UWE Over the Top XXVI in Vancouver


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Over the Top XXVI 

UWE Studio’s, Vancouver
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The stage is set! Next week, at OTT XXVII we will have the grand final of the UWE Universal Tag Team Tournament! But before we get there, there are still matches to be fought, momentum to be garnered, and mmembers of management to impress, as the UWE Superstars seek to fight their way into championship contention! 


As the show opens, the people of Vancouver are greeted by none other than Michael Kelly, who returns to action tonight! Before the first match begins, he has some things he wants to get off his chest. He focuses on everything that has happened since his last appearance in UWE, and vows that after his last match, he will only get better. He also issues a warning to whomever is the Ultimate Wrestling Champion, because he has his sights firmly set on the big belt!


Show Opener
The Empire vs. The Hapless Ones 

(referee: JJ Hemphill)

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The first match of the evening was about to begin and the Hendrix twins headed out to loud booing. The brothers looked confused at the reception but quickly blow off the jeers and start down towards the ring.

About halfway down the ramp the Hendrix entrance music stops and The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash begins to play. The tag team stops and begins looking around in confusion about the switch. They look at one another then shrug.

The giant screen above the entrance ramp jumps to life. Across it is the video of a white stallion being ridden by someone dressed in what looks like a grim reaper costume. The twins talk amongst themselves trying to figure out what’s going on as the horse rides closer to the camera.

The rider stops close to the camera filming and points a black gloves finger straight ahead. There is then a low, deep voice that speaks on the video.

Chris and Joey Hendrix, the man has come for you.

The brothers look to one another once more and try to figure out the cryptic message. Before they can talk too much, however, a figure bursts from the audience. It is dressed in a similar way to the rider in the video was and is wielding a 2×4. The figure slams the board across Chris’ back. Joey turns but his surprise prevents him from reacting in time and he catches the 2×4 to the face. Chris is using the barricade to stand but the figure grips the board against his forearm and rushes in to ram it into the Hendrix brother’s head.

The reaper lifts both brothers up before putting them into a DDT, slamming both their skulls against the steel ramp. The figure then takes a few moments to lay stomps into rack prone Hendrix before standing and pointing at the screen. Across it are written the names…

Marcus Levine
Tiami Erickson
Timothy Hunt
Joey Hendrix
Chris Hendri

The Hendrix brother’s names are crossed out in splattered red to look like blood. Another deep voice booms.

The Man Comes Around…


Match Two – Single’s Match
Tiami Erickson vs. Justin Lust

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(Referee: Corey Miner)
It’s the inexperienced Justin Lust hoping to grab his first win in UWE facing off against Tiami Erickson, the Crimson Devil, who has him well beat in years of experience. But as the bell rings, it becomes soon apparent that the people are met with a rejuvenated Justin, as he immediately takes the fight to his former mentor’s sister.

As Tiami tries to lock up, Lust counters it into an armdrag, and another one as Tiami gets back up to her feet. Lust kicks her in the gut and tries to go for a DDT, but Tiami blocks it by hooking her foot behind his leg and kicking him in the gut, before reversing it into a front facelock suplex. Lust lands on his back, and tries to get up as soon as possible, but Tiami is quick enough to hit him with a rolling elbow before he can block the strike. Tiami starts kicking him repeatedly in the gut, driving him backwards into a corner. She dropkicks him, aking him bounce off the turnbuckles. He rebounds, and is hit with the Ice Spike! Tiami’s running bulldog flattens the rookie, and she retreats, clearly stalking him as she wants to hit the Dead As Ice. She calls for it, and the crowd goes berserk, but as Lust staggers to his feet, the lights go out!

Confused, the people wonder what is happening, and as they go back on, they see the menacing shape of Marcus LeVine atop the entrance ramp. Tiami, seething at this interruption and seeing her nemesis in the same building, turns around and leans over the ropes, daring LeVIne to step into the ring with her. But all the psychopath does is laugh at her. Disgusted, Tiami turns around.

And runs right into a Glory Hole! Lust picked the exact right time and hit his devastating finisher on the unsuspecting Tiami, wasting no time going for the pin.



Lust gets his feet on the middle rope for extra leverage and good emasure!

It’s over, and Corey Miner calls for the bell!

Winner, by pinfall at 03:28

Lust gets back to his feet. If there was anyone thinking this victory would have humbled him, think again. The cocky Canuck clearly acts like he knew he was going to win all along, and as the crowd boos him as he walks past them, he flips his hair in their direction, and ignoring LeVine as he walks past them.
The psychopath can be seen mouthing the word ‘SOON’ as he looks at Tiami, who uses the ropes to get back to her feet. The look on her face says more than a thousand words. This is far from over.


