Breaking News: UWE Superstar Injured!

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UWE officials have received word from a local Vancouver medical facility. Dr. Mark McConkey from the Stein Medical Clinic had the following to say:

“Mr. Cage’s injury is not too severe. With two to three weeks of rest in a sling, his shoulder should be just fine. He should be as good as new.”

The doctor is, of course, referring to Ronnie Cage. It is not know exactly what caused the injury to Ronnie Cage’s shoulder or what exactly the injury is classified as. The assumption is that the injury was caused shortly before he was eliminated from the finals of the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup. That would point towards possibly the missile dropkick or the Just Plain Better moonsault by Brandon Moore.

Ronnie was available for comment after his departure from the Stein Medical Clinic:

“Congratulations to Brandon Moore for winning the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup. If anyone deserved it most Ah know it was him. Also, kudos to Karma Tenzin. Fool me once, shame on yew. Fool me twice, shame on me. Ah shouldn’t have fallen for that sleeper hold again. Ah guess Ah’ll have tew make yew pay fore that one next time.”

Ronnie Cage commented specifically on the match. He did not give any comment towards his injury or his timetable to return. As Dr. McConkey noted, however, the injury does seem minor and simply more of a nuisance needing rest. Stay tuned for Ronnie Cage’s return within a couple weeks.

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