UWE Insider: Hot Topics #4

Hot Topics

Welcome to another edition of Hot Topics. I know I promised you a special edition last week, but you see Gwendy here was unable to deliver. I apologize. I hope this weeks dirt makes up for it.

How what that Rising Star Championship match between Billsta, Amy and Bob? I honestly thought Bob had it won. I was shocked that Amy retained. Billsta proved to be a contender too. What will happen next? I think Billsta will go after Amy. I think Amy will let Billsta fall right into her plan and she will strike. Like a spider catching it’s prey in the web it wove.

Cthuhlu. The guy just freaks. me. out. I cannot stand the sight of Cthuhlu. When Cthuhlu got involved in the main event between Brandon and The Armenian Beast I was shocked. To say the least. Asylum is another freaky wrestler too, but at least he wears a mask. Know what I’m saying? But when Cthuhlu used his finishing move to attack The Armenian Beast I thought the Beast was in trouble. I recall saying that The Armenian Beast was going to retain his World title over Brandon Moore, but I was wrong. The Armenian Beast retained his title over Brandon Sorrow. If you missed it, you have to get a hold of the results, the tapes or something.

Some of the superstars of UWE are aggravated. This is all allegedly and according to backstage reports. The superstars are angry because of the two titles. Although the roster is thin, the superstars feel there should be another division to mix it up. You see, this is what I, Gwendy, was talking about before. Maybe there will be new titles introduced on the upcoming tour?

That’s right UWE is embarking on the Battleground Tour. I don’t know much about this tour, besides the name, but it sounds like it’s going to be action packed.

Chaos has a crush on Lily Jackson? Yes, that is true. Chaos has been spotted with flowers and other things on the latest flight. Word on the street is that they’re for Ms. Jackson.

Rumor has it that Lucilla Pegorino has been a good girl lately. I think she’s bored, so she is trying to act good just to get in good graces with UWE management. Smart move, girl. It will get you back on the roster in no time at all.

Okay, that’s it for now. I promise I’ll be back with more real soon. If not, I will eat frogs legs. Please send us your hot topics to us by commenting on this blog, or tweeting @UWENetwork or emailing ultimate.wrestling.ent@gmail.com

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