Match Three – Single’s Match
Ben ‘Buster’ Bradley vs. Starlight

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

The double debut of Starlight and Buster Bradley had the fans excited to see what these new faces are going to be able to do in the ring. The match begins with Buster attempting to lock up with his opponent but Starlight decides she has better chances staying mobile. She sucks under Buster’s arms and plants a hard kick to the abdomen. The muscular Buster tries again but with similar results.

Starlight hits Buster in the back of the leg with a dropkick, stumbling him forward. Bradley turns and tries to counter attack but the swift starlight sucks his punch and delivers another stiff kick before launching into a furious flurry of chops and kicks. Starlight is turning Buster’s chest into tenderized hamburger meat with each stinging chop! Buster tries to throw his own attacks but every time he swings Starlight ducks and dodges around him with ease. The bigger man staggers from the quick attacks seemingly unable to get his own offense going. Starlight ends the assault with a jumping soon kick to the chest that leaves Buster reeling. The fans cheer as Starlight hits the ropes to get some momentum going before leaping into the air to attempt a crossbody splash.

Instead of her opponent hitting the mat as she expected the big man catches her in mid-flight! Starlight looks shocked and shakes her head in disbelief. The woman struggles, kicking her feet and flailing in an attempt to free herself but Buster’s grip is too strong. He lifts Starlight up before slamming her side down into his knee. He stands upright before driving her down onto his knee once more. Bradley gets up with his opponent once more and lifts her high before slamming her down onto the mat with the Body Buster! He rolls her up.



Winner, by pinfall at 03:02

Buster holds his arm up in victory as Starlight rolls out of the ring holding her ribs as she stumbles back up the ramp.

Match Four – Single’s Match
Brandon Moore vs. Danny Oliver

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

With both of their teams out of the tag tournament, Brandon Moore and Danny Oliver find themselves in singles competition. A friendly bout is their calling for this week.

Corey Miner calls for the bell to start this match up!

Brandon and Danny begin to circle each other, sizing up an opportunity to strike. Neither sees anything worthwhile and decide to meet for a collar and elbow tie up.

They lock up and struggle to get an advantageous position. Brandon is able to get snap Danny’s head into his arms, applying a side headlock. He wrenches it in, but is surprised to found that Danny is able to drag them both backwards.

They hit the ropes and Brandon loses his grip as Danny pushes him forward. Brandon darts across the ring and rebounds. He comes back and is met by the big Danny Oliver. A shoulder check sends Brandon to the mat.

Danny is quick to drop an elbow.

Brandon rolls out of the way! He gets up and is just as quick to drop his own elbow!

But Danny moves! Danny goes to drop an elbow again, but Brandon rolls away! Danny tricked him, though!

Danny stayed on his feet instead of dropping another elbow, watching as Brandon escapes nothing. Oliver then quickly leaps and lands his back on top of Moore once he stops evading. Big boy senton!

The pace screeches to a halt now after Danny crashes onto Brandon. Oliver gets off of Moore and goes to lift him to his feet. He pulls Brandon to a nearby corner and stands him up. Danny bends down and loads up.

Big shoulder into the gut!

He follows that up with another. And another. And another!

Danny eventually backs off, listening to Corey Miner’s pleas.

Brandon stands, wobbly, in the corner. Danny comes charging back with a huge body avalanche. He crushes Brandon between himself and the turnbuckle. Moore drops to a knee, then to his stomach. Oliver moves Brandon away from the ropes, drops down, and hooks the leg! Corey Miner flies in.



Shoulder off the mat!

Danny accepts that the match isn’t over yet and gets Brandon to his feet. He sends him towards the ropes with an Irish Whip. As Brandon comes back, Danny throws a lariat. Brandon ducks and keeps running!

As Brandon reaches the other set up ropes, he leaps onto the second one. Brandon springboards off and turns towards Danny Oliver…European Uppercut!

Both men hit the canvas, but Brandon isn’t staying down. Kip up! He roars at the crowd, getting himself pumped!

Brandon waits in the corner, watching Danny as he stammers to his feet.

Brandon charges!

Danny catches him and drops him with a MASSIVE spinebuster! Oh man!

Oliver stays on for the pin fall!



Brandon kicks out of it!

Danny does appear a bit frustrated at this point and stays on the offensive. He sits Brandon up and drops down with a modified sleeper hold. Hoping to wear Mr. UWE down, Danny Oliver keeps on wrenching the sleeper hold. It isn’t long before the affects start to show.

