UWE Dirt: Kyle Stone Memorial Cup

News & Rumors

Kyle Stone is a former Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment talent that rose to prominence posthumously. Due to unfortunate circumstance Kyle Stone passed away at a young age and thus never lived to his full potential. The late wrestlers impact is enough to warrant a memorial cup tournament.

The decision made by Lise Fortiér rocked the Canadian wrestling news world late last week, but rolls over into this week. Who will the company hire under new ownership?

Ronnie Cage and Chaos have officially re-signed with the company. But talents The Armenian Beast and Ruby have been spotted on the wresting circuit and rumors hint that both talents will probably sign.

Other stories say that Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment has hired other personalities to fill on-screen roles in the new Over The Top internet broadcasting format.

Former talent Serah Feena recently graced the cover of Yoga Health magazine. When asked about a return to the ring she said:

Never say never. Anything is possible.

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