Exclusive: Carston Blake Interviews Lucilla Pegorino

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UWE.com recently had the pleasure of interviewing Lucilla Pegorino, a former UWE tag team champion and arguably one of the most dangerous, and unpredictable, superstars on the UWE roster in recent memory.

There is no better way of blooding some of the new backstage personnel than by having them conduct an interview with Lucilla. We sat none other than Carston Blake down with the younger of the Pegorino sisters, and let him do his thing. You can read the transcript of the interview below.


Carston Blake Lucilla, welcome.

Lucilla: That’s not a question.

Carston Blake Right. I’m sorry. Let me get right down to it. As you know, UWE is hosting the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup soon, in remembrance of the valiant UWE alumnus who passed away. There was heavy speculation over who would participate, and many were expecting to see you among the participants. However, you are a noticeable absentee from the pool of Superstars that will be competing for the Cup.

Lucilla: Still not a question. 

Carston Blake Right again. Would you care to elaborate on your absence from the Cup?

Lucilla: I might.

Carston Blake And will you?

Lucilla: Perhaps if you stopped asking me inane questions.

Carston Blake Okay, I apologize. Let’s try again. Why are you absent from the Memorial Cup? 

Lucilla: That’s slightly better. Let me answer that question with another question. Why should I give a damn about Kyle Stone? Why should I risk life and limb to honor the memory of someone I’ve barely even heard of? … It’s all right, you can make suggestions now.

Carston Blake The fame? The glory? Sending a message to the world? Other UWE greats will be competing in the Cup after all, like Asylum, Brandon Moore, Ronnie Cage, just to name a few. Beating them en route to winning the Cup would certainly be a massive statement, whether the name of Kyle Stone means something to you or not.

Lucilla: I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. I know what I can do, and I know I am better than any one of those guys you just mentioned. Let’em measure their dicks among themselves, I’ve no interest in that prawn cocktail of idiots. I’m going to do my own thing, and while beating up dudes is always satisfying, the Kyle Stone Cup just isn’t part of my plans.

Carston Blake There are some tongues who claim that you’re ducking them, though. That you’re afraid to get back into the ring because you might lose. Badly. And often. To everyone. That you’ve lost your ‘it factor’. Is there any truth to that?

Lucilla: What tongues? The only tongues I care about are the ones twirling about in my happy places. And they tell a different story. The story that Lucilla is by far and wide the greatest Superstar in UWE today. But of course, you wouldn’t know anything about that.

Carston Blake Greatest Superstar in UWE today, you say. Still, on UWE’s upcoming house show, you will be facing Angela Icke. On the undercard. Hardly a place for the greatest Superstar in UWE today, is it?

Lucilla: Are you trying to piss me off, boy? We were talking about tongues earlier; unless you want yours ripped out I suggest you try a different tone. And quickly.

Carston Blake Surely you wouldn’t break the non-violence clause towards reporters that is clearly embedded in your contract?

Lucilla: What, you think I’d do it myself? I’ve got plenty of people to do my dirty work for me, Carston. Still, I’ll gladly do the dirty work myself when I face Angela. People need to realize that we don’t belong in the same league. The beating I’m going to give her won’t be pretty. In fact, I don’t even care whether I win or lose. I am seriously thinking about just bashing her head in with the ring bell and get myself disqualified. Get it over with, you know? And then she can go back to where she belongs, backstage with all of you losers. She might have a little more difficulty controlling her salivary glands when asking questions, but the fans might find her drooling wreck quite entertaining to watch. 
She’ll be my first victim before I tear a hole through this place. I am going to decimate this roster, Cup or no Cup. Championships or no championships. I am here for the violence, and a former fitness model isn’t even going to be a bump in the road, believe you me

Carston Blake Harsh words. Do you consider things to be personal in this match between Angela and yourself?

Lucilla: This may surprise you, Carston, but with me, things are rarely ever personal. 

Carston Blake You’re right, that does surprise me. Care to elaborate?

Lucilla: Not really, but since we have two minutes left… Angela is simply someone who isn’t on my radar. She’s never beaten me, she’s too nice and hasn’t enough of a spine to take things to a personal level. If you beat me, if you talk trash about my family, if you get between me and my goals… Any combination of either of those things will make it personal. Very few people have ever done that.

Carston Blake Like who?

Lucilla: Well, I promised my sister I’d never speak her name again. So I’m not going to. And there have been others. But Angela isn’t one of them. Quite frankly, I just don’t give a damn about her, and never will. I mean, who did she ever beat?

Carston Blake Ruby. Mario Valentino. 

Lucilla: Ugh, Ruby… And that’s supposed to be some massive statement? Ruby isn’t on my level, and that crippled has-been she hangs around with isn’t much better. Ruby will get what’s coming to her soon enough, let me tell you that. But first, I’m gonna rip Angela a fourth hole. Just you watch.

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