Brandon’s face is turning purple and his eyes are slowly closing. He slumps over and this causes Corey Miner to come in and see if he needs to call this one off. Miner lifts Brandon’s arm.

It hits the mat.

Miner lifts Brandon’s arm a second time.

It hits the mat.

Mr. UWE’s arm is lifted up for a third time.

It hits the…


The crowd erupts as Brandon’s arm stops just short of the ring mat and the color in his face begins to return to normal. Oliver looks surprised, trying to keep the maneuver locked in.

Brandon shifts his body and is able to push himself to his feet as the sleeper hold transitions to a side headlock.

Brandon is up and unloading elbows into Danny’s gut. After four, Danny is forced to let go of the hold. Brandon grabs an arm before he can escape and whips him into a corner.

Following after him, Brandon speeds! He climbs up Danny’s body with a big knee to the jaw! Corner Shining Wizard! Brandon plays to the crowd as he wraps his arm around Oliver’s head. He pulls him out of the corner, looking for a bulldog!

Instead, Danny tosses Brandon forward, keeping himself standing. Brandon quickly slides to his feet and turns back to charge at Danny. Danny tries to throw a lariat similar to earlier, but Brandon ducks under it and continues towards the corner he just pulled Danny from.

Brandon makes it to the corner and leaps onto the second rope! He leaps up to the rope!

He leaps off with a moonsault!

Brandon connects with Just Plain Better, taking Danny down to the mat! He reaches across his body and pulls on a leg, hooking it for a pin fall!

Corey Miner slides in!




The lights have gone out.

A few moments pass of darkness with the only sound being the murmurs of the crowd’s curiosities.

As the come back on, Corey Miner quickly rolls out of the ring. Danny Oliver has crawled to a corner and is seated there, watching. Brandon Moore stands in the center of the ring. And across from him…

His brother, Matt Moore, stands with a strange look upon his face, dressed in all black. His eyes are not normal. Brandon stares at his brother with the utmost confused expression. Matt’s eyes are blackened. His smirk is sinister.

Oh no.

Brandon knows exactly what’s happening now. He throws a big right hand at Matt, but Matt catches it and pulls him in. Matt grabs onto Brandon’s other arm and traps him. A big series of headbutts follow! This sends Brandon for a loop, especially after already giving it a go with Danny Oliver.

Matt finishes the headbutt sequence and throws Brandon onto his shoulders. He takes him over to a corner and places him onto the top rope. Before he can climb, however, Danny Oliver comes to life!

Danny clubs Matt on the back a handful of times before dragging him to the center of the ring. With Matt facing him now, Danny unleashes a flurry of punches, sending Matt reeling. Danny rebounds off of the ropes to gain momentum for something big!

Instead, he comes back and meets a painful knee to the gut that sends him flipping forward onto his back. Matt is quick to get Danny back to his feet in a double underhook position. He lifts Danny and drops him like a piledriver.

My god! That was the Demon Driver!

Danny is out of the picture now, Matt turns his focus to Brandon who is still out on the ropes. Matt throws some solid shots at Brandon for good measure before ascending the ropes with him. Hooking the arm and head, it appears as if he is going for a superplex.

Instead, Matt turns and drops Brandon to the mat with a Falcon Arrow from the top rope!

That was Darkness Falls!

Having left the two competitors in a heap, Matt stands over their bodies in the center of the ring. He drops to his knees and throws his hands out to the sides, facing the sky. That is when the lights go off yet again. When they turn back on, Matt is nowhere to be seen. Only the downed bodies of Danny Oliver and Brandon Moore are left in his wake.

This leaves Corey Miner no choice but to call the match off.



Match Five – Single’s Match
Michael Kelly vs. Ricky Molaroni

Posted Image

(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

Molaroni has impressed lately, giving his opponents all they can handle and even making it to the semi-finals of the UWE tag team tournament. He faces the returning Michael Kelly though, who is garnering quite the reputation in the wrestling business.

As soon as the bell rings, it’s obvious Michael Kelly is eager to prove his worth to the UWE Universe. After his promo earlier that night, he is determined to establish his dominance. He explodes out of the gate with a heavy knee to Ricky, who doubles over. He follows it up with another kneeshot, this time to Molaroni’s forehead, and eventually brings Molaroni down to his knees after a series of strikes aimed at his quadriceps. He goes for a plain kick to the face, but Molaroni blocks by putting his forearms in front of him. Kelly kicks again and again, trying to bust through the defenses, but Molaroni holds his ground. He rolls out of the way and gets back up to his feet.

