UWE Over the Top XXI in Vancouver


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Twenty-One is now not just Adele’s 2nd album.! 

UWE Studios, Vancouver 
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Over the Top XXI is set to be one of the best shows in recent memory. With Ruby making her solo return to the ring facing Sorrow, tempers will be sure to run high. Not just that, but James Calhoun is looking for vindication against the debuting Brute Rockne, the former Superbowl MVP. Another one making her UWE debut is Caliee Adams, who faces the Steampunk Warrior Eavan Maloney, who has been on a tear through UWE as of late! And we will also get the first sight of Torment, as Tasha Jones takes on the pink-haired Superstar, a man she called trash, JTX! But can she take him out like trash???
With the legendary Drew Stevenson facing his friend, Wülf Erikson, and both men looking to put on a five star classic, it seems like tonight will ha e no shortage of great matches. Because Marcus LeVine will hope to continue his winning streak against the former Special Forces member, Corporal Punishment!
And to top it all off, we have The Armenian Beas(t defending his title against none other than Michael Kelly, The Chosen One. Strap yourselves in, kids. It’s going to be one hell of a ride!


Show Opener – Single’s Match
Marcus LeVine vs. Corporal Punishment

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

As Morello calls for the bell, and the first match of the night is underway, Corporal Punishment doesn’t hesitate at all. He charges forward as if he’s Thor fighting in defense of Asgard. The Canadian, not wanting to let the fight come to him, charges forward as well.

They meet in the center of the ring and lock up. They grapple for position. Marcus immediately takes the advantage, forcing Corporal Punishment nearly down to one knee. The Corporal, perhaps spurred on by the crowd’s support, recovers and then begins to force Marcus down to one knee. LeVine, seeing his advantage evaporating, lifts a knee into the veteran’s gut. Then another. He follows a third knee with a European uppercut which sends Punishment staggering backward. With his opponent on his heels Marcus charges forward, grabs the superstar, and connects with a massive suplex which seems to reverberate throughout the arena.

LeVine goes for an early pin and Morello drops to count but Punishment is up at two! Surprisingly Marcus helps the soldier to his feet but the cruelty behind the kindness is soon apparent as he tosses the corporal into the corner and follows up with a hard shoulder to the stomach. The soldier lets out a grunt of pain.

Speaking of Payne, the major is on the outside of the ring. He slams his hands onto the canvas and yells instructions to his nephew. Using his years of experience in the ring to guide the younger man to what he hopes will be victory in a second straight match.

LeVine continues to batter the soldier on the corner before performing a snap suplex that leaves Punishment writhing in pain. Marcus quickly rolls him over and grabs one leg as he straddles him, yanking it back. Punishment begins to writhe even more as pain wracks his leg. Claudia asks him if he wants to quit, but he simply shakes his head wildly. The soldier begins crawling slowly and reaching out for the rope.

LeVine kept his arm wrapped tight around the leg of Corporal Punishment, his face filled with sadistic pleasure as he pulls back hard every time Corporal tries to get close to the ropes. The Sinister Saint of Sadism takes an opportunity to spin his body around, seemingly looking to turn the Boston Crab into a Grapevine Ankle Lock. As LeVine’s weight is no longer pressuring the corporal, however, all of his tactical training comes into full effect, and with picture perfect timing he twists his body around and strikes LeVine hard at the side of the jaw with a vicious kick.

LeVine clutches at his jaw and stumbles backwards, leaving the corporal plenty of time to get to his feet and charge at LeVine, looking for a powerful clothesline. Marcus wasn’t letting it happen, and with almost no time to prepare he grabbed the arm of Punishment and ducked under. Keeping his grip on, he stood slightly behind Punishment before falling back, hitting a vicious pele kick straight into the shoulder. The Corporal winced and grabbed onto his shoulder, even one of LeVine’s kicks was a powerful shot to deal with. Marcus had spent his entire career training his legs, and before his sadism had become world-renowned, his kicks had done the same.

This was evident by Marcus deciding to continue his assault. Before his opponent could even fully process the pele, Marcus was already sending another vicious kick into the right shoulder, sending a shockwave of pain through Corporal’s body.

This was a chess board, and these kicks were Marcus’s check. He sent another kick, and another groan of pain was let out. The pace became methodical.

With every kick more pain was brought to the right arm, and as Corporal tried hard to block the shots Marcus continued to go either higher or lower than the left hand was already. Marcus was driving Corporal Punishment into the corner, trying hard to break the man’s arm as he continued the assault. With Punishment still clutching his shoulder and sat on the middle turnbuckle, Marcus read his shot. He turned and darted towards the opposite corner, stepping up on the bottom turnbuckle and flipping off the crowd to a chorus of boos.

LeVine gave little attention to the boos as he turned once again and went strong back towards Punishment. Unfortunately, The Emperor of Anarchy had left Corporal with far too much time to recover, and The Headshot Maestro was forced to get headshot by Corporal Punishment, who decked LeVine with a vicious clothesline courtesy of his left arm.

The fans let out a massive pop as Soldier Boy got off the vicious maneuver, literally causing Marcus to backflip off the momentum and land on his stomach. The clothesline had been hit in such a way that Corporal slid to his knees, and as his own momentum stopped he dropped his arms to his side with relief.

Punishment rises back to his feet and lifts Marcus back to his before performing a powerful belly to belly suplex that puts LeVine right back onto the canvas. The Montreal Madman is lifted again and this time whipped into the corner. The corporal follows him over then salutes his uncle who returns it. The crowd cheers as they know what’s coming next. Punishment begins the 21 gun salute slamming Marcus’ head repeatedly into the turnbuckle! As the madman falls Punishment goes for the cover!

At two LeVine kicks out, saving himself from defeat. Punishment takes a deep breath and stands before reaching down for Marcus. LeVine takes the eyes as he stands, gaining a momentary break and a stern rebuke. Marcus ignores both the official’s warning and the crowd’s booing as he drops Punishment with a Pele kick. The madman turns and performs a standing moonsault before trying for a pin of his own.
Punishment isn’t going away that easy! The audience cheers as the soldier gets his shoulder up. The frustrated LeVine puts his foot on the back of Punishment’s head and lifts him by the arm before stomping down hard. He doesn’t go for another pin however but lifts the corporal back up and sets up for the O Canada!

As Marcus starts singing Punishment spins out and pushes LeVine away before landing the Boot Camp! Punishment lifts Marcus back up and sends him back into the ropes, putting him onto the top turnbuckle before launching the death from above! LeVine lands with a thud and Punishment rolls him up!


Winner, by pinfall at 11:36
–Corporal Punishment–

Major Payne jumps into the ring and runs to embrace his nephew as the excited crowd cheers another big victory for the soldier who has vowed to make UWE safe again. LeVine’s first loss in UWE, but the Montreal Maniac has put the entire roster on notice so far… We haven’t heard the last from him!


Match Two – Single’s Match
Tasha Jones w/Jake Donaldson vs. JTX

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

As the match between JTX and Tasha Jones is about to begin the Nashville Starlets are talking strategy in the corner. Evie drops down after sharing a few words of encouragement with Tasha. Referee Corey is telling Tasha to start the match as she seems a little hesitant. The crowd is so split down the middle that JTX is really fired up. Tasha steps out of her corner and begins to walk clockwise around the ring while JTX is walking in the opposite direction. They lunge forward while locking up in a collar elbow tie up which JTX gets the early advantage. He places Tasha in a side headlock but Tasha is quick with multiple left jabs into JTX’s midsection. He temporarily let’s go of Tasha as she runs the ropes but JTX avoids the attack with a leapfrog as Tasha bounces off the far side. On the return, JTX catches her with a drop toe hold then floating over into a side headlock

JTX slowly starts to add a little pressure behind the headlock as Tasha is already starting to get back up. JTX is trying to keep the young Nashville Starlet down but nothing seems to be working. She does manage to get back up to her feet and repeatedly jams her right forearm directly into his ribcage. As the shots start to loosen up his grip around her neck, she proceeds to grab his arm, twists it into a hammerlock before hoisting him into the air and dropping with a belly to back suplex. JTX lands hard onto his arm as Tasha rolls him over and places the tip of her knee directly into his back while placing his arm into the same hammerlock hold.

Tasha can feel the crowd getting into this match as JTX is starting to stir once again. He does manage to get up to one knee but Tasha cuts him off by somersaulting over him and driving his face directly into the canvas. Tasha immediately jumps back up to her feet bounces off the ropes and comes right back with a basement dropkick which knocks JTX onto his back. Tasha follows it up with a leaping leg drop across his throat. She swings her leg off and gets to one knee while smirking.

