UWE Over the Top XXII in Sacramento, CA


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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22… Never missing a beat. #Proud 

Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento 
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OTT XXI was an epic show, featuring two marathon matches. All four involved in those epic matches, Drew Stevenson, Wülf Erikson, Tasha Jones and JTX, will be in action tonight! And much more than that. With a UWC match announced last week, the whole world is wondering if Eavan Maloney will recover in time to face the Callous One at Midsummer Massacre!
But with plenty more time before what will undoubtedly be a Pay Per View for the ages, we will see many great matches of their own tonight!
It’s a shame the loyal Vancouver crowd will have to miss this one, as UWE ventures to Sacramento for a special occasion!


Pre-show Spectacular – Single’s Match
Caliee Adams vs. Justin Lust

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

In UWE’s first ever pre-show spectacular, people from all over Sacramento flocked to the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium to get a taste of what UWE was all about. As a Vancouver-based company, a little exposure south of the border never hurt, and it were Caliee Adams and Justin Lust who were chosen to entertain the curious fans.

With the ring stationed outdoors, the sun shining brightly and hundreds of fans excited to see two of UWE’s most touted, hot young prospects at work, Caliee and Justin lock up in the middle of the ring.

Justin manages to push Caliee back with the collar-and-elbow tie-up, but the young Diva smartly uses his momentum against him by side-stepping, breaking the lock-up and sending him against the ropes, hitting him with a dropkick to the face on the rebound! Lust is flattened, and he shakes his head, already looking slightly dazed. But as Caliee comes in for a sleeper hold, he quickly rolls out of the ring.

Caliee spreads her arms wide, asking why Justin is scared of her, but Lust merely grins and walks around the ring, looking for a safe way back inside. Caliee lies in wait though, but when Morello holds her back momentarily, Justin slides back in! But to no avail! Caliee is right on top of him, leaping in with a titl-a-whirl headscissors takedown that sends Lust into the turnbuckles. She hypes up the crowd, who start clapping and cheering her name, and nails him with a dropkick in the corner! She then mounts the second turnbuckle, before hitting him with a tornado DDT!

The fans applaud her, and she grins and takes a bow. But Lust has a trick up his sleeve! He rolls her up from behind, positioning himself in such a way that Morello can’t see him grabbing Caliie by the tights, getting extra, illegal leverage!




NO! As the fans jeer, Morello notices something is amiss, and her all-seeing eye detects Lust’s hand on Caliee’s tights the moment she slaps the mat the third time. She signals the bell ringer that the pinfall does not count, and that the match is still on. Meanwhile, Lust gets up and start arguing with Morelly, claiming that he got the pinfall, and demands he be called the winner of the match. But Morello is adamant, and she shakes her head sideways. It’s not happening.

But while Justin is arguing, a pissed off Caliee has gotten back to her feet. She approaches Lust from behind, and playfully taps him on the shoulder. The youngster is startled and turns around, but is immediately wrapped up a perfectly applies Night Night Baby! The octopus hold is unforgiving, and Justin starts screaming in pain. He drops down to one knee with Caliee still exerting as much pressure as he can. Lust can’t take it anymore! He taps out!

Winner, by submission at 03:32
–Caliee Adams—

Caliee releases the hold and has her arms raised by Morello as Justin is still writhing in pain on the mat. She seems happy with her decisive victory and as she rolls out of the ring, the fans in the front row are drumming to take a look at her and shouting at her, wanting an autograph. She gladly obliges, and it’s clear that the UWE fans love her. Ruby had better watch out, does Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment have a new favorite sweetheart?


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Danny Oliver vs. Bryan Blaze

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

With the action now moved indoors, these two men are looking for momentum heading into Midsummer Massacre are kicking the show off. It starts with a traditional collar and elbow tie up. Danny Oliver, having the obvious size advantage, is able to muscle Bryan Blaze back against the ropes. Referee JJ Hemphill calls for a break and Danny obliges.

Blaze has other ideas, however. He sends a thumb straight to Danny’s eye, causing JJ Hemphill to scold him. Bryan couldn’t care less about the referee’s orders. He stays on the attack, sending some straight kicks to Danny’s left leg. Danny wobbles backwards and away with every kick that connects.

Bryan is able to drive Danny into a corner and changes up the kicks. He sends them to the midsection now. After three kicks, Bryan leaps and sends a knee right into Danny’s chin. Danny stumbles forward and drops to a knee, then drops to his stomach.

Blaze ascends the ropes at this point and hollers for Danny to get up. Oliver eventually does, pushing himself to his feet and turning towards the perching Bryan Blaze. Blaze launches himself, but Oliver speeds forward to avoid the attack!

Bryan lands on his feet and rolls forward! He charges at Danny, but catches a back kick to the gut…WHAT IN THE WORLD?!

The big man jumps up to the second rope and jumps backwards! He turns and connects with a crossbody onto Bryan Blaze! The big Danny Oliver is showing some great agility with that maneuver. He stays on for a quick cover and JJ Hemphill moves into position!



Forceful kick out by Bryan Blaze!

The two men hurry to their feet and charge at each other. Bryan ducks under a clothesline attempt and takes Danny by the backside. He hooks the waist, but Danny breaks out of it and grabs the head! He flips Bryan over with a snapmare and reaches down. Bryan sends a foot up and over to kick Danny right in the noggin.

Danny stumbles backwards and Blaze gets to his feet. He sends a kick to Oliver’s left leg, a kick to Oliver’s right leg, and goes for a big roundhouse. Danny ducks! Bryan keeps spinning, but Danny hooks the waist from behind. He throws him over for a German Suplex.

Bryan flips out and lands on his feet! He charges at the downed Danny and drops an elbow. Oliver rolls out of the way. Another quick elbow attempt! Oliver rolls out of the way! And one more time! Again, Oliver rolls out of the way!

Danny leaps to his feet now as Bryan appears to be coming at him. The two men stop and square off, sending the crowd into an absolutely frenzy. The competitors seem to soak it in as Danny Oliver smiles and surveys the arena.

