UWE Over the Top in Vancouver XX


Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Proudly Presents…
An FWPK Enterprises: Over the Top Production

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Twenty! That’s ten twice!

UWE Studios, Vancouver
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Two times X is twenty, and what a show we have in store for you! Twenty shows in a row, with two very successful PPV’s in between is no mean feat, and UWE has been on fire! A good rpdocut means attracting new talent, and with Drew Stevenson, Adeline La Roux AND Bryan Blaze making their debuts, OTT XX is shaping up to be something special.
And not only that, the Masked Madman will go one on one with a Moore not named Brandon for the first time ever! James Calhoun will face a woman he cosniders a friend in Eavan Maloney. Can they overcome these challenges?
All of that, and much more. Only here, at UWE.


The opening video and pyrotechnics of Over the Top have completed! The commentary team introduces the show to the audience and they are quickly cut off by the first superstar making his appearance tonight. Ten Ton Brick by Hurt ravages the fans’ ears as Matt Moore bursts through the curtain.

He makes it the ring after his normal entrance, but shoots around to the timekeeper’s area. He greets Sylvie Rose and the commentators before retrieving the microphone and getting in the ring. He mentions having a match with Asylum later, so he’s ready to get out what he has to say.

He discusses the wins procured by himself and his brother last week over Wulf and Tiami. He is disappointed that Moore allowed Sorrow to come back this week to take on Tiami, or Alexis, again. He’s calling his brother out!

The lights go off and Sorrow appears! Matt is furious. He tells him to let his brother come out and talk. He didn’t ask for Sorrow and doesn’t want him! Matt lunges at Sorrow, but the lights go out again. They come back on and Sorrow is gone.

Brandon Moore comes out of the backstage area! He tells Matt to stay out of it. Storming down the entrance ramp, Brandon Moore warns his brother to leave his business alone. Once he gets in the ring, he gets right in Matt’s face.

Matt tells him that he has his back, because he is his brother and every fight he has is a fight they share. He mentions Brandon’s family. He mentions him not being himself. He says that Sorrow did his job and got rid of JTX, now he can go for good.

Brandon says there is still work to be done. Sorrow is here to cleanse the evils of UWE and teach the people on the wrong side a lesson. Brandon isn’t having any of Matt. He tells him again to stay out of it or he’ll be sorry.

Matt tells him to bring it! He is challenging Sorrow for a match at Midsummer Massacre! If Matt can beat Sorrow, Brandon has to lock Sorrow up forever! Brandon ponders over it for a moment before giving Matt an answer.

Brandon says they’ll accept only if Matt allows the condition that if Sorrow wins, Matt has to join them on their “crusade.” Matt has no choice but to accept! He puts a hand out and Brandon shakes it once before throwing it away and storming back up the ramp.

A commercial break takes place, but upon return, footage is shown of what happened during the break!

The arena is once again plunged into darkness! The video screen eventually shows a picture of a black bird and a spotlight shines on Matt Moore. The words “Never Moore” appear on the screen in red. Matt scans the darkness, ready to fight for his life.

Suddenly, everything goes completely dark for a third time. When the lights come back on, Asylum appears! Behind Matt, Asylum towers over the UWE Studios. Matt turns and braces himself as he sees the Masked Madman.

Asylum simply says “Sorrow is temporary. But Asylum is forever.”

Asylum then simply turns and exits the ring, leaving everyone, including Matt Moore, stunned and confused. The commentators aren’t making any sense of it and just want to move forward with the matches for the evening as Sylvie takes her place in the ring.

Show Opener – Single’s Match
Jared Oliver w/ Danny Oliver vs. Mike Manning

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

The opening match was nearly ready to begin but before it did Jared Oliver shared some inspiring thoughts about the opening match being more than a spot to be dreaded. After his short speech Jared awaited his opponent but Manning never showed. Instead an angry JTX came to the ring demanding Jared’s brother Danny come out and answer for an insult the pink haired grappler accused Danny of saying backstage.

