Here is this weeks recap of the most recent Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment show. This week the talent returned to Toronto.

1. New blood takes on the veteran

Singles Match: David Stone vs. Damian Darque

Interestingly enough, David Stone has been around for nine years, where as Damian Darque has been around for just a few weeks. In his short time with the UWE, Damian has managed to be a wrestler to keep an eye on. The match up started off as a battle of strength as neither man could get the upper hand through grapples. Stone was able to land a nice German Release Suplex and Big Boot, but Damian was able to nail the Hell’s Gate Crasher to nail the win in just under seven minutes. Quite the impressive match and it really set the tone for the whole show.

2. Masked Madman menaces former Ladies Champ

Singles Match: Lily Jackson vs. Asylum

Poor Lily. Just last week she lost her Women’s title. This week, Asylum was on top as the new World Champion. Asylum made quick work of Lily. She seemed distracted and maybe if she wasn’t, she might’ve put up a better fight. But alas, Asylum scored the victory with the Lobotomy. After the match, Chaos appeared in bandages, and tried to attack Asylum but he just got the Shock Treatment. Lily ended up being the one to show concern for Chaos in the end after he failed to make the save. What’s going on?

Congrats Asylum on your win. Who will be the eventual challenger?

3. Champion versus Champion in a non-title bout

Women’s Champion Princess D. Diva vs. Rising Star Champion Amy GoBraless

This ladies match was quite impressive and surely is the match of the night. It was a typical back and forth bout as both ladies fought for the win. In the end, Amy GoBraless scored the win after landing a top front front missile drop kick. Actually, that move alone wasn’t enough, as Amy had to use another drop kick after she escaped Diamond’s finisher; a Diamond Cutter. The Diamond Cutter is a sunset flip powerbomb and it nearly ended Amy’s main event match. However, Amy rolled out of the move and used the kick to secure a win.

What will happen next week as Open Season continues?

UWE Results: Halloween Hell


The results for the pay-per view haven’t been posted to the blog yet, but here they are in case you missed them. The current results will follow this blog real soon.

1. Trick or… Treat? Costume contest gone wrong

Show Opener: Costume contest

Benedict Sartori is dressed up in a purple ring master costume. He is interrupted by Kennedi and Mackenzi who dress as the twins from the Shining. The contestants are Demoana and Serah. Demoana is the whore of Babylon from the movie Metropolis. Serah is an angel. Serah refuses to show off her costume while Demoana performs a sultry dance to S&M by Rihanna. Demoana is declared the winner. Serah shoves Demoana into a tub of water and apples for bobbing. Her body paint washes off, so Demoana covers herself up as she celebrates. A jealous Serah Feena is unimpressed.

2.Singles contest done right

Match Two Skip Lightly versus Matthew Craven w/ Natasha Lynx:
After the bell rings to start the match Skip approaches Craven with his hand outstretched to shake hands. Craven is surprised by the unexpected show of sportsmanship but also extends his hand though Natasha is screaming at him from the ring apron not to be a fool. Skip shows her warning to be accurate by catching him off guard with a spear and then locking in the kimura causing the bigger man to tap.

Winner Skip Lightly

3. Rising Star SHOCK!

Match Three Amy GoBraless versus Chaos for the Rising Star Championship:

Amy enters the ring with all her usual pomp and circumstance, but as she awaits the arrival of her opponent she begins to grow impatient with his absence. After what she deems a sufficient time frame she calls for the general manager who declares the match a forfeit and declaring Amy as the winner. She then declares to one and all that Amy has successfully defended her title three times and has earned a shot at the World Title. The crowd cheers their approval. After the match it was reported that Chaos had been seen heading toward the ladies’ locker room with flowers. It is unclear if they were meant for Lily or someone else.

Winner and still Rising Star Champion Amy GoBraless

4. Women’s Championship fever
Match Four Lily Jackson versus Princess Diamond Diva for the Women’s Championship:

This back and forth battle had the makings of the best match of the night. The action was back and forth with both women being a half second from victory on several occasions. It is uncertain what was said but the match turned when the self-proclaimed Princess made a comment which angered the Ice Queen. Lily swung a hard hook toward the head of her opponent which was dodged. Diva connected with her finisher and hooked a leg for the pin.

Winner and NEW Women’s Champion Princess Diamond Diva

5. Has the Beast been slayed?
Main Event Asylum versus David Stone versus The Armenian Beast World Championship Match:

This was less a match and more a street fight with Asylum and The Armenian Beast starting in the back. When finally they were brought to the ring and Stone was added to the mix it got no better. The match was filled with hard hits and brutal blows. Near the fifteen minute mark in a brief glimmer of planning the massive moron attempted to get Asylum out of the way by clotheslining him over the top rope. Asylum ducked the move and dumped the hairy one over himself. With an already winded David Stone to himself Asylum was able to finish the man, who put forth a heroic effort considering the competition, finally ending the torture with not one, not twice, but three Lobotomies and the pin. The champ had just reentered the ring but was not in time to interrupt the pin.

Winner and NEW UWE World Champion Asylum