Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Presents — The Kyle Stone Memorial Cup and the 2016 Hall of Fame Ceremony!

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Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Presents


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Hall of Fame – Class of 2016

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Exactly thirty minutes has passed since UWE Over the Top VI has ended. For those in attendance, though, the show is far from over. Following the normal event of action packed professional wrestling, the UWE has decided to hold two special ceremonies. The Kyle Stone Memorial Cup ceremony and the next class of inductees into the UWE Hall of Fame. Those at home were treated to a half hour of Blake Wells, CJ Kim, and Ricky Darlington hyping up the forthcoming ceremonies and bickering back and forth.

The time for that is over now! The ring has been decorated with a red velvet carpet and a black wooden podium in the center. The ropes have been removed to give it more of a stage-like feel. The ring steps have been replaced with a singular set of steps right after the entrance ramp for easy access to the ring. A red carpet has been rolled from the top of the entrance ramp to the start of the steps for the important people of the evening to stroll down. Several chairs are placed within the confines of the squared-circle, allowing the inductors and inductees to watch on as the other inductions take place.

The theme song for the evening, Hall of Fame, by The Script featuring will.i.am blares throughout the UWE Studios arena. The Majority Owner of the UWE has already made her way down the ramp and stands at the podium. She awaits the crowd to quiet down and for the music fades out. Dressed rather professionally, Lise Fortier begins to play to the crowd and prepare them for the first part of the ceremonies this evening.

Lise Fortier: “I don’t know how you all still have so much energy after Over the Top VI! This just shows why the UWE fans are the best fans in the world. How about the action this evening? The return of James Calhoun? The debut of La Gran Rana? And that main event! This is exactly what I wanted to see when I decided to reopen the doors of Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment.”

“Now, there’s a reason we are all here tonight and I couldn’t be more proud of the ceremonies that are about to take place. First off, we will have the award ceremony for the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup! Immediately following that, the UWE will finally induct a new class to it’s Hall of Fame! Some very deserving individuals will join the likes of Drew Reynolds.”

After each name, she pauses to allow the UWE faithful in attendance to applaud.

Lise Fortier: “Chaos.”

“Ryan Starr.”

“Rikter Caine.”

“David Stone.”

“And none other than our first guest tonight, Brandon Moore, once known as The Bman.”

“Let’s see how we got here, shall we?”

Lise directs everyone’s attention to the massive video screen that sits above the entrance area. The lights in the UWE Studios arena dim so that the video can be seen better by everyone. An astoundingly well put together package plays showcasing the entire Kyle Stone Memorial Cup. It starts by showing every participant as they made their entrance to the first match for a brief moment. The participants shown are Brandon Moore, Ruby, Asylum, and Chaos from Block A. From Block B, Karma Tenzin, Ronnie Cage, Chris Mackison, and David Stone are shown.

The highlight video shows the moment of each win from the first week, specifically showcasing the victory Ruby defeating Chaos, Brandon Moore easily upsetting Asylum, and Asylum taking his anger out on Cage and Mackison later in the night.

The week two section of the highlight video follows the same format, showcasing the victory of The Bhutanese Beast over Ronnie Cage, Ruby shocking the world by defeating Asylum, and Brandon Moore cutting it close against Chaos.

The week three portion is almost entirely filled with clips of Brandon Moore versus Ruby. It does allow viewers to reminisce the first wins of Asylum as he defeated Chaos and Ronnie Cage as he toppled his best friend David Stone. Karma Tenzin was also on a tear as he picked up yet another victory, this time against Chris Mackison. The fifteen minute spectacular between Ruby and Brandon Moore culminated with Brandon Moore having his arm raised at the end of the night, showing nothing but respect to his opponent.

Week four of the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup strayed from the traditional side of things, only have one match that was part of the cup take place. This match determined the third participant in the finals. The video now highlights Ronnie Cage versus Ruby in a buried alive match, leaving some of the fans watching uneasy. The epic battle was interrupted by Lucilla and a chorus of boos echo through the UWE Studios. The video shows her interference against Ruby, Ronnie Cage removing her from the equation, and then reluctantly burying Ruby alive with sand.

The final section of the video package showcases the finals of the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup. A triple threat elimination bout took place with competitors Karma Tenzin, Brandon Moore, and Ronnie Cage. The video shows the opening battle between all three men, followed by Ronnie Cage succumbing to the Enlightenment submission hold. After that, the video switches gears to the back and forth manner in which Brandon Moore and Karma Tenzin fought. It ends with Brandon Moore connecting with the B-Bomb and scoring the pin fall, smiling at the sky as he realizes he has won the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup.

Back in the ring, Lise Fortier stands back up and approaches the podium looking rather proud of the shows she has put on thus far. The crowd is going nuts after the lengthy video package played. As before, she lets the noise die down prior to continuing her delivery. Poised and excited, she gets ready to award the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup.

Lise Fortier: “Bring that Kyle Stone Memorial Cup down here!”

A drum roll plays as two crew members roll out a glass case containing the physical Kyle Stone Memorial Cup. They carefully navigate their way down the ramp and carry the Cup into the ring, placing it onto a small table next to the podium that has now been set up in the ring. The crew members remove the glass top from the Cup and place it back on the cart, rolling it back up the ramp, and making their exit. Lise gestures towards the Cup, showing it off to everyone who is watching.

