UWE Over the Top XXIV


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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UWE Studio’s, Vancouver 
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The UWE Tag Team Tournament is now well underway. After some great matches last week, amongst which a shocking main event, we can now get ready for round two. The are no more byes from now on, as it’s straight to the finish line from here on out! Who will win the Universal Tag Team Championships?
Other than that, Shawn Lowery will make his debut against former Superbowl MVP Brute Rockne… and Ultimate Wrestling Champion Eavan Maloney will be in action against Hall of Famer David Stone, who returns to Vancouver!


Show Opener
Marisol Hawkes & Ricky Molaroni vs. Dogs of War – Tag Team Tournament Match

(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

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The opening match kicks off with Jared Oliver and Ricky Molaroni sizing each other up as their partners wait outside for their chance at the action. Ricky and Jared lock up and quickly begin looking for an advantage. Molaroni pushes into Oliver looking to push him back but Jared twists and sends his opponent to the mat with a quick arm drag. Ricky is back on his feet in an instant and goes on the offensive. Molanari attacks with a quick snap jab that connects and sends Jared stumbling back. Ricky follows up with two more hard strikes but as he pulls back for a third Oliver ducks in and connects with a punch of his own to the solar plexus. As Ricky grabs his stomach Jared goes into a hard flurry ending with a spinning back fist that puts Molaroni back onto the mat.

A frustrated Ricky gets back to his feet and comes back in. Jared goes to lock up again when Molaroni knees him hard in the midsection. Oliver reels and bends forward right into another knee that drops him. As Ricky lifts Jared back up Marisol is almost begging for a tag but her partner smiles and shakes his head, dropping Oliver again with a clothesline before laying a hard stomp onto his arm.

Jared grabs his elbow and writhes as Ricky lifts him once more, this time twisting the elder Oliver’s arm before dropping an elbow down onto it hard. Jared grunts and falls to one knee but Molaroni keeps hold of the arm and forces his foe back up before twisting it again. Oliver struggles but the right grip of his opponent keeps the Dog of War in place. Ricky wrenches again then yanks, pulling Jared completely off his feet.

Outside both Danny and Marisol are reaching in trying to get their partner to tag them in. Jared can’t comply because he is again having his arm stomped on by Ricky. Ricky doesn’t comply but turns to his partner and shakes his head, patting himself on the chest and giving a self assured grin as if to say he has it under control. Hawkes yells out and Molaroni heads closer and again shakes his head. What he’s saying can’t be heard but he points back at his foe and makes a breaking motion.

What Molaroni doesn’t see as he assures his partner he’s got things under control is that Jared had gotten up and heads over to tag his brother in. Ricky gives one last shake of his head and then turns back to what he expects to be a downed Jared but instead walks face first into a flurry of forearm strikes by Danny. The younger Oliver forces Molaroni back onto the ropes before whipping him to the other side of the ring. As Ricky comes back Danny snatches him up into a snap powerslam. The crowd goes wild as Danny stands and yells out as he raises a hand in triumph. The younger Dog lifts Molaroni once more before performing a spine jarring belly to belly suplex. Danny follows up with a springboard moonsault and tries to cover.
Molaroni up at two! Danny doesn’t let his frustration get to him, he pulls his opponent back to his feet before sending him into the corner. As Ricky thuds against the turnbuckles Danny charges in for a clothesline but Ricky lifts a foot at the very last moment and Danny gets a very close look at the bottom of Ricky’s boot! Danny hits the ground as Molaroni slowly stumbles out of the corner to tag in his partner.

