UWE Power Rankings(Post-Netherlands Edition)

Power Rankings
  1. The Armenian Beast – Beast is still on an absolute roll. He’s the reigning UWE World Champion and is coming off of a hard fought victory against Bob the Badguy. This number one spot doesn’t look to be changing any time soon. We’ll see after his title defense in London!
  2. Brandon Moore – What a match Brandon is coming off of! Match of the year quality! It was a hard fought battle that Jenson Rhett edged, but Brandon is certainly ready to raise his limit. He’s still the number one contender. London’s calling!
  3. Asylum – In London, Asylum has a street fight on his hands. However, in Amsterdam, he decided to sit it out. That doesn’t stop his presence from being felt. Even from another part of the country, he was still certainly able to get into the mind of his current adversary, Brandon Moore. Crazy stuff.
  4. Amy Gobraless – The Rising Star Champion has been MIA the past couple of weeks, but she’s still the champion. Her position in the power rankings as well as her position as champion is certainly in jeopardy. She’ll defend in London and it’ll be quite the bout.
  5. Bob the Badguy – Bob is here at number five. He might not have beaten the World Champion, but he sure put up one hell of a fight. And with a spot in the Rising Star Championship, these rankings are sure going to shake up by the time UWE leaves London, England!
  6. Rhett Vipers – The team moves up! Ruby was ringside for the spectacle. Jenson Rhett put on an absolute monster of a showing, coming up with a submission victory against Brandon Moore. If the two keep up the W’s, they’ll break through the top five like nobody’s business!
  7. Angels and Demons – Billsta and Lily are maintaining a strong presence in the top ten. Lily got a win over Chaos, using her speed and the ability to capitalize in a quick effort. Billsta didn’t come up with the win, but holy buckets, did he leave his mark. He massacred Special Forces during his count out loss.
  8. Chaos – Chaos needs to step it back up! He’s letting his temper get the best of him. While getting in the face of the referee, he allowed Lily Jackson to roll him up. He’ll need to get his groove back in London if he wants to stop tumbling down the rankings.
  9. Special Forces – The team is back for good it appears. They’ve been showing up the last couple of weeks. Major Payne definitely got the win against Billsta Anderson, but I’m sure it doesn’t feel like he did. These two will be looking to get some more combined victories and shoot up the list!
  10. Serah Feena – She’s hanging on at number ten. Lucilla is going to kill me, but I’m not afraid of her anymore! Serah has a match coming up in London and will be looking to keep her spot or possibly move on up. Anything could happen and these power rankings will certainly prove that.

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