Lise Fortier: “Isn’t that a thing of beauty? Kyle Stone would be proud. He was an amazing competitor that was taken from the world far too soon. I have heard nothing but the most touching stories about his sportsmanship and his heroism. Superman’s Replacement will never be replaced, that’s for sure. His life and legacy continues on in the form of this Cup and as of right now, I will make the announcement that the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup will be an annual event!”

The crowd loses their minds because that’s what UWE does to them. The thought of an annual event such as this is enough to keep them hooting and hollering for the rest of the night, but they know better than that.

Lise Fortier: “So, without further ado, Sylvie Rose, if you would please, do what you do best!”

Sylvie is still seated at her spot near ringside to watch the festivities. As soon as she’s called upon, she clears her throat, stands, and speaks into a microphone from her regular position as Cemetery Gates by Pantera begins to play.

Sylvie Rose: “Ladies and gentlemen! Please give your warmest welcome to the winner of the inaugural Kyle Stone Memorial Cup…Mr. UWE, Hall of Famer…Brandon Moore!”

Sylvie takes her seat as Brandon emerges from behind the curtain, eyes obviously watered. Instead of his normal entrance, he simply appears right away. Brandon nods to the crowd as he receives a respectful standing ovation. He makes it to the ring slowly but surely, soaking up every moment of this. As he gets in the ring, he is greeted by a handshake from Lise Fortier. She directs him to the podium as he waves to his family in the front row of the crowd. Lise shows him the Cup and Brandon’s emotions continue to be at the forefront.

She takes a seat as a “Just Plain Better” chant erupts. Brandon motions for the crowd to stop it. Instead of listening to him, they change their chant to one of “Thank You Kyle,” directed at the man whom the Cup is named after. Brandon approves of this chant. Eventually, the chant stops and the crowd lets Brandon do what he is there to do. Brandon leans in to the microphone to accept the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup.

Brandon Moore: “Thank you Kyle, indeed. Thank you for the impact you made on so many lives all those years ago. Thank you for making all of us know what a hero is. Thank you for everything you did. You see, this is all about Kyle Stone. This isn’t about me. After me, there will more additions to the UWE Hall of Fame and it’s about time. I’m usually the one to bask in the glory and spout off about how I’m just plain better. Not tonight. Tonight, I will keep it short and sweet. I fought through everyone that UWE threw in my way. I fought to bring the honor to Kyle’s name that it deserves. I fought to win this Cup, because a hero needed to win this Cup.”

“I cannot express how glad I am that Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment is back. That they chose to honor Kyle Stone this way. Every year? You can bet I’ll be back next year to take on whoever feels they deserve to represent Kyle the way I am this year. Thank you to Lise Fortier and every single person here tonight for making this happen. To everyone in the back being inducted into the Hall of Fame tonight, congratulations. Congratulations of the highest order. I couldn’t be more proud and I’d like to think Kyle feels the same way. Lise said it perfectly just a minute ago. Superman’s Replacement can never be replaced.”

Brandon looks up to the sky with noticeable tears forming from his ducts.

Brandon Moore: “This one’s for you Kyle.”

Superman’s Dead by Our Lady Peace begins to play. That was Kyle Stone’s entrance theme music. He grasps the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup by the handles, holding it high above his head with an expression of somber across his face. The emotion in the arena cannot be matched. Brandon marches around the ring, showing the Cup off to every side of the UWE Studios arena, mouthing the words “thank you.”

Brandon doesn’t realize it, but as he humbly celebrates with his hard-earned trophy a figure cloaked in a long black leather trench coat emerges from his blind side. Coming from seemingly out of nowhere, his head and face covered by a thick black hood, the invader positions himself behind the unsuspecting Brandon. Brandon’s expression changes from enraptured celebration to puzzled curiosity as he looks over at Sylvie Rose, who’s eyes grow wide as she gasps. Sylvie sees the mysterious figure of which Brandon is still unaware. Brandon knows from Sylvie’s face that something is amiss and his own senses alert him that his is not alone in the ring.

Brandon turns around… it’s impossible to know for sure if he recognized the hooded figure standing before him, but Brandon almost has the look of someone who has seen a ghost. Before he can react any further, the hooded figure begins throwing right handed punches that connect with Brandon’s face, causing him to drop the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup trophy. Brandon is momentarily faced by the unexpected onslaught of blows, but as a valiant fighter will not allow himself to be taken down without a fight.

Brandon blocks a punch and begins to retaliate with punches of his own. Brandon and the hooded figure exchange straight right hands and in the flurry of fisticuffs Brandon rocks the mystery attacker with an uppercut, snapping his hidden head back and causing the hood to fly back and reveal…

J.T.X!! Holy shit, it’s JTX!! The invader who has assaulted Brandon in his most triumphant moment is the notorious cross-dressing, skirt wearing, pink-haired deviant JTX!!
The transvestite grappler has a malevolent look of pure anger in his made-up face, his pink tinted lips twisted into a ferocious sneer.

