UWE Insider: New divisions

News & Rumors

General Manager Caroline Cage has interest in reviving the UWE Hardcore division as well as the UWE Women’s division. The Women’s Championship later became the Diva’s Championship, but there is interest in the Women’s title returning rather than the Diva name. Both titles are presently retired, but Mrs. Cage hopes to change that.

The Women’s title was apart of the UWE launch in 2004 (renamed in 2005), while the Hardcore title debuted in 2007 and later returned in 2009. Both titles were retired a few years ago.

The two titles are inactive and will remain vacant, but Mrs. Cage wants to have the titles on hand. When she feels the time is right, she will introduce the belt. This is similar to the Tag Team title belts. They are inactive, but are on hand for managements discretion.

“The Hardcore title was supposed to be introduced this summer, but the plans fizzled out” admits Caroline to the UWE blog staff. “The Hardcore and Women’s titles will join the Tag Team titles. If and only if the board of directors feel it is necessary, a new title may be unveiled. Whether or not this is at the cost of a present title, that is at the discretion of UWE management.”

– UWE blog staff

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