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Hot Topics

Hi, welcome to hot topics. How you doing? This is a new, special segment to the UWE blog courtesy of myself, Gwendy Willhelm. A new blog correspondent bringing you the latest in rumors, juice and hot topics surrounding the UWE! Straight from the grape vine.

Rumor has it that a diva from the UWE used to work as a stripper. Yes, a stripper. Our source has provided us with an image but we cannot share this image. It’s not too provocative, there are just legalities here, people. The Heart of Europa Tour is going to be in the city of the former stripper soon. Allegedly. That was for our legal team.

Could UWE be introducing a new series of television shows? In the past, UWE had two television shows on Monday and Friday nights. However, UWE clawed back to Monday shows. The roster isn’t nearly as big as it used to be to warrant a second show, but there are talks of special web shows and house shows.

There is speculation amongst wrestling fans that UWE is making inductions into the hall of fame. There are two reasons for this. First, the recent references to the hall of fame on television broadcasts. This is to ready the fans and remind them of the hall of fame. There are many hall of famers still competing in the UWE. Second, UWE has been conducting fan polls regarding the hall of fame. Fans have been voting in polls. This is a huge indicator. If it’s true, when will the hall of fame inductions happen? Probably not until UWE wraps up the current tour.

Thank you for reading.

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