Post-Open Season kickoff Power Rankings

Power Rankings

Champions & Number one contenders

UWE World Championship - ASYLUM
  1. The Armenian Beast (-)
  2. Amy Gobraless (-)
  3. David Stone (-)

UWE Rising Star Championship – AMY GOBRALESS
  1. Skip Lightly (-)
  2. Damian Darque (LW: 3)
  3. Chaos (LW: 2)

UWE Women’s Championship – PRINCESS DIAMOND DIVA
  1. Lily Jackson (-)
  2. Amy Gobraless (-)
  3. Serah Feena (-)

Post-Halloween Hell ’14 Power rankings

Power Rankings

Champions & Number one contenders

UWE World Championship - ASYLUM
  1. The Armenian Beast
  2. Amy Gobraless
  3. David Stone

UWE Rising Star Championship – AMY GOBRALESS
  1. Skip Lightly
  2. Chaos
  3. Damian Darque

UWE Women’s Championship – PRINCESS DIAMOND DIVA
  1. Lily Jackson
  2. Amy Gobraless
  3. Serah Feena

Power Rankings: Post-Gettysburg Edition

Power Rankings

One half of the rankings didn’t see any shifts at all, but the other half saw witness to some shake ups.

1. The Armenian Beast (N/A) – After September to Remember, the Beast walked away with the belt as a fighting champion. For this, he remains at number one.

2. Asylum (N/A) – Asylum is at number two, representing himself, in a new breakthrough. Asylum is now chasing the Armenian Beast for the UWE World Championship and is quite the contender.

3. Angels and Demons (N/A) – Billsta came up short at the pay-per view, but Lily picked up a victory. For that, Angels and Demons keeps their spot at number three due to their record as a tag team.

4. Rhett Vipers (N/A) – The Rhett Vipers, along with several others, have been inactive and next week could be in danger of falling down the rankings. For the time being, they remain at number four. Their in-ring record speaks for itself.

5. Amy Gobraless (N/A) – The Rising Star Champion was unable to get her title match off of the ground at the pay-per view. For that, she stays at number five.

6. Chaos (N/A) – Chaos lost a major match at the pay-per view and now stays at number six. Chaos is in danger of falling down the rankings if he continues to lose match after match.

7. Craven (10) – Craven broke onto the rankings last week. At the pay-per view he won a match and because of that he rises up to number seven.

8. Special Forces (N/A) – The Special Forces sit at number eight for now. They compete this week against Craven and Natasha Lynx. The impending result of that match could very well shake up the rankings next week.

9. Tyler Reeves (7) – Reeves falls back due to inactivity.

10. Serah Feena (9) – A loss pushes Serah back to number ten. After a debut on the rankings, Serah may fall off the radar in the upcoming week with several familiar faces making returns.

Check out the rankings next week. Addison Hart, Mario Valentino and Natasha Lynx compete against Power Rankings mainstays Lily Anderson, Serah Feena and the Special Forces. The rankings are bound to shift.

Power Rankings Post-Stalingrad Edition

Power Rankings

1. The Armenian Beast (2) – Beast won his in-ring return during the main event. Although Beast beat Asylum’s doppleganger, poser or whoever that was, the Armenian Beast remains the dominant UWE Champion. Thus, Beast takes the number one spot.

2. Morsmordre (1) – Asylum technically didn’t lose to the Armenian Beast and consequently falls back a spot due to the loss and inactivity. However, Asylum remains at number two and will go on to face the Champion and Chaos at the PPV.

3. Rhett Vipers (N/A) – Thanks to Ruby, the Rhett Vipers hang in as a formidable tag team. Ruby is the number one contender for the Rising Star Championship. She was almost a World title contender, but she’s not quite there, yet.

4. Angels and Demons (N/A) – The tag team remains in the fourth spot after both members suffered from a loss. They are in detriment of losing their spot on the rankings unless they can pick up a win here soon.

5. Amy Gobraless (N/A) – Amy Gobraless remains in the power rankings and edges out the top five. The UWE Rising Star Champion could very well climb the rankings or fall out of the top five after the pay-per view. She defends her belt against Ruby in a title bout.

6. Chaos (8) – Chaos won his beat the clock match and will now get a World title shot against two other competitors. Lucky for him. Or is it unlucky? Chaos will have to face Asylum and Armenian Beast. Chaos sits at number six.

7. Tyler Reeves (6) – Reeves was unsuccessful against Chaos, so he moves down the rankings by one spot. He takes the seventh slot on the rankings this week.

8. Special Forces (7) – The Special Forces fall back on the rankings due to a week off in-ring duty. They are merely a victim of circumstance.

9. Serah Feena (N/A) – Serah remains in the ninth position due to an inactive week. We like you Serah, but you won’t rise up unless you can get some W’s. Otherwise you will be a victim of circumstance.

10. Craven (N/A) – Ah, a new entrant to the power rankings. Craven didn’t make a big enough splash in the beat the clock matches to earn a title match. But the win was enough to see Craven become a new addition to the weekly power rankings. He sits in the ten spot.

Power Rankings Post-Ypres Edition

Power Rankings

1. Morsmordre (N/A) – The faction of Morsmordre hangs onto the number one spot thanks to Asylum. Asylum took on Tyler Reeves in a singles contest. The match was quite the spectacle for those who witnessed the Ypres contests. Asylum has recently been named the contender for the World title and theres a reason for that.

2. The Armenian Beast (N/A) – The Beast remains at the second spot, but could be in danger of falling down. Asylum and The Armenian Beast are set to compete in a World title match in the near future against a potential third number one contender. With that said, Beast has just as much of a chance of reclaiming the number one spot with a win or a successful title defense.

3. The Rhett Vipers (N/A) – Ruby suffers from a loss against Serah just last week, but the pair rides on the victories of Jenson Rhett. The tag team could potentially fall back or rise up, depending on how the beat the clock matches go.

4. Angels and Demons (6) – Lily’s victory over Natasha helps to bring the duo of Angels and Demons up two spots on the power rankings. Angels and Demons don’t always appear as a unit, but they are mainstays on the roster. That is the reason why they rise up to spot number four.

5. Amy Gobraless (4) – The Rising Star Champion falls back due to some inactivity. However, she remains in the top five of the rankings. Amy will either rise up or fall out of the top five if she can’t pull off a third title defense. If Amy can defend her title for a third time she will rise up quick. Even just an appearance or a win could put the Rising Star into the top three where she once was.

6. Tyler Reeves (7) – Although Tyler Reeves lost against Asylum in last weeks main event, he continues to etch his name in the history books of UWE. Reeves proves to be a tough competitor and a viable candidate to compete for number one contenderships. “The Icon” has a lot to prove, but moves up one spot as the rankings change.

7. Special Forces (5) – The rankings have shifted a bit. The Special Forces fall back two spots due to recent inactivity. However, the Special Forces should not be taken lightly and Payne and Punishment can easily rise and fluctuate in their position.

8. Chaos (9) – Chaos bumps up one spot after a win against Brandon Sorrow. Chaos will have to pull off further wins in order to move along the power rankings, just like everybody else.

9. Serah Feena (10) – Serah Feena moves up one spot from the last position after a win against Ruby. For now she holds onto at number nine.

10. Bob The Badguy (8) – The Badguy edges out the rankings in the ten spot due to a loss in his last appearance and then some inactivity. We don’t blame Bob for the circumstances, but that is just how the power rankings work.