Bad idea! Bryan Blaze isn’t going to spend any time pandering to the crowd. He connects with a huge forearm to pushes Danny against the ropes. As Danny bounces back off, Bryan leaps and hooks his legs over Danny’s shoulder. Bryan pulls him over with a hurricanrana and stays on, grabbing onto one leg.



Danny Oliver shoves him off!

The shove is so hard that Bryan ends up through the ropes and onto the apron. Danny gets to his feet and charges at Bryan. Blaze is able to step to the side and throw a foot up, catching Oliver square in the face. Danny is sent back, allowing Bryan some time.

Blaze leaps onto the top rope and springboards in. He presses his knees onto the chest of Danny Oliver and drives him to the mat. Bryan rolls off and quickly goes for a cover.



Oliver kicks out!

Bryan keeps on him, stomping nearly every inch of the younger Oliver brother’s body. He goes until JJ Hemphill forces him to break off. Bryan isn’t taking too kindly to the referee’s demands, however. He gets in Hemphill’s face, shouting for him to mind his own business and just count the three when Bryan needs him to.

During all of this Danny is able to get to his feet. The arguing is over and Bryan turns right into a gut kick from Oliver. Oliver follows that up with an Irish Whip! As Bryan comes back, Danny throws a massive clothesline!

Blaze ducks! He keeps going and rebounds again. Danny drops his shoulder this time and sends Bryan over with a back body drop!

No! Bryan turns and flips over Oliver’s back. He gathers himself and rushes at the backside of Danny, leap frogging over and sending himself into the ropes this time! Bryan comes back once again and…

Danny pops him up!

He slams him down! Oliver connects with the Ollie-Oop! The popup powerbomb sends Bryan Blaze crashing! Oliver hooks a leg for a cover and Hemphill slides in!




Winner, by pinfall at 08:26
–Danny Oliver–

Danny Oliver gets the win over Bryan Blaze to open the show tonight! Danny is absolutely pumped. He stands as Bryan rolls away and exits the ring, heading towards the ramp. The Dog of War howls in triumph as JJ Hemphill raises his hand in victory.

Oliver suspects something is off, however, when JJ Hemphill releases his hand and runs for the hills. Danny is only given a split second to react. That split second isn’t enough.

Out of nowhere, Hot Pink Fury strikes! JTX is here and he clubs Danny Oliver over the head. From the outside, JJ Hemphill screams for JTX to leave. JTX waves JJ off and climbs on top of Danny. Fist after fist pounds Oliver’s head as JTX hollers profanities.

The pink-haired superstar eases up on the punches after a short while and gets Danny to his feet. He grabs his face, cupping his cheeks with one hand. JTX makes a kissy face and…


Jaw Dropper!

After JTX connects with his finisher, he simply rolls out of the ring, slapping his hands together as if to dust them off, and heads up the ramp. His job here is done, leaving Danny Oliver in a pile before they inevitably meet at Midsummer Massacre.


Match Two – Tag Team Match
The Nashville Starlets vs. The Moores

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Evie and Tasha are standing in their corner as The Moores are standing in theirs. The referee stands in the center of the ring making sure everyone was ready for the match to begin. Evie bumps knuckles with Tasha while staying in the ring. Matt signals to Brandon that he will start for his team.

The bell sounds as Evie and Matt begin to circle each other. They meet in the center of the ring with an elbow-collar tie up. They jockey for position as Matt manages to gain the early advantage by hooking Evie with a quick side headlock. Matt doesn’t have the headlock in tight as Evie grabs a hold of his wrist and twists his arm around his back only to hook him into a headlock of her own.

Evie follows it up with a judo toss which causes Brandon’s jaw to drop. Evie keeps the headlock. However Matt’s experience comes to play as he counters with a quick pin attempt.


Evie manages to roll back up before twisting herself into a front facelock. Evie starts to get to her knee as Matt does as well. She keeps the hold locked in before landing multiple knee strikes to his face. She transitions herself into a solid snapmare.

Evie steps onto the back of Matt before running towards the ropes, Tasha blind tags herself in as Evie connects with a basement dropkick. She rolls out of the way as Tasha comes springing off the ropes and landing with a leg drop across the throat of Matt.

Tasha goes for a quick cover on Matt.


Kick out!

That’s not enough to put him away this early. Tasha knows this and stays on him.

She grabs Matt’s arm and drives a knee into it. Shortly after, she removes the knee and sends a stomp into the same arm. She goes for another tag to Evie. The referee acknowledges it and the two switch places.

Evie takes over working the arm now. She sends her own stomps into it before applying an armbar. Matt screams out as Evie continues wrenching the arm. Matt somehow gathers some strength with the help of the clapping crowd. He is able to roll over and stand as Evie continues holding onto his arm. He lifts Evie with one arm and runs over to the turnbuckle.

Matt is able to plant Evie onto the top rope of his team’s corner! Brandon slaps Matt on the shoulder and tags himself in. Evie releases the hold and tries to kick Matt away, but Matt is able to crack her with an uppercut. She’s out on the ropes.

Brandon comes in now, grabbing Evie over his shoulder. He flips her for a gnarly looking flipping powerslam off of the top rope. Brandon covers.



Evie throws a shoulder up.

Brandon lifts Evie to her feet and sends a big chop to her chest. Evie screeches with ferocity. She sends a thunderous chop right back at Brandon! Brandon smiles, ready to trade blows with the newcomer to UWE. He responds with a forearm. She responds with a forearm of her arm.

Brandon throws a headbutt! And Evie doesn’t hesitate to slam her head right back into his!

Brandon slaps a big boot into Evie’s chin, sending her rebounding off of the ropes. She comes back with a big shoulder check into Brandon that sends him against the ropes. Brandon hurls a fist at Evie, but he actually pulls it and stops! Evie braced herself for it, but is caught off guard when Brandon turns it into a dropkick to the knee!

Evie drops and Brandon hits the ropes. He comes back…

Shining Wizard!

The tip of Brandon’s knee connects to the side of Evie’s head as she drops further down onto her back. Brandon looks to follow it up with a running elbow drop. Evie rolls out of the way at the last second while rubbing the side of her head. Brandon is holding his elbow as Evie is getting back up to her feet. She bounces off the ropes and connects with a hard running knee before following it up with a sharp clothesline.