Jared tried to assure JTX that he was mistaken but the longer he waited the angrier the skirt wearing superstar became until finally he snapped into action.

The fans are getting restless and begin to loudly express their dissatisfaction. JTX looks annoyed as he stands straight up and loudly folds the chair back up. Jared, believing he has made his point, turns away to hand the microphone back to Sylvie. When he turns around he is hit quickly and violently in the stomach with the top of the back rest of the folded steel chair by an angry JTX. As Jared is bent over, JTX places the top of the still folded steel chair between Jared’s chin and the ring canvas. JTX then raises Jared’s head with the chair directly under it and smashes Jared’s jaw into the rigid top of the chair as the chair is forced up into Jared’s jaw after bouncing off of the mat. Jared falls back onto the mat holding his jaw and thrashing about in obvious pain.

The referee tries to reprimand JTX, but he drives her out of the ring with a threat to swing the steel chair at her. As Jared is down holding his jaw JTX moves over to the nearest corner and removes the top turnbuckle pad. JTX threw down the microphone he was holding before he rammed Jared’s stomach with the chair, but he can be heard angrily taunting Jared as he bends down to pick the older of the Oliver Brothers up off the mat. JTX grabs the woozy Jared Oliver by the hair and runs with him towards the corner with the exposed turnbuckle. With a full head of steam, JTX runs with Jared over to the corner and throws Jared’s face jaw-first into the exposed steel top turnbuckle. The camera gets a nauseating close shot of Jared’s face as he slumps over the turnbuckle and blood starts to ooze from his mouth. JTX goes back to the chair that is now lying in the center of the ring. He sets up the chair again as if he intends to sit in it but he has other plans for the empty chair.

After the violent assault JTX angrily repeated the words ‘pink haired freak’ and ‘washed up loser’ blaming Danny for the trouble Jared had found. As the pink haired wrestler left the ring medical staff rushed to help the bleeding and battered Oliver.



Match Two – Single’s Match
Drew Stevenson vs. Timothy Hunt

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(Referee: Corey Miner)

Before the match starts, Timothy Hunt extends his hand to Drew Stevenson, who entered the ring just prior. Looking down at Timothy’s stretched out hand, Drew stretches out a hand of his own and accepts the show of sportsmanship. After releasing the shake, both men back up into their respective corners as the referee signals for the bell.

Ding Ding!

Coming out of their corners, both Stevenson and Hunt circle around each other getting a feel for the other. Hunkering down a little, Stevenson holds his right arm up looking for a test of strength as Hunt smirks and obliges him. As both men lock hands, instead of trying to see who is stronger, Stevenson knees him in the midsection and quickly wraps his arms around his waist hitting a textbook Northern Lights suplex bridging it into a pin as the referee immediately slides into position to make the count.



Getting his shoulder up off of the canvas, Stevenson rolls off of him, getting to his feet and as Hunt gets to his knees, Stevenson is in his face, smirking and holding his index finger just a centimeter away from his thumb to showcase just how close that was.

As both men are back to their feet, they circle each other once again. Looking to embrace in a collar and elbow tie-up, Stevenson ducks underneath Hunt’s grab, getting in behind him and immediately wraps his arms around Hunt’s waist taking him to the ground and applies a seated headlock really pulling back as Hunt, who lies on his stomach gets asked by the referee if he submits.
Shaking his head from side to side indicating that no, he doesn’t give up, Hunt begins to fight his way up to his feet as Stevenson keeps the hold applied, trying to wear Hunt down as much as he can.

Hunt manages to hoist Stevenson up into the air and slams him down with a backdrop as Hunt bridges it into a pin. Textbook reversal!



Pressing his shoulder off of the canvas, Stevenson rolls backwards getting to his feet and as he does, Hunt is already there putting him down with a clothesline as Stevenson lies there shaking out the cobwebs.

