UWE Over the Top XXV


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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25 TO LIFE! UWE Forever! 

UWE Studio’s, Vancouver 
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The semi-finals of the UWE Tag Team Tournament are upon us! With Just Plain Better and #EmphasisOnBullet taking on each other in the main event, there just might be another Match of the Year candidate upon us! The winner of that team will get to face either Marisol Hawkes & Ricky Molaroni or Ruby & Corporal Punishment in the grand final to crown the inaugural UWE Universal Tag Team Champions!
But that’s not all. After his first win in UWE, Brute Rockne takes on the legendary David Stone; Badd Breed’s Tiami Erickson faces the final member of Torment; and Caliee Adams returns to Vancouver to take on the Dog of War Jared Oliver! 


Show Opener
Marisol Hawkes & Ricky Molaroni vs. Ruby & Corporal Punishment – Tag Team Tournament Match

(referee: JJ Hemphill)

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What a way to start off the show! The semi-final match between Marisol Hawkes, Ricky Molaroni and the combo of Ruby and Corporal Punishment is one way to not just jerk the curtain, but to rip it clean off! Both teams get a great reaction and it is Ricky who starts the match off against Corporal Punishment. The two males on both teams start by circling each other in the ring, and as the bell rings, the Corporal dares Ricky to a test of strength: the traditional Greco-Roman knuckle-lock that will undoubtedly help shift the momentum in favor of either team, depending on who wins it.

Ricky thinks about it for a second, and looks over to Marisol, who approvingly nods. Molaroni grins, and locks in his fingers with Punishment’s, before they follow it up with the other hand too. They both try to get the leverage needed, but both men are strong and determined, and know how to counter what might even provide the slightest shift in momentum. Molaroni eventually manages just about enough torque on the hands to force Punishment’s hands to bend at the wrist, forcing him backwards.

Punishment digs his heels in though, not wanting to let Ricky get the better of him. He bends his knees and using the added leverage coming from a lower base, manages to force Molaroni’s hands back as well, reversing the momentum. Ricky is driven back into the ropes, but actually steps backwards, using the bounce from the ropes to give him some extra momentum. He releases the knuckle-lock, steps forward, and wraps his arms around the Corporal, before nailing him with an overhead belly to belly suplex that sends Punishment into the ropes before he crashes to the mat, adding some extra ropeburn on top of the normal impact. Punishment is back to his feet quickly, but Molaroni immediately hits him with a jumping armbreaker. He immediately tries to follow it up with a fujiwara armbar, but Punishment scrambles out of the way, avoiding the submission maneuver. He rolls through, and ends back up in his corner, where Ruby sticks her hand out, requesting a tag. But Punishment seems to think he has a point to prove and holds up his hand, asking her to wait a bit longer.

Ricky grins as Punishment refuses to tag, and holds his hand out, making a get over here’ gesture. Punishment does so, and as he rushes at Molaroni with a clothesline, Ricky ducks underneath it. However, Punishment runs the ropes and nails him with a dropkick on the rebound, sending him to the mat. The Corporal quickly climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, wanting to go for an aerial maneuver, but Molaroni is back on his feet before Punishment can take the leap. Ricky goes to the same corner and climbs the buckles. He locks Punishment’s head in, wanting to go for a superplex, but the soldier blocks it. He unleashes a flurry of strikes aimed at Molaroni’s flanks until he releases, and then starts hammering away with a series of headbutts. Molaroni falls backwards, and lands on his back. Punishment sees the opportunity, and goes for a Swanton Bomb! Marisol’s finisher too, a coincidence, or does he want to bomb a point home?

MISSED! Molaroni rolls out of the way, and Punishment hits nothing but mat. Molarino rolls to his own corner and quickly tags in his partner Marisol who is eager to target her vulnerable opponent. As a dazed Punishment gets back to his feet, he is immediately levelled again by Marisol, who comes flying in with a crossed body. Punishment tries to get up as quickly as he can again to defend himself, but Marisol hits a hurricanrana, sending him against the ropes and uses an armdrag to take him down on the rebound before wanting to lock in her patented Divine Blackout in one smooth motion!