Evie picks Brandon up and whips him into her corner. She follows him and hits a stinger splash in the corner. Tasha tags back into the ring as Evie lifts Brandon up and drapes her him over her knee which Tasha slingshots herself back into the ring while driving her elbow directly into his chest. Evie gets out of the ring as Tasha follows up the advantage by dropping a big knee across his chest.

She goes for the quick cover as the referee slides into position.



Brandon manages to kick out before the three as Tasha lifts him up a little before looking him into a rear bodyscissors.

Her legs are firmly wrapped around his waist as she uses her arms to hook in a dragon sleeper. Brandon tries his damnedest to pry himself free of Tasha’s arms and legs. He is finally able to use his strength advantage to unhook Tasha’s legs from around his waist. It takes no time at all for him to start getting to his feet.

Now it’s just a matter of the dragon sleeper that is locked in. With his body bent backwards, Brandon throws his arms around Tasha Jones. He drops back down to a seated position and this throws Tasha off a bit. Brandon slips free and throws his leg back towards Jones. A big kick connects!

Tasha stumbles backwards, allowing Brandon time to get up. Brandon rushes in and ducks under a forearm attempt by Tasha. He comes behind and hooks the waist. Brandon pulls Tasha up for a German Suplex, but Tasha is able to counter!

She stops her momentum and hooks her legs backwards underneath Brandon’s arms. She rolls forward and forces Brandon to roll with her! Pin fall attempt!



Brandon pushes her off!

Brandon hurries to his feet and backs up to his corner, tagging in his brother Matt. Tasha stands tall in the ring, not showing any fear or any signs of giving up. She stares Matt down as he enters the ring and the two of them now face off.

Tasha howls and rushes at Matt. She dives at him, but Matt is able to catch her. He gets a little cocky and waves a finger at Evie before swinging Tasha around. The cockiness comes back to haunt him!

Tasha spins out of Matt’s clutches, holding his arm, and sending him over with a tilt-a-whirl arm drag! Matt is up quick, charging at Tasha, but is met with another arm drag! He comes back one more time and gets sent onto his face with a drop toe hold!

Tasha bounces off of the ropes and comes back with a jumping leg drop to the back of Matt’s head! She rolls him over and goes for a cover!



Brandon dives onto Tasha with an axe handle to break up the pin!

Referee Corey Miner immediately gets in Brandon’s face and shows him back to his corner. Meanwhile, Tasha stomps one more time onto Matt’s gut before heading over and tagging in Evie. Referee Miner acknowledges the tag as Brandon gets back on the apron.

Evie immediately begins to stomp Matt a handful of times before hoisting him up to his feet. Miraculously, she is able to send the bigger man over with a snap suplex! Evie gets Matt up again and whips him into her team’s corner.

She speeds in with a big shoulder to the gut. She continues to pressure Matt’s midsection with her shoulder as Tasha slaps her on the back. Tag!

Tasha takes a few steps back and rushes forward. Evie moves at the perfect time. Tasha connects with a big jumping knee. Matt drops to a seated position in the corner as Tasha backs up again. She runs at him…another knee to Matt’s head! She pulls Matt out of the corner and covers!



Matt gets a shoulder up!

Tasha heads back to her corner and tags Evie in again. Good tag team wrestling by the Nashville Starlets!

Evie goes to lift Matt, but Matt shows some life! He sends a flurry of punches to her gut before rebounding off of the ropes.


By Evie…

Matt’s attempt at a comeback was short lived.

Evie grabs onto Matt’s leg and begins to apply an ankle lock. The elder Moore brother snaps to, however. He quickly scurries towards the ropes and grabs on. Corey Miner calls for the break just as Evie fully has the maneuver locked in. She obliges and watches as Matt stumbles to his feet and into a corner.

Evie speeds at him without a second thought! She leaps…Nashville Lime Light!

No! Matt Moore moves out of the way! Evie collides with the turnbuckle and bounces backwards. Matt grabs the neck of the groggy Evie Daniels and slams her with a massive traditional neckbreaker! Both competitors are down!

Corey Miner has no choice but to begin his count.



Matt and Evie begin to drag themselves to their respective corners.




Matt pushes himself up and forward. He slaps his brother’s hand. Tag! Brandon is legal!

Immediately after, Evie does the same. Tag to Tasha Jones!

Brandon enters the ring, full steam ahead! He sends a back elbow to Tasha. She gets up rather quickly and runs right into another back elbow. One more time, she’s up and at Moore, but he delivers an Irish Whip this time. Tasha comes back and sends her to the mat with a big dropkick! Brandon is fired up and lets everyone know it!

Brandon turns around and sees what Corey Miner is hollering about. Evie Daniels is on the ropes and sends a crossbody at Brandon! Brandon holds on and rolls over with it, however! He stands with Evie in his arms and in comes Matt! Brandon tosses Evie up in the air and onto Matt’s knees! Assisted gutbuster!

Evie rolls out of the ring as Matt gets back onto the apron. Brandon tags him in!

Tasha is getting to her feet. Brandon immediately tags himself again, but Matt stays in. Tasha stands and turns towards Matt…

Discuss Big Boot!

Tasha hits the mat the hard as the elder Moore brother exits onto the apron. Mr. UWE puts the finishing touches on as Tasha is in perfect position after the boot! He hits the corner and jumps to the second rope…jumps to the third rope…and flips off for a moonsault! Just Plain Better connects! He sure puts that name to a lot of things!

He stays on for the pin and Corey Miner slides in.




Winners, by pinfall at 17:54
–Just Plain Better-

Evie has made it back into the ring too late. She immediately rushes to her partner and does her best to help her to her feet. The Moore Brothers stand and clap at the effort of the Nashville Starlets. The crowd is going nuts as the Moores offer their hands. Evie shakes both of them and Tasha simply stares at them with disdain. Evie pulls her away from the situation while thanking the Moores for their appreciation.

Brandon is back and Matt couldn’t be any happier. The two victors raise each other’s arms in the ring, celebrating their tag team win. They’re soaking it up until…

Brandon yanks his arm away from Matt and clutches his head with both hands. He drops to his knees and begins to scream with his eyes closed. Matt is frantically checking on him, telling him to snap out of it, and asking what’s wrong. Brandon continues his episode and ignores Matt.

