Heart of Europa in Rome, Italy – Five Point Preview

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UWE Heart of Europa Tour in Rome, Italy – Full Match Card


It’s stop two on the tour and there’s no better choice than Rome, Italy! Be sure to check out the line up for the event and read the preview below to see the high points going into the event!


  1. Viva Italia! – Italy has always welcomed UWE with open arms and yet again, one of their own graces our roster with their presence. A certain Mario Valentino is set to kick off the show and make his debut. Words or actions? We’ll have to wait and see. But one thing is for sure, new faces are always welcome and he better make that first impression!
  2. Jinkies! A Mystery! – Billsta Anderson and Lily Jackson have joined forces once again. Angels and Demons, which one is which? They’re going to have their hands full in Rome. They’ve got a tag bout against mystery opponents. It’s impossible to prepare for an opponent when you don’t know who it is until their music hits. For their sake, they need to be on the same page one hundred percent or the mystery opponents might just drill them. Hooah!
  3. Double the Madness – Asylum has been a loose cannon lately. Management is pissed so they’re giving him back to back matches in Rome. He’ll face Demoana and and immediately after, the returning Chris Mackison. Are they going to enough to topple the Masked Madness? Who knows? I’m sure Asylum is going into this match with absolutely no issues.
  4. A Trip Down Memory Lane – The co-main event of the evening is going to feature two UWE legends. Brandon Moore is taking on Ronnie Cage for the millionth time. It’s already being called match of the night. It’s been quite some time since these two have gone at it, but no doubt, they’ll bring down the house. Don’t miss it!
  5. Chicken Dinner – The winner of this is will certainly walk away with all the bragging rights. Winner winner chicken dinner, right? It’s champion versus champion and it deserves the main event spot. Either the World Champion will prove that he belongs in that spot or the Rising Star Champion will prove that maybe, just maybe she’s already risen. The Armenian Beast versus Amy Gobraless. Rome won’t know what hit it.

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