Over the Top XXIII in Vancouver


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Let the tag team tournament begin! 

UWE Studio’s, Vancouver 
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A new champion. A new era? Midsummer Massacre was the time of Maloney, as the Steampunk Warrior claimed her first ever Ultimate Wrestling Championship. Following in the footsteps of Ronnie Cage and James Calhoun, she is now the face of the company. But something tells us she hasn’t gotten rid of James Calhoun just yet…
The aftershocks of #MSM will be felt for a long time to come yet. With Lara Pegorino having handed in her letter of resignation following the events during the Hell in a Cell match, the weekly shows might look a whole lot different in the future with the former UWE Champion no longer around to run things… Or will Lise forgive her, and reaffirm her trust in her?
And what about Badd Breed, who made a strong closing statement, signaling their intention to take UWE by storm? And how will UWE’s other great faction, Torment, react to that?
So many questions to be answered! But maybe none more so than: who will become the inaugural UWE Universal Tag Team Champions? The tag team tournament starts at OTT XXIII! 


Show Opener
The Badd Breed addresses the UWEniverse!

UWE is live from their studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. As the footage inside the arena is shown the first sound to be heard is “Your Betrayal” by Bullet For My Valentine hitting the speakers. The second sound to be heard is the almost deafening chorus of boos that accompany the music. Onto the stage walks the cocky expression of Marcus LeVine, accompanied by The Empire, his fiancee, and the newest member of The Empire, Shawn Lawery. All five of them either have a sadistic grin or a cocky smirk. Each one of them drinks in the anger from the crowd, Chris and Joey going a step further and simply flipping them off.

They all get to the ring fairly quickly and pile in. Cassie finds a spot in one of the corners to sit on the middle turnbuckle; both of the Hendrix twins stand at either corner closest to the hard cam; Shawn simply stands to one side of the ring; and Marcus, after grabbing a microphone, hops through the middle rope facing the hard cam and sits on it. As he lifts the microphone to his lips an ecstatic sigh passes his lips before he starts to speak:

“I know what you’re all thinking. Where’s the rest of The Badd Breed? Where’s Tiami, where’s Timothy, where’s Valentine and Misery? Well, simply put, I asked them to step back for me. I wanted to come out here with The Empire because I wanted to speak to you people face to face. I wanted to answer all of those questions burning in the back of your mind. But first, I wanted to ask a question:

Where is James Calhoun? Joey, have you seen Calhoun around anywhere?” Marcus tilted the microphone to Joey in the corner, who simply shook his head, “No? Damn. Hey, Chris, do you know where James Calhoun is?” Marcus did the same thing to Chris had he had done to Joey, and got the same reaction.

“Dang. You know, it’s almost like something happened to him. Oh, wait, that’s right. We kicked his ass, didn’t we? We sent him to the damn hospital, didn’t we? We drilled his head straight into the mat, didn’t we? We ended Midsummer Massacre standing over that lifeless sack of S-H-I-T, didn’t we?

The BaddBreed, The Empire, we made him look like even more of a chump than he already was. Now, he went and ran on home with his tail between his legs because he knows what we do! It’s the Badd Breed, and we DOMINATE the wrestling world!”

A low buzz of feedback is heard next, stopping Levine’s rant in his tracks. Everyone’s attention is turned to the screen now, where the Badd Guy, the green grinning face signifying a Badd Breed production appears. It flickers a few times, and then cuts very suddenly to a face that gets a pop around these parts, the FIW Rising Champion and leader of the Badd Breed, all 6’6″ and 267 pounds of Erik Holland sitting in a plain white room, the unfamiliar championship displayed on his shoulder as Erik glowers at the screen through black painted eyes.

The voice of Erik Holland filled the speakers, “That’s enough.

All of this. All of this is ENOUGH, Levine. Y’know when you met with me face to face, one on one, and I told you about the MISSION of the Badd Breed, you looked me in the eye and you nodded your head and you said you lived and would fight for the Breed. That you’d do what the Breed does everywhere in the world, in UWE, in FIW, everywhere; and that’s provide world class matches and top tier excitement against any opponent, and terminate–with prejudice–anyone who threatens the ability of promotions we are active in to entertain the people. The Badd Breed is necessary here in UWE for just that reason; yet I keep hearing that the spotlight is on you and you alone, Levine, instead of my whole family as a collective, as it SHOULD be.

This is not what I wanted. This is not what was ORDERED to be done. You agreed that if you were gonna’ fly the Breed colours if you were gonna get the eyeballs on you that would come from joining the Breed, that you’d do it the honourable way. You’d do it MY way. Yet you’re hitting people from behind, you’re going WAY too far, you’re forcing the people of the UWE not to trust you and by extension not trust MY Breed, My FAMILY, and I’m supposed to cosign it? The FAMILY is supposed to cosign it, right?


Not gonna happen.

