Over the Top XXVII in Vancouver


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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UWE Studio’s, Vancouver
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The brackets are full. The stage is set. We have our finalists. #EmphasisOnBullet will go two-on-two with the rather formidable duo of Ruby and Corporal Punishment. Out of those four, only Punishment has tasted UWE gold so far, and all others will be hungry to gain some as well. Many consider Ruby to be one of the best to never hold gold in the company, while Wülf Erikson has been tagged by many as a future Ultimate Wrestling Champion ever since he stepped on the Vancouver stage. And when the Bullets team up, who knows what kind of havoc they can wreak. Can they grab their first title belts? Or will Vancouver’s tiniest superhero and a US soldier stop them?
But while that is an epic main event, we have plenty more for you on the go-home show before Anything Goes! After last week, Brandon and Matt Moore will go toe to toe as Brandon seeks answers. Maddogg Mike Rosati, Hall of Famer, will make his return against the debuting Lupus Onyx, and the guy who debuted last week, Buster Bradley, will have a chance to prove himself against Torment’s Corey Sanders.
And to top it all off… The Utimate Wrestling Champion is in the house, baby! But Eavan Maloney has a very tough customer in Tiami Erickson. While her brother competes for gold, can she upset the woman with the big belt? Can she get one over on the champ? We can’t wait to find out! 


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Brandon Moore vs. Matt Moore

(referee: JJ Hemphill)

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Pyrotechnics shower the main stage in the arena at the UWE Studios. The camera pans across the sea of UWE faithful while Haunt You by The Pack A.D. blares. Over the Top XXVII is live!

Almost immediately after the introduction ceremonies end, the arena lights go dark. Instead of shifting to the commentary team, the broadcast is getting underway with the first match of the evening.

A few moments after the darkness begins, three ever so familiar words appear on the video screen overseeing the stage.


This sends the crowd into their second frenzy of the night, with the first being just prior due to the start of the show.

Without the normal intro of the song, the heavy riff of Cemetery Gates by Pantera kicks in, coupled with the lights beginning to flash.

Brandon Moore bursts from behind the curtain. His look is one of determination. Brandon forgoes his usual shtick. There is no slapping hands with the front row attendees, there is no shouting, and there is no sign of anything less than serious.

As Brandon makes his way down the ramp, a split screen takes place, surrounded by UWE graphics. A replay of Brandon’s match on Over the Top XXVI is shown. Matt Moore appears out of nowhere and assaults his brother. Danny Oliver tries to make the save, but is met with a move that Matt does not generally use in the form of an underhook piledriver. Then a top rope Falcon Arrow, known to be used by only one man, is delivered to Brandon.

Just as Brandon reaches the bottom of the entrance ramp, Sylvie Rose makes her introduction of him, as if it is needed. Brandon rolls into the ring and quickly stands. He removes his vest and tosses it over the ropes to the ringside mat. From there, he backs himself into a corner and begins to fasten his gloves. His entrance music fades and the lights return to normal. Brandon sends an ice old stare towards the stage.

The fans begin to chant “Just Plain Better,” but Brandon is unfazed. He is here for two things, answers and a fight. A couple minutes pass and nothing happens. Brandon exits the corner and takes a step towards the center of the ring. His attention does not shift from the entrance area. It’s at that point that the lights shut off yet again.

A pulsing sound is now heard. It is that of a heartbeat. It is getting faster and faster. This lasts for some time before everything stops and the lights come back on.

Everyone expected an appearance. That includes Brandon. He spins around, looking for a sign of an attack, but there is nothing. The fans show their disdain for these tactics with heavy boos towards whoever is toying with Mr. UWE.

Then a figure appears on the video screen. With nothing but blackness surrounding a face, it is revealed to be Matt Moore. His eyes are void, however, showing the same blackness that surrounds his image. He is set with a twisted smirk across his face.

Brandon snaps. He speeds over towards the corner that Sylvie Rose stands in. Brandon snatches the microphone from her and turns to shout at the video screen.

The lights flicker and a stint of feedback is heard throughout the arena.

Brandon shouts, but the microphone is unable to pick up his words. He slaps it, but no sound comes through. It appears that even the commentary team’s headsets are on the fritz. Brandon tosses the microphone back towards Sylvie’s feet as she and referee JJ Hemphill have no choice but to watch events unfold.