Walking over to Stevenson and picking him up by his hair, he quickly hits a snap bodyslam driving Stevenson down to the canvas as the veteran arches his back, riving in a great deal of pain. Dropping down to his knees, Hunt quickly applies a seated sleeper which causes Stevenson to flail around, immediately trying to reach the bottom rope but he’s just too far away.
Continuing to fight, the sleeper begins to take its toll on Stevenson. As his arm begins to fade, Hunt shows a lot of tenacity as well as unorthodoxy by lying Stevenson onto his back and hooking the leg.



With Drew Stevenson pressing his shoulder off of the canvas, the referee holds up two fingers to show Hunt that it was only a two count. Getting to his knees, he picks Stevenson up and out of nowhere, Stevenson explodes hitting a T-Bone suplex as both men are lying on the canvas which causes the referee to start the standard ten count.






As both men begin to stir, showing signs that they are still able to continue; Stevenson crawls over to the ropes and uses them for leverage so that he can get back to his feet. Doing the same, Hunt comes rushing in again and catching Stevenson off guard, he manages to clothesline him over the top rope but due to his momentum, Hunt goes crashing over the top as well as once again, both men are lying on the floor, as the referee begins the standard ten count.



Rolling over onto his stomach, Stevenson uses the ring apron to pull himself up to his feet. As Hunt does the same, both men begin to trade punches. Getting the upper hand, Stevenson begins to reel Hunt but when he least expects it, Hunt pushes Stevenson spine first into the steel post as he falls to the floor while reaching back to touch his back showing just how much pain he is in currently.




Slowly crawling back into the ring, Hunt lies there catching his breath as Stevenson, who is still lying on his stomach begins to reach for the ring apron once again.


Grabbing a handful of ring apron, Stevenson begins to pull himself up to his feet again as this capacity crowd is cheering him on.




Managing to roll back into the ring before the referee gets to the ten count, the fans cheer loudly as Hunt can’t believe it. Lying on his back, Stevenson takes in many deep breaths trying to regain his energy, as well as his composure.
With Hunt now to his feet, he is hunkered down and motioning with his right hand for Stevenson to get up. Using the ropes as leverage, Stevenson manages to pull himself up to his feet and as soon as he gets up, there Hunt is, grabbing Stevenson from behind but the veteran hooks his leg behind Hunt’s causing the momentum to shift. Quickly going around and getting in behind Hunt, Stevenson has his arms wrapped around Hunt’s waist as he throws him backwards with a huge German suplex.

Keeping his hands locked together, Stevenson rises to his feet and takes in a deep breath, throwing Hunt back with another German which as you can tell; is definitely taking a toll on him.

Once again keeping his hands locked together, Stevenson slowly rises to his feet, definitely exhausted but showing great strength, he manages to put Hunt down with another German suplex as the veteran releases this one. Now unconscious, or so it seems, Hunt lies there motionless as Stevenson rises to his feet, breathing hard and signals to the crowd that this could be it. Watching Hunt rise to his feet, slowly, Stevenson is preparing to send Hunt to the ropes which is how he sets up for his finisher, the HT3 Spinebuster.
He grabs Hunt by the wrist, and sends him into the ropes! On the rebound, he grabs Hunt around the waist, lifts him up and after a beautiful rotation, he slams him down for the Heir to the Throne! He hooks the leg as people rise up to their feet…




Winner, by pinfall at 11:21

After a grueling match, Drew Stevenson looks absolutely ecstatic. The smile on his face is one of pride, but also relief. He just won his first debut match, and as the referee raises his hand, he slowly nods, acknowledging the cheers of the UWE fans. As Hunt gets up his feet, Drew returns the favor made before the match, and extends his hand. Hunt looks at it, and gladly accepts. A honorable, hard-fought battle, topped with a great show of respect.


Back at ringside, the ring is dressed up. Red cloth covers the canvas and on the top of each ring post hangs a potted plant. In the middle of the ring, there are two leather chairs and a table, all adorning the same flame decal pattern. A couple of red water bottles and a microphone lie on the table.