But the Corporal struggles, preventing her from locking it in fully, and Marisol is interrupted as Ruby explodes out of her corner with a dropkick, sending her down to the mat. Ruby rolls out of the ring immediately, and the momentary distraction allows Punishment to hit Marisol with the Boot Camp! But he is too dazed to realize he has to go for the cover, instead instinctively crawling back towards his corner, where an eager Ruby now awaits, wanting to tag herself in. As she does so, the crowd erupts, and Ruby comes at Marisol, nailing her with a facebuster that is followed by a jumping reverse bulldog. She helps Marisol back to her feet, before Irish Whipping her into an unoccupied corner, and hitting a Stinger Splash. She retreats, and calls for her typical devastating kneestrike, the Ruby in the Rough! But as a dazed Marisol seems to walk into a trap, Ricky walks along the apron and holds her back, preventing her from walking into a deadly set-up. Ruby doesn’t take too kindly to that, and she runs in anyway, dropkicking Ricky off the apron, sending him to the outside! Ruby gets up, runs the ropes, and leaps to the outside with a Fosbury Flop, landing right on Ricky! They both crash to the mat, and as Marisol sees the carnage on the outside, she runs the ropes too and goes for a suicide dive through the ropes, hitting both Ruby and her partner! The fans cheer, and they nearly blow the roof off as Punishment makes his way to the nearest corner, before ascending the top turnbuckle as well! Ruby, Marisol and Ricky all gingerly get back on their feet and Punishment leaps, the massive screams of the crowd elevating him to unseen heights as he somersaults on all three of his ‘colleagues’.

The group explodes, with bodies falling everywhere, and it is Punishment who is back to his feet first. He helps his partner Ruby up first, and helps her back in the ring. Marisol is the other one who’s legal, and he rolls her back in the ring, to prevent a count-out, wanting to win this the right way. Ruby is already back to her feet in the ring, and she sizes Marisol up for a Ruby in the Rough! She rushes in… countered! Marisol gets Ruby into a fireman’s carry, and walks around the ring. She’s going for her trademark Death Valley Driver! She’s about to hit it!

But her back seems to give out! Marisol collapses, clutching her lower back with both hands as she drops to her knees. Ruby falls down as well, but the tiny Canadian manages to land on her knees. Marisol seems to be in agony, possibly because of an old back injury that returned. She tries to get back up to a completely vertical basis, but as she does so, Ruby sees her chance and rushes in…

Tiny Canadian Destroyer! She hits the flipping piledriver, and the crowd gets up to their feet as Ruby goes in for the pin.


Ricky slides into the ring, looking to break it up.


Punishment follows him and hits him with the Boot Camp before he can break it up!


It’s over, and JJ calls for the bell!

Winners, by pinfall at 12:01

Corporal Punishment and Ruby advance to the grand final of the UWE Universal Tag Team Championship! They share a hug in the middle of the ring as they realize that they made it! Ricky helps Marisol to the back, obviously worries about the way she seemed to have reinjured herself during the finish of the match. But nevertheless, Ruby and Corporal Punishment will go on to face the winners of tonight’s main event!

As the celebrations come to an end, Ruby kindly asks Corporal Punishment to leave, as she still has some business to attend. She grabs a microphone, and does exactly what she said she’d do… call out the Masked Madman. She says Asylum’s name, and asks him to come out to the ring. She knows he is in the building, and she says she wants to show him that he is not a monster, but instead worthy of respect and love, just like any other person out there.

The crowd don’t quite know how to react. Asylum is known to them as a psychopath with zero regard for human life, and they have never known him to be worthy of anything but their scorn and jeers. However, if their resident sweetheart is willing to give him a chance, who are they to disagree?