Matt begins to speak.

“Brandon, Brandon, Brandon…it is good to see you again, old friend. I’m sure you had everything figured out from the get go, but to fill everyone else in, this isn’t your precious brother, Matt.”

“You may call me, simply…”


“You’ve longed for me to be out of your head. Is this not good enough? You see, you thought you had gotten rid of me, but I was simply lying in wait.”

“It was after Just Plain Better versus the Nashville Starlets. I regained control and used every ounce of my power to open your brother’s mind. This is where I have called home ever since Midsummer Massacre.”

“I knew I would never win the struggle with you, so I crafted myself a new vessel in the form of one Matthew Moore.”

“He hasn’t had all of those years to study me like you have. He isn’t strong enough to shut me out like you eventually became. And now that I am undeterred, nothing can stop me.”

“You and I will not do battle this evening, I’m afraid. You can have your forfeit victory for all that it’s worth.”

“But I will humor you. At Anything Goes, we will wage war in a street fight. If only to finally put an end to Brandon Moore once and for all.”

“Hug your children. Kiss your wife. Spend time with those close to you and cherish it, Brandon.”

“Because Sorrow is free and Sorrow is coming.”

Sorrow’s face fades into the surrounding darkness on the video screen. Sylvie Rose picks up her microphone from the mat and begins to speak into it.

The lights flicker yet again and the feedback sound is heard once more. Sylvie’s words are picked up in the middle of her announcement.

Winner, by forfeit

With that, JJ Hemphill approaches Brandon and raises his arm in victory. This is the first time Brandon has moved his focus since entering the ring. He yanks his arm free from referee Hemphill and abruptly exits the ring as Cemetery Gates plays him out. Brandon’s stare returns and he is as stone faced as ever, walking up the ramp to the backstage area.


Match Two – Single’s Match
Maddogg Mike Rosati vs. Lupus Onyx

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

A sixteen year old veteran making his UWE debut… against a bona fide Hall of Famer! It’s Lupus Onyx vs. Maddogg Mike Rosati! As Corey Miner calls for the bell, the two immediately lock up in the middle of the ring. Onyx seems to have the upper hand, driving Maddogg back, but Rosati slips out of the lock-u and reverses it into a hammerlock. He wrings away at the arm, keeps it firmly in position and then hits Onyx with a back suplex, making him land on his arm and nearly dislocating a shoulder.

Onyx gets up quickly, but he grabs his upper arm in pain as Rosati grins. ‘Welcome to UWE’, he mouths, and makes a ‘get over here’ gesture. Onyx wants to lash out at him with a running clothesline, but Rosati ducks, and takes Onyx down from behind with a snapmare. He then viciously kicks Onyx in the back, and does the same to his chest. Lupus is kicked down to his back. Rosati then rolls him over!

Cattle Mutilation! No!! Onyx sensed it was coming and managed to scramble his legs towards the rope, hooking a foot behind the bottom rope, forcing a clean break. Miner intervenes and forces Rosati off before he can lock it in properly. Rosati backs down, and Onyx gets back to his feet. Maddogg wants to get right back to business when he does! He comes storming in with a dropkick, sending Onyx into the corner. He then wants to follow it up with a European Uppercut…

Blocked! Onyx gets his forearms up, and grabs Maddogg by the throat, switching places with him as he throws Maddogg in the corner himself. Onyx starts unleashing blow after blow, and the crowd seems to boo him! While Maddogg hasn’t been a fan favorite lately, at least he is a UWE icon, and they are rooting for him out of nostalgia if nothing else. But Onyx beats down Maddogg, and then Irish Whips him, sending him against the ropes, hitting him with a powerslam on the rebound! And goes for the cover!



Rosati kicks out! Onyx immediately grabs Rosati’s hair. But the Hall of Famer feels it coming… and traps Onyx in an armbar, focusing on the arm he had damaged earlier! Rosati starts cranking away as Onyx screams out in pain. Onyx digs his heels into the canvas, and starts trying to push himself towards the nearest rope. He eventually once again gets there, but a lot of damage seems to be done, as Rosati takes full advantage of the ref’s four-count. Onyx rolls out of the ring once Rosati is forced to release, and starts slapping his arm trying to restore some bloodflow. But Rosati has no intention of waiting around! The Hall of Famer gets to the top rope, and leaps at Onyx!