Marisol explodes into the ring and rushes at Danny. The younger Oliver is getting back to his feet but Hawkes springboards off the ropes to hit Danny with a devastating enzigurri that drops him once more. Marisol then climbs the ropes and dives into a moonsault of her own before trying for a pin.
Danny gets the shoulder up! Marisol helps him to his feet only to drop the bigger wrestler again with a flurry of kicks ending with a big drop kick. Danny is back up quickly and tries to mount an offense but Hawkes cuts him off with a head scissors. Marisol follows up by grabbing hold of Danny’s leg and putting him into a tight ankle lock. The younger Dog yells out as his foot is twisted painfully. He begins trying to crawl for the ropes. Marisol pulls back and tries to hold him in place but Danny’s weight advantage comes into play and soon he is crawling for the ropes, dragging his opponent behind him! Finally he reaches the ropes and Hawkes is forced to release. She lets go and backs up as Danny uses the ropes to climb to his feet. Once he is standing Marisol charges in to try and knock him over but Danny ducks and attempts to send her over the ropes.

Hawkes manages to land on the apron and jumps to the top rope to jump over. Danny turns just in time to see her fly. As she comes crashing down Danny surprises Hawkes by catching her and spinning into a spinebuster! Jared and Ricky are both trying to get their partner’s attention. Marisol slowly rolls to get stomach and begins to crawl to her corner which is closer. Danny tries to make his way to tag in his brother but the still sore ankle causes him to move slower than normal.

Both legal wrestlers are closing in and Ricky reaches out as far as he can to make the tag. He rushes in to attack Danny but seconds before he can reach his foe, the younger Oliver tags in the elder. Jared rushes into the ring and intercepts Ricky with a flurry of hard punches. Jared finishes with a roundhouse kick that leaves people wondering if Ricky is leaving with a smaller head than he came in with.

Jared lifts the dazed Ricky back up before taking him back to the mat with a headlock takeover. The elder Oliver then squeezes tightly around his opponent’s neck, wrenching tightly. Ricky struggles against the lock and soon fights to one knee. From there he grabs onto Jared’s legs and sweeps him to the mat. They both stand and Ricky charges for a clothesline that Jared ducks under. Oliver waits for his opponent to rebound and tries for a super kick but now it’s Ricky’s turn to duck. When Molaroni returns again he slams into his foe with a bone crunching spear. Ricky stands and lifts Jared to his feet before pulling him up into a vertical suplex. When Molaroni stands he sees Marisol calling for the tag and decides that this time discretion would be the better part of valor.

Ricky makes the tag and rather than entering the typical way, Marisol springboards over the ropes to land a drop kick against Jared who is knocked to the canvas again. She follows up with a few quick stomps before climbing to the top rope. Once there Marisol attempts a moonstomp. Jared rolls out of the way as Marisol lands. She, too, rolls through and both stand at the same time. As Jared moves in to attack he is countered by a surprise super kick!

Marisol goes in for the kill and begins to lock in the Divine Blackout. Jared struggles and tries to roll through but finds himself stuck. As Marisol cranks he’s left no choice but to tap out.

WINNER, by pinfall at 12:43
–Marisol Hawkes & Ricky Molaroni–

The bell rings and Hawkes releases the hold. The victors celebrate inside the ring as the Dogs of War make their way to the back.


Match Two – Single’s Match
Brute Rockne vs. Shawn Lowery

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Shawn and Brute begin their match by circling and sizing one another up. Brute moves in and attempts to lock up but Shawn ducks under and knees the bigger man in the gut. Lowery hits the ropes and comes back in to try and clothesline Brute off his feet. Rockne barely budges and Shawn tries again with similar effect. He tries once more but as he closes in Brute scoops the smaller man up into a sidewalk slam.

Brute scoops Lowery back up and then pulls him into a short arm clothesline. Shawn hits the canvas with a loud thud and Rockne capitalizes with a leaping leg drop. The former football player stands and shows off his impressive arms, drawing a loud cheer from the ladies on the audience. After showing off, Brute picks his opponent back up and lifts him into a powerslam. Before Rockne can execute, however, Shawn slides off and delivers a drop kick to the back. Brute falls face first onto the ground and Lowery follows up with another drop kick to the head.

