UWE Insider: Hot Topics # 8

Hot Topics

How you doing?

I’m Gwendy with Hot Topics. Did catch the pay-per view? I did and I got an opinion. What’s new!

So, the Rising Star Championship match didn’t happen. I’m a tad disappointed with this division. It’s like, this match had so much promise, but it didn’t go anywhere. Then, you have the follow up show and poof… No sign of the belt anywhere. Is the UWE scrapping the belt? That’s just a question I got, there’s no rumours or anything, just pure speculation. And dirt. Lot’s and lot’s of dirt, because this is Hot Topics and we’re moving along.

Craven beat Billsta at the pay-per view in the first match of the night. It was a decent match. I thought Billsta had it won, but Craven got the win this time. Billsta Anderson and Lily haven’t been making many appearances together, but I hope they do soon. They have great chemistry.

Speaking of Lily, Lily Jackson defeats Serah Feena at the pay-per view. It was your typical divas match and Lily was able to come out on top. Lily Jackson is a wonderful woman. I admire her talent and appreciate her on the roster. But the ladies of UWE need something to do. Now, Caroline was talking up a Women’s belt. Note: Women’s and not Diva’s. What’s the big deal in the name anyway? Diva is empowering. In my opinion! I think the UWE just needs to introduce this belt for the sake of Lily. C’mon guys.

Diamond Diva is finally making her debut. This excites me. She is going to debut against a mystery opponent. Mystery opponents are always the best, but sometimes they’re real shockers if you know what I mean. Diamond Diva, we’ll be waiting for your debut.

The Armenian Beast and Asylum double pinned Chaos. This is a flash back to back in the day when Chaos and Danger got a double victory over the Deadman. Y’all remember that, right? Well, this is just a throw back to that. I’m sure of it! The outcome shocked me… I didn’t expect it, but it was one heck of a match and the guys pulled it off.

The Armenian Beast and Asylum now have a rematch for the World title at a UWE live event. Asylum is turning over a new leaf and we’re seeing a new side of him. I think he’s going to come after the Armenian Beast in full force and we get to watch… lucky us!

I’ll have my popcorn and I’ll be watching.

This is all the time I got now. Thank you for reading.

Gwendy W.

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