Levine, I’ve talked to you again and again and concluded that your vision and that of the Breed aren’t concurrent. That you’re doing more harm to the Badd Breed than you are doing good. So I’m gonna’ do us all a favour. You are EXCOMMUNICATED from my family, you’re OUT of the Badd Breed, and no longer will you fly our colours or claim our mission. So walk away from us now and that’ll be the end of it. But as faithful of friends as we were, Levine, if you decide to make enemies out of the Breed you’ll find we are faithful at THAT, too.”

Inside the arena, people cheer as Marcus, The Maniac, The Montreal Mawler was kicked out of The Breed. Everyone expected an explosion of anger from the Maniac, but he simply started to laugh. He got off of the middle ropes facing the hard cam and found a new seat on the middle ropes facing the tron. He kept laughing, kept this maniacal grin that ate at the people in the crowd, and that ate at Erik Holland too.

Marcus started talking again, “Erik, I’m so glad you could join us this evening. I’m sure you’ve been thinking a lot about what happened at Massacre. I’m sure you were watching it live, seeing what, as you said, your FAMILY would be up to that evening. I know you watched at home as I got the Badd Breed to do something you could never do: pull that god damned trigger. I did what you wish you could do Erik. I made the Badd Breed stand for something. You want to put on great matches and I’m happy to do that, I do it all the time. I’m the best damn wrestler on the face of planet earth, on my worst day I put on 4-star match, and on my best day, I break the freaking rating system. Call me Shenron cause if I’m in the vicinity you’ve got seven stars right there, baby.

You know what you are Holland. You are the epitome of a fabulist. You have created such a grand visage for yourself that even you buy into your own bull. You’re a man who started the Badd Breed cause he wanted to screw the system. He wanted to stick it to the guy in charge and tell them to piss off. What did you really do though? You became the boss. You created a legion of ass-kissers who follow you around like they’re puppets in suspension. I offer something REAL. My biggest piece of evidence that you’re a liar? I offer these people an actual choice, actual rebellion, and you see that as a reason for termination, a reason for excommunication, YOU are what you despise Holland. You’re the authority, you’re the boss. Look at me, look at Chris and Joey, Look at Shawn, they’re out here because they know that I don’t want to control them. I want to offer them actual freedom. If Tiami and Hunt want to toe the line if Valentine and Misery wanna toe the line if YOU wanna toe the line then go ahead.

You’re a fake prophet to a god which you created in your own head. I’m a catalyst for change.”

Marcus dropped his microphone and slipped back into the ring, calling his stable mates to join him. He was ready to leave the ring when suddenly “Calling” by VAMPS hit the speakers. Marcus rolled his eyes once again as Tiami Erickson bolted out from behind the country and towards the ring, microphone in hand.

“Really? Really?! Chris, Joey, what the HELL are you two doing? You two are my family, you’re my cousins. You’re picking Marcus over The Breed, over your family?” Tiami had reached the ring at this point and quickly slid inside. “And you, Marcus, what have you done to them? What did you do to my brothers? This isn’t about the breed, why are you tearing my FAMILY apart Marcus?”

Marcus was simply laughing in her face as behind her, her two brothers set up. Marcus kept laughing like a mad man before out of nowhere he pushed Tiami backwards, and as soon as she was in the centre of The Empire, Marcus, Chris, and Joey all sent superkicks towards her, nailing her with Concussive Melody.

Marcus wasted no time as he pointed towards Sean Lowery as well, getting him to drag Tiami up once again, wrapping his arms around her neck, and hitting a vicious Nightmare Fuel. Tiami landed practically vertical on her face before crashing to the mat and rolling to the side. All five members of The Empire simply laughed before leaving the ring. Tiami was barely moving as the group got out of the ring and went backstage.


Match One – Single’s Match
Danny Oliver vs. Chris Hendrix

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Danny slides his hoodie off and tosses it to his brother who exits the ring to stand next to the apron. As the younger brother heads for the center of the ring he gives a wary glance at the other members of Badd Breed at ringside.

After checking each wrestler for foreign objects the official calls for the hell. Chris and Danny circle quickly as each competitor looks for an opening in their opponent.
The two lock up and begin fighting for position.

Danny quickly ducks under Chris’ arm and gets a body lock. Before he can capitalize however Hendrix elbows back to break Danny’s hold before spinning into a hammer lock. Danny grunts as his arm is wrenched but manages to break free before pulling Chris into a headlock.

Chris stomps on Danny’s foot to break the hold them kicks out hard into his opponent’s gut, causing Danny to bend forward.

Chris bounces off the ropes and comes in on the offensive but Danny surprises him by dropping to one knee and sending Hendrix to the canvas with a fireman carry.

Chris pops back up and the two go back to circling in the center of the ring.

Chris was quick to go back on the attack, he dove towards Danny and picked his leg out from under him. Danny fell to the mat and Chris quickly leapt to straddle Danny, picking his arms and rolling him onto his back. Chris arched himself backwards and grabbed Danny’s arm, going straight into the Prawn Hold, but only getting a two.

