UWE Insider: Hot Topics #3

Hot Topics

Hello UWEniverse and welcome to hot topics! UWEniverse? Sounds strange, but it’s the best term to speak to the UWE fan base. You the UWE fans comprise a universe of great proportions. The universe extends to the stars and beyond. I guess. I’m Gwendy Willhelm and it’s time to dish the dirt and discuss the latest in UWE related news.

Brandon Moore and Asylum are having quite the feud. I thought Brandon held his cool during the special referee match between the Armenian Beast and Asylum. He kept his cool so well, that he won the main event match that evening to become the #1 contender for the most coveted prize in the UWE. What will happen now that Brandon is the number one contender for the World title? I think Asylum should get added into the World title picture for good measure. Of course Brandon deserves his fair shot, but let’s just see where this leads. I predict the Armenian Beast will retain his title on the last leg of the Heart of Europa tour. If so, please throw Brandon and Asylum at him. The fans would love to see this.

According to a source, Demoana used to work in the red light district in Amsterdam. She worked in the district when she was younger just to make ends meet. Do we care? No, not really, but it’s interesting to know. This is all allegedly of course.

How are the state of things in UWE? Pretty good if you ask me. There are rumors that UWE is introducing new titles. What titles do I think would best fit the UWE? Here are my thoughts!

The Tag Team titles have a place in the UWE. A tag division would be awesome. UWE has the Special Forces, Angels & Demons and Bad Attitude is hanging around there somewhere. David Stone and Joker haven’t appeared in recent weeks, but if they were available they could make the division worthwhile. The Rhett Vipers are a new tag team. A couple named Jenson Rhett and Ruby make up the Rhett Vipers. UWE could use additional new tag teams like the Rhett Ripers, they were impressive in their recent debuts during the Heart of Europa tour. If done properly, a UWE Tag division could be the next big thing.

A women’s division. UWE has a lot of ladies on the roster. There’s Lily Jackson, Addison Hart, Lucilla Pegorino (though she’s suspended), Demoana and the new girls Serah Feena and Ruby. UWE has blurred the gender lines, but this division could do well based on the talents of the women on the roster right now. Not all of the women can be World or Rising Star Champions. I don’t think the guys would mind a separate Women’s division and neither would some of the women.

So, what do you fans think? Those are all the Hot Topics we have for now, but we will be back by the end of the week with more. Feel free to tweet @UWENetwork or email ultimate.wrestling.ent@gmail.com
All questions that get sent in will be answered by Gwendy. Is there anything UWE related that you want to ask Gwendy about? Do you want Gwendy to dish on a certain topic? All feedback is welcome.

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