UWE Power Rankings(Post Italy Edition)

Power Rankings
  1. The Armenian Beast – In Rome, Beast showed up with his recently won UWE World Championship. He garnered himself yet another main event match. He didn’t win or lose. He’s been having a lot of strange endings to his matches lately, this week being no different. He and Amy Gobraless go to a double count out in a non-title champion vs. champion match. He’s still the top guy in the company, so he’s not moving one bit.
  2. Amy Gobraless – See above. A double count out?! SOMEONE WIN SOMETHING ALREADY. She’s still got the Rising Star Championship settled under her giant knockers. She went to a non-decisive finish with the World Champion and that counts for something. She stays at number two for now.
  3. Asylum – The Masked Madman finds himself in the number three position. He won two matches last week. TWO. Actually winners. The only thing keeping him from the top spot is that he’s got no gold to show for his mayhem. Gaining a victory against Demoana followed by one against Chris Mackison, Asylum has been on a roll. He’s earned another Superstar of the Week award and it’s only going to get better.
  4. Chaos – Dirty, dirty Chaos. He’s been dominate lately, but in Rome, he had to use some unconventional methods to win his match. He grabbed a handful of the ropes to use as leverage. He beat Bob the Badguy, though. That’s a tough match to win, regardless of how it is done. Chaos nets number four, looking to head into Germany and add so more W’s to his record.
  5. Brandon Moore – “Just Plain Better” is starting to look a bit more realistic lately. Having only lost one match since his return to the ring, Brandon is climbing the ranks. He’s been in a bit of a scuffle with Asylum lately and there’s no doubt that has fueled him to perform better leading up to an inevitable battle. Beating long time respected rival Ronnie Cage moves him up.
  6. Bob the Badguy – Unfortunately for Bob, he lost due to some help from the ring ropes. Chaos got the cheap win, but he’ll have a chance to put some makeup over that blemish on his record with a rematch. If Bob gets back to his winning ways, the top five will be a’hollerin’ his name.
  7. Ronnie Cage – Ronnie has slid down the ladder of the Power Rankings quite far. He might have even smacked his chin against each rung on the way down. Things haven’t been looking up lately. With his personal issues possibly affecting his in ring performance, Brandon Moore was able to take him down. Other competitors have their head in the game and that is why he’s moved on down.
  8. Angels and Demons – Wreck shop as a tag team, move up the rankings as a tag team. Angels and Demons consists of Lily Jackson and Billsta Anderson. They went against mystery opponents, former Tag Team Champions, Special Forces. Major Payne and Corporal Punishment showed up to take care of business and in fact, they almost did. But A&D surprised everyone. In what I’m calling the match of the year so far, the tag team competition started off the show hot in Italy. The two of them deserve this spot and when one of them keeps up the hard work in the coming weeks, they’ll surely move up.
  9. Lucilla Pegorino – Girl, where you been?! Oh, that’s right, suspended. Doofus. (Please don’t kill me.) Lucilla is staying on the rankings because she’s terrifying and it’s not fair that someone that’s suspended gets booted off the list completely…you know, unless someone else steps up and takes her spot.
  10. Addison Hart – She’s staying on the list because she is at least making her presence known, in matches or not. She’s been screwing with the Badguy plenty much lately, but the same goes for her as goes for Lucilla. If someone else starts taking fools to town, she’ll be off this list faster than you can say…well, anything of relevance.

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