UWE Results: September to Remember PPV


1.Craven beats Billsta in the opening match
Well, Craven and Billsta were impressive here. Craven was able to win here. If Craven can keep this up, he can be on road to stardom in the UWE.

2. Serah loses to Lily in a ladies match
Lily is on a roll over all the other ladies. She has been able to beat all of the girls at some point, but more recently she’s on a tear against the other women.

3. Rising Star flop
Ruby versus Amy never happened. The match was simply a flop, but it will be interesting to see where things go in the Rising Star Championship picture.

4. World title match is a hot mess
The triple threat World title match between the Armenian Beast, Asylum and Chaos was a heated match. It was kind of a hot mess. The referee declared both men the winners and the Beast retains the title. Surely a rematch is bound to happen between these two.

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