UWE Insider: Hot Topics #2

Hot Topics

Hello and welcome to another edition of UWE Insider: Hot Topics. I’m Gwendy Willhelm and I’m bringing you the latest in hot, juicy stories and dishing all of the freshest dirt.

A new UWE superstar debuted in Italy. His name is Mario Valentino and he is feisty. I’m a happily married woman, but I’m a sucker for men with accents and culture. Mario is kind of a swirly guy. He’s got that look where you kind of wonder what background he has, if you don’t know him, and only if he doesn’t speak. I’m interested in his debut as a fan of the sport of wrestling. You have the fans intrigued, Mario, so we’ll be watching to see how you do.

Speaking of debuts. There are rumors that more superstars could debut on the Heart of Europa tour. There is nothing wrong with old faces competing for us, but UWE could always use the new talent. The fresh faces of people like Skip Lightly, Demoana, Shino Malice and now Mario Valentino have made for interesting television. As a direct consequence of new talent there have been some good matches. Not all of these new people will stick around, but those that do… They will leave their mark in the UWE!

So, since UWE has returned full swing there have been some juicy stories unfolding. I don’t know about all of you, but I believe Caroline Cage needs to kick Ronnie Cages behind to the curb. If you haven’t been following let me break it down for you: Ronnie Cage’s past resurfaces. He got a stripper pregnant, over ten years ago, and she had his kid. Allegedly. At the end of the day, Ronnie wasn’t honest to Caroline, so he needs to let her go. You can’t keep things from people, because the past always resurfaces and will come back to haunt a person. Caroline, if you’re reading this which I’m sure you will be, you need to leave Ronnie Cage. Put on your big girl business suit and get to business. It’s time to move on, girl. That’s just my opinion, but whatever happens… I’ll still be watching, blogging and judging.

Lucilla is still suspended, because of her involvement in the Cage scandal. She tried to get Ronnie fired at the Supernova pay-per view a couple of weeks ago. This whole situation is just a hot mess. Lara Pegorino is Lucilla’s sister. She is also a businesswoman and she has formed a relationship with UWE and the Sports Entertainment Channel. You see, she is the network representative for the Sports Entertainment Channel. Lara released this through a statement she made in regards to Lucilla’s suspension:

What Lucilla did severely discredited not only Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment, but also the entire network and by association, myself. I have already apologized to Mr. Cage personally, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Along with the Board of Directors I decided that Lucilla’s suspension will be lifted when she has learned her lesson and not a minute earlier. It’s up to her to decide when that moment has arrived.

Lara is throwing some serious shade, but in a classy, business like manner. She has all the power to revoke Lucilla’s suspension, but she is putting it on Lucilla. Lucilla, it’s time to come to your senses. You can easily be on top in the UWE and you hold yourself back because of antics, like finger pointing at Ronnie Cage and getting the police involved. This doesn’t look good for the company you represent. I’m just sayin’.

Thank you for reading.

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