Both men were back to their feet quickly, Chris just a second faster, getting Danny up against the ropes. He nodded towards his brother, who walked to the middle of the ringside area, standing right behind Danny. Chris sent Danny flying to the other side of the ropes, and as Danny rebounded he ducked underneath his arm. Without skipping a beat Chris darted to his left, and Joey grabbed the ankle of Danny, sending him falling face first to the mat again. His head bounced, and he clutched at his nose, but the pain wasn’t over and Chris was back in the center of the ring hitting a sliding single leg drop kick.

Chris dragged Danny to the center of the ring and went for a pin again, this time only getting a one. He smacked the mat, clearly irritated as he climbed back to his feet, waiting for his opponent to rise as well. Danny was getting to a knee, and Chris was quick to go on the assault. He sent his leg flying for a roundhouse, and Danny ducked. Chris’s reactionary skills were quick though as he simply tilted his body to face away from Danny, grabbed his ankle as it was above Danny’s head, and released it to send it flying into the back of Danny’s head. Once again Danny was forced to go down to the mat, the fans letting out a loud boo as Chris simply flipped them off. Marcus was set up on one side of the ring, and Joey set himself up at the other. Chris straddled Danny once again, wrapping his arms around Oliver’s waist.

Marcus stepped onto the apron, distracting the referee. Chris nodded at his brother, who slid into the ring while the ref was distracted. Both of the Hendrix twins eyes continued to dart towards the ref, and Danny’s brother Jared went to where Marcus and the ref were, trying to yell at the ref to turn around. All Jared did, however, was distract the ref even more. The referee was yelling at Jared to get out of that area of the ring, to step away from the Empire. Chris lifted Danny to his feet, and Joey sent a staggering superkick into Danny’s jaw, sending him flying. Joey was quick out of the ring, and Chris was quick to snap off the German suplex. The ref, who heard the impact, turned around just too late to see Chris in the ring, but just in time to see the bridging pin.


Danny barely got his shoulder up.

Chris lifts Danny to his feet, on the way up the younger Oliver surprises his foe by darting in and lifting him up for a hard double leg takedown. Chris arches his back in pain as Danny hits the ropes to come back in for an elbow drop.

The Dog of War lifts Chris up once more before sending him back to the mat with a gut wrench suplex. Danny rolls the Empire member up in an attempted pin.


Chris gets his shoulder up! Danny huffs I’m irritation as he stands. Chris begins to get up as well and Danny goes on for another attack. Hendrix reacts faster, however, as he hits Danny with a quick gut kick followed by two hard forearms. Chris hits the ropes in an attempted body press but Danny reverses it with a snap powerslam.

Danny tries for another cover but outside the ring Joey puts his brother’s foot on the rope then yells for the ref who stops the count at two.

As Danny stands up Jared comes over and pulls Joey away from the apron. The two begin to argue when LeVine comes in to hit the elder Oliver from behind. Danny heads for the ropes to help his brother but the ref orders him back then turns to begin yelling at the men brawling outside the ring.

Danny turns back to Chris just in time to see Joey flying in for a drop kick. The ref turns back to the wrestlers but just misses Joey rolling out of the ring as Chris gets back to his feet. Chris hits the ropes then leaps into the air diving to hit Danny with a falling elbow drop. The Empire member then stands and lifts Danny up to hit the DDT. Hendrix rolls to the pin. Meanwhile outside the ring Jared had managed to get hold of a chair and is brandishing it to keep the Badd Breed at bay.
Danny gets a shoulder up. Chris is looking frustrated and pulls Danny to his feet once more before attempting a Samoan drop. He tries to lift but Oliver has close to a hundred pounds on the smaller man. Undeterred he tries again…and on the third attempt manages to pull it off. Chris gets back to his feet and holds his back in pain. Hendrix then lifts Danny once more and attempts another German suplex. Oliver blocks the attempt and spins around to deliver a devastating triple suplex to Hendrix!

Danny stands and yells out which gets the crowd cheering. The younger Oliver then picks Chris up and hooks a leg, launching an Exploder suplex and hitting the D-Town Detonator. Chris lands with a thud and rolls to the ropes. Joey hurries over to check on his brother, slipping him a metal rod as he does. Danny comes over to grab his opponent but Joey jumps up onto the apron and blinds Danny with the From the East mist. Chris hurries to his feet and hits Danny with the metal rod and attempts to toss it out of the ring. The disoriented Hendrix aims the wrong way however and tosses the object directly at the referees feet. The official calls for the bell and Jared rushes into the ring with his chair to chase the Empire away before checking on his brother.

WINNER, by DQ at 11:28


Match Two – Tag Team Tournament Match
JTX & Justin Lust vs. Corporal Punishment & Leon Saint Dane

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Justin Lust and Leon Saint Dane begin the tag match, each man sizing the other up before locking up in the center of the ring. LSD quickly takes the advantage by pulling Lust’s head down into a stiff European uppercut that stumbles the wild haired wrestler. Saint Dane continues his attack with a trip of hard forearms followed by a quick drop kick that sends Justin to the ground. The fans give LSD a cheer and he follows up on his attack with a crucifix head scissors as Justin gets back to his feet. LSD lifts his opponent back up before dropping him back to the canvas with a snap suplex. So far LSD is in complete control. That changes however as he rebounds off the ropes only to be clubbed in the back by JTX.

