UWE Power Rankings(Post Germany Edition)

Power Rankings
  1. The Armenian Beast – Beast finds himself steadily atop the power rankings. He is the UWE World Champion after all. In Germany, Beast was able to defeat Asylum fair and square. Brandon Moore took the role of official for the match, but he called it right down the middle. Every week, we are reminded as to why The Armenian Beast sits upon UWE’s throne.
  2. Brandon Moore – Need I say ‘Moore?’ See what I did there? Brandon has been hot hot hot lately. His scuffles with Asylum surely could have put a damper on his in ring prowess as of late, but that didn’t happen. Brandon called a good clean bout as well as earning himself a number one contender’s spot for the man above him’s championship.
  3. Amy Gobraless – She wasn’t found in Germany, but she is still the Rising Star Champion. Sooner or later, she’ll have to defend that belt and we’ll see if she can keep this top three spot on the list.
  4. Asylum – What can be said about Asylum? He had a slip up against The Armenian Beast, but the Masked Madman has been on a hot streak as of late, taking on all comers. He came close to beating the World Champion and came just as close to winning a shot at that very World Championship. We’ll see where he goes on the rankings while he’s at war with Mr. Number Two.
  5. Bob the Badguy – Bob picked himself up a win in Germany! After Chaos got a cheap victory in Italy, Bob was given the opportunity to exact revenge. A no disqualification match? Of course he used that to his every advantage. Bob moves up!
  6. Chaos – And Chaos moves down. Chaos has been on an impressive streak lately, but the Badguy was able to shut him down. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of these two. To be honest, I hope it’s not.
  7. Angels and Demons – The future is bright for Billsta Anderson and Lily Jackson. Defying doctor’s orders to sit the week out, Lily couldn’t help but try her hand in the battle royal. That’s enough to make any team she is on totally badass. Number seven is all yours this week.
  8. The Rhett Vipers – Another tag team has burst onto the scene…and onto the power rankings! Ruby debuted against Chris Macksion, who doesn’t appear to be doing as much saving as he would like. She came away with a decisive victory. Then you have Jenson Rhett reappearing. He made a big showing in the battle royal, fighting his way until the final three. The sky is the limit for these two.
  9. Serah Feena – Another newcomer to the company and the rankings! Serah made an impressive debut against the Italian pretty boy, Mario Valentino. She’ll be looking to keep that momentum up and onward in the coming weeks, raiding the upper seeds of the rankings.
  10. Lucilla Pegorino – Oh where oh where as Lucilla gone? Oh where oh where can she be? Still suspended, right? Well, I’m not taking any chances. I like my life, my balls, and a whole lot of things. So, she’s staying on the list until I get the courage to knock her off. Someone…anyone, help me.

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