Molaroni ducks underneath an elbow strike and nails Kelly with a Mule Kick. The Chosen One doubles over, and Molaroni locks his head in before lifting him up into suplex position. But he can’t get him over, as Kelly shiFts his weight just about enough to reverse the momentum, and hits Molaroni with a ring-shattering DDT! Michael rolls him over for a pin.



Ricky kicks out. Michael grins, and gets to his feet, stalking his opponent, and biding his time for now. As Molaroni gets to his knees, he pulls another trick out of his sleeve. He runs up… *WHOPP!*

Was that a #Vaughnemous? Yes, we do believe it was. Undoubtedly a little tribute to his blondest stablemate, as the soccer kick to Molaroni’s face nearly decapitates him. Ricky is dazed, and about to collapse to the mat like a sack of potatoes when Kelly decides to finish it. He makes a gun gesture at Ricky, and gives him a Date with Desti-Knee! Molaroni now entirely collapses, and Kelly covers him, hooking the leg.




Winner, by pinfall at 03:46

Kelly s triumphant in his return to UWE! The Chosen One gets a standing ovation from the crowd for his strong style display, and as he leaves for the backstage area, he makes sure to give them one last token of his appreciation as he raises his arms in victory.


Main Event – Tag Team Tournament Match
David Stone vs. Ruby

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Resident Sweetheart vs. Personification of Perfection. A physical mismatch, but Ruby arguably has the biggest heart of all roster members! Still, as she stands toe to toe with David Stone, the foot and a half of size difference makes it hard to believe Ruby can salvage anything from this match. With Ruby’s partner Corporal Punishment taking a seat at the announcer’s desk next to Blake Wells, the match can get started, but not before the Corp and Stone exchange many a dirty look.

Aitken calls for the bell, and it’s obvious Stone has a simple game plan: overpower and dominate. He grabs Ruby by the throat, and lifts her up like she is a toddler. He flings her halfway across the ring and she lands hard in the corner, back-first. Stone rushes at her. Ruby gets a leg up, and Stone runs into it, but he is only momentarily deterred. He staggers back for a second, but as Ruby tries to explode out of the corner, he shoves her in the chest, pushing her straight back in the corner and follows it up with a European Uppercut that snaps her neck back.
Ruby stays in the corner, and Stone now lifts his boot up, placing it against her throat, choking her out. The crowd boo Stone mercilessly, but he just seems to enjoy putting the hurt on his opponent as he leans into it, making sure her oxygen supply is completely cut off. Luckily for Ruby, Chuck Aitken is there to break up the hold. Stone uses all of the four-count though, much to the ire of the crowd, and Aitken warns Stone that he’ll be disqualified is he pushes it any further!

Stone merely raises an eyebrow, and Irish Whips Ruby to the other side of the ring, following closely behind her and clotheslining her against the turnbuckles as soon as she lands. As Stone steps back, Ruby’s limp body falls forward. He grabs her ankle, casually drags her to the center of the ring and nonchalantly pins her by putting his foot on her chest.



Ruby swipes his leg away, breaking up the pin. She realizes that she needs to get some offense in and tries to get out of the way, but unfortunately for him, Stone knows it too. He blocks her escape from the ring by grabbing her ankle again, and seems to want to go for the Stone Crusher! But Ruby senses what is coming and desperately uses her free leg and her arms to get to her one foot, and nails Stone with an enzuiguiri! Stone releases her as he staggers back, before Ruby hits him with a dropsault that sends him against the ropes and nails Stone with a dragonscrew legwhip as he bounces back. Stone is down!

Ruby gets a burst of adrenaline, and nails Stone with an impressive standing 450 before following it up with a standing moonsault. She covers Stone…



Stone powers out, so forcefully he sends Ruby flying. He gets back to his feet, but it’s obvious the dragonscrew hurt his knee. Ruby sees the weak spot and comes flying in with a low dropkick, hitting Stone right in his weak spot. Stone collapses back to one knee, and Ruby senses an opportunity…

But Stone rolls out of the way, avoiding the devastating kneestrike his opponent has in her arsenal. He rolls through and all the way out of the ring. He tries to take a breather, but Ruby comes flying in! Topé Suicida!

A beautiful maneuver, if it weren’t for Stone, who snatces Ruby out of the air and flings her straight through the ringside barricade! The crowd boos Stone and start a Holy Shit chant almost simultaneously, as they worry their sweetheart’s hurt, but can’t deny the awesomeness of the impact. Stone stands over Ruby’s lifeless body, grinning like a fool, but as he tries to go to town on Ruby, Corporal Punishment gets up from his spot at the announce table and gets in between Stone and his target. Punishment, shakes his head, and says that he’ll not lay a finger on his partner while she’s this defenseless. Stone threatens Punishment, telling him to get out of the way, but the soldier doesn’t budge. Not until Stone hits Punishment with a Stone Cutter!