JTX takes advantage of Tasha’s confidence and quickly reaches up from underneath and grabs Tasha around the head. Before she knows it, JTX has Tasha cinched up in a small package.
Referee Corey Miner gets down and counts to two before Tasha can kick out.

The two wrestlers get back to their feet and lock up in a collar and elbow. JTX Irish whips Tasha into the ropes. When she bounces back towards JTX, he takes her over with a quick arm drag. Holding onto her arm, JTX puts Tasha in an arm lock as she lay on the canvas. JTX wrenches on Tasha’s arm as he drives his right knee into the side of her head. Tasha struggles to escape the hold, wriggling and writhing on the mat, but she is unable to break free.

After a moment, JTX transitions from the arm lock by taking Tasha’s extended left arm and wrapping it around her neck. Tasha is now laying on her stomach with JTX over her forcing her own arm around her neck. They are situated in a modified camel clutch position as JTX uses Tasha’s own arm to cut off the blood flow to her head. He applies a cross face to Tasha with his free arm and begins really squeezing on Tasha’s head and neck. Referee Corey Miner attempts to slide his hand under Tasha’s but it unable to and begins laying a count on JTX to break what may be a choke hold situation. Miner gets to four before JTX releases the hold and backs off. Miner checks on Tasha as her face returns from a deep red to her normal complexion.

Tasha returns to her feet and moves toward JTX. JTX stops her in her tracks by kicking her as hard as he can in the right knee. You can tell the blow hurt a great deal by Tasha’s pained facial expression. Tasha attempts to recover by throwing a punch at JTX’s made up face, but JTX is able to block the strike and counter with a kick to her gut, doubling her over. JTX puts Tasha down with a snap DDT.

With Tasha down, JTX gets up and stands over his opponent’s prone body sneering at her. He then turns his attention to Tasha’s stable mate Evie Daniels who is at ringside frantically encouraging her friend to get up and fight back. JTX smiles at Evie Daniels before blowing a kiss to her and winking. JTX exchanges taunting words with Evie as the audience in the UWE Studios Arena boo and jeer the skirt wearing superstar.

As JTX’s attention is on Evie, Tasha uses it to scoot across the ring while still clutching her right knee. She reaches the corner and stays in a seated position. She works her leg back and forth trying to get the blood flowing again as she shakes the cobwebs loose. JTX slowly turns around to see Tasha seated in the corner. A sick, perverted smile comes across his face as he stands in the opposite corner, does some weird taunt before running across the ring. He leaps into the air looking for a bronco buster but Tasha moves out of the way in the nick of time. JTX lands crotch first onto the second turnbuckle as Tasha finally makes it back up to her feet.

She sees JTX and starts firing off kicks to the square of his back. Each kick rings out throughout the arena as Tasha grabs him by the head and pulls him out with a neckbreaker. The back of JTX’s head smacks the canvas as Tasha gets into a mounted position. Referee Corey Miner checks both of JTX’s shoulders at it appears to be a pinning predicament. He slides into position but Tasha lifts JTX’s head up. She starts firing off multiple right hands to his head as the crowd starts to get behind her. Tasha lands one final blow before she starts biting at JTX’s forehead.

Corey Miner is trying to get Tasha off of JTX as he begins to count. He reaches the count of four as Tasha releases JTX’s head. She gets back up to her feet, spits out a few pieces of flesh while smirking at Evie. Evie claps her hands as JTX is slowly getting back up to his feet. Tasha notices it and comes running at him while connecting with a sharp knee to the side of his head. JTX crumples back down as Tasha takes this opportunity to step on both of his knees, slaps him in the ribs before grabbing both of his wrists. She rocks back and forth before falling back to the canvas and bringing JTX up with a Mexican Surfboard.

Tasha sets JTX back down onto his knees while hooking him into a modified full nelson. Corey is standing in front of JTX asking if he wants to give up. Tasha keeps the pressure applied as JTX looks to be fading. Tasha looks at Evie before hooking JTX with a couple of fish hooks. Tasha finally breaks the hold as JTX is lying on his stomach and she is back up to her feet. Her right knee is still a little unsteady as she rolls out of the ring.

From his stomach, JTX watches as Tasha walks around the ringside area shaking her leg. JTX silently crawls on his forearms and shins towards the ropes and slides under them out to the floor.
Tasha is trying to work the kinks out of her knee as she walks gingerly towards her stable mate. Evie tries to warn Tasha that JTX is running up behind her but her frantic warnings come too late, as JTX shoves Tasha hard in the back and sends her forward abruptly, colliding with Evie and sending the ladies hard into the steel ring steps.

JTX grabs Tasha by the hair and pulls her back to her feet. He grabs her arm and Irish whips Tasha into the retaining barrier that separates the fans from the ringside area. Tasha crashes back first into the barrier. Grimacing and grabbing her back, Tasha crumbles to the arena floor. Fans pound and slap on the barrier as they encourage Tasha to get up.

JTX looks over his shoulder and down at Evie as she squirms on the ground near the base of the steel ring steps she was smashed into when Tasha was suddenly shoved into her. Evie is holding her left knee and shooting daggers at JTX with her eyes. JTX winks and blows a kiss at Evie, causing the fans to boo and Evie to get even angrier. JTX then moves back to Tasha as she lay at the base of the retaining barrier in a heap. JTX stomps Tasha before running his hands through his hot pink hair and flicking the sweat from his brow and head down at Tasha with his fingers. The fans at ringside are disgusted by this and let JTX know it. They jeer and taunt JTX as he stands over Tasha looking out into the crowd and shaking his head.

JTX: “Poor little Natasha. It didn’t have to be this way, y’know. She brought this on herself.”

The skirt wearing grappler looks down at Tasha as she starts to stir and smirks at her with a furrowed brow.

JTX: “You hear me, little girl? It didn’t have to be this way. I didn’t want it this way, but now I’ve got to make an example out of you!”

As JTX reaches down at Tasha she responds to him by punching him in the stomach. Not satisfied, Tasha pulls back and socks him hard in the gut again. JTX is staggered back by this. Tasha is able to make it back to her feet, but her right knee is still shaky. Seeing JTX fazed by her stiff gut punches, Tasha hauls off and slaps JTX right across his made up face as hard as she can. Spit comes flying out of the pink mouth of JTX as Tasha slaps the taste right out of it. Riled up by the approving cheers of the crowd, Tasha attempts to slap JTX again, but he is able to deflect the blow with his forearm and kicks Tasha straight in her right kneecap again. He then shoves her hard back up against the barrier.

As Tasha rebounds off of the barrier arching her aching back, JTX lunges in right shoulder first and picks Tasha up into his arms by the back of her thighs. JTX then turns around with Tasha in hand and smashes her spine first up against the nearest steel ring post, squashing her between his own chest and the unforgiving metal pillar and leaving Tasha laying next to the ring in a heap.

JTX notices Referee Corey Miner demanding the action return to the ring and his slow but methodical count is about to reach nine, so JTX slides back into the ring under the bottom rope. Once he gets back to his feet he backs the referee up and straightens the collar on his striped shirt, breaking his count and resetting it. JTX walks back over to the ropes above where Tasha is laying and taunts her by pantomiming a crying baby.

As JTX is focused on taunting and mocking Tasha with his back turned towards her, she takes a deep breath before reaching her arms back behind her head and kipping up to her feet. Adrenaline is starting to flow through her veins as the pain in Tasha’s right knee seeming vanishes for a second or two. The crowd comes unglued as JTX is startled by the sudden cheers. He bows thinking they are for him but as he turns around he gets met with a strong forearm across his jaw. The shot rocks JTX back a bit as Tasha fires off another forearm shiver this time with her left forearm. After the fifth forearm shiver, Tasha grabs JTX by his pink hair and rams him face first into the steel ring post. He bounces off as Tasha uses the steel ring steps as a springboard while grabbing him by the head and driving him face first into the arena floor.

The crowd is solidly behind her as Tasha pays them no mind. Corey Miner is ordering for Tasha to get the action back into the ring. She rolls back into the ring and gets right into Corey’s face. She starts to argue with him over something. As this is going on, Evie picks JTX up by his skirt and flings him straight into the barricade. JTX bounces off hard as Evie catches him flush with a savate kick to his mush. Tasha continues to keep Corey’s attention as Evie picks JTX up and flings her back into the ring while rubbing her leg.
Tasha smirks as she moves around Corey and connects with a sliding knee to the side of JTX’s head. Tasha yanks him away and goes for a pin attempt. Corey slides into position and manages to reach a count of two before JTX rolls his shoulder up. Tasha slaps the canvas while getting up to her feet and telling the referee to count faster. When Tasha turns back around JTX catches her with a quick Northern lights suplex and bridges into a pinning combination. As Corey is counting, Evie reaches in and places Tasha’s foot on the bottom rope. She yells as Corey sees the foot and stops the count.