But the UWE newcomer grabs him, and locks him in a bearhug, displaying great strength, balance and awareness. He lifts Rosati up, trying to squeeze the oxygen out of him in hopes he’ll fade. But it’s obvious he can’t apply full pressure, since his arm is hurting. SO before Rosati passes out, he runs into the ringpost, sandwiching Rosati between himself and the unforgiving steel. Onyx rolls Rosati back in the ring and follows suit. He lifts Rosati to his feet and sends him into the corner, efore following it up with a corner splash. Rosati staggers forward slowly, and is taken down by one of Onyx’s flying shoulder tackles!

With Anica Townsend watching, Onyx calls for it! The Inverted Cross! But as he goes down to lock it in, Rosati sneaks him into a pin with an inside cradle!



Onyx kicks out! Both men scramble to their feet, but it’s Rosati who manages to kick Lupus in the gut. The man doubles over, and Rosati nails him with a Northern Lights suplex. Rosati helps Onyx up, and calls for an Urinagi! He grabs Lupus, but… it’s blocked! Onyx slips out, and lands behind Rosati. He steps in, and Rosati is forced to bend backwards. Onyx grins…

Ministry’s Call!!!

Lupus goes for the pin..




Winner, by pinfall at 07:03

Lupus is victorious on his debut! The crowd applauds both competitors for a hard fought contest.

Match Three – Single’s Match
Ben ‘Buster’ Bradley vs. Corey Sanders

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

As the bell rings to announce the beginning of the Sanders and Bradley match up both men circle slowly and size one another up. Buster attempts to close in and lock up but Corey uses his superior reach to keep the Minnesota Mauler at bay. After a few failed attempts to get inside Buster finally manages to slip one of Corey’s strikes and get near him. Undeterred Sanders scrambles and reaches out to grab Buster around the back of the neck to tie him up into a tight Muay Thai clinch before launching a series of hard knees into Bradley’s stomach. The strikes have Buster trying to pull back and retreat but like a fisherman trying to reel in a catch Corey lets Buster struggle, giving him enough slack to try and run before sucking him back in with another knee.

In a panic Buster does the only thing he can think to do, he reaches out and grabs Sanders into a tight bear hug. Corey groans and struggles to try and get free of the powerful, crushing grip of Buster. The Green Dragon finally slams his hands together to box Bradley’s ears. Buster grimaced and squeezes more. Corey repeats the attack and on the third try Buster releases. Sanders can’t take time to recover and goes right back on the offense.

Corey grabs onto Buster’s head and falls back to hit a double knee jawbreaker. Buster falls back to the mat as Corey gets back to his feet. Sanders lifts Buster back up and begins to hit a flurry of punches and kicks, ending with a shuffle side kick that sends Bradley staggering back. Corey follows up a clothesline that further staggers the dazed Buster. Corey hits the ropes for another clothesline but this time Buster is more ready and counters with a shoulder block that drops Sanders to the canvas.

As Corey start a to get up Buster hits the ropes himself and comes back with a clothesline of his own that takes Corey back to the mat. Buster picks Sanders up before lifting him for a scoop slam. Buster picks him back up and tries to lift him for another slam but Sanders shoots in and fires off another knee. Buster bends forward and Corey follows up with several open palm strikes. He finishes off by running to the ropes and jumping off to hit a springboard knee to the face. Buster goes down and Corey pins.
Buster’s up!

Sanders goes from a pin position to a full mount, raining down punches and elbows at his opponent. Buster tries to cover up but the skilled striking of Sanders continues to find it’s Mark. Finally Corey gets up and lifts Bradley to his feet. Sanders launches a spinning back kick that sends Bradley to one knee and then kicks him in the head with a crescent kick that sends Buster to the canvas.

Corey picks his prone foe up and Buster wobbles looking like he can hardly stand. Sanders helps him get some rest with a swinging arm hook neck breaker. Corey rolls in for another pin attempt.
Buster still refuses to stay down. Sanders launches another few punches to the face then attempts
Buster shoots another shoulder up!

