to get a future interview with! …Lara Pegorino! With some persistence and some poking around, because it’s what I do, she agreed to talk.

Lara's Tweet
This gossip blogger is excited. How you doing, Lara? We’ll speak soon and I look forward to it.

So, as you all know it’s pay-per view week and things are busy around the UWE. In the locker room, as well as the board room, things are probably hectic. I’m sure Lara along with all of the other business suits have engagements this week, so the interview will come soon. Thank you for your patience, but Ms. Pegorino is a busy, busy woman.

I have questions for Lara and I’m also wondering where Lucilla is. The focus of the interview is Lara, but of course I will bring up Lucilla Pegorino. Remember she got suspended? They are sisters and if anyone has any info, it would be Lara. Lara know’s how we do on Hot Topics, but I will clear everything before hand so it’s not uncomfortable.

If you have any questions for Lara comment on the blog, tweet @UWENetwork or reach us through the email ultimate.wrestling.ent@gmail.com

As you all know, the pay-per view is coming soon as the Battleground tour draws to a close. The UWE says it will be a September to Remember. Well, so far, the shows have been memorable. There have been some new debuts and developments.

Amy Gobraless will be challenged by Ruby from the Rhett Vipers. How you doing ladies? In my opinion, Ruby is a threat to Amy’s legacy as a champion. She will have to bring her top game against the challenger Ruby. I think these women will bring down the house. The culmination of the Battleground Tour features many blow outs, but this one has to be my favourite.

The Armenian Beast has two challengers; Asylum and Chaos. Asylum won his way into the match by picking up numerous victories this summer. Chaos, in contrast, suffered many losses. He was given a chance for a title shot in the beat the clock tournament. It will be interesting to see two challengers who came into this match in two different ways.

Our beloved UWE Champion the Armenian Beast was off of UWE television for awhile, at least in the wresting sense. He was able to beat Asylum’s impostor. The poser wasn’t able to win, but he had me fooled. You know, I honestly thought the fake Asylum was the real deal. I just thought he became a lot more agile. The wool was pulled over my eyes. I’m wondering, though, why would Asylum go through all the trouble to have an impostor work the match? Oh I know, the save his strength for the title match. Tricky, tricky, but it’s the Masked Madman. What should we expect from the lunatic in a straight jacket?

So, UWE signs a new talent. Princess Diamond Diva. How you doing Diamond Diva? Welcome to the UWEniverse. UWE is always looking for new talent. There should be a refer a friend program. I don’t know anyone, personally, but I’m just saying.

Thank you for reading,
Gwendy W.

UWE Insider: Hot Topics #6

Hot Topics

Welcome to hot topics. I’m Gwendy and I’m going to do a bit of a preview of the upcoming show. I will also make predictions and offer insight.

Asylum versus the Armenian Beast has been announced for the next show. Asylum is a menance and psychopath. The Armenian Beast is a jolly lug, but remember that he’s called the Beast for a reason. The fans are sure to get their monies worth whenever these two show up. It’s nearly impossible to predict a winner.

Beat the clock is a stipulation that will appear soon. Who can win his or her match in the fastest time? Whoever can achieve this feat in Stalingrad during the Battleground tour will get a World title shot as he or she becomes the World title number one contender. The Armenian Beast has been a successful champion thus far.

I am keeping my eye on the agile high flying wrestlers. A lot of the wrestlers are well versed in aerial wrestling holds and moves, you know, so I’m rooting for them. I’m all about the women, so come on ladies.

Did you check out my interview with Chett Rosenthal? It was a good interview. Short, but sweet. Chett is a darling and a sweetheart. I would love to have another word with him. If you didn’t see it, please check out the interview on the UWE blog under the Hot Topics category under Topics on the sidebar.

Rumor has it that Demoana and Serah Feena have it out for each other. Demoana came out and stared at Serah during her match with Ruby. In my opinion, it was a distraction that cost Ruby and it was all on Demoana. That’s just my opinion. Demoana and Serah, allegedly, have backstage tension between each other. It will either end up one of two ways: it will explode or simply boil over and fizzle out.

Lily and Chaos. What is happening there? I haven’t heard much, but we’ll see what happens between these two. You all know I love to pry but there’s nothing to uncover yet. When I know something about Ms. Jackson and Chaos you’ll know.

Tyler Reeves is a new guy on the scene. He impressed me and I think he should have beat Asylum. Tyler is here to slay the top stars of UWE. I think he can do it, but starting with Asylum will take a few tries to get the job done. Who will Tyler target next? Well, there’s a lot of potential people for The Icon to go after. I speculate he will continue to go after Asylum. Reeves probably has his eyes on a few guys like Jenson, Chaos and Brandon Sorrow. Of course there’s the champion, but he’s going to make examples out of some of UWE’s stars.

Thank you for reading. Always dishing, Gwendy.