Heart of Europa in Berlin, Germany – Five Point Preview

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UWE Heart of Europa Tour  in Berlin, Germany – Full Match Card


Number three! That’s right, stop number three on the UWE Heart of Europa Tour. This time, we’re headed to Berlin, Germany! The line up for the event has been noted. Fans should know what to expect, but hey, anything could happen and change on a moment’s notice!


  1. Newbies and More Mystery – The opening contest is between Mario Valentino and Serah Feena. We saw Mario talk himself up last week and he’ll go toe to toe with another newcomer. Be prepared for a possible breakout performance! Also, be prepared for more mystery. Last week, mystery opponents were Special Forces. This week, Chris Mackison takes on a mystery opponent of his own. Who’s the mystery? Who’s coming back or making a debut? We’ll find out!
  2. Rematch – Chaos got a cheap win against Bob the Badguy! Bob’s pissed. But what’s new? Well, they’ve got a rematch this week and it’s no disqualification! If Chaos wants to get the win, he’ll have to come up with a gameplan to avoid the chairs, trash cans, kendo sticks, and whatever else Bob might throw at him. I could see this one destroying the whole of Berlin. I hope they can cool a bit, because the other matches need to happen!
  3. In the Middle – The World Champion is caught in the middle of a brewing war. The Armenian Beast will take on Asylum and rumor has it, Brandon Moore might just be in the running to referee the match. It may just end up in Beast’s favor, though. He can take advantage of the animosity and exploit it to victory! Speaking of animosity…
  4. Animosity! – Brandon and Asylum are going to kill one another. It’s plain and simple. We know what these two are capable of and we know it’s not going to stop any time soon. Be on the look out for another confrontation or possible collision between these two. If Bob vs. Chaos doesn’t bring down the building, Brandon running into Asylum certainly will.
  5. Opportunity – Anyone is welcome. One winner will make his way to the pay-per-view to take on the Armenian Beast for the UWE World Championship! That’s right, we’ve got an open invitational battle royal scheduled for the main event. Who will appear? Comebacks? More mystery debuts or opponents? There’s only one way to find out. Watch the show and see who’s feet stay in the ring and not on the mat outside!

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