Asylum’s theme starts to play, and Ruby remains in the ring as the Masked Madman comes from the back, slowly making his way towards her. The crowd dreads what is going to happen next, but as Asylum climbs through the ropes, Ruby simply holds the microphone up to her mouth. She says that no matter what people may think about him, there are also people who have not yet given up on him. No matter what Lise Fortier, Dr. Seville, or anyone else may think, none of them have ever tried to do what should have been done, and that is treat Asylum as just another regular human being. And while she may not have the medical background of someone like Seville, she has never seen a person treated with kindness not be kind himself.

She continues by saying that she regretted his actions during their short-lived stint as a tag team, biting Adeline the way he did, but that he also seemed to express regret afterwards, and that that was a major step in the right direction; it implies he recognized there was a problem with his behavior, and that was the first step towards fixing it. She then says that the fact they both wear masks is a sign that they don’t have to be enemies, but that they can be allies… and that having to wear a mask doesn’t make you a freak, or a psycho, but that it can mean that you can be a force of good as well. And she will lead by example, hoping that he will follow in her footsteps as she guides him towards the light.

Then, she drops her mic… and hugs him! The size difference between the two makes it almost comical, but Asylum seems taken aback by Ruby’s sign of kindness. He doesn’t know how to react, and as she releases him, there almost seems to be fear in Asylum’s eyes. Fear of having to finally confront the good in him. He backs off, rolls out of the ring and quickly makes his way to the back as Ruby remains behind and the scene cuts to black.


Match Two – Single’s Match
Brute Rockne vs. David Stone

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Only five years of age between them, but well over a decade in wrestling experience! The crowd is extremely excited to see the rookie Brute Rockne face off against the Hall of Famer, David Stone. Stone had some choice words for Rockne, and it’s obvious as Corey Miner calls for the bell, that he is none too impressed with the former Superbowl MVP.

However, as the bell rings, Rockne quickly overpowers Stone in the traditional lock-up, driving him against the ropes. Rockne follows it up with an elbow jab to Stone’s face, and puts his palm on his cheek, driving his head backwards. Miner gets involved and starts counting, and when Rockne releases at the count of 4, he gets a chop in, slapping the Hall of Famer’s chest as hard as he can, leaving a clear palmprint on Stone’s chest.

Rockne grins as he finally agrees to the referee’s enforced clean break before being disqualified. Stone rubs his chest, and looks at Rockne, before grinning and nodding. It’s clear he is no longer underestimating him. The next time Rockne comes at him he is better prepared. Brute drives Stone back again, but Stone uses that momentum to reverse their position and drives Rockne sternum-first into the turnbuckles. He grabs the ex-tight end from behind and hits him with a great tiger suplex, keeping it locked in as to get a pin attempt going!



Rockne kicks out, and shakes his head as he scrambles to his feet. But his football instinct kicks in, and he cleverly adopts a three-point stance. As Stone gets back to his feet as well, Rockne explodes from his lower position, and hits Stone with such a hard shoulder tackle he sends the legend flying! Stone lands to the mat and the momentum causes him to roll out of the ring. What a pounce! The crowd applauds this display of brute strength and athleticism, and Stone gets back to his feet on the outside, ironically applauding the former NFL player’s hitting power. He slides back into the ring, ducks underneath a clothesline, and hits Rockne with a chop block on the rebound. Rockne collapses, and grabs his knee in pain. Stone grins, and starts stomping away at Rockne’s head, before grabbing Rockne’s ankle. He commences to drop some elbows on it, while holding on to the ankle, making sure he’s got nowhere to go and he can obliterate the knee, which is now obviously his primary target.

After an elbow or five dropped, Stone now start stomping away at the back of the knee, each of which is accompanied by a grunt of Rockne. Stone then proceeds to drag ROcke by the ankle towards the nearest corner. He releases the ankle, and before Rockne can get back to his feet, Stone has already slid out of the ring. He grabs the ankle again, and drags Rockne even further, until his legs are around the steel ringpost! He swings, and smashes Rockne’s bad knee against the post! Rockne screams in pain, and Stone grins, before repeating the move again!