“Indestructible” by Disturbed booms through the in-house PA system and Bryan Blaze appears onstage, dressed in a suit and tie. The fans vehemently boo and hiss at Blaze as he calmly walks down the ramp. Blaze walks up the steel steps, which are covered in the same red cloth draped over the ring. Blaze steps through the ring ropes and walks over to the table, grabbing hold of the microphone.

The fans boo that much louder as Blaze raises the microphone up to his lips. He smiles at this fact, knowing full well the entire reason behind the crowd’s unbridled hatred rests upon the success of his attack on Wulf Erikson last week. Knowing this, his first statement is simple.

Bryan Blaze: “Deal with it.”

A simple message, but a powerful one, nonetheless. The fans show their utmost displeasure-which is putting it mildly- at the message. Blaze laughs, knowing he practically has this crowd in the palm of his hands.

Bryan Blaze: “You people don’t truly realize the caliber of a man that stands before you, do you? You don’t realize that the entire reason you hate me is unwarranted, do you? You simply can’t fathom the fact that I’ve done the things that I have done for all of you. For all of Professional Wrestling.”

With that said, I would like to share with you another ingenious idea of mine. The hardest-hitting, most insightful Wrestling Talk-Show of the last Century. I welcome you all to…


The crowd groans, most of them fairly certain they know what is sure to follow.

Bryan Blaze: “Now, without further ado, I would like to welcome the very first guest of The Hot Seat. This man is a former World Champion. He is a trailblazer. He is an innovator. He is a revolutionary….he is… BRYAN! BLAZE!”

The crowd’s worst fears are realized. Blaze however, keeps a straight face. After “Indestructible” blasts through the speakers once more for a few moments, he raises the microphone back up.

Bryan Blaze: “Welcome to the program, Bryan.”

“I’m happy to be here. I’m a big fan!”

“Oh please.”


“Much appreciated. Now, let’s get to the hard-hitting questions this crowd…probably doesn’t deserve. Why did you attack Wulf Erikson last week, effectively costing him his match against Matt Moore?”

“Well, Bryan…it’s like this. Wulf is a ‘Champion of the people’ type. He is basically a one trick pony for all of these people. Above all else though, he is a fraud.”

Blaze fakes a shocked look at his “guest”.

Bryan Blaze: “Wow! Big talk from our guest, ladies and gentlemen.”

Wait, I don’t think he’s finished…”

“Thank you, Bryan. I’m not, actually. See, it really bothers me. It bothers me to see someone so obviously trying so hard to be something they aren’t. To pander to these dumbasses week in and week out with the same old tired act. It’s embarrassing. For all of us.”


There is a huge POP as Blaze is interrupted.. the opening wolf howl resounds through the arena as we are temporarily plunged into darkness.. Blaze seems to have another guest!”

The house lights come back on as “Dig up her bones” blasts through the PA system and the fans absolutely EXPLODE!

Ricky Darlington blocks his ears and shuts his eyes..

The cameras pan up to the stage but they don’t see any sign of Wulf anywhere. They also scan the ringside area, and then further into the crowd but there is still no sign of him whatsoever. The roar of confusion through the Vancouver fans is understandable..

Bryan Blaze sneers and angrily scans the crowd and the entrance way himself, but to no avail. Still no Wulf..

There is another HUGE pop as Wulf suddenly appears in the first row, leaps up and easily clears the barricade with a mid-air cartwheel.

Wulf has his dreads tied back, a live microphone holding them together and one of his trademark neon green bandanas pulled up over his face.. Blaze angrily turns around and he shakes his head and claps his hands mockingly as Wulf grabs the top rope and launches himself backward into the ring..

Wulf’s music dies out and the crowd volume picks up. He takes the microphone out, his dreadlocks falling down to their normal position in the process. There is a further boost in volume as Wulf comes up on the big screen facing Blaze as he pulls the bandana down around his neck and he cocks an eyebrow, giving him his patented lopsided grin..

Wulf Erikson: “Blaze. My man..I’m gonna stop you right there..”

