Halloween contest reminder

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Have you checked out the details for the UWE Halloween writing contest?


This is just a friendly reminder that the contest is still open. The deadline is October 31st at 12:01 am and the winner will be announced November 1st.

UWE Results: Live in Edmonton


1. UWE Women’s Championship is awarded

Lily Jackson won the newly made Women’s Championship in quite the clincher. Diamond Diva and Lily Jackson both went over the ropes at the same time, but Diva touched the floor a split second before Ms. Jackson. Thus Lily walks away with the new title around her waist. Lily wasn’t hoping for this, but it seems things are working out in her favour. After the match Chaos made his way to celebrate the title with Lily. OoOoOo.

2. Payne doesn’t go easy on Lightly

Major Payne defeated Skip Lightly with ease in an okay singles match. It was painful to see Skip against the Major. However, it was great to see Major Payne extend a hand to Skip post match. The hand shake was a nice touch.

3. Asylum and the Armenian Beast: brewing bromance?

An unlikely tag team emerged victorious in Edmonton after Chaos and Craven lost to Asylum and UWE’s World Champion the Beast. Asylum pinned Chaos in the conclusion of the match, but it was the Armenian Beast who extended the beat down to Chaos. The beat down only happened after Chaos tried to spring a surprise attack. Same old from Chaos, but it made the crowd happy to see the Canadian Psycho get attacked by their World Champion.

Also, UWE has announced no more television deal. What does this news mean? The company will bring episodes that will b taped and aired online as a web show, so fans can continue to watch UWE as the company tours North America. It’s sad news, but here’s hoping UWE can get a new television deal in the mean time.

Board member steps down

News & Rumors

The UWE blog staff have been informed that Des Taylor has stepped down from her position on the board of directors. The reason Des stepped down is because she failed to attend several important meetings since UWE returned to television this summer.

Des Taylor used to be known as Destiny Manning; the owner and promoter of the UWE. However, she changed her name after getting married in 2010. Des was merely a board member and therefore wasn’t a stakeholder in the company. It is unknown if the empty board position will be filled or not.

Breaking News: UWE severs ties with Sports Entertainment Channel

News & Rumors

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment has severed ties with the Sports Entertainment Channel. The UWE returned to television in May for the tenth anniversary special and up until now was airing weekly shows. The UWE will no longer continue to air weekly episodes of the UWE Live tour, but will function as a regional federation.

The UWE will continue to operate as a wrestling organization in the region of North America. Fans of the UWE can expect the wrestling mainstay to feature bi-weekly live events in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

The UWE Board of Directors offers no comments at this time, but indicates that they are presently looking for another television deal in lieu of the present situation.

UWE Results: Vancouver Show


1. Diamond Diva debuts on top; reigns over Chaos
Diva defeated Chaos in a fast match=up. There was little, actually there was no effort on behalf of Chaos. Thus, the match was entertaining because Diva got the last laugh against the misogynistic and sexist Chaos. What a finish, with the sunset flip bomb!

2. The Special Forces return to victory and in-ring duty post Battleground tour
Craven and Natasha Lynx were unsuccessful in their match against the Special Forces. It was a decent tag match and the crowd was happy to see the Special Forces come out on top after Major Payne used the boot camp to take out Craven. The Special Forces are a highly entertaining and competitive unit.

3. Lily Jackson welcomes Addison Hart back with a bang
Addison Hart made a return to UWE, the last time she appeared was during the Summer Heat tour. Lily competed on the battle fields and welcomed Addison back in a proper fashion. Ah, just like the old days. The match ended with a Chick Kick.

4. World Championship match is one for the books
Asylum was unable to take the UWE World Championship away from the Armenian Beast on two occasions. The two out of three falls match saw the Beast get awarded a win after Asylum dominated him with strikes. Asylum got disqualified as a consequence. Asylum was also able to score a pin, but the Beast got the final pin. Therefore, the title is still intact around the Beast’s waist.

That’s all she wrote!

What will go down in Edmonton, AB, Canada at the next Live event?