Punishment falls to the ground, and Stone grabs Ruby’s body before dumping her into the ring. He follows, and he turns around as the crowd roars. Punishment is back on his feet and slides into the ring, wanting some payback for what Stone just did to him! But Chuck Aitken, not afraid to get involved, blocks Punishment from Stone. The Personification of Perfection laughs at Punishment, who is unable to get to him. But while the soldier is obviously irate, Stone is distracted, and Ruby rolls him up from behind!

But the referee doesn’t see it, as he is still trying to get Punishment out of the ring. The soldier notices the pin attempt and exits the ring as quick as he can before Aitken finally notices it too. The senior ref drops down to the mat while Stone is still struggling to break free of the schoolgirl pin.



Stone kicks out! Ruby seems a bit annoyed, because if Aitken has counted sooner, she surely would’ve had him. Nevertheless, she is hurting bad, and Stone is much fresher still, and very pissed off. He grabs Ruby by the hair and lifts her up into gorilla press position, showcasing his superior strength and size. He walks around the ring with Ruby’s body, hoisted over his head like a prize and the Vancouver fans boo him mercilessly. The fans start a *FLIP*FLIP*FLIP*FLIP* chant, but Stone merely shakes his head before unceremoniously dropping Ruby to the mat. She crashes from at least 7 feet up, and lands right on her sternum. Stone drops to his knees and mocks his fallen adversary, but as he takes way too long, Ruby surprises him and rolls him up utilizing an inside cradle!



Stone kicks out! He is furious though, especially with Punishment cheering on the outside, and the fans’ *FLIP* chant intensifying with every passing second. Ruby feels their energy, and uses it to fuel herself. As Stone grabs her hair, she swats his hand away and screams, before unleashing a series of kicks to Stone’s knees that eventually take him down. She flattens him with completely with a Ruby Cutter, which she is still able to hit because of the size difference! She covers Stone again!



Stone kicks out! He is one tough customer, obviously, and Ruby realizes this. One double legdrop later, she goes to the top rope! She waits for Stone to get up, and goes for a leaping hurricanrana!
COUNTERED into a powerbomb! Ruby is savagely bombed into the mat and Stone drops down to pin her instantaneously.



THR-no! Ruby kicks out, much to the delight of the crowd, who go berserk for her. Stone doesn’t believe it! Punishment on the outside taunts him, talking up his partner’s toughness and Stone flips him off. Unfortunately for him, this only intensifies the *FLIP*chant even more. He ssems annoyed by the crowd’s adoration for Ruby, and he grabs her by the hair, before lifting her up and hitting her with a sidewalk slam. He picks her back up again and lifts her into stall suplex position, making sure to let all the blood rush to her head. He walks around the ring with her, one-handed, and this is not to the liking of Ruby’s tag partner, who hops on the apron. Stone walks up to him, daring him to come at him and get Ruby disqualified, but the distraction in and of itself is enough for Ruby to change momentum. She manages to plant her feet back on the ground and escapes the headlock. She knees Stone in the gut, runs the ropes…
Ruby in the Rough connects! Ruby’s knee shatters Stone’s face. Stone collapses, and the tiny Canadian, under the epic cheers of the crowd, climbs the top turnbuckle.

She screams ‘FLIP OFF? STONE!’ at the top of her lungs and takes the leap. RSD connects! Ruby in the Sky with Diamonds, indeed! She was almost up in the overhead lights, such was her elevation. She lands right on Stone’s face, and goes for the pin as the crowd rise to their feet!




Winner, by pinfall at 14:16

The crowd is absolutely electrified as the referee cals for the bell. Ruby doesn’t have the energy left to get back to her feet though, but her partner is there to pick her up. Punishment helps Ruby to his feet and puts his arm around her as Chuck Aitken raises her hand in victory. They’re ready for the tag team tournament finals this week, and with Ruby garnering this much momentum, they look like a speeding freight train of a team. Can the Bullets stop them? Questions, questions, as the show comes to a close.


Quick results:
-The Empire vs. The Hapless Ones ends in a no contest
-Justin Lust def. Tiami Erickson by pinfall
-Buster Bradley def. Starlight by pinfall
-Danny Oliver vs. Brandon Moore ends in a no contest
-Michael Kelly def. Ricky Molaroni by pinfall
-Ruby def. David Stone by pinfall

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