The ref and Leon both look back at the pink haired grappler who reigns innocence. LSD shakes his head and then goes back to his opponent who surprises Saint Dane with a leg lariat. Leon takes several hard and vicious stomps before fighting back to his feet. LSD then tries to go back on the offensive but gets countered by a rough reverse atomic drop. Justin ignores the warning from the official as he lifts LSD to his feet and whips him into the corner. On his way over to his foe Lust tags JTX in and the duo begin to kick Leon hard in the ribs. The ref begins counting but both Justin and JTX ignore it as Lust whips his partner at LSD. JTX reverses the whip and Justin uses the extra momentum to deliver a huge enzuiguiri that crumbles LSD to the floor. Lust rolls out of the ring as JTX rolls up Leon.
Kick out by LSD. JTX grimaces and stomps his anger out on Saint Dane. JTX then lifts the prone opponent to his feet before performing a swinging neck breaker. The hot pink grappler smirks at the booing audience as he mounts LSD and begins raining down hard punches. The closed fist strikes continue until the count of four. JTX stands and waves mockingly at the crowd as Leon tries to crawl to his corner. LSD lifts his hand to tag but JTX stomps on the desperate man’s fingers.

JTX picks up his foe and hits him with several hard strikes that drive a staggered LSD into the corner once more. Once there the pink haired wrestler launches hard chops. Once JTX feels he’s punished Leon enough he backs up and charges the corner. LSD manages to swing out of the way leaving JTX to crash into the corner. Leon then springboards up to kick JTX in the head and both men lay on the mat.

LSD begins trying to crawl to his corner to tag in his partner while JTX starts to use the ropes to stand. Corporal Punishment leans over the ropes as far as he can and reaches his hand out. The crowd chants and cheers for Leon as he closes in but JTX is now back on his feet and heads over to cut him off. The pink haired wrestler grabs hold of Leon’s leg and begins to pull him back. I’m desperation Saint Dane rolls over and kicks at JTX, hitting him in the face and staggering the man. Leon then uses the momentum of his leg being let go to roll back and tag Punishment in.

The fans let out a huge cheer as the Corporal takes the ring, dropping JTX with a huge lariat. Justin tries to enter the ring to help his mentor but punishment charges at him and clothesline him out onto the ring floor. Punishment eggs the crowd on as he walks back to the fallen JTX picking him up and lifting him into a stalling suplex. The corporal salutes the cheering fans before bringing JTX crashing down to the mat. Punishment then drags the pink haired wrestler over to a corner before mimicking a fun shot. The crowd goes wild as Punishment slams JTX into the turnbuckle over and over as he performs the 21 gun salute.

Satisfies with his work Punishment then hurls JTX into the other corner and rushes over to hit a shoulder block. As JTX reels Justin slaps him on the back. Punishment doesn’t notice however and lifts JTX to the top turnbuckle before hitting the flight school! Punishment goes for the cover!

The ref doesn’t count however and the confused corporal looks for an explanation. He gets one in the form of a low drop kick to the face. Justin stomps on the downed soldier’s face several more times before dropping an elbow into the man’s sternum and trying for a pin.

Punishment is up! Justin lifts the man back up and slams his face into the ground with a full Nelson face buster. Lust isn’t finishes however, he pick a Punishment up again and drops him with an arm trap neck breaker. Lust goes for another pin, this time grabbing a hand full of wrestling gear for leverage.
No! Even with the extra leverage Justin can’t hold the soldier down! Lust picks him up again and locks in a tight headlock and begins squeezing the life out of Punishment. The soldier goes to one knee and the ref begins to check him.
His arm falls once.
It falls twice…
Punishment’s arm begins to go down a third time but at the last second he shoots it back up and puts his hand in Justin’s hair. The soldier doesn’t pull however he simply applies what looks like a noogie. Justin releases immediately and begins trying to straighten his hair. JTX is screaming at his partner but the frantic Lust doesn’t hear as he tries to straighten his mane. He turns just in time to eat a spear from Punishment who covers. JTX tries to break up the pin but he’s cut off by a drop kick from LSD.


Punishment has pinned JTX, the team of Corporal Punishment and Leon Saint Dane wins!

WINNERS, by pinfall at 09:58

The victors celebrate then head out of the ring together as the shocked Justin still can’t believe it. He begins to stand when suddenly Danny Oliver runs down the ramp with a chair. JTX flees the ring as Justin finds himself trapped in a corner. The worried Lust frantically begs for Danny not to hit him. Oliver asks for a mic then addresses Justin.

Danny: I wanted to come down here and give you what you deserve, Justin, a taste of your own medicine but now I realize it wouldn’t be right. I’m better than you, Lust and I won’t stoop to your level! I do want a match though and you best be ready because if I win I’m shaving off your luscious locks…if the clippers can get through all that hair spray!

Danny drops the mic and turns to leave. As he does Lust jumps up and charges in for an attack. Danny suddenly spins around and flattens Justin with the chair as the fans roar. Oliver rolls out of the ring and JTX rolls in to help his partner.


