UWE Summer Heat in Miami – Five Point Preview

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UWE Summer Heat in Miami, FL – Full Match Card

The UWE Summer Heat Tour is headed to Miami, Florida for a huge event! You can check out the card and then read below for a five point preview of what’s hot and what to look for at the event!

1. Momentum Needed – In the opening match for the evening, triple threat action is sure to set the show off on the right foot. Billsta Anderson, Brandon Moore, and Dante Nathaniel will all three look to gain some momentum for the coming weeks after this stop on the tour. Billsta is coming off of a win, if you could call it that, Dante was not in action last week, and Brandon came up short in his return match against Bob the Badguy. This will be the perfect opportunity for each competitor to get back on the right track. All three are capable of winning this match, but only one will walk away with the W. Expect the winner of this match to carry a boosted morale level headed into the next show.

2. Future Contenders – Bob the Badguy takes on Lily Jackson while Addison Hart goes against Lucilla Pegorino. Two spectacular contests, four spectacular performers. Keep your eyes glued during these. Lily is the only one coming off of a loss, but don’t count her out. Bob showed up in the main event and defeated Hall of Famer, Brandon Moore. Addison got the win against Lily. Lucilla put the hurt on Chaos and Demoana…and her partner, Billsta. Whoever comes out on top of these match ups will almost certainly see themselves get more opportunities here in UWE.

3. Blood! Yipee! – Who doesn’t love blood? Well, probably the loser of a First Blood Match. Shino Malice and Asylum are headed for a bloody bout and excitement is rising. Shino is violent. Asylum is nuts. And vice versa. It’s the God of Violence versus the Masked Madman. What else is there to say?!

4. Rising Star in the Making – The UWE Rising Star Championship is for those making their way to the top. The champion, after three successful title defenses, has the option to vacate the belt and receive a match for the UWE World Championship. Throw in a falls count anywhere stipulation and we’ve got a brutal war ahead of us. Chaos is no stranger to stardom and Amy Gobraless has had her share of the limelight as the self-proclaimed “Greatest Television Champion of All Time.” Sexy and Flawless versus Chaotic and Vicious. One of these two will be on their way to the top and I’m sure they’ll do anything to get those three title defenses out of the way early.

5. Rage in a Cage – Or Hell in a Cell, whichever works. Satan’s Superior takes on the Armenian Beast for the UWE World Championship! These men are in this match for a reason. The world voted that they meet in the deadly enclosed structure. Surely no one can escape, right? I’ll be honest. I want to see some insane HIAC antics. Throwing into the cage. Climbing up the cage. Throwing off the cage. Throwing through the cage. The guy’s last name is Cage. There’s too much Cage in this bout. This isn’t the first time the UWE World Championship has been defended in a Hell in a Cell and I’ll put money on the fact that it won’t be the last. Speaking of money, save yours. There’s no way betting on this match would be a good idea. Unpredictability at it’s finest!

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