The music abruptly stops and the lights in the arena begin to flicker rapidly. Matt doesn’t know what to do. Eventually, though, the lights go completely off, sending a bit of a scare throughout the crowd. Once they come back on, Brandon is back to his feet…

His eyes are blackened and void. It’s no longer Moore. Sorrow has taken over and is staring down Matt Moore with a disgusting smile on his face. Matt knows what’s happening now, sending a punch to Sorrow. Sorrow blocks it and kicks Matt in the stomach.

He hooks the arms and lifts…Sorrow plants Matt right on his head. Demon Driver! Now, Sorrow pulls Matt up to his knees and pushes his palm against his forehead. Matt’s eyes shoot open as Sorrow mouths some unintelligible words. Matt’s eyes roll in the back of his head after a short time. The lights are flickering yet again…

Once Sorrow stops his words, he removes his hand, the lights go out, and when they come back on? Of course, he’s no longer there. Matt is lying in the center of the ring with an ashy X on his forehead as the broadcast quickly fades out to an ad so those at home no longer have to view such a disturbing image.


Match Three – Single’s match
Marcus LeVine vs. JTX

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Referee Claudia Morello has done her pre-match foreign object search and calls for the bell! This one is on like Donkey Kong! While standing in the corner JTX reaches down and tugs at the top of his left fishnet stocking while not breaking eye contact with his opponent. LeVine takes a couple of steps out of his corner so JTX does likewise, walking halfway out between the turnbuckle and the referee. JTX visually sizes up his opponent. He looks the six foot one inch French Canadian over as he meets LeVine in the center of the ring and engages him in a collar and elbow tie up.

Jockeying for position in the center of the ring, the two competitors push against each other while locked up together. Gaining an advantage, Marcus LeVine secures a standing side headlock on JTX. LeVine cranks on the headlock until JTX finds an opening and elbows Marcus in the stomach before firing LeVine off into the ropes.

After LeVine bounces off of the ropes and rebounds back towards his opponent, JTX executes a quick arm drag and takes LeVine down to the mat. With LeVine’s back on the canvas JTX holds Marcus by the left arm with his left knee pushing into LeVine’s left shoulder. JTX hyper-extends Levine’s left arm with his right palm pushing up on the back of LeVine’s left elbow as he pulls of Marcus’ wrist with his left hand.

After a minute of holding LeVine in this arm bar, JTX cinches up on LeVine’s left arm by putting LeVine’s arm under JTX’s left armpit and pulling back on it with his upper torso while gripping LeVine’s left shoulder with his hands and grinding his right knee into the side of LeVine’s head.

Marcus LeVine is able to maneuver his body towards the ropes and reaches out with his legs to touch the bottom rope. Referee Morello call for JTX to release the hold. Morello has to count to four before JTX complies with the referee’s request and breaks his arm lock.

Both wrestlers get back to their feet. JTX moves in to grapple his opponent, but LeVine catches JTX in the face with a European Uppercut. LeVine follows up with another European Uppercut, staggering JTX. Marcus LeVine moves in and executes and quick and picture perfect Snap Suplex. With JTX now on the mat with LeVine at an advantage, Marcus begins working to secure and arm lock of his own.

Once JTX realizes that Marcus is working to secure his Cross Armbar, JTX manages to wrap his fishnet covered legs around LeVine’s head. After a short time with his head caught between JTX’s calves, Marcus stands up and uses leverage to place JTX in a pinning predicament. With JTX’s shoulders now on the mat, Referee Claudia Morello makes her count.



JTX rolls his shoulders off of the mat.

With his legs still over the shoulders of his opponent, JTX kicks Marcus LeVine straight in the mouth before rolling backwards and hopping back up to his feet. JTX runs his fingers through his hot pink hair as Marcus touches his lips with his hands. JTX smirks at LeVine as Marcus checks his teeth with his tongue to make sure they are all still accounted for.

LeVine spits onto the canvas as he glares at his skirt wearing adversary. With both men standing across from one another, the crowd in the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium waits to see who will make the next move.

The two competitors begin to circle. The Cult Classic eventually stops and lifts a hand. He’s calling for a test of strength! JTX smirks and agrees to the Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Marcus and JTX hooks their hands together, but it is short lived. JTX is the first one to pull off some dastardly tactics here as he stomps straight down on LeVine’s left foot.

LeVine reels back, but JTX is quick to deliver a snapmare. He floats over and stays mounted on top of Marcus. Punches after punches are thrown no onto the downed Marcus LeVine. Claudia Morello has no choice but to demand that JTX gets off of him.

JTX obliges, telling Claudia not to touch him in the process. Cassie now gets involved. She hops onto the apron, screaming at JTX. JTX blows her a kiss, but doesn’t get too distracted. He lifts Marcus to his feet and hooks the arms. He spins with him and is going for the Unprettier!

Marcus shoves him! JTX gets sent forward, but Cassie drops in time to avoid a collision. JTX bounces off of the ropes and gets hit with a big European Uppercut to the back of his head. Marcus is looking to take control here!

He grabs JTX in a full nelson and lifts! Marcus turns and slams JTX down. Marcus says he wants to end this one quick! He gets JTX to his feet and hooks his arm over his head. LeVine has JTX up in a vertical suplex position. This is the move he uses to set up his Kimura submission!

JTX begins to wiggle as he’s held up in the air! Marcus didn’t expect that! The pink-haired superstar is able to twist and drop behind LeVine. He spins LeVine around and connects!

Jaw Dropper! The cover!




That’s twice we’ve seen that move tonight and twice it’s gotten the job done!

Winner, by pinfall at 08:03

Claudia Morello goes to raise JTX’s hand, but JTX refuses. He exits the ring, dusting his hands off again much like earlier, as Cassie checks on a furious Marcus LeVine. Marcus is sure to want some revenge or to make somebody pay come Midsummer Massacre.