Brandon, nor the people in attendance, can believe what the are seeing. Literally the last person anybody expect to see here tonight or any other night has showed up out of the blue to rain on Brandon’s victory parade. Seizing the opportunity while everybody takes a moment to process what they are seeing, JTX kicks Brandon in the gut, doubling the Kyle Stone Memorial Tournament winner over. Seeing the trophy sitting on the ground, JTX quickly pick it up. Before Brandon can regain his composure JTX swings the Kylie Stone Memorial Cup trophy as hard as he can, bending it over the neck and upper back of it’s recipient. Brandon falls face first to the canvas. Sylive Rose, the only one with a live mic while Lise Fortier cowers in fear calls for help.

Sylvie Rose: “Oh my god! Where’s security?? Somebody get out here!!”

JTX raises the mangled trophy above his head and begins repeatedly smashing it down onto the prone body of the fallen tournament winner until it has been completely smashed into several pieces and Brandon has ceased to move. JTX stands over Brandon’s beaten body and takes the the bowl portion of the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup, now disembodied from the rest of the trophy which lays scattered about the ring in fragments.

JTX notices that security officers and other UWE personnel have begin making their way towards his position. He looks down at the man he has assaulted and with a look of absolute anger he growls the words “Un… Finished… Business…” before pulling the black hood back over his face and making a fast getaway into the same Ether from which he seemed to emerge from. JTX escapes into the night still holding the bowl portion of Kyle Stone Memorial Cup trophy, leaving Sylvie Rose, Lise Fortier, Brandon Moore, and the entirety of the UWE Universe to ponder just what in the hell just happened.

Moments that seem like forever pass as Lise Fortier finally jumps into action. She approaches the podium frantically. The security and staff have arrived at the ring and Brandon’s wife, Hillary, has left the twins with Brandon’s mother in the front row. She leaped over the barricade and rushed the ring to aid her husband.

Lise Fortier: “Cut to an ad or something!”

Lise screamed that at the production team in the back. They listened. The live feed of the program cut to an advertisement spot for those watching at home. Meanwhile at the UWE studios, Brandon Moore is helped to his feet, battered and limping. His wife yells for Brandon to keep the children there and that she will be right back as she assists Brandon alongside other UWE backstage personnel as the entire UWE Studios arena can breathe again knowing he’s not dead. They still look on in shock.




As the ceremony returns, Lise Fortier is at the podium with the event’s theme, perfectly named Hall of Fame, boosted throughout the UWE Studios. Still visibly shaken, she does her best to continue with everything as planned. A security guard has been posted on the outside of each corner of the ring. The remnants of the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup have been cleared from the ring and Brandon Moore is nowhere to be found. Lise clears her throat and the evening’s theme music fades out.

Lise Fortier: “Security is on their toes and there will be nothing derailing the Hall of Fame ceremony tonight. I apologize for everyone here and at home who had to witness the assault that occurred moments ago. Brandon Moore is going to be fine, rest assured, but the show must go on.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce the first inductor of the evening. He’s a man you’ll be seeing quite a bit of tonight. A member of the 2010 UWE Hall of Fame Class…the Personification of Perfection, David Stone!”

As Lise takes her seat, David Stone, wearing a black suit and a white shirt open at the neck with a pair of black shoes on his feet makes his way down the entrance ramp to a near ear splitting level of cheers and applause from the fans in attendance at the UWE Studios in Vancouver. He enters the ring and makes his way to the podium. Stepping up, he takes hold of a microphone and begins to speak.

David Stone: “You know, I never thought I’d see a day when I’d be stood at a podium like this again. I still struggle to believe that I was here myself 6 or 7 years ago. But tonight, for once, I’m not going to talk about myself. Yeah,, I know that’s still difficult for me to believe also. But tonight, I’m not here as David Stone the wrestler or musician. Tonight I’m here as David Stone the man and friend.”

Stone pauses here as applause breaks out once more. He then smiles briefly and continues to speak.

David Stone: “Tonight I have the very great pleasure of inducting a very close friend of mine. This lady is the first lady of Bad attitude. She and I have been friends since we were 15 when I moved to England for a while. She has probably the best attitude to wrestling and the most drive to make a success of what talent she has that I have ever seen. She’s a beautiful woman and still owes me at least 200 Marlboroughs. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Queen of the Castle, the former two-time Diva’s champion, one-time Hardcore champion, and one-time Women’s Champion! Give it up, for the lady from London via Dublin, Miss Lilith…Amelia…Jackson!”

David takes a seat at one of the many chairs positioned in the ropeless wrestling ring. We Will Rock You by Queen begins to blare throughout the UWE Studios. The fans in attendance start stomping and clapping along with the iconic song as the one and only Lily Jackson appears from behind the entrance curtain. She takes a moment to appreciate the atmosphere before making her way down the red carpet wearing her favorite leather. She is covered from head to toe in black leather, which seems only fitting for the only woman to ever win the former UWE Hardcore Championship.

She reaches the bottom of the ramp and gives a massive wave to the crowd before strolling up the ring steps. Lily is greeted by Lise Fortier with a firm handshake. She then moves onto David Stone. The old friends embrace as the crowd continues to go wild for Lily. Lise and David sit back down as Lily approaches the podium. We Will Rock You begins to fade out with the fans following suit shortly after. Lily is ready to talk and of course she’s going to take a few digs at her buddy behind her.

Lily Jackson: “You couldn’t find someone better to induct me?”

Lily throws a look at David as he playfully acts offended. The crowd lets out a laugh as she continues.

