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Hi guys!

When they asked me to write a blog a few weeks ago, I didn’t really know what to reply. What should I write about? After all, I’m just a boring girl who leads a boring life. Some people might say my job is interesting, fascinating even, but really, it’s not. At least, I thought so. Lara (Pegorino) once told me that only those who work their butts off all day every day make it to the top; and she was right. But I’ve seen that there’s so much more to this life. In these few weeks I have already experienced things that I know I will never forget. Like your first match (and winning it!). Your first autograph. The first smile on the face of a fan when you pose for a picture. The first time in the ring with someone I love. The first transatlanctic flight (which was a thing to remember for me, but not in a positive way). Seeing the Big Ben and the London Eye for the first time. And of course: granting that first wish. Those things are also part of the life I lead, and they more than make up for all the hardship you endure, but inside and outside of the ring.

I’m not in this for the fame, I never have been, but I must admit that it’s nice to receive fanmail from girls who write to me, saying that I have been an example to them, that you don’t have to be the tallest or the strongest to be successful, and that, like me, they can achieve everything they’ve ever dreamed of if they work hard. I hope I can continue down this particular path: be a good role model, be a good wrestler, be a good girlfriend and… be a good ‘whatever it is Jenson’s daughter wants me to be’. And for all the teenage girls with dreams I have a message: try, and don’t be afraid to fail. Failure is a part of life, and not only is it something you shouldn’t be ashamed of, failure is something that is essential if you want to succeed. Not only will it harden you, but in the future you will savor that success twice as much and appreciate all those things you have worked so hard for. Don’t let it define you; learn from your mistakes and live life to its (and yours) fullest potential.

That’s what I have done. I’m not saying that everybody should be like me, but those simple tips will certainly help you. I know they helped me. That’s why this week, I am not afraid of stepping into the ring with Lily Jackson. I know she’s tough. I know she can be mean and distrusting. I know she can be vicious and cold. But I don’t fear losing to her; as some wise woman once said: fear of failure is more debilitating than fear itself. Besides, I’m certain that underneath Lily Jackson’s cold façade beats the heart of a loving, gentle woman. I’m certain of that. It’s just a shame she might not realize it herself.

So this week I will go at it alone. Jenson won’t be with me. I’ll go one on one, and I’m going to give it my best shot. Will I succeed. I don’t know. I will try. But I’m not scared to lose. And neither should you be.



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