Match Four – Table’s Match
Tiami Erickson vs. Timothy Hunt

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

A highly anticipated match between two lovers! Tiami Erickson was none too pleased about the situation, making it extremely apparent on social media, even lashing out at the General Manager. Nevertheless, a booking is a booking, and they were obligated to go through with it.

With tables strewn throughout ringside, Tiami takes initiative the moment the bell rings. Rather than locking up or initiating contact, she rolls to the outside, and grabs the first table she can find! She collapses the legs and slides it inside the ring as Hunt rolls to the outside in pursuit. She sees him coming however, and levels him with a drop toe-hold, knocking him into the ringside barricade hard! The fans gasp as he hits his head hard, and he almost seems to be unconscious. If not for a slight twinge of the arm, one could very well presume so.

Tiami seems worried for a split second, but ultimately decides to grab him by the waist, before hitting him with a release German suplex on the outside, causing even more damage!

She gets into the ring, and sets up the table in the corner, leaning it against the turnbuckles. Meanwhile, Hunt slowly begins to gather himself, rubbing his palm over his forehead to ease the pain of the tumble he took earlier. He rolls back into the ring, ducks underneath an incoming clothesline and nails Tiami with a mule kick. The self-proclaimed ice-cold bitch doubles over and Hunt follows up with a kneestrike that sends her against the ropes, and hits her with a spinning heel kick on the return.

Hunt grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet, before Irish Whipping her towards the corner where the table is! She ends up back-first against the table, but it doesn’t break, luckily for her! Hunt smells an opportunity though, and charges at her, looking to hit his girlfriend with a running kneestrike to send her through the table, but Tiami rolls underneath it, timing it perfectly! Hunt bangs his knee on the table, and is taken aback for a second when…

Dead As Ice!

Tiami hits her finisher on Hunt and they both are sent flying through the table, which breaks like it was made out of cardboard! Corey Miner recognizes it as an offensive move by Tiami and calls for the bell, declaring her the winner!

Winner, by putting opponent through a table at 03:49
–Tiami Erickson–

Underneath the rubble of the table, it looks like Tiami and Hunt are both visibly hurt, but they manage to get up and share a hug in the middle of the ring.


After the tables match, the fans are met with ‘Warriors’ by Imagine Dragons! None other than Eavan Maloney walks out, much to the delight of the crowd, who are ecstatic at the arrival of the UWC number one contender.

She talks about how James Calhoun betrayed her, after she thought they were friends. And she announces that she’s all healed up, ready to go, and that at Midsummer Massacre she’s coming for payback… and she’ll take his title from him!


Match Five – Single’s match – Canadian Championship Number One Contendership
Drew Stevenson vs. Corporal Punishment

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Having locked up in a collar and elbow tie up, Stevenson shows his speed as he quickly places Corporal Punishment into a headlock and then throws him over his hip with a headlock takedown while applying a seated headlock. Applying more pressure on to Corporal’s head, he manages to get close enough to the ropes so that he can place his foot on the bottom rope. Upon doing so, the referee tells Stevenson to release the hold which he does immediately.

With both men back to their feet, they begin to feel one another out, to see what the other person has to offer and as they go to embrace in another collar and elbow tie up; Corporal is much faster this time as he pulls the same move Stevenson did, a headlock into a headlock takedown. Feeling the pressure on his head, Stevenson manages to fight to his feet as Corporal refuses to let go. Wrapping his hands around the chiseled abdomen of Corporal, he hoists him up into a backdrop, bridged into a pin as referee Chuck Aitken quickly slides in to make the count.




Pressing his shoulder off of the canvas right before the three, Corporal releases the headlock as both men quickly get to their feet and stare each other down. Circling around each other, both men trying to find a weakness in the other in this very intense game of chess.

The crowd seems to be evenly split as chants for both Drew Stevenson and Corporal Punishment can be heard sprinkled throughout. The former lunges forward, but seeing nothing abandons the attempt, choosing instead to maintain a strong defense. Punishment shoots, but is quickly avoided by Stevenson.

The soldier ends up sprawled on the canvas. Drew looks to take advantage, but the military veteran quickly scrambles to his feet. Just when it looks like he might have escaped harm, however, he turns and finds himself nearly face to face with his opponent. The larger man grabs the corporal in a Muay Thai clinch and begins to attack his abdomen with vicious knees.


The crowd counts along.

Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven!

Finally, after what seems a long time, Drew drops his doubled over opponent with a hard DDT. He rolls him over for the cover.

Punishment lifts his shoulder. Ever the cerebral wrestler, Drew can see there is still a lot of fight in this soldier. He assists him to his feet only to take him down once more with a suplex. Punishment arches his back in pain as he connects with the mat.

Corporal Punishment is trying to cover up while simultaneously trying to wriggle free of the larger man above him. Drew Stevenson is all over his opponent, making this look like an ill-advised match-up.
Chuck Aitken does have the best seat in the house, closely monitoring the action in the ring. He says something to the soldier to which Corporal Punishment simply grits his teeth and shakes his head no.
And at that moment, with what may have been every ounce of strength he has left, Corporal Punishment pushes his opponent off of him.
Stumbling back since Corporal pushed him away, Stevenson is quick on the prowl, like a hungry Lion seeking its prey. As he walks up to Corporal, he gets rolled up in an impromptu small package as Chuck quickly drops down to make the count.



Kicking out and rolling over to his knees, Corporal manages to get to his knees as well as he rears back and punches Stevenson right in the jaw which causes the veteran to fall onto his back while clutching his jaw in pain.

Having utilized his time correctly, Corporal used the ropes to get back to his feet and as Stevenson did the same, he is dropped back to the canvas with a clothesline. Immediately climbing to his feet, he is yet again dropped down to the canvas with a stiff clothesline as Corporal let’s out a loud war cry which gets these people into the match even further.

Using the ropes to get back to his feet, Stevenson is now standing in the turnbuckle as a large smile comes over the face of Corporal. With Stevenson momentarily shaking out the proverbial cobwebs, Corporal runs across the ring, directed at Stevenson who is currently dazed and disoriented from all of those clotheslines.

Dazed, Drew staggers away from the ropes a little. The soldier sees his chance and charges. Suddenly and without warning Stevenson dodges out of the way, he lured Punishment in by playing possum! The soldier goes between the second and top rope. His shoulder hits with a loud clang.