JTX rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself back up to his feet. JTX goes to pick Tasha up by her long hair but Tasha counters with a straight open palm strike across his face. JTX reels as Tasha grabs him by the arm, looks to shot him off but catches him with a Japanese arm drag. JTX pops back up, runs toward her only to get met with a belly to belly suplex. Tasha shakes her knee a bit as her confidence is getting stronger. She lifts JTX’s up and flings him back over the top rope. He tries to hook the top rope. Tasha grabs at her leg as Corey turns to check on her. With Corey distracted, Evie manages to whack JTX across the chest with her belt which causes him to let go of the ropes.

JTX comes tumbling onto the ring apron and lands awkwardly on his rump before using the top rope to help pull himself back to his feet. With JTX now standing on the apron outside of the ropes reaches with both hands around JTX left boot in an attempt to pull him down. He puts a stop to this interference with the sole of his right boot directly to Evie’s nose, causing Evie to release his left leg and fall to the floor holding her face.

Upon seeing this, Tasha storms over to JTX’s position, possibly in an attempt to shove him or grapple him, but instead JTX uses the ropes to springboard back into the ring over Tasha’s head into a sunset flip! Tasha’s shoulders are down and Referee Corey Miner counts one… two… before Tasha claps her legs together on JTX’s head to break up the pinfall attempt.

JTX, standing up with Tasha’s legs in hand, crosses one of her legs over the other before turning her over in one of his signature holds, the Tampa Cloverleaf, taught to him by the master of that hold (as the Texas Cloverleaf) and his trainer Dean Malenko. JTX has Tasha’s legs twisted in a pretzel and her back bending back the way it isn’t supposed to bend.

Tasha is in visible pain as JTX has his Tampa Cloverleaf submission locked in tight in the center of the ring. Referee Corey Miner is down at Tasha’s eye level asking the Nashville Starlet if she wants to give up. JTX pulls back and synches down on the hold, causing Tasha to let out a loud yell of agony as she fights not only to find a way out of this hold, but to keep herself in this match.

Evie holding her nose, leaps up onto the ring apron which somehow distracts the referee. Corey gets up from his position to tell her get down off the apron. Tasha is tapping the mat but Corey doesn’t it.

Blake looks again and sees Corey still dealing with Evie on the ring apron. JTX releases the hold and begins to celebrate as Tasha had tapped out. However he notices Evie on the apron with Corey as he realizes the match is still going on. Tasha grabs a hold of her lower back and crawls toward the bottom rope. Her eyes are welling up with tears but her heart continues to pump. JTX pushes Corey to the side and orders Evie to get down. Evie shakes her head as Tasha slowly gets back up to her feet. JTX turns to see her and makes a run towards her. JTX leaps off his feet as Tasha pulls down the top rope which causes JTX to fall out of the ring. Tasha still is holding her back as she slips out underneath the ropes.

JTX is slowly getting back up to his feet as Tasha fires off a jumping high knee to the back of his head. JTX stumbles forward as Tasha gets up onto the ring apron. She measures him before running along and connecting with a rolling cannonball. She rolls through and stays on one knee as JTX grabs at his head. Tasha then grabs him by the right arm and slams it against the steel ring post. She proceeds to do it again and again as the crowd is going crazy. She keeps control over the arm as she drops all of her weight down onto his extended arm. JTX quickly grabs his arm as Evie watches from the other side. She sees the dark look in Tasha’s eyes as she covers her own mouth.

Tasha fights off the pain as she tries to deadlift him off the ground. The pain in her back is too much as she barely lifts his head. She yells in his face before driving the sole of her boot right down onto his head. Tasha then flings him by his hair as his neck and back land hard against the ring post. Tasha then slides back into the ring, grabs both of his arms and yanks them back while keeping him pinned against the ring post.

Corey instructs her to let go as he begins to count. He reaches the count of four as Tasha finally releases JTX’s arms. She stands back up as her face tells the tale. Pain will not stop this woman from teaching JTX a lesson. She rolls out of the ring, picks JTX up onto her shoulders before dropping him head and chest first across the ring apron. JTX grabs at his throat as she connects with a dropkick which sends JTX back into the ring apron. She catches him on the way down and wraps both of his arms around his own throat. She walks JTX around the ring as the crowd looks on. She stops before shouting profanities into his ear. She leaps forward and drives him face first into the steel steps.

A collective gasp comes over the audience as Evie looks on with horror in her eyes. Tasha lifts JTX up and flings him into the ring. She follows him inside and drops a leg drop right across his throat. She then proceeds to turn him over and grabs his arm. She then flips over while keeping control over his arm.
The hot pink grappler yells out but refuses to tap from the submission. Using a trick learned from sparring with Brazilian Jujitsu black belt Steve Sloan JTX manages to roll out of the armbar and to freedom. The two wrestlers get to their feet and Tasha throws a hard punch but her opponent manages to duck inside and…

Jaw Dropper out of nowhere! Tasha got caught slightly off guard and JTX wastes no time pinning Jones…




Winner, by pinfall at 31:42

The bell rings, and Evie helps her partner out of the ring as the skirt wearing victor holds an arm up. What a match!!! JTX is seemingly exhausted, with Tasha Jones giving him all he could handle, and then some. But in the end, the savvy in-ring vet and world class mat technician managed to squeeze in his finisher for the win. Still, a marathon match like this proves Tasha Jones belongs here. This is surely only beginning for her and her fellow members of Torment.
Meanwhile, JTX seems very proud of his accomplishment. His celebration is short lived however as Danny Oliver jumps over the barrier and rushes into the ring!

JTX turns at the noise of the crowd as they tear the roof off the building once more, but after a grueling match his reflexes aren’t at their peak and Oliver begins throwing hard forearm shots at the grappler. Surprised but far from completely helpless JTX fires back and the two begin exchanging blows. Danny’s weight and JTX’s fatigue begin to play against the pink haired wrestler who soon finds himself in a corner. The red tries to break them up but the younger Oliver shows the official to the ground hard. Taking advantage of the distraction JTX hits Danny hard and frees himself from the corner as the larger man reels. Security is rushing into the ring to break the brawl up as both men fight in vain to get back at one another.


Match Three – Single’s match
Drew Stevenson vs. Wülf Erikson

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

Once Drew and Wulf respectfully shake hands and then proceed to circle each other, UWE Studios gets louder with their rhythmic hand clapping and thumping on the barricade walls encouraging them to lock up, and they ERUPT as they’re not disappointed..

They start with a collar and elbow tie up in the middle, Stevenson with the size advantage able to hustle behind Wulf for a full nelson.. There’s a roll of laughter as Wulf stomps on Drew’s foot forcing Drew to release before cheering as Wulf leaps up and takes Drew over with a flying snapmare and immediately locks Drew up in a body scissors and tries to turn him over for more leverage..

But Stevenson easily breaks free and both men get to their feet! The fans POP as they stand up in a fighting stance and they lock up once more..

Drew Stevenson continues with an arm wringer! He wrings it once more and causes Wulf to flip onto his back, but he keeps it cinched in! There’s another POP as Wulf kips up to his feet with a grunt and manages to reverse the arm wringer and then transform it into an arm drag attempt, but Drew blocks it and drops Wulf with an arm drag of his own..

Wulf gets back to his feet, and Wulf catches Drew in a Japanese arm drag as he lunges for another! There is a huge POP once again as Wulf rolls back and follows up with a standing moonsault for a cover attempt.. Was that a reverse rolling thunder??



There’s a laugh from the crowdas Wulf launches when Drew kicks out with gusto! Both men get back to their feet with the rabid fans cheering them on.

Another lock up follows, with Stevenson managing an irish whip… duck down and a leapfrog by Erikson, but it gets turned into a hiptoss! There’s a rolling cheer as Wulf launches up and over Drew’s shoulder and goes for the neckbreaker.. But two quick and painful elbow jabs in the ribs soon take the wind out of Wulf’s sails! Stevenson in control now, swinging Wulf around, before hooking him up and chupping Wulf across the chest in the dragon suplex. Drew seems to be going for a reverse suplex, but…

There is a cheer from the fans as they see Wulf’s feet link around Drew’s neck, managing to swing him around and launch him with a high impact headscissor takedown which sends him crashing into the corner!