Corey gets back to his feet and pulls the battered Buster up as well. He then whips Buster towards the corner but Bradley reverses is, flinging Sanders into the turnbuckles with so much force it knocks the green dragon to the ground. Buster staggers to his foe who is starting to get up and drops him again with a double axe handle to the back. Sanders grunts as the air is forced from his lungs. Buster lifts him again and this time launches him with a fallaway slam. Bradley then tries for a pin of his own.

Corey kicks out! Frustrated, Buster picks him back up but Sanders breaks his grip and throw a big punch. Buster staggers then punches back. After the grueling match Corey doesn’t have the energy to slip but takes the punch and fires back again. Soon the two wrestlers are trading heavy blows that staggers then with each hard strike.

Finally Sanders manages to use his superior striking abilities to land a few quick jabs that send Buster to one knee. From there Corey begins laying into his foe with several hard punches. Buster wobbles on one knee and looks ready to fall over. Sanders backs up and gets ready to land a huge overhangs right but out of sheer force of will Buster manages to block the shot. Bradley keeps the hand at bay and stands to his feet. Before shoving the arm away with force. Bradley then launches a flurry of his own that sends Corey staggering. Buster then sends him of the ropes before catching Sanders and lifting him into a military press slam.

Corey is lifted back up and held across Buster’s body before being dropped twice into Bradley’s knee. Buster then picks him up once more and front powerslams him into the mat and pins.


Winner, by pinfall at 08:46

Match Four – Single’s Match
David Stone vs. Danny Oliver

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

David Stone and Danny Oliver stand in the ring across from one another as they wait for the bell to ring. Danny looks excited to be in the ring with the legendary Stone but David has a deep grimace on his face. As the ref calls for the match to begin and both men come to the center of the ring. The two wrestlers lock up and jockey for position, trying to get a better hold to launch their offense. Stone quickly snaps into a tight headlock and squeezes down on Danny’s head. Oliver falls to one knee as David wrenches harshly and holds on tightly. Danny twists and ducks into Stone and tosses him with a fireman’s carry. As Stone begins to get up Danny pulls his opponent into a headlock of his own.

Stone fights on one knee and continues to struggle as his head is cranked roughly. David elbows back into his opponent to get some space and works his way to his feet, once he does, however, Danny whips him over with a headlock takedown and continues the cranking on the ground. Stone rolls to the side slightly and uses the free space to roll Danny back and free himself. Danny rolls through and gets to his feet as Stone gets back to his. Oliver rushes in for a clothes line but Stone ducks and moves to follow Danny. The portly Oliver brother surprises everyone with his agility as he leap frogs over Stone. They both hit the ropes again and come back at one another. Danny leaps to attempt a flying forearm but Stone rolls under it, letting his opponent fly harmlessly overhead and crash into the mat.

Danny starts to get up but David kicks him back down and begins the Wrestler’s tap dance, stomping his downed opponent. Danny manages to roll away and starts to stand. Stone lets him get to his feet before hitting a chopping block to drop him once more. David lifts Danny back up and begins pelting him with hard punches, ending the assault with a hard kick to the gut leading up to the even flow DDT. Stone covers the downed Oliver.

Danny kicks out!

Stone grumbles at the ref before putting more boots into Danny. David then lifts him again and picks Danny up to perform a gutbuster. He then hits the ropes and jumps up to nail a leg drop. The maneuver leaves Danny dazed but his predicament doesn’t get any better as he eats another round of ruthless stomps from David Stone. Once Stone’s leg gets tired of stomping he picks Danny back up and attempts a bulldog.

As Stone leaps into the air Danny reverses the move with a back suplex, dropping Stone on the back of his head. Both men stay on the ground for a moment as they try to recover. The official begins the count.
Stone rolls to his stomach and starts to stand slowly.

Danny is using the ropes to get to his feet now but Stone is up first. David rushes in to try a clothesline but Danny ducks out of the way. Stone hits the ropes to return but is caught by Danny and slammed to the mat with a Samoan drop. Danny leaps back to his feet and yells out to the crowd who responds with a loud cheer. As Stone gets back to his feet Danny launches him into the corner and follows with a b8g splash smashing Stone between himself and the tutnbuckles. Danny climbs to the second rope and begins laying punches into his opponent as the crowd counts along.

