Power Rankings
  1. The Armenian Beast – Despite the beatdown at the end of the show, which might just leave Beast out of the ring for a bit, he takes the number one spot. Beast is still UWE World Champion and he won the TLC match at the pay-per-view. He didn’t even have to climb the ladder!
  2. Morsmordre – Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, unfortunately, get used to it. The trio of Brandon Sorrow, Cthuhlu, and Asylum has a name. They revealed the alliance at the end of the show in London, laying waste to The Armenian Beast, Jenson Rhett, Special Forces, loads of backstage crew, and the entire ringside area. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  3. Amy Gobraless – She’s back and she’s flaunting it more than ever. In a fantastic triple threat match, she defended her Rising Star Championship for the second time against Bob the Badguy and Billsta Anderson. One more and she’ll be able to drop that belt and take on the World Champion!
  4. Rhett Vipers – Look at these two go! Jenson Rhett racked up a victory over Brandon Moore and in London, the duo defeated veteran tag team Special Forces. Look for them to keep on rollin’!
  5. Angels and Demons – Lily got the W against Serah Feena and Billsta keeps coming up just short. He could have had the Rising Star Championship match in the bag, but luck just isn’t on his side. He gets another shot one on one with Amy on the first show of the new tour. Let’s see how that plays out.
  6. Bob the Badguy – He’s rolling back downhill rather than climbing. Bob took the fall in the triple threat match for the Rising Star Championship. But hey, he’s still the Badguy. Look for him to rebound. Easily.
  7. Special Forces – Their return has been a stellar one. Unfortunately, in London, they were taken down by the much more novice tag team of the Rhett Vipers. They still put on a hell of a show, though. And even proved their guts by coming to the aid of…well, the world when Morsmordre emerged and started their destruction. That might not have ended so well for them, though.
  8. Chaos – Chaos might be in love. Gross. Focus on your matches instead of boobs and stuff! He’s the Canadian Psycho. Whether it’s at the top of the bottom, he’ll probably always be somewhere on this list.
  9. Serah Feena – This girl is impressive. She’s having a bit of a rough start in the win department, but look for that to change rather quickly. She’s got a bright future ahead.
  10. ???? – No, it’s not a fabled mystery person. It’s just that no one else deserves to be on this damn list! Where is the rest of the competition? Step your game up if you want this vacant spot.

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