UWE Insider: Hot Topics #6

Hot Topics

Welcome to hot topics. I’m Gwendy and I’m going to do a bit of a preview of the upcoming show. I will also make predictions and offer insight.

Asylum versus the Armenian Beast has been announced for the next show. Asylum is a menance and psychopath. The Armenian Beast is a jolly lug, but remember that he’s called the Beast for a reason. The fans are sure to get their monies worth whenever these two show up. It’s nearly impossible to predict a winner.

Beat the clock is a stipulation that will appear soon. Who can win his or her match in the fastest time? Whoever can achieve this feat in Stalingrad during the Battleground tour will get a World title shot as he or she becomes the World title number one contender. The Armenian Beast has been a successful champion thus far.

I am keeping my eye on the agile high flying wrestlers. A lot of the wrestlers are well versed in aerial wrestling holds and moves, you know, so I’m rooting for them. I’m all about the women, so come on ladies.

Did you check out my interview with Chett Rosenthal? It was a good interview. Short, but sweet. Chett is a darling and a sweetheart. I would love to have another word with him. If you didn’t see it, please check out the interview on the UWE blog under the Hot Topics category under Topics on the sidebar.

Rumor has it that Demoana and Serah Feena have it out for each other. Demoana came out and stared at Serah during her match with Ruby. In my opinion, it was a distraction that cost Ruby and it was all on Demoana. That’s just my opinion. Demoana and Serah, allegedly, have backstage tension between each other. It will either end up one of two ways: it will explode or simply boil over and fizzle out.

Lily and Chaos. What is happening there? I haven’t heard much, but we’ll see what happens between these two. You all know I love to pry but there’s nothing to uncover yet. When I know something about Ms. Jackson and Chaos you’ll know.

Tyler Reeves is a new guy on the scene. He impressed me and I think he should have beat Asylum. Tyler is here to slay the top stars of UWE. I think he can do it, but starting with Asylum will take a few tries to get the job done. Who will Tyler target next? Well, there’s a lot of potential people for The Icon to go after. I speculate he will continue to go after Asylum. Reeves probably has his eyes on a few guys like Jenson, Chaos and Brandon Sorrow. Of course there’s the champion, but he’s going to make examples out of some of UWE’s stars.

Thank you for reading. Always dishing, Gwendy.

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