Power Rankings: Post-Gettysburg Edition

Power Rankings

One half of the rankings didn’t see any shifts at all, but the other half saw witness to some shake ups.

1. The Armenian Beast (N/A) – After September to Remember, the Beast walked away with the belt as a fighting champion. For this, he remains at number one.

2. Asylum (N/A) – Asylum is at number two, representing himself, in a new breakthrough. Asylum is now chasing the Armenian Beast for the UWE World Championship and is quite the contender.

3. Angels and Demons (N/A) – Billsta came up short at the pay-per view, but Lily picked up a victory. For that, Angels and Demons keeps their spot at number three due to their record as a tag team.

4. Rhett Vipers (N/A) – The Rhett Vipers, along with several others, have been inactive and next week could be in danger of falling down the rankings. For the time being, they remain at number four. Their in-ring record speaks for itself.

5. Amy Gobraless (N/A) – The Rising Star Champion was unable to get her title match off of the ground at the pay-per view. For that, she stays at number five.

6. Chaos (N/A) – Chaos lost a major match at the pay-per view and now stays at number six. Chaos is in danger of falling down the rankings if he continues to lose match after match.

7. Craven (10) – Craven broke onto the rankings last week. At the pay-per view he won a match and because of that he rises up to number seven.

8. Special Forces (N/A) – The Special Forces sit at number eight for now. They compete this week against Craven and Natasha Lynx. The impending result of that match could very well shake up the rankings next week.

9. Tyler Reeves (7) – Reeves falls back due to inactivity.

10. Serah Feena (9) – A loss pushes Serah back to number ten. After a debut on the rankings, Serah may fall off the radar in the upcoming week with several familiar faces making returns.

Check out the rankings next week. Addison Hart, Mario Valentino and Natasha Lynx compete against Power Rankings mainstays Lily Anderson, Serah Feena and the Special Forces. The rankings are bound to shift.

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