Shawn stands and walks confidently around his prone foe. With a smug grin he stomps hard onto Brute’s back before kneeling down to put the corner NFL player into a headlock. Rockne struggles against the hold but Shawn leans back, wrenching his opponent’s neck painfully. Brute tries to get to his feet but Lowery cuts off his leverage. The crowd begins to chant for Brute as the lock gets tighter.

Brute! Brute! Brute!

The sound of the cheering pushes Rockne on until he finally manages to get to his base. He begins to stand and lifts Shawn up to hit a back suplex. Lowery arches his back in pain as Brute gets to his feet amidst loud cheering.

Brute pulls Shawn to his feet before stumbling him with a massive European uppercut. Lowery tries to regain his balance but a huge chop from Rockne drops him to the canvas. Brute picks him back up before another big chop floors Shawn again. Rockne again helps his foe up before sending him into a corner. Rockne stands in the other corner and points at Lowery before charging in with a spear.

The crowds cheering quickly turns to boos as Shawn slides out of the way, leaving Rockne to run into the corner. As he rebounds off Shawn leaps up sends Brite flying with a monkey flip. Rockne tries to recover but before he can Shawn begins kicking and stomping the big man who tries to cover up.

Once he’s finishes stomping Shawn picks Brute back up and performs a belly to belly suplex. The big man hits the ground like a ton of bricks and Lowery tries to cover.

At the count of two the smaller man is removed as Brute launches him into the air. The crowd cheers again as Brute gets back to his feet and eggs Shawn on to come after him. Lowery charges in and Brute prepares to try and catch him again but Shawn turns and wheelbarrows up before hitting an arm drag. Rockne hits the canvas and tries to stand but a drop kick to the chest puts him back down. Lowery waits for Rockne to get back up before hitting another big kick that sprawls the large man.

The crowd boos as Shawn taunts the downed giant with flexing of his own. The smug Shawn waves off the jeers and lifts Rockne up and puts him into position for a butterfly DDT. Brute counters by lifting his foe into a back body drop, slamming Shawn down violently. Brute shows the crowd what a real flex looks like before he picks Lowery up and hefts him up into a vertical suplex, bringing him down into a powerslam with the keg stand.

The large NFL player stands over his fallen foe and gyrates as the women in the crowd cheer wildly. Once he’s done with showing off Brute falls into an elbow drop across Lowery’s chest. Brute rolls Shawn up for the pin and the ref drops.




WINNER, by pinfall at 06:31
–Brute Rockne–

Rockne picks up the first victory of his wrestling career!


Match Three – Tag Team Tournament Match
Nashville Starlets vs. Corporal Punishment & Ruby 

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

People are surprised as an already beaten and worn down Corporal Punishment makes his way to the ring. It’s obvious he is in poor shape, but even as Ruby asks him what’s up, he simply shakes his head, and refuses to let it impact his willingness to start the match.
People are stil raving about Tasha Jones’ debut, and it’s no surprise that she is the one to start off the match, facing off against the Tiny Canadian Ruby, since her partner looks like he could do with a breather. Clad in her new ring gear, UWE’s resident masked sweetheart knows all too well what Tasha is capable of. As the bell rings, they circle each other carefully, with Ruby rolling out of the way every time Tasha charges at her. She eventually lures Tasha in, managing to nail her with an armdrag. Tasha recovers immediately, but Ruby is there to grab her leg, and follows it up with a dragon legwhip, twisting Tasha’s knee.

Tasha is sent towards her own corner, and slaps Evie’s hand, tagging her in. Evie hops over the top rope and charges at Ruby with such speed that the tiny Canadian is unable to react to her lightning quick roundhouse kick! Ruby collapses momentarily, and Evie takes advantage of that to go for the pin.