Lily Jackson: “I’m only kidding, you git! In all seriousness, though, this means the whole to me. Things weren’t always easy. Tearing calves, losing championships…but I always came back from those injuries. I always came to win those championships back. I busted my arse for Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment and it was the time of my life. It helped me find myself. It kept my old friendships strong and gave me even more friendships that last to this day.”

“I’ll never forget the feelings I felt in this ring. Genesis V, winning the Queen of the Castle and the Diva’s Championship. Summer Heat 2010, becoming the Hardcore Champion after a brutal Ironman match against Glen Nodeviet. Being inducted into the UWE Hall of Fame is just the icing on the cake that was my wrestling career. Thank you. Thank you to everyone. All of you here and all of you watching, Lise Fortier, David Stone, everyone I’ve ever come across in my career, thank you. Now, I’ll take my seat next to David and watch every other deserving individual come down that ramp. Cheers!”

The crowd somehow still has the energy to erupt once more for Lily as she thanks them with a massive grin across her face. She takes her seat next to David Stone and is ready to do exactly as she said, watching the other new Hall of Fame members do their thing.




Returning to the program, Lise Fortier is once again at the podium. She feels vastly more at ease. The first induction of the evening went of without a hitch after the assault of a returning JTX on Kyle Stone Memorial Cup victor, Brandon Moore.

Lise Fortier: “Didn’t I say you’d be seeing a lot of him tonight? Give it up again for UWE Hall of Famer, David Stone!”

Lise shakes David’s hand as he stands and approaches the podium yet again. The crowd continues the trend of uproarious applause as David gets to induct another member of this most recent class. For a second time in the night, David Stone approaches the podium. There is a broad smile on his face as the applause continues. He motions for quiet and then begins to speak as silence falls..

David Stone: “Twice in one night? Wow, I’m a popular man.”

A low level chuckle ripples around the crowd and from Mr. Stone before he speaks once more.

David Stone: “What is there to say about Steve Norton that hasn’t already been said over the years? Contrary to popular belief, Steve and I have always respected each other as performers. He’s a true gentleman and it’s been my privilege to work with him on many projects over the years. Oh and trust me, the man has a kick like a mule.”

Once more Stone smiles. He looks to be enjoying himself as he speaks further.

David Stone: “He’s one of the most deserving men I’ve ever met when it comes to the hall of fame. I mean, his record speaks for itself. He’s a former two-time world champion and a former two-time tag team champion. I count myself lucky enough to say that one of those tag team title runs was alongside me. He also took my record for the longest UWE world title run when he held the title with distinction and dignity for 9 months. Ladies and gentlemen, please go crazy for the former soldier, possibly the second greatest technical wrestler I’ve ever seen and one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. Let’s hear it for Steve Norton!”

After Stone finishes his introduction, Fuel by Metallica hits the PA system. As the first cords play, the stage explodes in fireworks. Walking out from the back, dressed in a charcoal grey three piece suit, white shirt, and black tie, Norton stands and scans the crowd. A small smile creeps across his face as he tugs on the sleeves of his shirt and starts to walk toward the ring.

Climbing the steps, Norton stares at each person in the ring, his eyes settling on Stone. There is a brief flash of controlled violence but it disappears as quick as it came. Walking up to the podium, Norton extends his hand to Stone. Steve shakes David’s hand and then does the same with Lily Jackson. He nods in acknowledgment to the powers that be in Lise Fortier. Turning back to the podium, he stares out at the fans gathered. Another smile crosses his face before he speaks.

Steve Norton: “It has been a long time since I stepped into a UWE arena let alone a ring. For a moment there I was back in the days where Stone and I would try to kill each other in here. That is not why we are here tonight, though. Tonight I have the honor of being a member of the 2016 Hall of Fame inductees. I can’t tell you how honored I am. For years I have traveled the world as a soldier and as a wrestler. I have won medals, awards, recognition, belts, and titles, but standing here tonight is my greatest accomplishment.”

He stops for a slight pause.

Steve Norton: “When I started wrestling after I got out of the military I could only dream of a moment like this. I fought and battled my way through some other promotions to finally get my shot at the big time, the UWE. When I got here I saw some familiar faces like Stone, Joker, and Maddogg, and a host of new people. When I got here I knew I had reached the best the wrestling world had to offer. With competitors like Dirty Drew, Chaos, Brian Duskey, and Brandon Moore, who some seem to still have an issue with, but I knew this was where I was supposed to be.”

Norton pauses and looks down. Looking back up he scans the crowd, his voice on a hard edge.

Steve Norton: “Not many gave me a second thought when I got here. Some figured I would washout like so many others that have come and gone. I didn’t make many friends, quite a few enemies, hell I even became tag team champions with a rival.”

He turns and points to Stone. Norton pauses again as he turns back to the crowd.

Steve Norton: “I thought winning my first UWE Heavyweight Championship was the best feeling in the world. Then I over came the odds and beat The Ryan Starr for the title the second time.”

Norton pauses and looks over the crowd, taking a few moments to let it all soak in before speaking again.

Steve Norton: “When I got the call that I was being inducted into the UWE Hall of Fame, that feeling superseded all of that. If it wasn’t for you the fans, and for opponents like Stone and Starr and Dirty Drew and many others I would not be here today. For this honor I thank you.”

