UWE Insider: Hot Topics #5

Hot Topics

Hello, it’s time for Hot Topics! Let’s get right to it. I won’t spare the punches this week. In this edition of Hot Topics will analyze some tweets from UWE superstars. But before we get to it, there are a few issues to discuss

How about Morsmordre? Cthuhlu proved he is a dominant force by brawling with Chaos during a ladies match. Chaos was the referee, but Cthuhlu didn’t care. Cthuhlu, later that night, beat Chaos in a showdown. Chaos was angry about it on social media. Of course he’s angry.

Morsmordre, which consists of Brandon Sorrow, Asylum and Cthuhlu, is a dominant group. Brandon walked away in a loss against the Special Forces. I still see Morsmordre as a deadly trio. They will be going after the Armenian Beast and will probably set their sights on him at the Battleground pay-per view next month. Beware title holders of UWE, Morsmordre will probably set their sights on your gold.

So, let’s get to some tweets.

Serah's Tweet

Ok, really? Seriously? So what Serah Feena? You are a new diva. I can see you’re trying to be positive about it, but that is some shade right there. It’s always beneficial to train, so I look forward to your in-ring progress. I’m a fan of the ladies of UWE, so let’s see the competition between Ruby, Lily and the other girls unfold.

Chaos' Tweet

Chaos’ obsession with Lily Jackson is creepy. I’m not even going to use the word borderline to illustrate how Chaos feels for Lily, because it is outright creepy. He is obsessive and therefore intrigued by Lily. We haven’t heard much from her, or seen any on-camera interaction, but maybe we will soon. I’ll be watching.

Billsta's Tweet

How you doing, Billsta? Thank you for the shout out. You can feel free to have a word with me anytime. The UWE blog writers and columnists would love to interview you and have a word with you, myself included. Maybe we can arrange a special Hot Topics interview? I was impressed with Billsta’s title matches against Amy. He came close both times, but in the end came up short in both matches. Sorry Billsta, but there’s always next time.

Lara Pegorino's Tweet

Okay, back to Cthuhlu versus Chaos. That was quite the show down as Lara predicted. You know Lara is the network executive for the Sports Entertainment Channel? She’s the reason the UWE has a televised tour. Lara has a lot on insight in the business, so give her a follow on Twitter. You can learn a lot about the UWE, because she has true insider info. She’s always classy about it, too. No shade Lara, I really like you. Feel free to come onto Hot Topics sometime and dish with Gwendy.

Stay tuned for more Hot Topics. We’ll be sure to dish all the latest dirt and rumors. We will also do more on tweets, so watch out UWE superstars. We are always keeping an eye on your social media. The public accounts, of course.

Thank you for reading,


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