Match Three – Single’s Match
Amy Gobraless vs. Caliee Adams

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Amy Gobraless is still visibly banged up from her grueling Hell in a Cell encounter against Lucilla. Nevertheless, she came away victorious that night, and tonight faces one of UWE’s most promising and beloved up-and-coming talents: Caliee Adams.
Amy seems none too impressed as the bell rings, however. She immediately locks up with Caliee in the middle of the ring, and the much more experienced wrestler manages to push the rookie back into a corner. She then lands a vicious chop on the front of Caliee’s chest, who writhes in pain, clutching at the mark Amy’s hand left.
Amy enjoys her handiwork tremendously, and lifts Caliee’s chin up, giving her a wider and easier target. She unleashes a second chop, the sound of which reverberates throughout the arena, and she grins as Caliee doubles over under the boos of the crowd. Amy takes a few steps back, and spreads her arms wide, as if asking ‘is this al you got for me?’ The crowd continues to boo her, but they turn around in a cheer, as Caliee takes use of the distraction, rolling her up from behind!!


Amy kicks out! The savvy vet has the presence of mind to not be completely taken by surprise, and immediately gets back to her feet before levelling Callie with a massive clothesline that turns Caliee inside out and leaves her motionless on the mat. Amy wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, and kicks Caliee viciously in the head. She calls to the crowd that she’s going to fonish her, and as she stands over Caliee’s back looking for the Visions of Amy, she is interrupted by a very well-known entrance theme!

Lucilla steps out to ringside under the tunes of ‘Far From Any Road’. She’s limping, but the look on her face means business! Looking at Amy like she just found a turd in her shower cabin, Lucilla slowly walks down the ramp, with Amy now leaning over the ropes, daring her to come closer.

But then Lucilla holds up her hands, and starts backing away. Amy SPITS in her direction in disgust, and then turns around to focus back on her opponent.


Completely oblivious to the fact that Caliee was waiting for her, Amy got hit by the rookie’s finisher. And UWE’s Baby wastes no time getting that pin in!




WINNER, by pinfall at 04:11

The referee calls for the bell! Caliee Adams has defeated Amy Gobraless. The rookie rolls out of the ring, smiling as Sylvie Rose calls out her name, officially declaring her the winner of the match. Lucilla looks on, applauding from atop the entrance ramp, laughing at Amy’s defeat.
Flawless Miss Gobraless gets back up, and realized what happened. As she starts a rampaging tirade the likes of which Vancouver has never seen, we cut to a commercial break.


Match Four – Tag Team Tournament Match
Controversial Demons vs. Just Plain Better

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

These two teams have been looking forward to this match all week. We saw at the beginning of the show, Tiami Erickson was assaulted by the Empire, no longer members of the Badd Breed. Unfortunately for the Controversial Demons, the brutal superkick has left Tiami in the back.

Regardless of her insisting, Timothy vowed to do the job on his own. The Moore Brothers are visibly disappointed when they see only Timothy in the ring, but the show must go on. Matt, Brandon, and referee Chuck Aitken all make sure that Timothy Hunt wants to do this on his own.

Timothy is adamant and he starts the match off with Matt. The bell rings and this thing is on! A handicap match it is! The two lock up by the collar and elbow, jockeying for position. Timothy is able to break Matt’s hold and slip behind him. He locks the waist and takes Matt down!

Timothy floats over to Matt’s front and applies a headlock. Matt is quick to kip up out of the headlock and applies his own when Timothy stands and charges him. Hunt is able to back them against the ropes and send Matt across the ring. As Matt comes back, Timothy hits a beautiful dropkick!

Matt drops and Timothy goes for a quick cover!



Kick out right at the two count.

Matt hurries to the corner and tags Brandon, surprised that Timothy got the better of him like that.

As soon as Brandon enters the ring, Timothy is on him! Hunt leaps at him with a forearm, sending him back into his own corner. Hunt then sends the same type of forearm to Matt, knocking him off the apron. Hunt is taking the fight to Just Plain Better!

Timothy whips Brandon over to the opposite corner. He follows him closely and lands a big corner splash! Brandon stumbles out as Timothy climbs atop the turnbuckle. Brandon groggily turns towards Hunt. Timothy dives out! Diving DDT! He goes for the cover! Chuck Aitken moves in!



Matt comes off of the apron and slides in the ring!

Brandon is able to get a shoulder up without assistance, though!

Matt gets back on the apron as he watches Hunt keep up the onslaught. Timothy gets Brandon to his feet and hooks his arm over his shoulder. Timothy lifts Brandon up in the vertical suplex position!

Brandon twists and falls to his feet behind Hunt! Hunt quickly turns and Brandon connects with a European Uppercut!

Brandon sends the dazed Hunt into the ropes. As Timothy comes back, Brandon delivers a picturesque back body drop sending Hunt flying high through the air. Brandon comes off of the ropes by his own accord now and drops a big elbow. He stays on for the cover!


Timothy forces Brandon off of him!