Drew grabs the military man and plants him with a sidewalk slam. He then helps him back up only to dropping him again with a fisherman’s suplex. He then bridges his back as he goes for the pin.
Chuck drops to the mat for the count.



Just in time the corporal shoots a shoulder up!
Releasing his grip from around the waist of Corporal, he rolls away onto his knees and simply smirks at the resilience of the soldier.

Getting to his feet, he pulls Corporal up to his as well and from out of nowhere, the young soldier leaps into the air and kicks Stevenson right in the head with an enziguri which drops Stevenson to the canvas, hard, as he holds his head in pain.

Managing to roll on his hands and knees, he shakes his head, and then begins to climb to his feet when yet again, from out of nowhere, here comes Corporal with a springboard Moonsault onto Stevenson and as both men go down, Corporal hooks that leg.




NO! Managing to kick out, Corporal rolls off of Stevenson and is quick to his feet, stalking Stevenson who is crawling over to the ropes to use them as leverage to pull himself up to his feet. Having pulled himself up to his feet, he turns around in a stumbling manner as Corporal is ready to go on the assault again.
Major Payne can barely contain himself on the outside of the ring. He is watching as his nephew is embroiled in a back and forth battle with Drew Stevenson and his inability to participate is killing him. Corporal Punishment sees that he has Drew staggered and is ready to launch another assault.

Three quarters of the way across the canvas the corporal launches himself. With his muscular arm outstretched he catches Drew across the chest, sending him backwards. Drew hits the ropes and then continues through to the floor below! Corporal Punishment rises from the canvas as Chuck Aitken begins the count.


The three announcers, Major Payne, and the crowd all look on as the soldier climbs the ring post. Major Payne is beside himself, begging his nephew not to do this.

Outside the ring Drew has found his feet, but he is standing on rubbery legs.


There is no way he’ll be able to get inside the ring in time. His opponent saves him the count out, however, as he leaps from the ring post. Drew turns in time to see the human projectile coming his way. Due only to instinct he is able to step to the side and then use Punishment’s momentum to power him into the padding surrounding the ring. Drew, still foggy, is standing over the soldier’s prone body. And Chuck is continuing the new count.

Bending down and grabbing Corporal by his short hair, Stevenson brings him up to his feet and rolls him into the ring from underneath the bottom rope. Rolling into the ring as well, Stevenson does the smart thing and quickly hooks the leg as referee Chuck Aitken drops down to make the count.




Pressing his shoulder off of the canvas, showing great resilience yet again, Corporal lies on his right side as Stevenson quickly rolls him onto his back and hooks the leg again.




Right before the referee can slap the canvas for the third and final time, Corporal manages to get his shoulder off of the canvas once again. As Corporal is lying on the canvas, Stevenson quickly applies a headlock which draws the air right out of his lungs.

Beginning to fade, Stevenson keeps the hold applied as Chuck gets on his knees and notices that Corporal seems to be unconscious. Grabbing him by the wrist, he lifts his arm into the air as it falls.


The fans begin counting along with the referee who held up one finger, he grabs him by the wrist again and as he lifts his arm again, it falls for a second time as Chuck holds up two fingers now as the fans count along.


Looking down, Chuck grabs the wrist of Corporal for a third and final time. Lifting it into the air, he releases…

Punishment’s arm begins its final descent but before it falls completely the corporal catches it and lifts it high. Outside the ring Major Payne begins pounding the apron then turns to the crowd to get them chanting the corporal’s name. Back inside the ring the soldier’s arm starts shaking as he begins to rise to his feet.

Stevenson tries to hold his foe down but the fires up GI gets to one knee then fires several hard elbows into Drew’s ribs. Finally freeing himself Punishment runs to the ropes and bounces back for leverage to flatten Stevenson with a clothesline. The soldier rebounds and comes back to take Drew off his feet once more! The newly revitalized Punishment comes in for a third but Drew ducks the attack and lifts the Corporal up!
HT3! The huge spinebuster lays Punishment flat on his back and Drew hooks the leg, going for the cover.


Winner, by pinfall at 15:35 and the new N°1 contender for the Canadian Championship
–Drew Stevenson–

After a long and exhausting match Drew Stevenson has his arm raised by the referee. The crowd cheers, not just the victor but the great match they just witnessed! Another great match and an excellent result for Drew Stevenson, who has skyrocketed his way into number one contendership for the Canadian Championship!


Before the next match is kicked off, the UWE Universe ihears Amaranthe’s Nexus blast through the speakers, signalling the arrival of OTT’s General Manager, Lara Pegorino. She holds a bag, container two unknown objects, and she walks to the ring.

Once there, she gets a microphone and addresses the crowd. She says that after Midsummer Massacre, UWE will host a tag team tournament, to crown inaugural tag team champions. And not just any tag team champions… As a proud tag team competitor herself, she is honored to announce that the winners of the tournament will be the proud holders of the:

UWE Universal Tag Team Championships

Posted Image

She holds the new titles, inspired by the former Rising Star Championship, up into the air for all to see. The crowd cheers, as Lara takes her leave.


Match Six – Tag Team Match
Mike Rosati & Asylum vs. Lucilla & Ruby

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

To everybody’s surprise, Ruby is all alone. Before ringing the bell, Morello asks Ruby if she’s certain she wants this match to continue, as her designated tag team partner isn’t here. Ruby nods, claiming that she’ll see this through, come what may.

On the other end of the ring however, sworn enemies Asylum and Rosati are already getting into a heated debate while deciding on who can start things off against the tiny Canadian. The ‘debate’ is ‘heated’, and before the first fists startflying, Morello shows her bravery by stepping in between the two legendary UWE performers and splitting them apart. She tells Rosati to step onto the apron, making the decision for them, and a disgusted Mike has no choice but to comply.

As Ruby and Asylum stand in the middle of the ring, Claudia calls for the bell and the match is underway. Asylum immediately seeks to run Ruby over like a freight train. But in his attempt to bowl her over, he walks into a hurricanrana counter, with Ruby displaying great speed and leaping ability! As Asylum lands on the back of his neck, Ruby grabs his legs for the pin instead of letting him roll through.