There is something of a hush through the audience..

Wulf Erikson: “No reason. I just wanna stop ya there..”

Bryan rolls his eyes as there is a roll of laughter..

Wulf Erikson: “I’ll tell you right here, right now Bryan! I’m pleased as punch that you thought enough of me to follow me here to MY home..”

There is another BIG pop for Wulf..

Wulf Erikson: “I’m also pleased as punch that you thought enough of me to undermine what I’m all about, Bryan! But for you to assume that I’m ‘just like you once were’, you must have got into the freakin’ mushrooms again or something, duder..”

A further roll of laughter quickly died out as Wulf approaches Blaze somewhat heatedly..

Wulf Erikson: “I ain’t like you, Bryan. I will NEVER be like you. But that’s not what this is all about. You see, I could tolerate you being on my case. I could tolerate your messed up phone calls at the most inopportune moments..”

Wulf Erikson: “What I CANNOT and WILL NOT accept..is when you cost me my damn matches. THAT is it..”

Wulf gets right up close to Bryan who doesn’t back down one iota..

Wulf Erikson: “Now I’m really pissed, Blaze. You pissed off the most happy-go-lucky son of a bitch in this business. Congratulations, Bryan. Let’s come out here and waste the crowd’s time with another overrated talk show..bravo..bravo..”

Wulf returns that mocking clap of his hands to another roar of laughter..

Wulf Erikson: “But tell me, Bryan. If you know so much about me..”

There is a roar from the crowd Wulf shoots a sharp headbutt at Bryan as he flinches, and the crowd gasps as he stops short. Wulf doesn’t back down, staying right where he is..

Wulf Erikson: “Even when you have like, some kind of crazy obsession with me and it’s like you’re watching everything I do, why didn’t you know I was going to do that?”

There is a hush in the crowd, awaiting the response..

Wulf Erikson: “I’ll tell you why. Because you’re too coo-coo for caca to realize as I said, I am NOT like you. I don’t THINK a damn thing like you. Well there’s your proof..”

Blaze gives Wulf a stern look as he raises his microphone back up…

Bryan Blaze: “Woah. Wulf man, you interrupted my guest. Not cool. Not. Cool.”

Blaze turns his back on Wulf, to carry on with his “interview”.

Bryan Blaze: “Please excuse Mr. Erikson. He is not exactly professional. Please continue.”

“Thank you, Bryan.”

“As I was saying,”

“Wulf doesn’t get it. He really, truly, doesn’t. I guess he is the proof to the saying “ignorance is bliss”. He doesn’t want to face the fact that I do know what I’m talking about. That I once did indeed share the views he holds. Granted, that was a long time ago.
However, as a rookie, I was more than happy to be the “good guy”. The guy the kids look up to and the one who always did everything by the book. Did everything the “right” way. And sure, the fans adored me. They chanted my name night in and night out. Win or loss, I had their love. I had their acceptance. And, do you know where that got me?”

Blaze turns around to face Wulf. He has a much more sinister look on his face than he had a moment ago.

Bryan Blaze: “Nowhere.”

As soon as I abandoned all the stupid marks and the kids that wasted their parents hard-earned money on silly merch cooked up by whomever employed me, that’s when I truly became successful. Do you think I give the slightest shit about whether or not I’m accepted by them? I don’t.
I can at least look myself in the mirror now. I’m not some corporate shill. You can call me jaded and you can call me egomaniacal. You can slap any label on me that you want. At the end of the day, I know who I am. Do you, Wulf?”

Wulf gulped as he met Bryan’s crazed stare with his look of stony determination, with perhaps a hint of boyish bravado mixed in..there is a POP from the crowd as they catch the familiar lopsided grin as he raises the mic..

Wulf Erikson: “I know. I know damn well who I am, Blaze. And err..also Blaze..”

There is a roar from the Vancouver crowd as Wulf shrugs..

Wulf Erikson: “But I also know damn well who you are!”