Brandon stays on Hunt, laying in a handful of stomps. He then gets Timothy to his feet. Brandon goes for a double underhook of the arms. Timothy breaks out, however! He flips Brandon over him, but Brandon lands on his feet. Timothy hits the ropes! He comes back and…

Meets a big spinning heel kick from Brandon! Another cover!



Timothy kicks out!

Brandon, knowing that he and his brother have the advantage, is simply looking to put this one away. Brandon drags Timothy towards Just Plain Better’s corner. Forgoing the tag for the moment, Brandon hoists Timothy onto the top of the turnbuckle. Brandon calls for a tag from his brother, but there’s still life in Hunt!

Hunt sends a big sidekick from the top rope to Matt, knocking him off of the apron! He follows this with a huge flurry of punches down onto Brandon. Timothy has a hold of Brandon’s head so he can’t go to for and he brings him in closer! He spins off and connects with Tornado DDT!

Both men are down as Matt stirs on the outside, slowly pulling himself up onto the apron. Chuck Aitken sees both downed competitors beginning to crawl their way to their respective corners, deciding not to start a count. Timothy doesn’t have anyone to crawl to, though…or does he?!

The crowd absolutely erupts as a wobbly jog from Tiami Erickson brings her through the entrance curtain and down the ramp! Potentially concussed or not, she’s in this thing! Tiami makes it to the ring and climbs the steps, grabbing the tag rope, stretching her hand as far as she can out to her lover.

Simultaneously, Brandon and Timothy lunge to their partners. Tags are made! Matt enters the ring and charges the corner, but Tiami gets on the top rope! Missile dropkick! Matt hurries to his feet and Tiami rebounds off of the ropes. She comes back with a big cross body block!

Matt gets up again but is a bit doubled over. Tiami hits the ropes one more time! She comes back…the Ice Spike running bulldog! A cover!



Matt Moore gets a shoulder up!

Tiami is still on fire, though! She gets Matt to his feet and Irish Whips him into the corner of Just Plain Better. Brandon is finally up on the apron, but Tiami rushes at Matt anyways!

She charges forward…and Matt moves, but not before Brandon slaps him on the back. Chuck calls it a tag! Tiami’s chest bounces off of the turnbuckle pad as he face connects with Brandon’s boot. He hits her with a jumping sort of enziguiri from the apron. Matt drops to the mat to escape and rolls onto the apron. The force of the kick sends Tiami to the mat…she lands in perfect position.

Brandon climbs onto the top rope. He takes a deep breath and looks around at the crowd. What’s he going for? It’s been some time since he’s considered himself a high flyer other than the moonsaults…

Brandon shrugs and hopes for the best. He flips off of the ropes!

Brandon connects onto Tiami with a 450 Splash! MY GOODNESS! He stays on her for a cover! Chuck Aitken quickly moves in to count!




Timothy Hunt comes out of the nowhere, clubbing Brandon on the back and breaking up the count!

Matt comes into the ring now, tackling Timothy to the mat! The two start to trade punches, brawling underneath the ropes and to the ringside area. Chuck Aitken screams and hollers for them to break it up, but he has no choice other than to turn his attention back to the action in the ring.

Brandon has Tiami up to her feet, but she slaps his hands away! She sends a few slaps to Brandon, following it with a spinning back fist! With Brandon dazed, Tiami dumps him to the mat with a belly to belly suplex.

She lets out a screech, heading to the opposite side of the ring. She prepares herself and screams for Brandon to get to his feet! Brandon begins to stir, eventually standing and facing Tiami. Erickson charges forward for her Dead As Ice!

The spear is a miss! Brandon side steps and sends Tiami shoulder first into the turnbuckle post! He pulls her out of the corner and rolls her up with a schoolboy, but doesn’t connect with the pin. Instead he continues to roll her onto her stomach and quickly floats over to her feet. Brandon grabs on and sets a foot of his on the back of her leg.

He pulls Tiami’s legs up and wrenches them, bending her back in an awful way!

Scream For Moore is locked in tight!

Timothy has gotten the upper hand on Matt for the moment and sees his partner in agonizing pain. Hunt goes to slide into the ring, but Matt is able to grab a leg and keep him from entering! Matt gives Brandon just enough time to keep the hold locked in that…

Tiami taps! Submission!

WINNERS, by submission at 12:02

Chuck Aitken calls for the bell and Brandon immediately lets go of the hold. Matt lets off of Timothy and they both enter the ring. Hunt is quick to hover over Tiami, making sure she is okay and even possibly voicing his disappointment at her for putting herself in danger after the events from earlier.

Chuck Aitken raises the Moore Brothers’ arms in the center of the ring as Timothy continues to check on Tiami. Sylvie Rose announces that Just Plain Better advances in the Universal Tag Team Championship Tournament and will fact representatives of Torment next week, Josiah Turnbow and Heather King!

Speaking of King, she’s in action against Marisol Hawkes next!


Match Five – Single’s Match
Heather King vs. Marisol Hawkes

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

With first round byes in the tag team tournament, these two competitors are wanting to stay fresh. Heather King is making her in ring debut against another debuting star, Marisol Hawkes! Claudia Morello calls for the bell and the two women lock up in the center of the ring.