Rosati came charging in with a diving European uppercut, and he smashes his fist into Ruby’s face, breaking up the pin. Morello tells Rosati to get out immediately, but while she is distracted, Asylum drags Ruby to the bottom rope, places her head over it, and starts a blatant illegal chokehold by pressing his foot into the back of her neck. It’s not until Rosati is back on the apron, taking his sweet time, that Morello notices it, and she immediately starts a count. Asylum milks it for all its worth, not giving up on the choke until the count of four.

As he finally relinquishes the hold, Ruby gasps for air, and a red mark of ropeburn can clearly be seen across her throat. She coughs, wanting to grasp her throat, but Asylum is in first! He wraps his massive hands around her seemingly tender throat, and effortlessly lifts her up! His maniacal laughter echoes throughout the Auditorium, as he walks around the ring with Ruby in his one hand. She might as well have been hanging from a noose, but she does not give in. She wraps her legs around Asylum’s head, shiFts her weight, and reverses it into another hurricanrana, bringing the big man down and sending him into his own corner, where Rosati immediately tags himself in!

The Hall of Famer hops over the top rope, and nails Ruby with a clothesline to the back of her head. She is brought down, and Rosati runs over to the nearest turnbuckle that is the farthest away from his tag partner, who has assumed a position on the apron, much to his discontent. He climbs it and leaps, going for a picture perfect moonsault. But Ruby rolls to her back and gets her knees up, hitting the former Maddogg in the gut!

Rosati rolls off of her and squirms in pain as Ruby now recovers, the shift in momentum giving her a much needed adrenaline boost. She hits Rosati with a standing 450 splash, and it gets the crowd all fired up. Feeding off their energy, she springboards off of the bottom rope, hitting a lionsault, and she goes for the cover!



Rosati kicks out! Ruby anxiously looks at Asylum, who is still in his own corner, relatively well behaved. The tiny Canadian hits Rosati with a series of double legdrops, each draining his strength bit by bit. She eventually grabs his hair, pulls him up, and measure him up for the Ruby in the Rough! But it is then that the crowd warns her of impending doom. And a good thing they did! She turns around just in time to see Asylum charging in with a Spear! She rolls out of the way and Asylum nails Rosati, flattening him. Asylum gets up immediately, looking for Ruby, but when he finally sees her, the only thing he feels is her knee to his skull as she nails him with the Ruby in the Rough!

Asylum tumbles to the outside under the impact. With Rosati the legal man, and Asylum on the outside, she smells her opportunity. She ascends the nearest turnbuckle, Rosati her target, and leaps!

Ruby-red Death!

UWE’s resident sweetheart wastes no time going for the pin.




Winner, by pinfall at 07:01

The bell rings and once again Ruby’s jaw drops in amazement. Once again she has overcome the odds, albeit with a little help from Asylum this time.
Morello raises her hand and Ruby hugs her in response, before rolling out of the ring under the deafening cheers of the UWE audience.

Inside the ring, Rosati finally recovers. And it seems like Asylum is none too pleased with what hust happened. Both seem to blame each other for the loss, with Asylum asking why he didn’t kick out, and Rosati asking why he got hit with a Spear! It doesn’t take long for them to start exchanging blows, both of them clearly wanting to go at it! They start slugging away, but it doesn’t take long for security to rush out and divide the two of them. It takes nearly a dozen men to contain the two, who will meet at Midsummer Massacre in a House of Pain match!


Main Event – Single’s Match
James Calhoun vs. Wülf Erikson

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Wulf was in the midst of his usual entrance when Calhoun decided to interrupt the theatrics and attack him from behind, but Erikson manages to counter with a surprise head scissors takedown. Wulf continues his offensive with several hard forearms against his foe. Calhoun manages to cover and absorb the brunt of the assault, countering by grabbing hold of Wulf’s hair and throwing him to the ground with a rough Biel Toss. The cowboy follows up by lifting his half brother to his feet and sending him into the corner.
As Erikson hits the turnbuckle he is followed in by Calhoun, who lands a harsh chop across the silver bullet’ s chest. As the chop connects the crowd yells out with a loud WOO! Calhoun follows up with a second, then a third! Wulf’s chest is looking brought red from the hard attacks but the cowboy shows no sign of stopping as he pulls back for another.
Before the next chop lands however Wulf shoots in a hard back elbow. The cowboy reels back and Erikson jumps into the second turnbuckle, leaping off to hit a hard drop kick that puts Calhoun onto his back.
Calhoun is quick to his feet and charges in at Wulf who leap frogs over his foe. James hits the ropes and comes back in for a clothesline, this time Wulf ducks under and performs a spinning back kick that puts Calhoun down again.
Erikson rushes to the ropes and attempts a springboard moonsault, but his target rolls out of the way leaving Wulf to belly flop onto empty canvas.

Erikson is back to his feet but before he can try and mount another offensive he is kicked hard in the back of the knee. Wulf buckles slightly but stays upright. As he tries to recover Calhoun continues his assault, delivering kick after kick to his brother’s knee.
Calhoun backs up and gets a little bit of a running start before putting Wulf back down with a drop kick to the knee. As the Silver Bullet grabs his knee the cowboy grabs hold of the other leg and attempts a knee smash.
Wulf writes as the knee is slammed into the ground. The cowboy reaches to do it again but Erikson counters with a drop toe hold. The silver bullet attempts an Indian death kick but Calhoun manages to overpower his opponent and escapes.
Both wrestlers scramble to their feet and come in at one another. Calhoun attempts an arm drag but the quicker Wulf avoids the throw and counters with a snapmare followed up by a stiff kick to the spine. Wulf gets a running start and hits Calhoun with a rolling cutter, covering his prone for quickly.
No! The count it gets to two before Calhoun gets a shoulder up.

