Bad Blood?

News & Rumors

Two of UWE’s most well known and accomplished superstars appear to not be on the same page. At Supernova in Miami, Florida, Asylum viciously assaulted Brandon Moore after his triple threat match victory. The reason is unknown at this time, but Brandon quickly retaliated. Asylum had a triple threat match of his own, with an opportunity to become the number one contender for the Rising Star Championship. That dream was short lived as Brandon appeared through the crowd and performed an attack of his own. He and Asylum brawled through the crowd and to the backstage area. Eventually, Brandon would get the upper hand and leave Asylum buried underneath a pile of cold steel piping. What exactly is the reason behind Asylum’s assault? And do you really blame Brandon for getting some revenge? Keep your eyes glued to UWE in the coming weeks/months. Rumor has it that these two aren’t finished with each other.

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