Marisol Hawkes gets the upper hand with a big clubbing blow to Heather. Heather drops to a knee, only to be hit with another huge blow. Heather hits the mat and Marisol shows off to the crowd. She soaks up whatever reaction they can get, happy to be here in the UWE and showing her ability to easily dismantle Heather King in her mind.

She gets a bit distracted, however. Coming down the entrance ramp is none other than her tournament partner, and ex-boyfriend, Ricky Molaroni. Marisol notices this and starts to scream for him to leave. Ricky states he just wants to be at ringside for her match to support her. Marisol says to leave it for the tournament and get out of her. She’s going to do this on her own.

The arguing continues with Ricky. Neither are getting what they want. Marisol can’t get Ricky to leave and Ricky can’t get Marisol to accept his presence at ringside. Ricky’s expression on his face quickly changes to one of worry as he points to behind Marisol.

It’s too late. Marisol isn’t able to turn in time! Heather King rolls up Marisol from behind and forces her shoulders onto the mat with all her might! Claudia Morello slides in!




WINNER, by pinfall at 02:03

Marisol is pissed! Heather isn’t going to stick around to let her take it out on her! Heather quickly exits the ring, running right by Ricky who decides to get into the squared-circle. Heather raises her hands high with a big smile, having her first victory here in UWE. A win is a win! Especially when looking for momentum going into next week against Just Plain Better.

Meanwhile, inside the ring, Ricky tries to console Marisol. She’s not having any of that. Marisol uses no words, but simply screeches at the top of her lungs in Ricky’s face. Ricky is left in the ring disappointed as Marisol abruptly exits and storms up the entrance ramp. Molaroni throws his hands up in the air, trying to get an explanation from Marisol.

Hopefully these two can get on the same page come their first bout in the Universal Tag Team Championship Tournament!


Main Event – Tag Team Tournament Match
Ruby & Asylum vs. #EmphasisOnBullet

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Main event time! Both Wulf and Adeline La Roux came out to huge ovations from the crowd. The #EmphasisOnBullet team-up is apparently a huge hit with the fans, as plenty of people in the crowd can be seen wearing their shirts.
When Asylum enters, the mood becomes much less vibrant, as the intimidating masked madman makes his way to the ring. But all of that changes when Ruby’s theme song hits, and the tiny Canadian comes out in new ring gear! A tight yellow suits, with a green mask, boots and a mask! The fans cheer for her as their resident sweetheart comes out, and the smile on her face is so infectious the whole arena lights up.

As Ruby gets in the ring, she immediately extends her hand to her opponents. Wulf and Adeline gladly accept their friend’s gesture and as Chuck Aitken calls for them to take their place, it’s obvious Asylum isn’t intending to start this match on the apron. He stands in the ring motionless, looking at the Silver and Crimson Bullet like they’re his lunch, and Ruby has no choice but to hop back over the top rope and wait for her turn. The Masked Madman will start things off against Adeline, who has undoubtedly heard ‘the stories’. As the bell rings, Asylum charges at her, but she rolls out of the way! Asylum keeps going though, and knocks Wulf off of the apron. Asylum grins, but the slight distraction has given Adeline the opportunity to get some flips going! Right out of the gate, she hits Asylum with a poisonrana, knocking him down on his head. The high-flier follows it up with a standing moonsault, before rolling Asylum on to his back and going for a pin.


Asylum kicks out. Wulf meanwhile gets back on the apron and Adeline quickly tags him in, before making sure to keep Asylum down. Wulf hops on the top turnbuckle and flies, going for a 450 splash! But before he can finish the rotation!

THWACK! Ruby comes rushing in, nailing him with a Ruby in the Rough, almost knocking Wulf’s head off. Adeline seems surprised, but wastes no time to keep Ruby from getting more offense in. As Ruby gets back to her feet, the Crimson Bullet nails her with a snap dragon suplex, the impact of which sends her rolling out of the ring.

With Wulf and Asylum now the legal men, Adeline rolls out of the ring, but not before helping Wulf to his feet. The Silver Bullet seems shaken though, Ruby’s running kneestrike obviously having done quite some damage. Good thing he was still fresh at the time. Asylum meanwhile has gotten back to his knees, and as Wulf approaches him to lock in a hold, Asylum reaches out and grabs him by the throat. He chokes Wulf one-handedly, before throwing him into Ruby’s corner like a rag doll. Asylum comes up and starts hammering at the Silver Bullet, with Chuck Aitken keeping careful count. At the count of four however, Asylum doesn’t seem to be intent on stopping the closed-fist beatdown of Wulf. Fearing a DQ, Ruby quickly tags herself in by slapping her partner on the shoulder and uses all of her might to push Asylum back a little.
The Masked Madman doesn’t take kindly to this, and swats her away, wanting to go back on the offensive, but Wulf hits him with a headscissors takedown, sending Asylum to the middle of the ring. Either because he is still dazed, or simply because of oversight, an overenthusiastic Wulf goes for his Green Hell, the inverted rolling thunder, and executes it to perfection. Just a shame that when he hooks Asylum’s leg, Aitken says he can’t count a pin!

