Over the Top switches to bi-weekly

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As some of you may know, in November last year Nate, the original founder of Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment in 2004, had the idea to go for another run. Full of enthusiasm he rebuilt the site, did the appropriate world-building and started rounding up members both old and new.

Five old-timers, Nate, Brandon, Marc, Ed and myself all were back on board, determined to make this run one of the UWE’s best to date, and boy we sure gave it our all to make it so. A weekly show, called Over the Top, was going to be our flagship, and we’ve been running strong ever since, and continue to do so to this day thanks to a passionate community and our ability to put out a strong product week in, week out.

Unfortunately, real life happens, and some of us have had to wave UWE goodbye, at least for now, to pursue real life goals. Right now, our staff is temporarily down to 2 people, and without the addition of Gareth we would never be where we are at this point.

While we remain dedicated, the toll of putting up a weekly show while being understaffed has become big indeed, and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s starting to affect both my personal and professional life. Being understaffed, we have had to put quite a few projects on hold, and while OTT continues to run on a weekly basis, the work that comes with it has forced us to sacrifice on other aspects that make a fed so great.

It is therefore that the UWE Staff has decided to turn Over the Top into a bi-weekly show to ease the pressure a bit as we seek to both add to the staff and make improvements on other fronts.  Stuff that we don’t have time for right now, as Over the Top continues to drain all of our time.

What does this mean, practically, for you, the roleplayer?

  • A bi-weekly show of Over the Top, which airs on Tuesdays
  • A soft deadline in place to keep you invested throughout every cycle, which will be placed exactly one week before the show
  • The ability to delve deeper into your characers as you have more time to write them
  • The ability to better explore multiple characters, as many of you are known to do, a fact we love and appreciate

We think that tjis (temporary) solution is the best thing for all parties involved going forward, as we can focus more on the product as a whole. We hope you understand, and that nobody is too diappointed by this decision. Yes, stories will take slightly longer to develop, but we can also give them more depth.

If anybody has any questions, our forums are open and any member of staff is more than willing to answer any questions you might have. Drop a PM, give us a shout in the shoutbox. We’re there, and we always will be.



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