Danny pushes the dazed Stone to the ground then climbs to the top turnbuckle, launching into a moonsault. David doesn’t seem to like this idea and pulls his knees up, letting Danny slam his ribs into David’s knees. Stone uses the corner to stand as Danny slowly gets up as well. The younger Oliver runs towards the corner to try and attack Stone once more. Davy moves to the side and lets Danny slam into the turnbuckle. As Danny stumbles back from the impact Stone grabs him around the waist and tosses him halfway across the ring with a release German suplex.

David walks over to the prone Danny and rolls him over with a hard kick them drops a big elbow into Danny’s chest. David then rolls his opponent up and goes for a pin. The red drops down and begins to count.

Danny gets the shoulder up! A frustrated Stone gets to his feet and stomps down on Danny several times before picking him up. David lifts Danny into his arms then tosses him with a fallaway slam. Danny hits the mat hard and lays on his back sucking air as Stone comes in for another attack. He lifts his opponent up once more and tries for a suplex, but Danny blocks and attempts a reversal. Stone blocks the suplex by Danny and then lifts him up with a counter-counter suplex. David holds Danny up in the air for a moment, showing off his impressive strength by keeping the hefty Oliver in the air for several seconds before letting him crash down onto the ground.

Stone still isn’t done, however, and he lifts Danny once more and turns him around to perform a tiger suplex and bridges into a pin.
Danny manages to escape again! David starts to lift Danny up once more but the younger wrestler starts punching Stone in the abdomen. As David reels back Danny shoots in and lifts Stone up into a big double leg take down before slamming him into the mat. Danny quickly picks Stone back up and scoop slams him back down onto the canvas. Oliver lifts David back up and hits him with a European uppercut followed by a dropkick that floors Stone.

Danny picks his for up again and gets him into position for the D Town Detonator but Stone frees an arm and hits Danny with a low blow. Danny falls forward but he is brought back to his feet where David prepares to land the Stone Cutter. David kicks his left foot out but Danny takes a page from Captain Kirk and shoulder rolls to safety. Stone regains his lost balance and turns to see Danny flying through The air to land the flying forearm he’d missed before. Stone gets to his feet as Danny hits the ropes and comes back for another flying forearm, he hits a third! David gets up again looking more dazed this time and soon finds himself tosses into the ropes. On the return trip Stone is grabbed by Danny and dropped into a bone jarring spine buster!

Danny rolls his opponent over and locks in the surfboard stretch before reaching down to apply the dragon sleeper, it’s the Legacy of Detroit! Stone tries to resist but is soon forced to tap.

Winner, by submission at 12:25

Danny lets go immediately as the ref calls for the bell. The younger Oliver raises his hands in victory but turns just in time to eat a clothesline from Maddogg who had ran in from the audience!

David gets to his feet slowly before going to join his partner stomping the prone Danny in the corner. The team of New Found Glory receives a loud chorus of boos but they ignore it as they continue to kick and stomp the downed Oliver. The boos change suddenly to cheers as Danny’s brother, Jared, rushes down the ramp.

The elder Oliver slides in and runs to super kick Maddogg over the ropes. David Stone turns to attack Jared but he ducks under the punch and launches another super kick that sends Stone out of the ring as well. Danny gets to his wobbly feet but soon stands beside his brother both daring the other team to come back in. Maddogg and Stone, both already tired from their own matches, decide to retreat as the Dogs of War stand reunited in the ring.


While this spot on the card was reserved for the contest between Tiami Erickson and Ultimate Wrestling Champion Eavan Maloney, it was announced earlier tonight that due to the hurricane plaguing the US, both competitors had found their travel schedules in such upheaval that getting to Vancouver was impossible.

The crowd, though disappointed, is still looking forward to their main event though, in which they will see their inaugural Universal Tag Team Champions crowned. The first ‘EOB’, ‘RUBY’, and ‘CORP! CORP! CORP!’ chants start to fill the arena. But rather than being hit with the theme songs of either team, they hear Amaranthe’s Nexus fill the arena!
The crowd rise to their feet and there are massive cheers as Lara Pegorino appears atop the entrance ramp! Instead of any of the aforementioned chants, there is now a ‘WELCOME BACK’ aimed directly at the General Manager… or is she? As she walks down to the ring, clad in a black-and-white skirted business suit and almost impossibly high heels, people make the bow-down gesture as she walks past. She winks at them, and as she gets in the ring, is handed a microphone by Sylvie Rose, who sneaks in a quick hug before Lara takes center stage in the middle of the ring.