Ruby kicks out! The Corporal was about to rush in as Ruby got her shoulder up, but retreats to his corner. Evie starts to unload on Ruby. First, she easily lifts her onto her shoulders, then nailing her with a Samoan Drop, before dropping a couple of knees to her skull. She then grabs Ruby’s arm, twisting it and forcing into a hammerlock, basically dragging Ruby back to her feet. She wraps her other arm around the tiny Canadian’s waist and hits an Ace in the Hole, sending Ruby flying and landing on her own arm!

Ruby shakes her arm, trying to restore some bloodflow, but Evie is right back on her case with a hard elbow to the back of the neck. She follows it up with another pin attempt.



Ruby kicks out! Evie slaps the mat in frustration, before lifting Ruby back to her feet. She sends her into the ropes and on the rebound intends to hit her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Ruby reverses it into a headscissors, sending Evie flying! The crowd cheers at this sudden shift in momentum, and Ruby desperately tries to make it to her corner to tag in Punishment. She inches closer and closer, dragging herself along the canvas, but Evie meanwhile has already tagged in Tasha! Just a fingertip away, Tasha grabs Ruby’s ankle, before dragging her back to the center of the ring!

Ruby tries to hit Tasha but her arms are too short and she slaps nothing but air. Tasha meanwhile tries to kick Ruby in the face but the tiny Canadian avoids the hit, preventing a possible knockout! Ruby wriggles her ankle free, and gets back to her feet, ducking underneath Tasha’s clothesline to hit her with a drop toe-hold on the rebound! Tasha falls face first onto the mat, and Ruby takes the advantage to go over to her corner and tag in Punishment.

AN exhausted Ruby rolls out of the ring a CP goes to town on Tasha. He immediately takes to the top rope, and hits a Swanton Bomb on the Starlet. He follows that up with a standing moonsault, and then grabs her hair to get her back to her feet. He drags her over to his own corner, and starts hammering away with the 21-gun salute, smashing her face into the top turnbuckle multiple times until the referee calls for him to stop. He does so, but also tags in his partner again. Ruby, slightly recovered, hops over the top, runs the ropes, and hits Tasha with a stinger splash! She tags Corporal Punishment back in again, who immediately resumes his 21 Gun Salute! After smashing her face multiple more times, he stops, fires up the crowd, and calls for a Boot Camp!

Tasha, dazed, turns around, but somehow has enough awareness to duck underneath the incoming Superkick. She rolls through and tags in Evie, who immediately comes flying in with a missile dropkick! Punishment is levelled, and as Evie wants to go for Shattered Globes, he rolls out of the way. He gets back to his feet, and nails Evie with a clothesline, shifting the momentum again. As Evie gets back on her feet, hse is Irish Whipped into CP and Ruby’s corner. Punishment lifts Evie on to the top turnbuckle. Is he going for the Death From Above?

Indeed he is, and as Punishment nails the superplex, Ruby tags herself back in just I time! As Punishment and Evie land hard in the middle of the ring, Ruby climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps…


Ruby in the Sky with Diamonds! She hits her devastating leaping top-rope double-footed stomp to the face, and goes for the pin.



Tasha rushes in to break up the pin, but Punishment hits her with the Boot Camp!


The referee calls for the bell!

WINNERS, by pinfall at 08:34
–Corporal Punishment & Ruby–

Morello lifts up the hands of both Punishment and Ruby as the duo have secured themselves a spot in the semi-finals, where they will face the team of Ricky Molaroni and Marisol Hawkes!


Match Four – Single’s Match
Beauty & The Geek vs. Just Plain Better

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

The two teams huddle in their respective corners until Corey Miner requests one member from each to start the bout. Josiah and Brandon will take on that task. Heather and Matt take their place on the apron as Brandon and Josiah begin to size each other up. Referee Miner calls for the bell and this thing is on.

Josiah is a smart competitor, so who knows what he is thinking, but he’s in the ring with Mr. UWE now. Brandon feels that wrestling is more than just calculations, so this clashing of styles is going to entertaining as all get out!