Norton steps away from the podium as the crowd acknowledges his thanks and him deserving this accolade. He heads over to thank Lise Fortier and then takes his seat next to Lily Jackson.




As has been the norm this evening, once the program has returned, viewers are treated with Lise Fortier at the podium. The event is winding down, but there are still inductions left to be done.

Lise Fortier: “Everyone, please give a warm welcome to one of UWE’s original stars. He is a member of the 2007 Hall of Fame class. He was the first British wrestler to win the UWE Championship and did so a total of four times! And not to mention the countless classic bouts he wrestled in this very ring. I give you our next inductor, ‘Dirty’ Drew Reynolds!”

“Dirty” Drew emerges from behind the curtain to a raucous reaction from long-time UWE faithful. He has a smug look on his face, but what’s new. He doesn’t hesitate to storm down the ramp and jumps up into the ring rather than taking the stairs. He grabs one of Lise’s hands with two of his and gives her a nod. Going down the line he bumps knuckles with David Stone, shakes hands with Lily Jackson and Steve Norton. The crowd begins to hush as Drew, in his best tattered jeans, green untucked button up shirt, and an unlit cigarette hanging from his mouth, steps up to the podium.

“Dirty” Drew Reynolds: “Holy shit! Oh, man, my bad. I’m not supposed to swear am I? Well, can’t change the past, now, can we?! I couldn’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve rumbled down a ramp into a wrestling ring. I like what they’ve done with the place, though. Now, I won’t waste your time. We all know why I’m here.”

“You know the man as Styx. I know the man as Caspian Landon. We’ve been friends. We’ve been enemies. In a sort of way like Lily and David back here. The man is something else, that’s for sure. Actually, I’m not even sure if he can be called a ‘man.’ Human is not a word I would use to describe him. He was a two-time Hardcore Champion, he captained my team, Team After Hours when we took on those bloody snobs on Rapture. He brought to the UWE one of the most exciting tag teams I’ve ever seen, the Death Trance Slayers.”

“I know there’s going to be those chumps who call him out for never winning the big one. That’s right, for all you newbies out there. Caspian never won the big UWE Championship, but I tell you what. He didn’t need to. He came out here every single week and beat the bloody piss out of every single person put in front of him, regardless of if there was gold on the line. Lads and lasses, it truly is my pleasure to introduce to you the next member of the UWE Hall of Fame. The Golden Boy of Professional Wrestling, The Face Painted Sensation, The Diamond in the Rough, The Blood Note…Styx!”

Drew leaves the podium now and heads over to the next available seat in the line. Flux by Bloc Party wastes no time in playing throughout the UWE Studios. Smoke and fire are Styx’s trademark and they are certainly found during this entrance.

Many are expecting Styx to appear, but a surprise is what they receive! None other than Styx’s old manager, Lucas Carrick, strolls through the entrance curtain. Lucas takes a bow, dressed in his normal white suit that he was known for. Lucas throws both his hands to one side, a gesture used to introduce The Blood Note! Styx emerges in full face paint, a black pin striped suit by Armani, a white shirt, a red tie, black Gucci shoes, and black and red sunglasses. Styx is in full form! Lucas and Styx embrace before Lucas takes his leave, waving to the crowd and heading back behind the curtain.

Styx takes his time getting to the ring, making sure to check out the entire arena full of patrons along the way. Appearing extremely humble, Styx makes his way up the steps and into the ring. He shows appreciation towards Lise Fortier, before making his way down the row of seats, shaking hands with everyone. Once he reaches Drew, they go through some elaborate handshake that only the two of them know before embracing, but only for a quick moment. Stxy approaches the podium, and while a smile is painted across his face, it’s easy to see the real one emerging. Quite a while passes before the crowd goes silent, allowing Styx to speak.

Styx: “This is surreal. UWE has always been my home. It has always been a home to everyone in this ring right now, everyone in the UWE Studios, and everyone watching at home. I want to say thank you to Drew for not throwing me under the rug and actually giving me a proper induction. I would’ve never thought in a million years that would happen let alone this Hall of Fame thing happening. Thank you to everyone who ever watched me put my soul into the art that occurs between these four corners. It’s an art that no one can perfect, but everyone can enjoy. I appreciate Mrs. Fortier for asking me to be here tonight and thinking I am worthy of this achievement.”

“I’m glad I got to speak with Brandon Moore before what happened early. I don’t know if I could’ve come out here without palling around with him, Drew, Ronnie, and David over there. We all know what the pain and the gain is in this ring. The respect I’ve been shown this evening while waiting to come out here makes me miss it. That is why the UWE is the greatest wrestling company that has ever graced this planet. Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment. It’s in the name. This is the ultimate company in wrestling and entertainment, then, now, and forever.”

This garners a massive round of applause from the crowd and those sitting around the ring.

Styx: “Drew said earlier that I never won the big one and I might get some flack for it. Well, you know what? I have won the big one. Being in the UWE Hall of Fame is the big one. My time with UWE is something I will cherish for the rest of my days. Lastly, I want to thank Lucas Carrick, my dear friend and my old manager. His pep talks and guidance as I made my way down to this ring every night is the reason why, as Drew said, I “beat the bloody piss” out of everyone put in front of me. Now, will you all do me one last favor?”