Wulf immediately goes for his somersault senton onto Drew in the corner but Drew gets out of the way!! Wulf is now strung up in the tree of woe!”

There is a mixed reaction from the fans as Drew starts laying into Wulf with stomps and left and right jabs.. Vancouver likes their Wülfie!
Really laying into Wulf with his stiff, accurate punches, the veteran has the young man covering up as Stevenson uses his left hand to pull Wulf’s hands down and of course, he sneaks in one last solid punch, showing great fire and looking like a man possessed.

Having risen to his feet, Stevenson bends down and grabs Wulf by the wrist, yanking him up to his feet and with pretty good speed for a larger guy, Stevenson wraps his arms around Wulf’s waist and hits a textbook belly to belly suplex which really drives the air out of the smaller Wulf.

Quickly dropping down, Stevenson uses his legs and wraps them around the torso of Wulf, squeezing them together as hard as he can which makes it really hard for the young man to breathe. Slow, and methodical, exactly what Stevenson is known for. Keeping the leg scissors applied, Stevenson sits up, leans forward and begins to throw some elbows right into the rib region of Wulf which will make it even harder for him to breathe.

After throwing a few elbows, Stevenson then reaches over and Iron Claws him in the ribs, really digging into his tender flesh with his fingers while keeping the leg scissors applied. Kneeling down to check on him, referee Chuck asks Wulf if he wants to submit.

Wulf immediately shakes his head as he arches back to get away from the claw, but Drew leans forward and keeps it locked..

The fans cheer as although Wulf is still trapped in the scissors, he manages to grab onto Drew’s wrist and bend it back, forcing him to release the claw as he contends with the pain. Finding the gap he was looking for, he turns the leg-scissors over, looking for a modified Indian Deathlock! But Drew kicks at Wülf to get out while the Silver Bullet show-boatingly kips up. There is a roar from the crowd as Wulf stands ready to fight, encouraging Drew to get up..

The veteran gladly accepts, as they go for another lock-up. Stevenson manages to leverage it into a sleeper hold! But the crowd pops, as Wulf manages to bereak free, ducking behind and reversing into a hammerlock which Drew reverses into a hammerlock. But behold, counter upon counter! Wulf reverses the hammerlock, hooks the leg and sweeps Drew in! Hammerlock leg sweep DDT! Wülf goes for the cover!




Shoulder up! An unperturbed Wulf tries to guide Drew up to a vertical base but he is denied by Stevenson attempting to lock in a side-arm triangle choke, but Wulf manages to roll through..

Stevenson is back to his feet, Wülf manages an irish whip attempt but Drew reverses it with a stiff version of his own!”

Wulf goes flying toward the ropes and hears Drew running after him. He realizes that leaping onto the apron is his only option. There is another roar from the crowd as Wulf pulls the top rope down and sends Drew spilling to the outside..

Wulf’s throws up the ‘signal’! He’s leaping back over the top rope! The fans know what’s coming next! He’s running! One bounce! Two bounce! 450 to the outside on Stevenson! DOWN TO FLIP!!! Both men crash into the barricade and they’re down but this crowd is on its feet, that’s for sure!

Aitken shakes his head and begins his count as both men writhe around in pain..

Drew is the first onto all fours and he begins crawling toward the apron, Wulf slowly stirring in his spot against the barricade wall as front row fans reach out to touch him and they yell at him to get up.. he shakes the cobwebs and rolls away from the barricade.

Meanwhile, Stevenson is back up on jell-o legs, Erikson is finally up onto all fours, while Aitken is at a four count!

Drew gingerly slides back in the ring but he immediately falls down onto all fours, clearly groggy from the DTF as Wulf manages to claw his way to his feet and get back onto the apron.. He springboards!

Sunset flip over the top rope into a pin!!



NO!! Stevenson kicks out, both men roll away!”

Rolling away onto his knees, Stevenson sits there as Wulf, who is much faster than Stevenson is already up and charging in with a knee strike directed at his head. Managing to duck underneath the knee strike, Stevenson quickly rolls Wulf up as referee Chuck slides in to make the count.



Pressing his shoulder up off of the canvas, Wulf rolls back and as he gets to his knees, Stevenson balls up his fist and decks Wulf right in the mouth which causes him to fall backwards while holding his mouth.

Rising to his feet, Stevenson grabs a handful of Wulf’s spaghetti like hair and yanks him up to his feet as well. Grabbing him by the wrist, Stevenson Irish whips Wulf into the turnbuckle with tremendous force as Wulf strikes it spine first and then hits the canvas hard now lying on his stomach while reaching back to hold his back.

Stalking Wulf who is pulling himself up using the ropes, Stevenson wraps his arms around the waist of the young man and looks to hit a German suplex but Wulf holds onto the top rope with all his might. Trying to hit it again, Wulf uses the momentum and springboards off of the top rope hitting a back kick which sends Stevenson down to the canvas. As Stevenson gets up, Wulf comes flying off of the top rope with a Moonsault which takes Stevenson down as he hooks the leg.



Pressing his shoulder off of the canvas, Wulf is on his knees asking the referee if it was three but Chuck holds up two fingers only.

Grabbing Stevenson by his short hair, he brings him up to his feet when out of nowhere, Stevenson smacks Wulf’s hands out of the way and then decks him in the mouth again as this time, Wulf’s top lip begins to bleed from that very stiff punch by Stevenson. That rocked Wulf, sending him staggering back, but he’s still on his feet! Until Stevenson lashes out with a Muay Thai Kick! And another! And a vicious knee strike! Wulf is dazed and Drew Stevenson is lining up for more!

The crowd roars with approval as Wulf ducks underneath Drew’s stiff clothesline and delivers a swift back kick before grabbing Stevenson by the waist.. He’s looking for a suplex, but Dew holds on, swings Wulf back around, and nails him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

The crowd roars again as Drew still hangs on and he turns Wulf inside out with an STO for a roll up cover!




Wülf kicks out just in time, Aitken’s hands an inch away from the mat! Drew gets to his knees, looking down over a prone Wulf, and then scanning around the roaring crowd looking incredibly frustrated.. He grabs a handful of dreads and drags a groggoy Wulf to his feet, easily guiding him into suplex position. The crowd cheers as Drew confidently holds Wulf upside down for quite a while, allowing the blood to rush to his head.. He starts walking around with Wulf in suplex position!

There is a huge POP as Wulf’s legs kick wildly right as Drew goes to put him down, forcing him off balance and allowing Wulf to land on his feet, instantaneously hitting Drew with an inverted headlock backbreaker out of nowhere!!! Wulf covers Stevenson…




Kickout! Still not enough to put him away.

Wulf looks around and the crowd cheers with approval as he gestures toward the top rope like Babe Ruth pointing into the stands.. They get even louder as Wulf leaps and springboards right as Drew gets to his feet and although he lands a perfect corkscrew cross body, the bigger man was able to catch him and roll through into a pin with his feet on the ropes as the crowd BOOOO.. The ref doesn’t see it!



T- No! Wülf finds the strength to power out.

Wulf gets to his knees right as Drew does, and he gives him the ‘What the hell?!’ gesture..and there is a mixed reaction as Drew shrugs and delivers a BRUTAL backhand which echoes through UWE Studios. Wulf shakes it off and pure instinct and adrenaline makes him return fire with a european uppercut which also echoes through UWE Studios, but this one produces a positive reaction..

[Stevenson responds with a forearm smash! European uppercut from Erikson! An elbow smash from Stevenson! That one would send anyone down to the mat! Wulf collapses and Drew covers!



Most of the crowd boo as Drew pulls Wulf’s head up and shakes his head with a cocky smirk on his face..

Listening to this crowd suddenly boo him, Stevenson ignores their reaction right now as he quickly yanks Wulf up to his feet, blood dripping down onto the canvas from his lip.

From out of nowhere, Wulf drops down with a small package onto Stevenson as Chuck, the referee drops down to make the count.





As both men get to their feet, Stevenson wastes no time whatsoever as he rears back and slaps Wulf right across the face which causes his head to snap back, blood slinging backwards and onto the canvas. Getting fired up, Wulf looks at Stevenson with intensity as his body shakes with anger. Immediately tackling Stevenson to the ground, this capacity crowd erupts as Stevenson wasn’t expecting that as Wulf, who is on top begins to unleash a flurry of punches which causes Stevenson to cover up.

After throwing several punches, Wulf gets up off of him and yells fiercely which riles this crowd up even more as they begin to deafen the arena in his name, starting a massive Silver Bullet chant.