Wulf lifts Calhoun who slams a hard fist into the silver bullets stomach. The Callous One attempts a lariat but Wulf matrix dives out of the way before following up with a huricarana and attempting another pin! Once again Calhoun escapes at two and the action continues.
Wulf drags James to his feet and lands a jaw breaker. Erikson continues the assault and brings his opponent up once more to attempt a swinging neck breaker. Calhoun manages to free an arm and lifts Wulf into his shoulder before performing a sit out dominator! Calhoun isn’t finishes yet as a cruel smile crosses his face the cowboy begins launching hard punches into Wulf’s face until the younger wrestler sports a crimson mask.

Darlington laughs as the Callous One puts his boot heel against Erikson’s forehead and grinds hard into the sound. The fans here loudly as the red begins counting for Calhoun. Once the champ hears the four count he lets up and lifts Wulf by the dreads.

Wulf lets out a loud oof as he slams into a turnbuckle. He’s followed in by his half-brother who plants a hard clothesline into his foe. Calhoun then climbs to the second turnbuckle and begins raining down punches as the crowd counts.


Calhoun climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps off, slamming his elbow down onto Wulf’s heas for the tenth blow. Erikson collapses against the ropes and slides down to sitting position.

Calhoun charges in to try and slam into the prone Wulf but at the last moment Erikson rolls away leaving Calhoun to eat turnbuckle. As the cowboy bounces back Wulf launches a hard spinning kick the puts his opponent face first into the corner once more.

Erikson grabs hold of Calhoun’s head and begins beating his face against the turnbuckle as the crowd again counts.
Wulf begins battering Calhoun’s face against the second turnbuckle!
He moves down to the third!
Wulf lifts his staggered for to his feet and grabs hold of his head, leaping into the air to perform a hard bulldog onto the mat. As he kicks up he holds up ten fingers and the crowd goes wild in cheers.
Wulf lays across Calhoun in another pin attempt but the stubborn cowboy locks out. Frustrated Wulf pounds the mat then begins to lift Calhoun by the hair. The Callous One hits Wulf hard in the gut and follows up with a hard DDT and a pin attempt.
The bloody and tired Wulf manages to break the three count as the crowd cheers wildly.
Angry that his victory was denied Calhoun begins launching hard punches into his brother’s face that only open his sound further before attempting another pin.
Erikson escapes!
Calhoun stands and begins yelling angrily out at the crowd who boos the cowboy. Blowing off their jeers Calhoun heads to the corner to undo the turnbuckle pad but is cut off by the ref. As the cowboy and the official argue Wulf surprises Calhoun with a poisonrana into a pin attempt.
Two and a half and Calhoun is out! He attempts to shake off the cobwebs and get to his feet.
Calhoun tries for a punt kick as Wulf is getting up but Erikson blocks and sweeps the cowboys leg before hitting a moonsault! He follows up with a reverse rolling thunder into another pin attempt!
Denied again! What will it take to put them away?
The exhausted silver bullet gets to his feet again and this time runs at his downed foe and leaps into the air to attempt a flipping legdrop but Calhoun moves! The cowboy lifts Wulf by the dreads and flings him into the corner. Once there Calhoun begins laying into Wulf with hard chop after chop. The crowd wood with each hit and soon Erikson’s chest looks like hamburger!
In a surprising display of flexibility Calhoun puts his boot into Wulf’s windpipe and chokes until he hears a four count. The wicked cowboy grabs hold of the groggy Wulf’s hair and tries to slam his head into the turnbuckle but Wulf blocks with his foot against the ropes and staggers Calhoun with a back elbow.
Wulf follows up with a springboardrana into a cover!
Two again! It must be the number of the day!

The silver bullet begins to pull his opponent to his feet when Calhoun launches three hard punches into Wulf’s stomach. The cowboy gets to his feet then dives in for a hard chopping block that drops Wulf on his back.
Calhoun lifts Wulf’s leg before dropping an elbow into his knee. Wulf writes in pain as the cowboy stands to do it again.
The Callous One begins to wrap Wulf up into a figure four but Erikson kicks hard with his good leg and sends Calhoun stumbling back. Wulf tries to get up but the abuse to his leg has made him slow. Calhoun moves close and begins taunting his brother who is trying to crawl for the ropes.

Calhoun: C’mon, Wulf, get up! Get up you weak lil sum’bitch!

The silver bullet gets to a corner and begins climbing slowly up the ropes as the fans cheer and his brother mockingly eggs him on.
Wulf gets to his feet by climbing up the turnbuckles. Calhoun charges in to slam into his foe but Wulf’s hand grabs hold of the turnbuckle pad Calhoun had loosened and falls back, taking the pad with him. The cowboy slams face first into the now exposed steel! It looks like a train wreck with both men on the ground!

Calhoun gets to a knee at the same time Wulf is dragging himself up with the ropes. The silver bullet tries to advance but is slowed by the limp Calhoun had given him. The Callous One manages to stand and grabs hold of Wulf, pulling him into an attempted lasso punch. Wulf ducks under and shoots a knee into Calhoun’s ribs before…
Wits end! Calhoun hits the mat hard and Wulf rolls in for the cover.

Winner, by pinfall at 15:38
–Wülf Erikson–

Wulf gets the pin! Slowly he tries to stand to celebrate, the crowd cheering and chanting his name, when a surprise shot from behind drops Erikson!
The fans boo as Bryan Blaze begins to stomp the prone Wulf hard. Erikson tries to get up but after his long match is hardly able to stand.

Meanwhile Calhoun uses the ropes to get to his feet and sees Blaze attacking his helpless brother. The Callous One looks between them then suddenly drops down to the mat and rolls out of the ring! James Calhoun retrieve a his belt and walks up the ramp as if nothing is happening while Bryan continues to kick and punch the unconscious Wulf Erikson as the show comes to a close!

Midsummer Massacre is up next! July 23rd, don’t forget to tune in!


Quick Results:
°Caliee Adams def. Justin Lust by pinfall
°Danny Oliver def. Bryan Blaze by pinfall
°Just Plain Better def. The Nashville Starlets by pinfall
°JTX def. Marcus LeVine by pinfall
°Tiami Erikson def. Timothy Hunt by putting Hunt through a table
°Drew Stevenson def. Corporal Punishment by pinfall
°Ruby def. Asylum & Mike Rosati (pinned) by pinfall
°Wülf Erikson def. James Calhoun by pinfall

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