Both men are built in a similar fashion, but their age is a vast difference. Josiah uses some of his knowledge to avoid locking up with Brandon at all costs. Moore goes for a collar and elbow tie up, but Turnbow immediately steps to the side and out of the way.

Brandon goes in again, but Josiah slips out of his grasps. Brandon chases Josiah around the ring, unable to get a hand on him. Josiah knows better than to tie up with Brandon and he’s making Mr. UWE look like an absolute fool.

Josiah slides out of the ring and Brandon goes after him. Turnbow wastes no time in slide back in however, fooling Brandon once more. As Brandon comes back in, as quick as he can, he’s met with a huge dropkick by Josiah that plants him immediately.

Josiah stays on him, knowing that he needs to keep up this pace to down Mr. UWE. As Brandon sits up, Josiah dives on top of him with a side elbow. It knocks Brandon back down and Josiah flips him onto his stomach. Turnbow bounces off of the ropes and comes back with a big senton.

Josiah rolls Brandon over for a cover.



Kick out right at two.

Turnbow drags Brandon into his corner and slaps five with Heather. Tag!

King climbs the top rope as Turnbow keeps Brandon standing in place. He moves as Heather dives. Big cross body clock and she stays on for another cover!



Brandon gets a shoulder up!

The younger kids are really keeping up the pace here. She helps Brandon to his feet and Irish Whips him into a corner. Following right behind, Heather leaps at him with a forearm. This sends Brandon bouncing out of the corner. Heather gets onto the second rope and jumps at Brandon as soon as he turns towards her.

Brandon snaps out of his daze, though! He catches Heather in a fallaway slam position. Brandon spins Heather out and holds on…dropping her back onto his knee! Ouch! Moore has turned the tide here!

Brandon hurries over and tags his brother, Matt. Matt hurries into the ring as he notices Heather crawling towards her corner. He grabs her leg and pulls her back to the center of the ring. Heather turns over and kicks Matt a few times, loosening his grip. She escapes and rushes to her corner…but Matt is fast, too!

He catches her and her hand just narrowly misses Josiah’s! Matt locks the waist, keeping her from tagging in her partner, and sends her back with a huge release German Suplex! Matt heads over and picks her back up to her feet. Another German Suplex!

Josiah looks on, cringing at his partner being dropped on the back of her head.

Matt tags in Brandon and stays in the ring. Corey Miner starts to holler for him to exit. He will, but after a move first!

Matt lifts Heather up into a wheelbarrow position from the mat. He bounces her off of the ropes and slingshots back over his head. Brandon comes in and grabs the neck, ending it with a neckbreaker!

Brandon slides on top of Heather for a pin fall as Matt finally exits the ring.




No! Josiah Turnbow clubs Brandon over the back to break up the pin fall! Corey Miner goes to hold Josiah back as Brandon gets to his feet now. Moore comes over to shout some words as Josiah, but Miner separates them and tells Brandon to get back to the action. Once Brandon turns, he bends over to grab onto Heather.


Heather hooks him for a roll up!



Brandon kicks out!

Heather is quick to her feet and rushes at Brandon after the pin fall attempt went unsuccessful…

Big leaping knee by Brandon! Heather’s momentum was stopped just as quick as it started.

Brandon drops to the mat and drives the same knee into her back, pulling on her arms while he does it. Strange submission maneuver here! Heather is adamant about staying in this bout. She’s not giving up!

And she is saved again by Josiah! He comes in with a big blow to the back of Brandon’s head, much to the ire of Referee Miner. He’s not stopping there, though! Turnbow sends Matt off of the apron with a dropkick!

Josiah gets a hold of Heather and drags her to the corner. He tags himself in!

Heather rolls out of the ring as Josiah quicky gets back in it. He rushes a kneeling Brandon and steps up off his open knee. Big enziguiri! Josiah is on the ropes now!

Brandon rolls onto his stomach, unaware of what’s to come!

