UWE Staff Interviews: Meet Kennedi and Mackenzi

Interviews & Questionnaires

The identical twin sisters live together in an apartment in Toronto. They are Chett Rosenthal’s personal assistants, but when they’re not holding down the office at the UWE head quarters they are on tour with the company. The sisters may lack the in-ring wrestling experience, but they are completely business savvy.

UWE Adam: How did you get your jobs as assistants?

K: I applied for an internship and then I got Mackenzi a position when they were hiring just two weeks later.
M: Yes, Kennedi helped me get on after she was hired.
K: I found an ad online.
M: We both worked as interns in the office at the UWE headquarters in Toronto.

UWE Adam: So, you were interns first and then you became the UWE Owner’s personal assistants?

M: No not right away.
K: At first I worked in the offices in Toronto, but Chett liked my work ethic a month or so into working for UWE.
M: They liked us both.
K: Chett asked us personally, to be his personal assistants.
M: It took awhile, but it was worth it.

UWE Adam: What do you hope to gain from this experience?

K: The work experience, of course. Mac and I love our jobs and Chett has given us additional responsibilities.

UWE Adam: Like what kind of additional responsibilities?

K: When he’s away he will let one of us step up. We have proven ourselves capable of such responsibilities.
M: In the past it’s been Kennedi, but he has also let me take over when he goes on flights.
K: Sometimes he will leave one of us behind and take the other on the business trip.

UWE Adam: What credentials do you ladies have, where did you attend school?

K: We both have office education certificates…
M: …in addition to budding degrees in business school.
K: Yes, we both major in finance.

UWE Adam: Interesting, so you’re both involved in the financial aspects of UWE?

K: Not really, but it’s stuff we’re familiar with.
M: We do minor paper work.
K: Between the two of us we get a lot done.
M: Chett adores how we keep things in order.

UWE Adam: Are either of you trained wrestlers or trained to be in-ring?

M: No, not at all.
K: Not at all, no.

UWE Adam: Okay, thank you for your time ladies.

M: Thank you, Adam.
K: Adam, thank you.

If you would like to be interviewed by the staff at the UWE blog page just email ultimate.wrestling.ent@gmail.com or tweet @UWENetwork Feel free to send questions our way too.

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