Coming back and dropping down to strike Stevenson again, the resourceful Stevenson immediately wraps his legs around Wulf’s head and shoulder region applying a Triangle Choke knowing that this very hold alone should turn the tides and wear the young man down.

As Wulf can feel the pressure of the hold cutting off his air supply, he knows that there is only one thing for it.. Tap or nap!

However, Erikson slowly but surely turns the hold over and sits down low on the back of Stevenson! The pressure on Wulf’s neck, the pressure on Drew’s legs and lower back! Stevenson kicks hard, Wulf goes flipping into the corner!

The volume of the fans elevates as Drew nods and sneers and he makes his way over to the corner where Wulf is rubbing the back of his head, but there is a look of surprise on his face as Wulf drop toe holds him and leaves him draped over the second rope..

With a slingshot leg lariat, Drew goes flying back! Erikson leaps to the top rope, does a split-legged moonsault, but Drew gets his knees up, nearly gutting Wulf!

Stevenson gets on top of Wulf, keeps him locked and arches him back into a Mexican stretch! Will Erikson tap?!

He doesn’t even get the chance to, as Stevenson releases the hold. Drew drags a groggy Wulf up to his feet, irish whips him and levels him with a short-arm clothesline! He’s not letting him go, though!

Hooking Wulf up for a suplex and making his way to the ropes, he goes for a rope assisted snap suplex! But somehow, someway, the Silver Bullet reverses it into a picture perfect hurricanrana, rolling through for the pin!




Stevenson kicks out at two and three quarters! What a match!! Wulf sits up as Drew catches his breath on the mat, looking visibly frustrated, but the crowd soon start a Wulfie chant in response.

Wulf grins as he hears the chants, and he points to the crowd. They encourage Wulf to roll Drew over and get to his feet and then signal and run toward the ropes. He performers a flipping leg drop but misses wildly, with Stevenson rolling out of the way, and then immediately back on top of Wulf for the cover!



Wulf kicks out, but Stevenson simply nails him with a forearm smash before covering him again!



Kick out! Both Stevenson and Wulf now seems frustrated, not knowing what it’ll take to put their opponents away.

Drew grimaces as he drags Wulf to his feet and doubles him over with a vicious knee strike to the stomach. That, followed by a stiff irish whip, Erikson on the rebound, Stevenson steaming in ith a flying clothesline… Erikson catches the arm in mid-air and rolls it through into an armbar!!

Lying on his back, Stevenson is in a great deal of pain as Wulf has his arm tight. Immediately sliding in to see if Stevenson gives up is Chuck, the referee who has been officiating this match the entire time, asking him if he wants to give up.

Shaking his head no, Stevenson lets out a loud scream and then begins fighting to his knees as the young man refuses to release the hold.

Finally having gotten to his knees after much wriggling, Stevenson uses his free arm and grabs ahold of his trapped arm. Taking in a very deep breath, he lets out another loud scream and then rises to his feet while holding Wulf on his arm. Showing great strength, Stevenson hoists him into the air as much as he can and then slams him into the ground with a modified powerbomb but Wulf refuses to release the hold. Taking a moment to catch his breath, Stevenson hoists him into the air again and drops Wulf back down to the canvas as the back of his head strikes the canvas which finally causes him to release the hold as he is temporarily dazed.

Shaking his arm to get the feeling back into it, Wulf slowly pulls himself back to his feet as both men are incredibly exhausted from this very grueling contest.

As Stevenson turns around, the much faster Wulf is charging in with a full head of steam and as he leaps into the air, looking for an avalanche splash, the crafty veteran quickly darts out-of-the-way which causes Wulf to strike the canvas chest first and as he stumbles out, backwards, Stevenson immediately wraps his hands around the waist of Wulf and not giving him any time to counter, Stevenson throws all of his weight backwards with a beautiful German suplex which causes Wulf’s head to smack the canvas.

His hands still locked and rolling back to his feet, Stevenson throws all of his weight backwards again for a second time and then rolls back to his feet, hitting a third German suplex while bridging it into a pinfall as Chuck slides in to make the count; these fans on the edge of their seats right now.




Kick out! Unbelievable! Not a single butt is left in a seat as everybody is up on their feet to watch this match of the year candidate!
Stevenson wants to go for an achilles tendon lock, but is kicked away. However, Drew is straight back into it! Taking hold of Wulf’s legs, he’s got the pretzel happening! Stevenson trying to turn him over for the Missouri Cloverleaf! Wulf’s fighting it!

Most of UWE Studios is roaring for Wulf not to allow Drew to turn him over, and they get even louder as he once again manages to use his leg strength to kick Drew off him..

But the veteran hits the ropes, he comes back at Erikson with a fist drop…


Erikson rolls out of the way! Straight back to his feet, he manages a guillotine leg drop to the back of Stevenson’s head! A cover!”



Stevenson kicks out! Running on pure adrenaline, Wulf takes an arm and drags Drew up to his feet before trying for an irish whip..

Stevenson stands his ground though, and there’s a reversal! Wulf on the rebound, rolling out of the way of a lariat and the crowd loves it! Back to his feet now, Stevenson ducking down, could be a back drop, no, Wulf leapfrogs! He then springboards onto the ropes, moonsaulting backwards but Drew catches Wulf mid-flight! HT3 incoming? No! Erikson shifts his weight to free himself, cartwheels, handsprings, and nails Drew with the Best Enzuiguiri ever!! He covers him.





Stevenson and Erikson both lay flat, gasping for breath, neither of them with much left in the tank. The crowd is flabbergasted at their resiliency, and Aitken has no choice to start counting while there’re down.

He stops his count as Wulf gets up to all fours and then up to his knees as the volume of the crowd picks up again. Drew also stirs, Wulf attempting to bring him to his feet. A sift reversal into a jawbreaker by Stevenson! Erikson staggers back… Lariat! Erikson crashes to the mat, and is covered!



He breaks up the pin himself! Drew grimaces as he drags a bloodied Wulf up to jello legs once more. He is apparently enjoying this match too much for it to end.

Pushing Wulf backwards, he stumbles into the nearby turnbuckle as Stevenson is limping over to him. Moving Wulf’s hands out of the way, Stevenson rears back and knife edge chops Wulf across the chest as the sound echoes through the arena and the fans show their appreciation, wooing massively.

After several chops, Wulf, who is clutching his chest gets hoisted up onto the top rope. Punching Wulf in the face, Stevenson ascends up to the top rope and hooks Wulf for a T-Bone suplex.

Taking in a deep breath, Stevenson throws Wulf backwards but in midair; Wulf counters the T-Bone suplex into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb as both men are lying on the canvas, Stevenson sprawled out, unconscious and these fans on the their feet deafening the arena in chants.

Crawling over to Stevenson’s lifeless body, Wulf pulls the leg back as hard as he can as Chuck slides in to make the count, the fans counting along with him.




Having pressed his shoulder off of the canvas RIGHT before the three, Chuck holds up two fingers as Wulf falls over onto his side wondering what it will take to put Stevenson away.

Getting on all fours, Wulf is almost in awe at Stevenson’s resilience. Nevertheless, it is Wulf who is back up on his feet. He points at the crowd, and signals it’s all-or-nothing time. He wobbles over to the nearest corner and ascend the top turnbuckle. Under a deafening chant, he goes for a chairless Silver Bullet Special!!!!

As Wulf leaps, Stevenson kips up with incredible speed. He snatches Wülf out of the air, and plants him so hard into the canvas the ring almost breaks as he counters it into the Heir to the Throne, the added velocity of Wulf’s SBS making the move a lot more devastating than it already is. A near unconscious Stevenson drapes himself over Wulf, more out of instinct than anything else.



Winner, by pinfall at 34:28
–Drew Stevenson–

As the bell rings, neither man stirs. The crowd applauds, a show of respect and admiration as Aitken calls for the bell. These two went to war, like they promised, and both put in an effort to be extremely proud of. While Stevenson managed to counter Wulf’s last desperate effort, the Silver Bullet once again wowed the crowd throughout, cementing his status as one of UWE’s finest. And for Stevenson, it’s an amazing victory, adding to the one he had last week. He is now up two and 0 in UWE. As paramedics rush in to check in both Superstars, who still haven’t moved yet, the show cuts to commercial.


Match Four – Single’s match
Eavan Maloney vs. Caliee Adams

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

The UWE audience is hyped as Eavan Maloney makes her way down the entrance ramp to take on Caliee Adams who was already waiting on the ring. The new fan favorite waved to the crowd and smiled brightly but the steam punk warrior’s mood was about to change drastically. She makes her way towards the ring but suddenly Ultimate Wrestling champion James Calhoun runs down the ramp and slams his title into the back of Maloney’s head! The Irish warrior hits the ground hard and before she can stand an enraged Calhoun begins to stomp wildly on her while ranting something inaudible.