Styx takes a heavy breath as he spins around, examining the entire arena. The crowd goes nuts, answering his question with what seems like a resounding affirmative.

Styx: “Well, you just did it! Still, though, one last favor. Scream For Me one final time!”

The crowd obliges and loses their mind. Everyone in the arena is on their feet as Styx backs away from the podium. He puts his arms out to his sides and spins in place, feeding off of the energy of those in attendance. He looks back at everyone in the ring and nods his thanks. Styx now heads over, next to his old friend, “Dirty” Drew. Drew and Styx share a handshake as The Blood Note takes his seat and awaits the remaining inductions of the evening as eagerly as everyone else.




As the Hall of Fame ceremony returns, Lise Fortier is once again standing at the podium.

Lise Fortier: “So, I know much about UWE’s history, but I’m a little stumped at this point. Not a single person wanted to induct our next Hall of Fame member. He even went as far as to say there was no one he wanted to induct him. Therefore, in honor of keeping up the tradition of the evening, I guess, to induct our next member of the UWE Hall of Fame. Here’s David Stone! Again.”

This garners a bit of laughter from the crowd. David Stone approaches the podium with a shrug and a sly grin.

David Stone: “What can I say? Why fix what isn’t broken? Heh. They agreed to give me a crate full of Pepsi if I did this, so here’s goes nothing. Our next inductee is a man who…

New Sensation by INXS blares down the ramp and Stone stares up the ramp. Brian Duskey appears from backstage, onto the ramp. He is in a grey suit with a white shirt and grey tie. His walk down the ramp is very slow and methodical, taking in the entire atmosphere of the arena. He frequently stares, unimpressed, at fans who are reaching their arms over the barricade.

Once he enters the ring, Duskey walks around. He approaches Dirty Drew, who are sitting ringside. He offers his hand out to shake Drew’s, who extends his hand, but Duskey slaps him in the face and walks off. Drew lunges towards Duskey, who nonchalantly ignores it. Styx and Steve Norton get in front of Drew and hold him back from attacking Duskey.

As he approaches the podium, he unbuttons his jackets and spreads his arms to the crowd, receiving an elevated pop. Afterwards, he turns to David Stone, who is standing beside the podium. Stone offers his hand out, but Duskey notions for him to exit. Stone takes a few steps back and plops back down in his chair, shaking his head at Duskey. Some things never change.

Duskey stands at the podium but appears to be somewhat hesitant. He looks at the crowd and seems to have trouble taking it all in.

Brian Duskey: “As I stand before you, I am a man who–A man who–I’m sorry. I honestly can’t believe I’m standing here today. I really didn’t ever think this would happen.”

The crowd starts to cheer in support of Duskey

Brian Duskey: “I never thought in a million years that…I would ever…be introduced…by such an irrelevant piece of trash as David Stone!”

Duskey takes the mic off the stand and kicks over the podium.

Brian Duskey: “And it is absolutely disrespectful that anyone would ever think that anyone in this damn business is qualified to introduce a man of my caliber other than myself! I have been out of this ring for nine years and every SECOND that this company goes without me, it’s stock and ratings dip further and further into obscurity. And every single one of you knows for a fact that Chaos and all of the unqualified decision-makers in this company have been dreading this day for the last nine years, because they knew ever since I left this joke of a company that I would be back in this ring and accepting this induction.”

“Look at the facts! In 2006, I walked into Genesis as the World champion, the 100% standard bearer of this company, and since then? I was denied title-shot after title-shot after title-shot. On the street, every week, both reporters and fans approach me about that title-run they say “You had one championship win and you won it by cheating. How does that make you feel?” Well in front of the entire world in this second, let me tell you how that feels. DAAAAMN GOOOOD, ladies and gentlemen.”

“I knew I had one shot to win that title and I had to do anything and everything in my power to TAKE that championship and grace it over my shoulder. So when the electricity of that taker marked the skin of Ryan Starr and he dropped to the mat like lifeless fish… I. Took. It.”

“This hall-of-fame induction isn’t being given to me, it’s being taken…by me.”
“Because for years, I know that UWE has done everything in it’s power to avoid me being in their illustrious halls of history, but it’s finally become unavoidable for the them. It has finally become unavoidable to honor their most talented and illustrious performer. But actually think about that. Nine years. This isn’t the first induction class. Oh, no no.”

Duskey turns to Dirty Drew, who is trying to keep his cool in his seat in the ring.

Brian Duskey: “They’ve inducted others.”

He sits on the edge of the ring, microphone still in hand.

Brian Duskey: “You know, it makes me sick that a child like you was inducted before a man like me. Every thing that you stand for and everything these people supported you for is what was and still is wrong with not just this company, but this entire business. You walk around, not giving a damn about your actions, decision, and atrocious appearance truly effect those around you. You STOLE that championship from me in 2006 and I never forgave you for that. I never will. The fact that you are sitting here today with that ring on your finger absolutely makes me want to puke.”

Duskey gets back up and addresses the crowd.

Brian Duskey: “But that’s the world we live in, ladies and gentlemen. Instead of appreciating greatness, we choose to idolize those that live their lives with absolutely no class. Seriously think about that. You look up to failures. Because if you do that, you will never be disappointed. You will constantly be satisfied when your standard is so considerably low.”