Turnbow leaps….


The diving double foot stomp connects and he covers!



Matt Moore in to break up the count!

Corey Miner shoos him away to his corner, trying to keep control of this match.

Josiah hurries back to Brandon and gets him to his feet. He Irish Whips him into his team’s corner and charges with a big set of knees to Brandon’s chest! Another Irish Whip across the ring now, into the Just Plain Better’s corner! Matt gets the tag and Miner acknowledges it!

Josiah has no idea, though! He hits Brandon with a big corner clothesline and throws him out towards the center of the ring. Yet again, Josiah climbs the top rope as Matt Moore lays in wait. Josiah leaps towards Brandon, but notices that he is moving out of the way!

Turnbow is able to control his jump and land on his feet, hitting a roll across the ring. He turns to keep the fight onto Brandon, but Matt Moore has already entered the ring during his flight. Matt spins!

As soon as Josiah turns around…


It connects and plants the member of Torment! Matt goes for a cover!




WINNERS, by pinfall at 12:43
–Just Plain Better–

Corey Miner calls for the bell and this one is over!

Just Plain Better will take on the winning team of the #EmphasisOnBullet and The Empire match up later in the evening! The Moore Brothers embrace in the ring and raise their arms in victory, but not without recognizes the valiant effort of Beauty and the Geek.

Heather is finally up and rolling into the ring to check on Josiah. A bit weary of her opponents, she moves cautiously. That quickly changes however as Matt and Brandon help get Josiah to his feet. Now, the Moore Brothers each grab onto one member of Torments arm. Matt has Heather’s and Brandon has Josiah’s.

The Moores lift their arms high up and point to the two competitors, demanding that the crowd applause the fight they put up. Brandon shouts, “This is the future!” He mouths some words to Josiah and Heather now. Matt does the same. The four of them all shake hands as Just Plain Better exit the ring, leaving Beauty and the Geek a bit wide-mouthed by the fact that they were just endorsed by two of UWE’s greatest.


Match Five – Single’s Match
Eavan Maloney vs. David Stone

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Champion versus Legend. This is a huge test for Eavan Maloney and no doubt, she’ll be looking to pass it with flying colors. Chuck Aitken calls for the bell!

Eavan and David dance around the ring, both looking for any opening they can find. It isn’t long before they simply decide to lock up. David Stone has no choice but to play the bad guy here as he drags the beloved Ultimate Wrestling Champion into a headlock. He squeezes as hard as he can, but Eavan won’t give up that easily.

She sends a couple shots to Stone’s body before pulling them both back against the ropes. The momentum is enough to allow Maloney to send Stone across the ring. Stone comes back and Eavan charges him. She attempts a clothesline, but it will take more than that to topple the much larger Stone.

She rebounds and hits another clothesline, but Stone stays on his feet, shrugging the attack off.

One more go off the ropes and Maloney dives for a cross body! Stone catches her though and simply drops forward with a big slam.

He stays on for a cover very early!


Resiliency shown by the champion with a kick out at one!

Stone is surprised, but figured that wouldn’t be the end of it. He gets Maloney to her feet and sends her into the corner. He sends a big front kick to the gut, but Maloney stays standing against the turnbuckle. Stone throws her into the opposite corner with an Irish Whip and charges! Eavan slips through the ropes onto the apron!

Stone’s chest hits the turnbuckle and sends him stumbling backwards as Maloney climbs to the top!

Eavan flips off of the ropes and connects her back onto Stone, taking the big man down! She stays on him in the position they land and tries her best to bring one of his legs up for the cover.



Stone forces Maloney off.

David is impressed. He knows she is the champion for a reason.

The fight keeps up!

Maloney is up first, sending a flurry of leg kicks at the Hall of Famer, hoping to chop him down like a tree.

It sends him moving about the ring, trying to avoid it. Maloney feels like she has him running now!

