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Contract renewals on the horizon?

In November last year, Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment relaunched, promising to once again dazzle the world with some of the business’ greatest athletes on display in their squared circle. Two of their very first signees were alumni Ruby and Lucilla Pegorino, one a fan favorite, the other a feared competitor and former champion.


Ruby (l.) and Lucilla (r.) have been tearing it up since UWE came back!


However, word has gotten out that they both signed a 10 month deal, due to expire in a couple of weeks. This has left many fans wondering if they will continue to see the duo on the UWE Network.

Ruby has already publicly stated her willingness to sign a new deal, but UWE management has been quiet regarding the matter. Lucilla has not publicly spoken up, but rumors are going around the UWE Studio’s that she is more than willing to ‘take all the money Lise (Fortier, UWE’s CEO -Ed.) throws her way for beating up people’.

While talks are supposed to kick off soon, there is no word yet on who will handle them. With Lara Pegorino’s future as General Manager still very much in doubt following her actions at Midsummer Massacre, UWE loses a strong negotiator who has a close and personal relationship with both these women.

It is expected that Lise Fortier will first try to settle the General Manager situation. Whether Lara Pegorino remains or not is still up in the air, but it will either be her or her successor handling these talks as the time comes.


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