Eavan tries to get to get feet and defend herself but the cowboy rams the title belt into her face, knocking her flat into her back. Inside the ring the referee is telling for Calhoun to leave and even Caliee attempts to come to Maloney’s aid but the newcomer is ordered to her corner by the official who doesn’t want things getting any more out of hand. The young woman’s attacker makes his way to the broadcast table and grabs a Mic before returning to his victim.

Calhoun: You think you can embarrass me in front of everybody an’ I ain’t gonna do nuthin’?! You messed with th’ champ an’ now you gotta pay th’ price!

Calhoun lifts the prone warrior to her feet before whipping her face first into the steel pole with a loud thud. He then climbs to the top of the steel steps to deliver the flying elbow drop he had missed landing last week. Arena security is now rushing to the scene and attempting to pull the irate cowboy away as he continues yelling.

Calhoun: I’m th’ damn champ! Nobody mocks me!

Finally the security is able to get Calhoun escorted back to the locker room as paramedics check on Maloney. The red is about to call it when Eavan slowly gets to her feet and shakes her head. The plucky lass rolls into the ring and stands on wobbly legs, waving Caliee on. The debuting Adams looks unsure but Eavan insists, yelling for the referee to ring the bell.

Reluctantly the official agrees and the crowd cheers as the bell rings. Eavan comes forward and throws a kick at Caliee who easily evades the injured superstar’s attack. Adams ducks behind Maloney and tries for a quick roll up to end the match.



Maloney is up! Eavan refuses to finish without a fight and charges at Adams who leaps into a hurricanrana that tosses her for to the ground. Eavan tries to get back to her feet but Caliee rushes in and hits the Simply Caliee! Maloney drops like a ton of bricks and Adams covers. The official hits the mat and begins the count.


Winner, by pinfall at 01:54
–Caliee Adams–

Caliee Adams has beaten the steam punk warrior, despite a valiant effort on the latter’s behalf! The victorious Caliee seems slightly worried about the state Eavan is in, but despite her opponent being weakened, she still managed a big win on her debut. The ringside EMT heads into the ring to check on the still prone Eavan as Caliee returns to the locker room.


Match Five – Single’s match – Non-title
Brute Rockne vs. James Calhoun

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

Brute and Calhoun stand toe to toe with Brute towering over his for as JJ gives his instructions. Calhoun suddenly reaches out to shove Brute who barely moves. The larger man pushes back, sending Calhoun sprawling to the floor. The champ gets back up and charges, throwing hard punches as the official calls for the bell.

Rockne weathers the cowboy’s attacks then comes back with hard punches of his own. Suddenly the NFL star doubles Calhoun over with a stuff knee before tossing him out of the ring and then flexing to the delight of many audience members. The referee has reached the count of six and Calhoun is standing groggily on the outside of the ring. Unwilling to win by count out, Brute gets out of the ring, grabs Calhoun, and bodily assists him back into the ring. He then lifts the veteran superstar and delivers a powerful sidewalk slam. Brute reaches down to grab Calhoun, but the smaller man slaps his hands away and stands up. He attempts a standing clothesline which is blocked. He then careens into the ropes and rebounds toward the former NFL star. He connects with a shoulder block that does nothing. He attempts it again. Barely any budge in the Super Bowl Champion.

Calhoun comes in for a third shoulder block but Brute is ready, the powerful former football star setting himself to take the block. Before Calhoun collides however the champ stops short and drops to his knees, delivering a surprise uppercut to his mountainous opponent’s chin.

The cowboy gets up and continues to deliver hard shots to Rockne. The punches hurt the bigger man and drive him back but still the big man stays on his feet. Calhoun does manage to drive his foe into the corner however where he delivers a set of hard kicks to the abdomen.

The champ tries to capitalize by Irish whipping Brute into the opposing corner but the football star reverses the motion and Calhoun finds himself crashing into the turnbuckles!

Rockne lines himself up and charges into the corner in an attempt to spear the champ but finds that the wily veteran was playing possum when the charging football star eats a boot to the face! Even after the hard shot however Brute still stands.

Calhoun climbs to the second turnbuckle and prepares to deliver a flying elbow stamp when the newcomer turns around. Rockne may be a rookie in the ring but he has a few tricks up his own sleeve, and as Calhoun flies in to hit him Rockne throws a hard kick to the cowboys chest. The NFL star stands above the fallen champ and signals the Sexy and I know it elbow, bringing the crowd to their feet.

Clearly fired up by the crowd Brute grins and drops the elbow. Calhoun, still sucking for air, manages to roll out of the way. Brute’s elbow drop catches nothing but canvas. A look of disbelief crosses his face as he sees what he had considered imminent victory evaporating before him.

He doesn’t stay disheartened for long. Instead he scrambles to his feet and assists the cowboy, who has gotten himself to his hands and knees, the rest of the way up.

The former tight end is leading the outlaw to the ropes, appearing as if he may try to toss him out of the ring once more. The crowd cheers their approval of his firm control of that match. Calhoun blocks the attempted maneuver by grabbing hold of the ropes. He swings backward with a sharp elbow, catching Brute in the abdomen. He elbows him a second time. Brute releases his hold of the Callous One. The two men stare at each other, the height difference fully on display. Calhoun shoves the taller man who staggers backward two steps. He returns the shove. Calhoun stumbles backward. Calhoun looks at the crowd, hearing their boos cascading down like a steady rain. He grins and then charges the bigger man. He lowers his shoulder, resembling a linebacker coming in for a particularly hard sack.

As the cowboy approaches his opponent the football great attempts to catch the smaller man but Calhoun ducks under and hits the rope, firing off a dropkick to the knew. Rockne lurches forward but manages to stay upright. The callous one follows up hitting Brute with several hard kicks to the leg that eventually drive him to one knee.

Calhoun fires three hard punches to the head but still Brute refuses to fall standing up on a shaky leg. The cowboy continues his assault hitting Brute with a clothesline, then a second, a third! The big man wobbles but he won’t fall! Calhoun gets a running start and leaps into the air hitting the football favorite with a flying lariat that drops him to the ground!

Not wasting any time the cowboy steps onto the second rope near Brute and uses it to bounce higher before dropping a knew to the big man’s face. Brute writhes from the impact but doesn’t get much time to recover as Calhoun follows up with a hard fist drop before going for the cover.

JJ drops down and begins the count.

Brute shoots a shoulder up.

The angry cowboy roars as his victory is pulled away. I’m frustration he clocks the NFL great hard across his face then pounds the big man’s head against the ground screaming out.

Calhoun: You miss yer helmet now, boy?!

After his tantrum ends Calhoun goes for another pin
It seems his assault hasn’t weakened Brute as much as it’s angered him and this time the big man doesn’t just get a shoulder up but he tosses the cowboy into the air.

The Callous One lands in a heap, air rushing from his lungs with a whooshing sound. The former NFL pass catcher stands, but it’s obvious he is not fully recovered yet as he tries to shake the cobwebs loose. He sees his downed opponent and wants to take advantage. He gets the cowboy back up to a vertical base and then sends him into the ropes.

As the Ultimate Wrestling Champion returns from his short trip into the ropes, Brute scoops him up and delivers a vicious powerslam that seems to shake the entire arena.

Calhoun is able to get his shoulder up at two and half. Brute shakes his head in frustration.

Brute lifts the man up to his feet again. He grabs the cowboy’s trunks in an attempt to lift him for the jackhammer. Calhoun blocks the first attempt and then the second.

It’s obvious that Calhoun is starting to lose this tug of war with the bigger man. As Brute goes to attempt the move again it looks as if he is about to get it when Calhoun knees him hard in the stomach. As Brute doubles over from the move his foe drops him with a snap DDT.

Calhoun manages to get to his feet seconds before Rockne and charges in to hit a hard dropkick against the football player’s chest. Rockne calls back onto the mat and Calhoun comes in for another hard fist drop, but finds nothing but empty canvas to take the blow

That big guy shows how quick he is as Calhoun rises and charges him like he’s going for a tackle, slamming Calhoun into the corner. The crowd cheers the big move and Rockne tries for another, this time backing up to get a longer start. The champ hangs on the ropes for support and seems to have no way to defend himself. At the last moment Calhoun moves and executes a drop toe hold letting Brute’s face slam into the second turnbuckle. Both men stay prone for a moment as Rockne lays on the ropes and Calhoun stays on the mat trying to recover from the earlier beating.
A trickle of blood issues form the corner of Brute’s mouth as he lays draped over the ring ropes. His chin still rests on the turnbuckle Calhoun had smashed him face-first on.