Stone thinks another kick is coming at his legs, but Maloney is smart and changes it up. She leaps and sends the kick right into David’s head!

This sends Stone tumbling through the ropes and to the floor.

Uh oh…

Maloney stands and gets the crowd to clap and stomp along with her. She jumps to get her blood flowing and takes off!

Maloney hits the ropes and as she comes towards David, she dives through and out of the ring! Suicide Dive!


David falls out of the way and Maloney eats nothing but barricade!

Chuck Aitken starts a count seeing as both competitors are on the outside of the ring.




David is the first to get a move on.


He gets to Eavan’s crumpled body and lifts her with ease.



With Maloney over his shoulders, David sets her down on the apron and slides her into the ring.


David follows and Chuck’s count must end.

Stone gets the champ to her feet, but quickly lifts her off the ground after hooking her arm and head. He has her up and holds her there…and holds her there…and holds her there…


With the blood rushing to her head, turning her face a similar color as her hair, Stone finally decides to go through with the maneuver. He drops Maloney back and hits the big stalling suplex.

David floats over for a pin fall attempt!



Eavan gets a shoulder up!

Stone seems a little irked now, but his veteran status in UWE helps him keep his cool.

David simply lifts Eavan to her feet and sets her up against the ropes. Stone backs across the ring before launches himself towards the champ.

Stone throws a boot, but Eavan drops down!

David Stone’s little stones get caught up on the ropes! That’s got to hurt!

Maloney pulls David off and rolls him up! Chuck Aitken moves in!



Stone forcefully kicks out!

Both competitors are quick to their feet and both competitors throw a kick!


They both connect on the chin of their opponent! Eavan with her signature super kick and David Stone with his brutal Stone Cutter! They both hit the mat. Hard.

Chuck Aitken has no choice but to start another kind of count as both competitors lay on the mat.





They both begin to move.



On opposite sides of the ring, David and Eavan use the ropes to help themselves up.



They’re both up!

Eavan’s eyes grow wide as Stone charges her like a bull.

She rushes forward herself and ducks underneath a clothesline attempt. As she comes back, she ducks a second clothesline attempt!

One more time at the ropes and she jumps onto the them. She springboards off and turns, hoping to connect with anything to David Stone!

Instead, the front of her body hits the mat as Stone sidesteps her attempt and guides her down onto the canvas!

Stone grabs a hold of her leg and moves his arms up to her ankle…

Stone Crusher! Stone Crusher!

Wait, no!

Eavan wiggles and wiggles and wiggles! Stone can’t get the maneuver locked in completely!

Eavan flips herself and is able to move underneath Stone! The momentum trips Stone up and sends him to the mat in the same position that Maloney was just in. Eavan keeps a hold of Stone’s leg as she trips him and quickly grabs onto the other!

She presses the legs together and has Stone in position…

All she needs to do his sit down on his back and synch it in!

She does!

The cloverleaf is locked in! The Eavan Lock is applied in the center of the ring!

Stone scratches and claws. The bigger man is able to pull Maloney along, but they are so far away from any of the ropes!

The pain is just too much before he is able to make it to any sort of sanctuary! Stone slaps the mat and Chuck Aitken calls for the bell!

WINNERS, by submission at 11:39

Stone continues to pain the mat as Eavan lets go of the hold. He’s not tapping out anymore. Instead, he’s mashing the canvas in frustration. Stone rolls himself out of the ring as Maloney is given her championship belt. She holds it high and ascends one of the turnbuckles, celebrating her victory.

She realizes she wants to congratulate Stone on a great match they’ve just had, but she sees her has already left the ring and is in the middle of flipping over a set of the steel ring steps. Furious with his defeat, Stone storms up the ramp after attacking the steps, not wanting to stick around.

Eavan looks a bit disappointed at these turn of events, but regardless, she plays to the crowd and points to her Ultimate Wrestling Championship belt that is waving above her head as Over the Top takes a commercial break.