Rockne eventually manages to drag himself away, but the damage seems to be done. Stone has decimated his knee, and he lies in the middle of the ring, unable to get up to a vertical basis. Stone slides back in the ring, and gingerly walks towards his opponent. Getting a bit cocky there, David? A man with is experience should know better. As he slowly goes in for the cover, Rockne grabs him into an inside cradle, covering him!



Stone kicks out! But still, it seems to have given Rockne a major boost in confidence and adrenaline. He gets up, and though his limp is severe, he bites through the pain. He helps Stone to his feet and lifts the big man up, before hitting him with a powerslam! He proceeds to drop a leg, making sure to avoid the use of his bad leg, and traps Stone completely. He goes for another cover.



Stone kicks out. The Hall of Famer gets back to his feet, but Rockne kicks him in the gut, and gets him in position, lifting him up into stall suplex position… and he hits the Keg Stand!! The ring rumbles under the impact, and Rockne feels he is nearing the win. With Stone down, he is now preparing for the ‘Sexy and I Know It’! He starts his gyrating taunt, but… his knee buckles! He collapses to one knee, and it gives Stone just about enough time to recover. The Hall of Famer gets back to his feet as Rockne tries to scramble back to his feet. And as the former tight end does so…

Stone Cutter! Rockne collapses once more, and Stone isn’t done yet! He locks in the Stone Crusher. The torque on the ankle, spreading all the way to Rockne’s severely damaged knee, is more than any human being can handle. Rockne has no choice but to tap out for the good of his long-term career, before Stone destroys his leg completely.

Winner, by submission at 08:47

Stone immediately releases the hold as Miner calls for the bell. He got the win, but Rickne put up a valiant effort, showing that he can go toe to toe with some of the company’s very best. The crowd applaud his bravery as he gets back to his feet, refuses any medical help, and limps to the back.


Match Three – Single’s Match
Tiami Erickson vs. Corey Sanders

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

A determined Tiami Erickson awaits for Corey Sanders to take the ring. The stare she gives is as full of ice as her nickname implies. Sanders matches her look with one of equal intensity while waiting for the bell. As soon as it rings both wrestlers come together in a lock up.

Corey quickly rolls the lock up into a tight hammer lock. Tiami grunts and ducks under comes in with a big knee. She grabs hold of his head and attempt a DDT but Corey grips around her waist to block and lifts her into a front slam.

Both get to their feet and Corey launches a drop kick that puts Tiami down again. When she stands Sanders attempts a clothesline but Erickson ducks under and grabs hold of his waist before launching him with a release German suplex. Corey lands with thud and Tiami moves in with a kick to the chest. She then lifts him up to perform a snap suplex. Erickson then picks him back up to hit a belly to belly suplex before going for a pin.

Sanders gets the shoulder up at one. Frustrated Tiami picks him up again and grabs his head to go for a running bulldog. As she tries to use the maneuver Corey reverses by picking her up and using an atomic drop. Both wrestlers stay down for a moment to catch their breathe as the ref begins to count. At the count of five Tiami gets to her feet slightly faster than Corey. As he is still on one knee Tiami hits him with a stiff rolling elbow. Erickson doesn’t let her opponent rest long before lifting him back up and attenptingban Irish whip.

Sanders reverses and sends Tiami into the corner. Once she hits he follows up with a hard clothesline against the turnbuckle. As she tries to recover, Corey uses the second rope to launch a spring board knee that drops Tiami to the ground. Corey rolls her up.

Erickson refuses to stay down! Corey gets to his feet and lifts his opponent up to fling her with a hip toss. As Tiami uses the ropes to get up Corey rushes in but Tismi moves and uses a drop toe hold to put him across the ropes. She climbs to the ring apron and leaps up, dropping her elbow across Corey’s head. She hits the floor on her feet but Sanders isn’t so lucky, sliding out of the ring to land on the ground.

Erickson ignores the ref who orders her back in. Instead she climbs back onto the apron and up onto the turnbuckle to launch a flying elbow. Corey manages to get enough presence of mind to roll to safety as Tiami lands with a loud thud. Once again both wrestlers lay prone as the ref counts.