Brute wipes the blood from his mouth and looks at the red smear on his hand before beginning to try to pull himself to his feet. Calhoun is on his hands and knees behind the larger man, also trying to regain his full faculties. Brute gets himself fully upright, but leans against the ring post. His chest heaves, obviously winded form the exertion. He watches as the champion manages to gain a full vertical base before he advances, still wobbly. Brute swings, a looping haymaker that is easily blocked by Calhoun. He swings a wide punch of his own which is checked by Brute. Calhoun blocks another attempted hook and delivers a short jab that rocks the party animal’s head back. The two men, showing immense heart continue to exchange blows. Staggered though they are neither man goes to the mat. Someone’s got to give, but who?
The two men indeed keep exchanging punches but soon the size advantage of Rockne starts to wear Calhoun down. The cowboy is pushed back onto the ropes by a hard punches but refuses to fall instead waving Brute to keep it coming.
The party machine obliges the cowboy and comes in hard throwing big haymakers that rock Calhoun who seems to only be upright because of the ropes. Frustrated by his foes resilience Brute backs up and tries to charge in hard but he looks slower than before and James ducks under the intended punch. It seems Calhoun had borrowed a page from Muhammad Ali and used the rope-a-dope to wear Rockne out. The champ fires off several hard shots against the rookie and finishes by giving him the rest he needs by clotheslining him over the Top Ropes.

“This is awesome!” the crowd chants, following it with clapping. “This is awesome!”

The Callous One grabs Brute, guiding him to his feet before swinging him toward the ring post. The bigger man hits with a clanging sound, dislodging the stairs slightly in the process. The champ collects him again and this time swings him toward the announce table. The three broadcasters scurry for cover as the behemoth crashes on top of the table, equipment and all.

Calhoun rolls into and then out of the ring, disrupting the count before returning to his victim. Brute has had it. That’s obvious. Calhoun clears off the table. The answer to what becomes clear when he delivers a double arm ddt to Brute right through the table.

The referee is at eight, but rather than letting this end via count out Calhoun breaks the count once more before delivering his incapacitated opponent back to the ring. He drapes himself over the top of the All-Pro.

The ref begins his count!
Before JJ gets to three Calhoun lifts Brute’s head from the mat ending the count! Calhoun then brings Brute back to his feet and hits the big man with the Boot Hill. Rockne lays prone but Calhoun shakes his head showing he’s still not done. He forces the exhausted NFL star to his feet once more before hitting a lungblower that transitions into the Callous Clutch. The cowboy Cranks it in until Brute is finally forces to tap. After letting the big man go Calhoun rolls out of the ring to retrieve his belt amidst loud booing.

Winner, by submission at 12:13
–James Calhoun–

Calhoun doesn’t seem to care about the crowd’s disapproval, though. He flips the crowd off and smirks, holding his title up high. This is a night of redemption, as far as he’s concerned, sending a message to a rival, and getting back in winning form!

But as he poses on the ramp, Lara Pegorino’s music hits! She comes out to Amaranthe’s Nexus, and scolds Calhoun for his actions tonight, declaring them unworthy of a champion. She points a finger at him, and says that she will give Eavan Maloney a chance at revenge… If she recovers in time from Calhoun’s brutal assault, she will get the opportunity to take his most beloved possession from him: at Midsummer Massacre, as she will face him for the Ultimate Wrestling Championship!


Match Six – Single’s match
Ruby vs. Brandon Sorrow

Posted Image

(Referee: Claudia Morello)

Ruby is greeted with a warm reception as the Tiny Canadian makes her way back to single’s competition as Lucilla takes the night off. She seems to be a tad nervous as she faces off with the black-eyed Sorrow, who can’t wait for Morello to call for the bell, so he can start wreaking havoc.

The moment she does so, Sorrow rushes in, looking for a hard kneestrike, but Ruby rolls out of the way. Using supreme agility, she then rolls out of the way of an attempt at a roundhouse kick and ducks underneath an attempt at a clothesline, before springboarding fof the ropes and landing on Sorrow with a diving crossbody! The crowd cheers as Sorrow is taken down, and Ruby rolls off of him, gets up, and hits a standing 450 splash!
She covers him!


A bit optimistic there, as Sorrow powers out with relative ease. However, Ruby is straight back up to her feet, and lands back on top of Brandon with a springboard moonsault! She fires up the crowd, and calls for the Ruby in the Rough! Her devastating running kneestrike has more often been the precursor to victory than not, so as a dazed Brandon is crawling back to his feet, the crowd gets up to their feet, anticipating a game-changing maneuver.

She charges, looks to hit Brandon straight in the head, but the veteran rolls out of the way. As Ruby halts, Sorrow kips up and grabs her from behind, hitting her with an overhead German suplex! Ruby’s weight makes it easy to be thrown around, and she lands right in the corner against the turnbuckles! As Ruby gets up, Brandon flies in with a running kneestrike to the gut, doubling her over. He quickly follows it up with a snap DDT, before covering Ruby!



Ruby gets her short leg on the bottom rope, relieving the anxious crowd! Sorrow swats her foot off the rope, and covers her again!


Ruby kicks out with ease this time, and Sorrow grabs her by the hair, pulling her up to her feet, before mercilessly slapping her across the face, multiple times! Ruby slowly turns her head back at Sorrow after his last slap, and snarls! She obviously didn’t take too kindly to that, and starts unleashing a cavalcade of kicks, hitting Sorrow on the thighs, knees, side abdomen, and finishins it with an enzuiguiri, which is all the more impressive considering her short stature.

Sorrow drops down to one knee, and Ruby immediately runs the ropes, looking for the Ruby in the Rough, but Sorrow has enough of his wits left to roll out of the way. Ruby grins, realizing that Sorrow fears her trademark maneuver, or is at least wary of it. It gives her the self-confidence she needs to dropkick Sorrow into the corner, before hitting a Stinger Splash! And another one, and another one, contiuously running the ropes and splashing Sorrow, injecting the match with some high energy!

Sorrow sulps down… Cannonball by the Tiny Canadian! The crowd is loving it, and Ruby spreads her arms wide, twirling around in the middle of the ring, getting the Vancouver fans fired up even more. It’s amazing how much energy the fans still have left, considering the two marathon matches on display earlier, and Ruby takes full advantage of it! With Sorrow down in the corner, she goes for a low dropkick to the face, but Sorrow evades it, sending her between the lower and middle turnbuckle, hitting the steel ringpost with her feet!

She screams out in pain and Sorrow grabs her under her arms with his legs, pulling her back onto the canvas and locking in a crucifix pin!



Ruby kicks out, but it’s obvious she hurt her ankle, as she clutches it in pain. Sorrow gets up, and grins, realizing that he has his target set. He grabs Ruby’s ankle, and locks in an ankle lock! The Tiny Canadian screams in agony, and starts clawing at the ropes. She inches closer and closer, but every movement hurts, and Sorrow keeps dragging her back every time she seems to gain some traction. She eventually manages to turn around, pulls Sorrow in by angling her legs, and nails him with a forearm shot that forces the release. She gets up as soon as she can, but she can’t support her full weight with her busted ankle. As Sorrow is dazed, she wants to go for the Ruby in the Rough again, but as she takes the run-up, her ankle buckles! She collapses, and Sorrow laughs as he stands tall over her. He grabs her by the hair, and looks into her eyes, mouthing to her that he’s going to end her!

He throws her into the corner with the greatest of ease, and gets her in suplex position, setting her up on the top rope, looking for the Darkness Falls. He climbs the top turnbuckle himself, and hoists her up! Ruby espertaely tries to shift her weight and manages to get back in seated position, but Sorrow tries hoisting her up again. But as Ruby is about to be lifted overhead, Sorrow (as well as the entire arena) is shocked when Matt Moore’s entrance theme hits!

Brandon’s older brother walks out to the ring, and he points at Sorrow, the words coming from his mouth inaudible to the people watching at home. Sorrow bares his teeth at Matt, who hops o nthe apron. Sorrow tries swatting him away, but as he does so, loses balance! Ruby pushes him off of the top turnbuckle, and Sorrow hasn’t even hit the mat yet as she leaps after him!

As the back of Sorrow’s head connects with the mat, so do the soles of Ruby’s feet smash into his forehead, nearly making his head explode like a watermelon dropped from twelve stories up! The crowd scream as she goes for the cover!




