UWE Powering Rankings(Post Armenia Edition)

Power Rankings
  1. The Armenian Beast – We have ourselves a UWE World Champion! In his homeland of Armenia, the Beast put on a match of the year candidate with Ronnie Cage. In the end, the ultimate feel good moment occurred. Beast came out on top with the gold now around his waist. That’s why he is number one, plain and simple.
  2. Amy Gobraless – The UWE Rising Star Champion nets number two this week. She’s got the leather to prove she means business and by whatever means necessary, she gets the win. In Armenia, she had a little help from Addison Hart and Brandon Moore. It might have been their adversaries, but it was her competition, and she had no problem taking advantage of it. A win is a win and she’ll convince you if you think otherwise.
  3. Ronnie Cage – The Redneck didn’t move down too far. From number one to number three. He came up short against The Armenian Beast in the UWE World Championship match, but he still put on a hell of a show. The crowd ate it up and no doubt, Ronnie will find himself at the top of this list sooner rather than later.
  4. Asylum – It wouldn’t be fair to push Asylum up or down this week. He didn’t get the chance to compete, but it wasn’t his fault. He was ready to earn himself a shot at the UWE Rising Star Championship, but Brandon Moore had other plans. Asylum got taken out before the match, so who knows what would have happened if he actually participated in the match? We’ll give him another week to show us he should move up…or down if that’s the case.
  5. Chaos – Chaos showed up and meant business in Armenia. His opponent, Dante Nathaniel. His match, short. Chaos, obviously furious with his loss at Supernova, decided to pick up the pace this week. In under five minutes, he decimated Dante Nathaniel and reminded everyone exactly what he means to this company. Keep up that domination and the top five is where he’ll stay.
  6. Bob the Badguy – If the winning streak continued, Bob would be well on his way to the number one position and a shot at the title. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to earn a chance at the Rising Star Championship or win his match in Armenia. His match just couldn’t keep the interference to a minimum. First, Brandon took out Asylum, then Addison Hart showed up and handed Amy the win by dropping Bob with a facebuster. Shit happens, though, and we all know he’d be the first to tell everyone that.
  7. Brandon Moore – The Hall of Famer moves on up a spot this week. He’s two for one since returning. In Armenia, he finally put to rest the little battle he’s had with Billsta by getting a pinfall victory. Later that night, he showed up and laid the smackdown on Asylum, retaliating from an attack at Supernova. The multi-time UWE champion no doubts wants to move his way up this list and if he keeps up his winning ways, it’ll be with ease.
  8. Addison Hart – Addison slides up for this week’s power rankings. She didn’t have a match, but she showed a more vicious side and certainly proved she belongs on this list. She attacked Bob the Badguy during his match with Amy Gobraless, causing the Badguy to lose. I guarantee there will be some fallout from that.
  9. Lucilla Pegorino – Lucilla didn’t have a match in Armenia, but I like my balls, so she’s staying on the list. She’s got to be moved down a bit, though, because competitors that showed up proved themselves. Please forgive me.
  10. Lily Jackson – Lily keeps her spot on the list rounding us out at number ten. If Skip Lightly wasn’t injured after their match, perhaps he would be in this spot? Lily may have lost, but the future looks bright. Skip went on a rampage after his victory, but Billsta Anderson made the save, keeping Lily from being taken out. An alliance formed, so let’s sit back, relax, and see where it takes them.

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