Once the chants have died down, Lara says she has done some soul searching in recent weeks. After what happened during the Hell in a Cell match between Lucilla and Amy, she doubted herself and her professional integrity. And to a woman who has always prided herself on being a consummate pro, there is no greater shame than that. So after the show, she went to Lise Fortier to hand in her resignation. But the CEO refused.

Upon hearing that, the crowd popped. Lara smiled, and then continued, saying that Lise suspended her without pay indefinitely to give her a chance to think it over, and figure out exactly what it was she wanted. And that if by Anything Goes she still wanted to quit, then she’d let her go.
The crowd falls silent, anxiously awaiting her next words.

Lara says she wondered about what she wanted most in life. And while running her own business was very fulfilling, there was simply quite nothing like the pure adrenaline rush of UWE. Which is why, effective immediately, she is resuming her post as General Manager of Over the Top!
The crowd cheers, and Lara smiles once again. She then proceeds to make a few announcements. First of all, the Ultimate Wrestling Champion may not be here tonight, but she WILL be at Anything Goes, where she WILL defend her title, against none other than the man she took it from: James Calhoun. The cowboy is officially invoking his rematch clause. After weeks of silence, the Callous One will finally reemerge, ready to take back what was his.

On top of that, the Canadian Championship will also be defended, against a man who has a lot of hype surrounding him… as well as quite a few stable members. The Armenian Beast will return to action to defend the maple leaf belt against Jake Donaldson, leader of Torment! As for who the challengers to the tag team titles will be… that will remain a surprise!

Lara stops her speech and is met with rapturous applause as she waves and exits the ring. The boss is back, baby!


Main Event – Tag Team Tournament Final
Corporal Punishment & Ruby vs. #EmphasisOnBullet
Posted Image

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Ruby and Corporal Punishment are the first to come out, to standing ovations all over. They make their way to the ring, high-fiving as many fans as possible along the way, and as Ruby flips over the top rope, the crowd goes insane. Punishment ascends the turnbuckles, saluting the crowd.

When their music dies down, Ruby and Punishment await their opponents.

Except they never arrive.

Ruby and Punishment both look puzzled, until the titantron finally springs to life, showing shaky cam footage. It shows an unconscious Adeline La Roux, laying against the wall, a crimson mask adorning her face. Heavy grunts are heard off-camera until a loud clang of steel on flesh can be heard. The camera sweeps to the side and sees a large silhouette standing voer the unmistakable body of the Silver Bullet, Wülf Erikson. Once the figure slowly turns around, his face was revealed.

Asylum. The Masked Madman obviously blindsided both Bullets with a steel chair. He starts cackling like only he can, his laughter chilling the blood in your veins. He throws the chair to his side. What was this? A sick favor to Ruby? What is going on?

As the camera cuts back to ringside, the tiny Canadian looks perplexed. She looks at Chuck Aitken, who tells her he has no other choice than to declare them winner by forfeit, but Ruby shakes her head. Not like this.

She rolls out of the ring, and rushes backstage, with Punishment in pursuit, hoping they can stop Asylum from wreaking more havoc. A camera follow them until they arrive at the aforementioned carnage. Ruby tends to Adeline and shouts for some medical help, pronto! Corporal Punishment checks up on Wülf Erikson. There is not a sign of Asylum, but once the Corporal helps the shaken Silver Bullet to his feet, Asylum rushes in out of nowhere, carrying a kendo stick! He swings wildly at Erikson, but Punishment shoves him out of the way so that Asylum hits nothing but wall. He is ready to go after the Corporal thought, but is suddenly tackled down by a team of at least six security members who take down the lunatic. They are followed suit by Lara Pegorino, who orders them to restrain him and escort him out of the building.

She then turns to Adeline, Wulf, Ruby and Punishment. She says that because of this incident, the match can’t take place tonight, but that their final will instead be moved to Anything Goes… where the teams will meet up in a tornado tag team steel cage match, to keep it free of interference!

Meanwhile, medical staff rush in and take a look at Adeline and Wulf as the show comes to a close.



Quick results:
-No Contest
-Buster Bradley def. Corey Sanders by pinfall
-Danny Oliver def. David Stone by submission
-Lupus Onyx def. Mike Rosati by pinfall
-No Contest

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