Winner, by pinfall at 09:22

Ruby gaps for air in amazement as Morello calls for the bell! Sorrow didn’t get up in time, and as her theme song plays, she seems ecstatic! She rolls to the outside, nto waiting for her hand to be raised, and limps over to Matt, before jumping into his arms. She seems to be crying tears of joy, almost as if she’d won the Ultimate Wrestling Championship itself! Matt grins, and carries her off, leaving a disgusted Sorrow snarling words of hell and damnation in the ring. With a little assist from Brandon’s brother Matt, Sorrow suffers his first defeat! What does this mean for the duo locked inside the same head??


Main Event – Canadian Championship Match
Michael Kelly vs. The Armenian Beast ©
Posted Image

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

It’s the main event! With Michael Kelly having earned a well-deserved shot at the Canadian Championship with a hard-earned victory over his friend Wülf Erikson, The Armenian Beast now has to put the shiny maple leaf belt on the line against The Chosen One.

Not even Gurgen’s size and strength seem able to intimidate ‘MK’ in the slightest. As Aitken calls for the bell, Kelly is hell bent on showing the world why he is called the Strong Style Maestro. Not many would be willing to go blow for blow with The Armenian Beast, but Kelly has no problems doing so. Hitting hard, he unleashed a barrage of stiff forearms. Unfortunately, Gurgen is of a whole different caliber than most. Kelly is surprised when his usually effective stiff forearms don’t have the same effect they usually do. He keeps hitting and hitting, but all Gurgen does is stand still, and wonder why his challenger is tapping him on the chest.

Realizing exactly how tough Gurgen is, MK takes a step back, and grins, to the surprise of the cheering Vancouver fans. It seems he likes a challenge. He goes back in, and unleashes a barrage of stiff kicks, forearms and elbow strikes! The power in each of them builds continuously, until eventually Gurgen starts being driven back, and eventually starts reeling! The crowd crescendo’s into a massive cheer, and they are wowed as Kelly’s strikes, harder than anything they’ve ever seen before, manage to drive The Armenian Beast back. With Gurgen teetering, Kelly takes a few steps back, runs up, and hits him with such a hard kick to the gut it doubles him over. No mean feat! He grabs Gurgen’s massive hairy head and levels the Beast with a Spike DDT!

The crowd is amazed. Never before have they seen someone take Gurgen down like that, using mostly strikes. Beast, known for being one of the toughest individuals in well, the world, doesn’t go down easily, and it usually takes a lot longer before he does. MK covers the champion!


Gurgen pushes Kelly off, and seems to start to realize that MK is a very serious threat, and that he could very well take this belt from him if he doesn’t fight back more seriously. If there’s one thing Gurgen understands, it’s fighting, and when he’s back on his feet and Kelly comes at him with more punishing strikes, Gurgen has the presence of mind to block them, before landing some of his own. He jabs Kelly in the face, knocking his head back, before scratching his paw alongside MK’s chest, leaving scratch marks. Kelly clutches his chest in pain and turns his back to the Beast, who merely uses it as an opportunity to rake his back with his long, dirty fingernails. Kelly cries out in pain again, and as he turns around, Beast comes running with a double axe handle, his most devastating blow! MK ducks, Beast runs along into the ropes, bounces off, and hits a senton on MK, who is squashed between Beast and canvas. Gurgen covers him.



Kelly kicks out. Having missed one of his best shots earlier, Gurgen now looks to finish the job! He grabs an handful of beard and tries to stick it in Kelly’s mouth, but the challenger has scouted well, and desperately wriggles free, knowing that it would probably mean the end for him if he gets a Beard to the Face. He creates some space between himself and the champion, and slowly circles him as Gurgen gets to his feet and tries to anticipate the challenger’s next move. But Gurgen isn’t very good at predicting the future, not even if it’s five seconds in front of him. Luckily for him, he knows this, and also realizes that playing the waiting game will get him his big hairy beastly ass handed to him against the Maestro of Strong Style. So he carges at MK, locks up with him and uses his superior size and strength to force Kelly into a corner. There, he headbutts MK several times, before unleashing an open palm chop. With MK’s scratched chest, it hurts even more than it usually would, and apparently Gurgen likes the sound, and he hits several more, each one making MK feel like his chest got oiled up, before having a burning match dropped on it.

The Vancouver crowd squirms every time Gurgen unleashes a chop, but eventually Kelly seems to have had enough. He bursts out of the corner, an adrenaline rush soaring through his veins, turns the tables on Gurgen, and throws him in the corner with surprising strength! He unleashes a series of elbow strikes and knee strikes, that once again send Gurgen reeling. He drops down into the corner, and MK takes a few steps back, circling the ring, firing up the crowd, before running in and hitting Gurgen with a European Uppercut in the corner! The impact makes the ring ropes shake, and Kelly grabs the Beast’s ankles, before dragging him back to the center of the ring, covering him!



Gurgen kicks out! Not with the greatest of ease at all though, he seems visibly shaken. With a competitor like Michael Kelly, that happens. But MK also realizes that he needs something special to put Gurgen away. As the Beast slowly rises to his feet, he stalks him from behind, and tries to hoist him up on his shoulders, looking for the Masamune! But Gurgen is large and heavy, and is difficult to position right! He tries to straighten his legs out, so he can hit the inverted GTS, but Beast shifts his weight so that it becomes practically impossible. Gurgen lands back on his feet as MK can’t get him up entirely, and he runs the ropes!


Beast clenches his fists together and nearly beheads Michael Kelly, turning him inside out with a move that would knock a normal man into a coma. The crowd gasps, and as Gurgen drops down and hooks Kelly’s leg, the pin seems academic.




Michael Kelly kicks out! His eyes glazed, turned into the back of his head, his tongue hanging out of his mouth, but he kicked out! Pure instinct made him do it, showing his unbelievable desire to win this Canadian Championship! Gurgen can’t quite believe it. This is NOT what he’s used to, when he hits people with the running axe handle, people do NOT get up. He seems utterly confused, mumbling to himself, as he can’t quite make sense of the situation. He grabs MK by the hair, lifting him up to his feet. He positions him, and seems to be intent on finishing it this time. He points at his fists, then points at MK, then explains to him that next time, he is supposed to stay down for the three count.

He runs up, going for the axe handle again, but MK was given too much time, and he ducks! As Gurgen bounces off the ropes, he is hit by a basement drop kick, sending him to one knee. Even more so than before, Kelly knows he must hit Gurgen with his absolute best shot to take the title from him. If he wants to beat Gurgen for the Canadian Championship he’ll have to hurt himself as much as he hurts Gurgen. He grabs Gurgen’s arm, and puts it in a wristlock…

The crowd seems to feel what’s coming. They all rise to their feet as they prepare for the most dangerous, reckless move in MK’s arsenal.

He pulls Gurgen’s arm, and goes for it. THE BEHEADING!!

But before Kelly can unleash his near suicidal headbutt, Gurgen meets him with a fistful of beard, desperately stuffing it into the challenger’s mouth before he can connect! MK’s eyes widen as he realizes what’s happened, but it’s too late. His eyes turn into the back of his head as his complete flow of oxygen is cut off. The smell doesn’t help either. He drops down to one knee, with Gurgen, as concentrated as he can possibly be, stuffing his beard down MK’s mouth. His eyes close, and Chuck Aitken grabs his arm, lifting it in the air. He releases it. It falls limp to his side, and Aitken has o choice but to call the match.

Winner, by referee stoppage at 13:29 and STILL Canadian Champion
–The Armenian Beast–

As the bell rings, an exhausted Armenian Beast drops down to one knee himself. As he releases Michel Kelly, the challengers gets an surge of air, and as he opens his eyes, he realizes what has happened. He seems disappointed, and shakes his head as Aitken hands the maple leaf belt back to The Armenian Beast. He was damn near ready to injure himself severely to win that title, but the Beast edged it.

The Vancouver crowd applauds both Kelly and Gurgen, as the latter grins and stuffs the belt down his pants, much to MK’s disgust, with the show coming to a close.


Quick results:
°Corporal Punishment def. Marcus LeVine by pinfall
°JTX def. Tasha Jones by pinfall
°Drew Stevenson def. Wülf Erikson by pinfall
°Caliee Adams def. Eavan Maloney by pinfall
°James Calhoun def. Brute Rocke by pinfall
°Ruby def. Brandon Sorrow by pinfall
°The Armenian Beast def. Michael Kelly by referee stoppage to retain the Canadian Championship

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