Corey gets to his feet first and climbs part way into the ring to reset the count before sliding back out. He gets to Tiami as she’s getting back up and starts hammering her with punches. After the first few hits she gets an angry look and spits in his face. Corey looks pissed himself now and pulls back for another punch but Tiami blocks. She fires two hard shots to his gut. As Sanders reels Tiami grabs his head and slams it into the steel steps. While he tries to recover she backs up and spears him through the steps.

The ref continues to count, getting back to seven before Tiami manages to roll Corey in before joining him. Tiami lifts Corey up and puts him into position for the Icy Nail. Erickson looks right at the camera and shouts.


With that she drops Sanders with the reverse DDT and covers.




Winner, by pinfall at 06:44

As soon as the official hits the final count Tiami rolls out of the ring, leaving her beaten foe laying prone, as she walks back to the locker room with the same cold look she came in with.


Match Four – Single’s Match
Caliee Adams vs. Jared Oliver

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

As the match between Caliee Adams and Jared Oliver was about to start Jared shocked the crowd twice. First by coming to the ring dressed as a clown and then announcing he would no longer be in the Dogs of War. Despite his jovial appearance Caliee looked none too amused as she came down to the ring amidst thunderous applause. Once the ref had finished instructions Adams wasted no time going on the offensive. She kicks Jared hard in the gut and follows up with a stiff elbow to the head and several quick punches. Jared fires back but Caliee ducks under his punch and counters with an arm drag.

As Oliver begins to stand Adams rushes in and puts him back down with a front drop kick. The fans cheer as Caliee stands and waves with a grin. She turns back to her foe and continues her attack, kicking Jared roughly in the ribs as he tries to stand. Adams then grabs hold of Jared’s head and begins laying in with punches as the crowd counts.

As she pulls back for six Jared blocks and fires back with a punch of his own to Caliee’s stomach. He then grabs hold of her ankles and pulls back, sweeping her to the mat. Jared stands and grabs hold of Caliee’s left leg, wrenching it back towards him. He yanks back again then drops an elbow onto her knee. Caliee yells out as Jared stands and drops another elbow. He then gets back to his feet and steps down on the knee, standing on it as she writhes and the crowd boos. Finally Jared lifts his opponent back up and lays into her with quick, hard punches. Oliver lines up for a roundhouse and fires but the quick thinking Caliee ducks under. When she gets back up she hits a quick spin kick followed by a head scissors that sends Oliver back to the canvas.

Adams hits the ropes and as she comes back Jared is just getting to his feet. Caliee leaps into the air and lands a cross body splash before attempting a pin.



Oliver kicks out! Caliee doesn’t waste any time complaining but goes right back on the attack. She lifts Jared up before taking him back down with a snap mare. As he begins to sit up Adams attempts a sleeper hold. She gets the lock in but as she goes for the body scissor Jared catches a leg and rolls forward, taking Caliee with him. When the two stop rolling Jared has reversed his fortune and is locking in a knee bar.

Caliee tries to crawl for the ropes but Jared’s technique and size advantage to hold her in place. She refuses to tap however and continues fighting. Jared releases slightly to allow her to crawl forward before tanking her back. The crowd boos as he repeats and let’s out a loud and taunting laugh that elicits a louder boo from the audience. The taunting backfires on Oliver, as he gives Caliee just enough room to roll and kick him hard in the face.

Jared releases and rolls back to hold his face. He tries to get to his feet but Caliee leaps and hits a front drop kick into his face. The crowd cheers as Caliee stands shaking on her now sore knee. Jared tries to get up again and Adams is kind enough to help him before sending him into the ropes. Caliee limos over and launches several strong punches into her opponent’s head before helping him remove his makeup by rubbing his face against the turnbuckle.

As Caliee finishes Jared holds onto the ropes for support. Adams pulls him from the corner and performs a swinging neckbreaker. After they hit Caliee keeps hold of Jared and lifts him again before doing another neck breaker. Deciding the third time is the charm Caliee brings him up once more and prepares to do another but as she swings Jared uses the momentum to swing through into a hangman position. Once there he swivels back to hit the Oliver Twist!!! Jared crawls in for the cover.