Duskey pulls out a black ring box, obviously for his Hall of Fame ring.

Brian Duskey: “So here I am, without-a-doubt the most important man to ever step foot into this ring and by-far the headliner of not only this hall-of-fame class…but of all classes! When you step foot into this company, you know that every name that has graced the roster of UWE falls completely and devastatingly short to mine.”

“I left this company in 2008. I left it with no friends, several enemies, but an incredible legacy. And as I walked backed into this ring tonight with the stockholders’ jaws dropped at what a real performer is, drooling at how much money they could be making… I leave this ring once again. Still no friends, still plenty of enemies.”

Brian opens the box and puts the hall-of-fame ring on his middle finger, sticking it up to the camera.

Brian Duskey: “But one…more…title.”

Duskey drops the mic and blows a kiss to everyone in the ring. He hops down from the ring and speeds up the ramp to make his exit. The ringside crew now gather the objects that have been strewn about. They lift the podium back up to its proper position, make sure the microphone still functions, and place the microphone back onto the podium.




Lise Fortier is back at the podium, ready for the conclusion of the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Lise Fortier: “Once again, ladies and gentleman, please give it up for David Stone! And soon to be accompanying him, Satan’s Superior, Ronnie Cage!

The final inductees of the UWE Hall of Fame class of 2016 are about to be brought out, but first David Stone walks up to the podium one last time, as Ronnie Cage makes his way down to the ring. Ronnie is wearing a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a sports blazer, with a Stetson Corral Cowboy hat on his head and his confederate Converse All Stars on his feet. Not to mention, his left arm is in a sling. That is due to the injury received in the finals match of the Kyle Stone Memorial Cup. He walks up the stairs and joins David at the podium.

Ronnie Cage: “Well, what can Ah say about Maddogg and Joker. They’re mah brothers. Same as David, and the best damn tag team Ah have ever seen. Certainly the best tag team UWE has ever seen. Not only did they have a ton of pure wrestling skill, but they knew how tew get in yore head. Ah remember facing each of them separately, and how those matches were some of the hardest of mah career.”

“We’ve shared a lot of laughs over the years: food fights, Coca Cola pranks, ordering strippers to gay bars. We’ve jammed together, and jammed people’s heads into things together. There are no two other people that Ah can say deserve this more than these two. Three tag team titles together, both were International champions, an extra two tag team title wins for Joker, a UWE championship for Maddogg and a Hardcore championship for Joker. They are some of the most decorated wrestlers in UWE’s history, and it is only fitting that they be cemented into its legacy by being inducted into UWE’s Hall of Fame.”

Stone nods. He smiles as an almost sad look passes over his face before speaking himself.

David Stone: “You’re right Ronnie. If there are two men other than you that I trust with my life it’s Maddogg and Joker. They lived and breathed every damn thing that Bad Attitude stood for. Hell, we all still live and breathe Bad Attitude in one way or another. Oh and next time you pull that Coke muck on me, I’m going to do irreversible damage both to your car and your guitar.”

Laughter breaks out now as both men smile at one another.

David Stone: “Seriously though, I’ve also wrestled with and against both of these men and couldn’t be more proud today. Well done boys, I love you both.”

Spotlights swirl as Symphony of Destruction starts to play. Joker and Maddogg appear on opposite sides of the stage. They cross each other and switch sides. Pointing at the crowd and revving them up the whole way. Bad Attitude walks down to the ring wearing their matching trench coats and enter together. Maddogg heads directly to Lise Fortier and hugs her. The camera closes in and his lips can be read, thanking her, very much.

Then the reunion of Bad Attitude takes place in the center of the ring. Ronnie and David greet their friends Joker and Maddogg, embracing in the manliest of ways possible, all full of emotion. The two then approach the podium at the same time as Ronnie and David sit back down. The crowd takes a moment to settle down, as has been the story all evening. Maddogg leans in to the microphone and decides to say his piece first.

Maddogg: “So, Ben are we heels or faces today? I’m not so sure.”

The two look at each other with the utmost intent in their eyes.

Joker and Maddogg: “Heels!”

Joker then backs up giving Maddog the honors of speaking first as he begins yet again.

Maddogg: “You are all so very honored, I can tell, to see one more time, the Dogg Star himself, the former World Heavyweight Champion. Former International Champion. And former three time Tag Team Champion as a member of Bad Attitude. Maddogg! I still got it, don’t I? We would like to congratulate the other inductees even if we did kick their asses more times than I went to rehab!”

Maddogg steps back from the microphone laughing while holding his belly.

Maddogg: “Seriously, all of our fellow inductees are long overdue. I am so honored to be mentioned in the same breath and class as these giants. I am honored that the little boy who grew up in Wyandotte, Michigan is standing here today getting the single greatest honor I could or would ever receive.”

“I am an addict. The first one was professional wrestling. Before a pain pill. Before a drink. Before a cigarette. It was wrestling. My grandmother showed me these living superheros and I knew that was my path.”

“My goal was to get one match. From that very lowly start I stand here. Undeserving. But oh so very elated that my path was the right one. I saw the world. Made friends. Made brothers. I entertained people every night of my career. I was given so many chances and blew every single one of them. Every single time I won something. I destroyed myself. These three men here they saved me so many times. I was black balled from this business. Thrown out like the trash.”