*BOOM!* RSD! Ruby hits her renamed ‘Ruby in the Sky With Diamonds’ finisher on Wulf, who was lying across Asylum’s chest. Hitting him in the back of the skull, it surely seems like no one could ever get up from this! Ruby quickly rolls her friend on to his back and goes for the pin.

Adeline breaks it up. Rushing into the ring to break up the pin, she clobbers the back of Ruby’s head. She helps Wulf back to his feet, but he’s on spaghetti legs after having been hit with Ruby’s very best shot. She helps him to go back to the apron, but as they approach the ropes, are hit with a double clothesline by Asylum, who sends them both over. They crash on the outside, and as Asylum wants to go to the outside to continue the onslaught, he is whistled back by his tiny partner.

She makes a few gestured, and it soon becomes apparent what she wants him to do. The crowd roars as Asylum lifts Ruby up overhead, walks over to the ropes, and then hurls her in the direction of their opponents, using her as a live projectile. She crashes into both bullets, turning all three of them into one big pile of humanity. And while the three flippers are on the ground, it is the big man looking to go to the skies!

The crowd rises to their feet as Asylum climbs the top turnbuckle. The Masked Madman takes aim as Wulf, Adeline and Ruby get back to their feet. He leaps, and lands right on top of them with a crossed body. The crowd cheers as all four of them now collapse to the floor, and no one is left standing.
It is Asylum who gets back to his feet first, and in a surprising display of teamwork, he helps Ruby up. She makes sure to thank him, before sliding into the ring. As Wulf and Adeline slowly get to their feet, Ruby is preparing for another…DIVE! As #EOB are finally back to a vertical basis, Ruby launches herself over the top rope with a tope con hilo! But Adeline catches her! Displaying surprising strength, she snatches Ruby out of the air, and reverses it into a modified buckle-bomb, smashing Ruby into a proverbial million pieces against the ring post. Ruby lies motionless on the floor, and to the surprise of many, this seems to upset Asylum in a big way. He bowls Adeline over, before carefully picking Ruby up and placing her on the apron.

Chuck Aitken, meanwhile, it at the count of eight, and Wülf, still the legal man, quickly slips into the ring to break up the count just in time. The hurt Ruby is an easy target now, but as Wülf looks to drag her to the center of the ring by her ankles, Asylum steps in between them. He shakes his head, and then Irish Whips Wulf into his own corner! Adeline hops onto the apron and tags herself in, but not before Asylum has grabbed Wulf’s wrist and launched him against the ropes. He dropkicks him in the chest as he comes back. SHOCK TREATMENT! However, with Adeline now being legal, the big man is open to a major strike.

DRAGON RANA! Adeline hits her finisher to perfection, but it’s Ruby who’s legal, and she’s still dazed from being bombed against the steel ringpost. Chuck Aitken, senior official, has trouble keeping this match in check, with bodies flying everywhere, and people popping up all the time. As Asylum is sent to the mat, the crowd gasps, as his mask seems to have come loose!
Adeline didn’t notice this however, and focused her attention on Ruby. She grabs Ruby by the ankles and drags her to the middle of the ring. She hops on the nearest turnbuckle and hits the BITE THE BULLET! A flawless corkscrew 630 senton! She hooks Ruby’s leg and pins her…



THE crowd screams as the unthinkable happens. Asylum rips his mask off and assaults Adeline, pulling her off of Ruby and biting her! Chuck sees this, and warns Asylum to back off, but the unMasked Madman is out of control! He sinks his teeth into Adeline’s flesh, driving her back into a corner and even as Aitken count to five, he doesn’t quit! The referee has no option but to call for the bell.

WINNERS, by DQ at 12:56

Ruby, now somewhat recovered, sees what is happening, and along with Wülf, they try to get Asylum off of Adeline, but all it does is provoke him. While he does stop the bite, he now focuses his attention on the other two, but as he looks set to turn his wrath on Wülf… Ruby hugs him!

Not a bear hug of any kind. Just a simple, normal hug. A friendly one. A normal embrace. A touch of friendship. It stops Asylum dead in his tracks, as the look of insanity on his face turns into one of… humanity?

It doesn’t last long, however. He pushes Ruby away, and grabs his mask off the mat, putting it back on. As the stunned Vancouver crowd looks on, he makes his way to the back, leaving Ruby, Wülf and Adeline behind, wondering what just happened as the show comes to a close. No matter what, #EOB advances in the tag team tournament!

Tag Team Tournament Brackets

Posted Image

Quick results:
°Danny Oliver def. Chris Hendrix by DQ
°Corporal Punishment and Leon Saint Dane def. JTX & Justin Lust by pinfall
°Caliee Adams def. Amy Gobraless by pinfall
°Just Plain Better def. Controversial Demons by submission
°Heather King def. Marisol Hawkes by pinfall
°#EOB def. Ruby and Asylum by DQ

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