Winner, by pinfall at 07:11

The fans boo as Jared climbs to his feet and raises an arm. Caliee rolls out of the ring as Jared climbs to the second turnbuckle and raises his arms. He points at his opponent and mimics crying as she gives one last disgusted look and walks away.


Main Event – Tag Team Tournament Match
Just Plain Better vs. #EmphasisOnBullet

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The main event is here. If this were the finals of the tournament, I’m sure no one would be upset, but this isn’t the end! Just Plain Better are in the ring, clad in their custom bulletproof vests. Hopefully that doesn’t restrict their movement!

#EmphasisOnBullets is quick to hit the ring now and get this match started. Chuck Aitken calls for the bell and this semi-finals match is underway! Wulf Erikson and Matt Moore begin the bout.

The Vancouver fans begin a rhythmic clap as Matt and Wulf commence their circling before locking up. Moore immediately shifts to an arm wringer. Erikson reverses, but Matt manages a quick reversal of his own. Matt goes behind for a waist lock takedown.

Wulf springs out of it, though! He follows through with a deep arm drag. Matt quickly gets back to his feet and sends Wulf over with an arm drag of his own. Matt drops an elbow now, but Wulf evades it. Erikson with another arm drag and a standing moonsault attempt.

Matt gets out of the way and both men hurry to their feet.

The crowd erupts as the two men take their stance, coming to a short stalemate. They begin to circle again. Another lock up! Matt is able to take control and turn things into an abdominal stretch near the corner of Just Plain Better.

Matt tags in Brandon. Mr. UWE leaps over the ropes and follows up with a sharp kick to the gut. Matt lets go right at the kick of the gut. He raises his hands to show the referee he his backing off and slips through the ropes onto the apron. From there, Brandon stays on Wulf. He grabs a hold of him to stop him from retreating to his corner.

Brandon steadies Erikson in the center of the ring and sends a big European Uppercut his way. Wulf bounces off the ropes and comes back to Moore who follows through with a swift hip toss. Brandon now rebounds himself off of the ropes.

He comes back and is looking for a flipping senton.

Wulf rolls away from it!

Wulf is quick to his feet as Brandon starts to stand, firmly clutching his bottom. Erikson sends a flurry of kicks into Brandon’s legs.

Brandon is finally the wiser and stops the next kick, getting a hook on Wulf’s foot.

Brandon spins Wulf away, but Wulf keeps on spinning! He brings his leg all the way back around and plants it right upside Brandon’s head! This sends Brandon back into the corner and Wulf is fired up now!

Wulf heads towards Brandon, but Mr. UWE stops any sort of comeback with a kick to the knee. Wulf drops down to a knee and Brandon rebounds off of the ropes. Brandon connects with a dropkick to the jaw. Brandon goes for an early cover.


Wulf kicks out at one!

Moore hops to his feet and sizes Erikson up. As Wulf stands, Brandon sends a huge knife edge chop into his chest. The sound echoes. Wulf clutches at his chest, now red from the chop as Brandon walks slowly towards him, stalking his prey for the moment.

Brandon runs at Wulf and uppercuts him, cocking his head back almost a full extension. Brandon’s not done! Uppercut after uppercut after uppercut!

Adeline tries to break up the flurry of strikes, but is stopped halfway into the ring by official Chuck Aitken. She is sent back to her corner and the early beating is continued.

Once Adeline is back on the apron, Chuck goes to break Brandon off of Wulf. The uppercuts keep coming during the count.





Brandon backs off of Wulf just before the five count from the referee. Wulf drops out of the corner and to his knees. Shortly after that, he drops down to his stomach. The barrage of uppercuts has left him worse for wear.

Brandon moves in and flips Wulf over. He covers and Chuck Aitken begins the pin count.



Shoulder up by the Silver Bullet.