“I stand here today made whole. Sober. Healthy. Welcomed back into this club to be put in the Hall of Fame.”

“My body is no longer able to do what I want it to. But my mind. It remembers the old days. It remembers the dress up promos. The death matches. The road. And this mind says this to you today.”

“Thank you. Each of you. For every ticket, piece of merchandise, or autograph. Thank you the fans. Thank you for letting me into your homes. I will never be able to pay it back.”

“And thank you to David, and to Ronnie. You will forever be my brothers. It could only be the two of you, to bring the two of us into this exclusive club.”

“I am currently in recovery from my addiction to wrestling. But I still watch. I know that everyone wants me in the ring again. But leave that to your memories. It will be batter that way.”

“One more time, with feeling.”




The crowd chanted along with Maddogg every syllable he pronounced. With an uproarious applause falling upon him, Maddogg backs away from the podium. He smiles over at Joker, directing him to take a step forward. The crowd agrees to go silent for one final time this evening as Joker begins to speak his piece alongside his best friends.

Joker: “I guess, ladies and gentlemen, the first thing I should do is the obligatory round of thanks.”

“I guess the first person I should thank is the person who was initially an enemy of mine, but over time became the other part of my life. The person who it is an honour to be inducted alongside, Maddogg. Together, we set a new standard for the UWE tag team division. We went from being a jokey, comedy act, to being one of the most renowned, hard-working and celebrated teams in the world. We are the only team to have held the UWE Tag Team Championships on three occasions. I could go on about winning it twice more, but that would just be showing off. I won’t even mention the solo title reign. It was also an honour for you to be the man who finally ended my International Title reign.”

“The next two people I should thank are my running mates. The two people who were a constant presence in my career. One of them I had the honour of winning the tag titles with and the other is just a good old Southern guy. David and Ronnie, I thank you both for everything that you both did for me.”

“To stop this from becoming a speech purely of thanks, I’ll give one last thanks to everyone who put their time, effort and energy into making me who I am today. From those who witnessed my matches, to those who I fought against. Every single person in this company made me the man I am today and helped in the metamorphosis from little boy to strong man.”

“Joker was never really meant to be stood here tonight, receiving this praise and accolade. I grew up on a council estate, seemingly pigeon-holed into a life of failure, crime and rejection. Through hard work, dedication and sacrifice, I broke out of that position in society. I became someone. I became more than just another statistic on a government publication or a news report. I took my life, my background, and turned it on its head. There might be people here tonight who might think that they can’t amount to anything but with hard work and dedication to a cause, you can do it. Sure, my path was anything but simple, but only in the dictionary does success come before work. For over a full year, I held one of the top titles in this company and this doesn’t come without any hard work.”

“As I look around tonight, I see legends, immortals, figures who are larger than life and will live in the memories of people forever. Tonight, people who made a lasting impact on the journey of this company are placed into the Hall of Fame. There are world champions, world beaters, people who were once known as being the top guy in this company or even the world… and then, there is… me.”

“I think it’s now time to address the elephant in this ceremony. When you look at the list of people in this Hall of Fame, there is a long line of World Champions. David Stone… Ronnie Cage… Maddogg… Ryan Starr… Dirty Drew… Rikter Caine… Danger… but nowhere in that list is the name ‘Joker’. I was always seen as being the understudy, the sidekick, the guy that was never good enough to be number one. Despite everything that I did for this company, the 583-day reign as International Champion, the five Tag Title reigns, the Hardcore title reign, King of the Castle, I was never good enough to be put in the same bracket as the likes of David, Ryan, Mike and Drew to name but a few. To be inducted without that honour of being the best makes me feel like a fake.”

“So, I think it’s time to put that opinion to bed. One day soon, I’m not saying when, I’ll be back. Whoever is top dog in this company should watch out because I will be coming for you. Whether I have my boys’ backing or not, I will end that opinion of not being good enough. I will stand in this ring as the best in this company, and only on that day will I feel like a true Hall of Famer.“

“Ladies and gentlemen, the fun and games will be over.”

With that revelation, Joker backs away from the podium and hugs Maddogg. There is not a dry eye in the crowd or in the ring at this point. Symphony of Destruction begins to blare one last time as Ronnie, David, and Lily Jackson all join the embrace. Bad Attitude is once again together at full strength. The group hug ends as Ronnie hoists Joker’s arm to the sky while David does the same to Maddogg. They show off their friends and newly minted Hall of Famers to the world.

The crowd is done being quiet, but Lise Fortier has one last thing to say. She approaches the podium and one last time announces the reason that everyone is there.

Lise Fortier: “Ladies and gentleman, one more time for your UWE Hall of Fame – Class of 2016!”

The roof very well may blow off of the UWE Studios with the noise being made from the crowd. The theme song for the evening, Hall of Fame by The Script featuring will.i.am kicks up as the inductors and Lise Fortier all exit the ring, leaving it to the Hall of Famers. They all take bows, wave, and appreciate the fans, except for Brian Duskey, because he’s too good for sticking around. A graphic appears on the video screen as the last thing seen on the broadcast before it fades out. The Hall of Fame ceremony has concluded and another chapter of UWE’s legacy has been etched.




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