As we come back from commercial break, the viewers at home are met with the sight of none other than Lise Fortier. Standing in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand, she declares that in light of UWE’s recent successes, they will soon begin to expand the UWE brand. As part of that, a new TV deal is in the works. While she can’t yet disclose any details regarding that, it will include a switch to Tuesday nights for UWE’s flagship show, Over the Top!

With it, it will bring many novelties to the UWE product. Mrs. Fortier claims there are exciting times ahead, however, she is soon cut off by chants of ‘We Want Lara!’ The CEO tries her best to ignore thee chants, however, and continues with her speech, saying that soon UWE will grow from local Vancouver wrestling company to national, and after that global, powerhouse!

The new TV deal will commence after UWE’s next PPV, ‘Anything Goes’, after which we will also see the switch to Tuesday Nights. More news to come soon!

Main Event
The Empire vs. #EOB

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

It’s the main event! Marcus LeVine’s lackeys face off against the extremely agile combo of Adeline La Roux and Wülf Erikson! The Empire got to the quarter finals on a BYE, but Adeline and Wülf were put through almost literal hell last week, with Asylum trying to take a literal bite out of the Crimson Bullet!
It is also Adeline who starts off the match, against Joey Hendrix. The two lock up in the center of the ring, with the Crimson Bullet twisting Joey’s arm into a hammerlock. She contorts the arm further, applying pressure to the shoulder and elbow of the Imperial, and then releases the hold, only to level Hendrix with a snap dragon suplex, sending him neck first to the mat! Adeline grins and rolls over to her corner, tagging in her partner Wülf! The Silver Bullet waits until Joey gets back to his feet and springboards, levelling him with a hurricanrana, hooking his legs in the process.



Joey kicks out, but only barely! Wülf then helps him to his feet, only to send him into the corner where Adeline awaits. Adeline smashes a forearm into his face as Joey lands in the corner, dazing him; the Imperial head is then hit with a dropkick to the back of his head, sending him face first into the top turnbuckle. Wülf rolls him up from behind!



Joey kicks out, but it’s clear he requires great effort to do so. As Wülf seeks to continue his assault, Joey starts rolling away, to his own corner, and rolls out of the ring. Chris then hops off the apron to assist his partner.
Wülf and Adeline take one look at each other, look at the pair grouped up on the outside, look at each other again, and yell it: BUDDY DTF!

The pair makes the run, do the springboard, and flip! There’s the 450 to the outside, as they crash into the Empire! They immediately get back to their feet as the crowd cheers, and the pair rolls Joey back into the ring. With Wülf the legal man, he sizes Joey up for the Wit’s End.

And hits it!



TOO CLOSE to the ropes! While Joey showed zero signs of moving, Chris grabbed his brother’s foot and pulled him out of the ring, breaking up the pin. Under rapturous boos, Chris supports his brother and they start walking to the back, shaking their heads. Were #EOB too much for them to handle? Or are they simply living to fight the fight another day?

Either way, Claudia Morello has no choice but to count them out at the count of ten as a livid Adeline and Wülf dare them to get back in the ring and finish the match, but to no avail.

WINNERS, by count-out at 04:36

As Morello calls for the bell, it is #EmphasisOnBullet who advance to the semi-final, one victory away from a shot at the UWE Universal Tag Team Championships! It’s obvious this wasn’t the way they’d wanted the W, but they might be happy they were able to save some energy tonight, as the formidable duo of Just Plain Better awaits them next week!

Tag Team Tournament Brackets
Posted Image

Quick results:
°Ricky Molaroni & Marisol Hawkes def. Dogs of War by submission
°Brute Rockne def. Shawn Lowery by pinfall
°Corporal Punishment & Ruby def. Nashville Starlets by pinfall
°Just Plain Better def. Beaty & The Geek by pinfall
°Eavan Maloney def. David Stone by submission
°#EOB def. The Empire by count-out

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