Brandon is quick to grab Wulf by the head and get him to his feet. Brandon pulls Wulf into his corner. Matt slaps Brandon on the back and Chuck recognizes the tag. Matt comes in and the duo Irish Whip Wulf across the ring. He comes back as Brandon goes high and Matt goes low. Brandon leaps with a forearm and Matt spins behind him to sweep the leg, tripping him up.

Brandon exits to the apron and Matt goes for a cover of his own.



Another kick out by Wulf Erikson, showing great resiliency.

Matt accepts the failed pin attempt and backs up into his corner. He waits for Wulf to get to his feet. Erikson begins to stir, looking for his partner. Instead, he finds Matt coming at him furiously.

Matt throws a clothesline and…

Wulf ducks out of the way, spinning behind Matt and rolling him up!



Matt forces himself out of the roll up. Only a long two count!

Matt is quick to get to Wulf and…


Another huge drop to Wulf’s chest, this time by the elder Moore!

Another chop attempt, but Wulf blocks Matt’s arm! He grabs onto it and pulls him in, jumping at Moore and sending a European Uppercut his way!

Wulf lets out a battle cry and leaps again, this time sending a forearm at the Gaijin Kaiju. Matt manages to block it! Matt pulls the Silver Bullet in by the dreads and sends him towards the ropes. Wulf rebounds and Matt ducks down. Erikson leaps over him and keeps going.

Wulf springboards!

Matt rushes at Wulf, spins, and throws a discus elbow! Wulf hits the ground before Matt can connect, though! He rolls underneath him and kips up out of the roll.

Pele kick!

Matt is down!

Adeline and the crowd are going absolutely nuts for Wulf to make it to his corner. Wulf is close!

He reaches for the tag!

No! Matt Moore is up and has Wulf by an ankle, stopping his momentum! Matt yanks Wulf back to the center of the ring! No tag for #EOB!

Matt is able to send Wulf into JPB’s corner, following with a big boot to the face. A tag is made to Brandon! Matt lifts Wulf onto his shoulders and Brandon ascends the ropes.

Wulf is able to wiggle free of Matt, however! He rolls out of the way just as Mr. UWE comes off of the top rope. Matt is able to get out of the way as well, hurrying onto the apron to avoid a collision with his brother.

Out of nowhere…

Best Enziguiri Ever!

Erikson nails Brandon as he Mr. UWE gathers himself from not connecting with his aerial maneuver. Both men are down!

The crowd goes wild, encouraging both men to get to their feet as Chuck Aitken has no choice but to begin a count.





Both men stir and begin crawling towards their respective corner.



Both men leap at their partners…

Tags are made!

Chuck Aitken calls off the count and recognizes the change in guard!

La Roux hurries in and catches Matt Moore with a flying clothesline take down! Matt back to his feet, but dropped right back down by a spinning wheel kick! Adeline screeches and howls as Matt scrambles towards the corner. Adeline is energized like no other!

She charges at Matt in the corner and connects with a standing cannonball! She rolls out of Matt and lets him drop to the mat. He flips over and onto his back in the perfect position!

Adeline ascends the ropes and wastes no time! She leaps off with a corkscrew moonsault!

She stays on Matt and hooks the leg for the pin! Chuck Aitken moves in!




No! Chuck Aitken stops the count and points something out to Adeline! They were so close to the ropes! Brandon Moore came over and placed his brother’s foot on the bottom rope, causing the referee to call for a rope break!

Adeline looks distraught, hands over her face, sure she had this in the bag. She doesn’t sulk for very long, though. La Roux drags Matt away from the ropes and backs herself into her corner. She screams for him to stand, gesturing as well.

Matt does begin to stir shortly as both Wulf and Brandon are getting back on the apron. Wulf manages to reach out and slap Adeline on the back before she takes off, not feeling right about what’s to come.

Wulf’s gut was right! Chuck recognizes the tag, but Adeline still charges at Matt!

Matt stops the Crimson Bullet and bends down, springing her onto his shoulders! Matt throws La Roux up and off shoulders, dropping to his back and putting his knees up. Addy lands stomach first on Matt’s knees!


