UWE Power Rankings(Post Supernova)

Power Rankings
  1. Ronnie Cage – Despite the events that unfolded at Supernova, Ronnie Cage is still in line for a shot at the World Championship. One should have no doubt that Ronnie will bounce back and get his situation figured out in the near future. The fact that he’s coming off of a victory in Little Rock and didn’t lose his match at Supernova(because it never took place) puts him at numero uno.
  2. The Armenian Beast – He could easily be UWE World Champion at this point if his match against Ronnie would have gone his way. Unfortunately, the match never took place due to strange circumstances with Ronnie Cage. His last match resulted in defeat against David Stone, thus, he falls just short of his co-contender.
  3. Amy Gobraless – The new UWE Rising Star Champion! That nets her the number three spot, just under the two challengers for the World Championship. It’s also the reason they call it the “Rising Star.” So she can rise up and eventually claim that number one spot. Beating Chaos is a tough task, but the Fatal Flaw got the job done.
  4. Asylum – Asylum is one of those superstars who may never find himself out of the top five. He’s constantly showing up and getting the job done, no matter how despicable that may be. With a dominant attack on Hall of Famer, Brandon Moore, as well as a victory over Shino Malice, the Masked Madman proved a point at Supernova. What the point is, though? We’ll have to wait and see.
  5. Bob the Badguy – He’s hot. Bob is on fire. With a main event victory over the returning Brandon Moore as well as toppling Lily Jackson while avoiding the surprise attack of Addison Hart, Bob is in the middle and can only be moving up. A victory over the superstars above him or a continued streak topped off with some gold will surely keep in on this list for a very long time.
  6. Chaos – He’s surely not done with the new Rising Star Champion, Miss Number Three. We all know Chaos is better than that. Just some bad luck is all, lately. Surely he’ll be planting his boots into the faces of the rest of this list soon enough. It’s up to everyone else to prove that wrong.
  7. Lucilla Pegorino – She’s a beast. Put Lucilla against the top talents on this list and she’ll show them what she can do. Then she’ll steal their spot. A cat fight broke out at Supernova. Lucilla was able to take out Addison Hart, who apparently had her mind on the ruckus she caused earlier in the night.
  8. Brandon Moore – The former Hall of Famer has had a rough time since returning in Little Rock. Bob the Badguy was able to pick up the win. However, he did defeat Billsta Anderson and Dante Nathaniel in triple threat action. But that one victory is hardly enough to put him back to where he feels he belongs. After being demolished by Asylum, it’s tough to think Brandon will be at 100% in the coming weeks.
  9. Addison Hart – She was all over the place at Supernova. First, she interfered in the contest between Bob the Badguy and Lily Jackson. Then, she had a match of her own against Lucilla Pegorino. Unfortunately, both appearances didn’t quite go her way. She’s tough as nails though and has proven that in the weeks prior, allowing her the number nine spot. Surely she’ll be looking to gather her composure and take a higher spot on the list.
  10. Lily Jackson – The last spot on the list goes to Lily Jackson. She hasn’t seen in a win in a couple weeks, but the former Queen of the Castle winner is definitely no slouch. She might not have the W’s in the column, but she sure as hell leaves a hurtin’ on her opponents no matter the outcome. At the coming events, no doubt she’ll see these rankings and use it as the drive to skyrocket to the top.

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