Adeline bounces off of Matt’s knees, hard, and uses his ring awareness to roll away and out of the ring. Matt reaches for her, but is unable to keep her from exiting to the floor. He doesn’t know that Wulf is the legal partner!

Matt turns and eats a big leg lariat! He scrambles to his feet and Wulf catches him again, this time with a leaping hurricanrana. Unfortunately for Wulf, the hurricanrana sends Matt tumbling into his team’s corner! Brandon reaches forward and tags himself in!

Wulf makes it fortunate, though! Brandon speeds in at the Silver Bullet, but Wulf ducks under a clothesline! Wulf stops immediately and flips backwards. He connects with his feet onto Brandon’s shoulders and head, in a handstand headscissors!

Wulf twists out and sends Brandon hanging into the second rope.

Wulf speeds forward, but Matt unhooks Brandon from the ropes!

Wulf turns his attention towards the elder Moore now. Matt, still in the ring, notices Adeline La Roux back in action, climbing a nearby turnbuckle. Wulf sends a roundhouse at Matt, but Matt ducks and Wulf is spun all the way around. Matt pushes Wulf into the ropes and it causes Adeline to lose her balance!

She drops onto the turnbuckle and just because she’s a woman, doesn’t mean it isn’t hurting!

Wulf falls back after hitting the ropes and Matt gives a hard look at the hung up Crimson Bullet.

Moore spins towards Adeline…

He launches a Discuss Big Boot at Addy! This sends her off of the ropes and crashing down to the ringside area from where she just emerged!

Matt moves his leg off of the ropes and turns to see Wulf coming back at him! Wulf connects with a big knee to the jaw, furious at what Matt did to his partner. Matt stumbles backwards and Wulf keeps up on his, ignoring Chuck Aitken’s attempt at regaining control of this match.

Wulf sends Matt across the ring into the opposite corner. Wulf charges and cartwheels…

Big handspring back elbow! Matt crumbles and slides out of the ring. Wulf, satisfied with the damage done to Matt, realizes that Brandon Moore is the legal man still!

Wulf frantically snaps around, looking for his adversary.

Brandon is already coming right at him, but by instinct, Erikson rolls out of the way! Brandon bounces off of the turnbuckle, chest first.

Wulf quickly dropkicks Brandon, sending him bouncing off of the turnbuckle by his chest once more!

As Brandon stumbles back towards the center of the ring, Wulf hooks on and wastes no time! He twists Brandon and slams him to the mat!

Wit’s End!

Brandon almost folds like a lawnchair!

Wulf hurries on top of Brandon for the cover! Chuck Aitken slides in!




Wulf’s mouth drops and his eyes widen! #EmphasisOnBullets has done it! They’re moving on to the finals after defeating Just Plain Better!

Winners, by pinfall at 18:42

Wulf sees Adeline scrambling onto the apron and runs over to help her into the ring, delivering the message that they are victorious. They embrace and bounce around, ecstatic at the win they just earned.

Meanwhile, Matt has slid into the ring behind them, checking on his brother, and helping him get up to his feet. They look a bit disappointed in themselves, but nonetheless, they gather their composure and approach Wulf and Addy.

All four competitors meet in the middle of the ring. Brandon starts with a serious nod and puts out a fist. Matt follows suit and puts his fist in. The crowd erupts as Wulf and Addy look around for their reaction. #EOB sets their fists in with JPB’s and the fans get even louder.

As they break, Matt grabs Addy’s arm and Brandon grab’s Wulf’s. They raise the hands of the victorious team and show them off to the crowd, approving of their victory. Another team of the future endorsed by the Moore Brothers. What a main event match that was and what a match the finals will be!


Quick Results:
°Ruby & Corporal Punishment def. Ricky Molaroni & Marisol Hawkes by pinfall
°David Stone def. Brute Rockne by submission
°Tiami Erickson def. Corey Sanders by submission
°Jared Oliver def. Caliee Adams by pinfall
°#EmphasisOnBullet def. Just Plain Better by pinfall

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