The fans hush as the look of stony determination meeting crazed stare comes to boiling point. Wulf’s bottom lip curls just a little bit..

Wulf Erikson: “Get out your notepad, Blaze and Blaze. You’re that maniacal son/sons of bitches who is/are calling my phone from a cowar…I mean withheld number..”

There is a roll of laughter from the crowd and a twisted smile from Blaze, met with another lip curl from Wulf..

Wulf Erikson: “Your dumb ass is callin’ The Wulf at like 3am wakin’ my ass up..”

Wulf’s brow furrows as Blaze gives him a thumbs up and he gets a light laugh..

Wulf Erikson: “Blaze and Blaze, he’s bad people man! He’s callin’ up The Wulf when he’s drivin’..he’s callin’ me up when I’m trainin’ a freakin’ class..”

There is a loud BOOOOOO!

Wulf Erikson: “He even calls The Wulf right when he’s about to F…ah forget it! I’m done explaining this stoopid ass situation..”

Wulf steps closer to Bryan and he looks him up and down before lifting the mic once more slowly so as to build suspense, and the reaction he gets means that the ploy works!

Wulf Erikson: “You’re that guy who brutally attacks his colleagues just because you don’t appreciate their ‘shtick’. The guy who makes his debut but costing Wulf Erikson a high profile match. Apparently there’s two of you now, so going by all of these red flags, I’d say that this vanilla midget motherfucker hasn’t got a CLUE who he is right about now!”

There is a huge laugh through the arena, partially because of the good point..but mostly because of the cuss word. That twisted smile returns to Blaze’s face..

Wulf Erikson: “But that’s ok, man. Wulfie’s here. I’ll give you that damn fight you want so bad, any damn time you or Blaze want the damn thing!”

There is a roar of approval from the fans and even a nod and a shrug from Blaze.. Blaze tackles Wulf to the ground! They both struggle, and end up rolling out of the ring!

As both men stand, they go toe to toe with heavy handed punches from both sides! Wulf seems to be getting the upper hand when Blaze knees Wulf in the gut, and sends him face-first into the ring post, to the chagrin of the crowd. Blaze lifts him up with a smug grin on his face-WULF THRUSTS HIM INTO THE BARRICADE! Blaze crumbles to the floor and Wulf also falls to the side from the impact. UWE personnel and roster members come out to separate the two foes as OTT heads to commercial.


Match Three – Single’s Match
Marcus LeVine vs. Adeline La Roux

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

The match between LeVine and La Roux starts off with the pair locking up in the middle of the ring. Adeline quickly ducks around to lock Marcus into a tight hammerlock. He grunts as the blonde woman cranks on his shoulder but quickly ducks under to reverse the lock. La Roux now struggles but is able to quickly spin around and launch her opponent with an arm drag. Marcus is quick to his feet but Adeline puts him back on the mat with a hurricanrana. LeVine again gets to his feet and the woman tries again for another hurricanrana but the quick thinking Marcus attempts to counter with a powerbomb. The counter is double countered however as the smaller blonde manages to jump down and land on her feet, one of those feet she uses to super kick LeVine in his gut. Once he bends over Adeline hits a snap suplex.

The crowd is on its feet now, cheering the great showing. Adeline begins to pick Marcus up but he was playing possum! As he rises he uses the momentum to hit an European uppercut that comes all the way from the floor! La Roux scrambles to get back to her feet but as she stands her opponent floors the blonde haired wrestler with a devastating pele kick! Once Adeline falls Marcus quickly capitalizes with a big springboard moonsault! Marcus Levine looks to be completely in the driver’s seat now and he shows it with several hard stomps to his prone foes head bringing a chorus of booing from the crowd.

Levine shrugs off the booing and locks La Roux into a cross armbar. Adeline struggles and yells out in pain but Marcus only yanks back harder. The ref asks the writhing woman if she’d like to submit but defiantly Adeline shakes her head. Marcus grimaces and pulls harder but La Roux still refuses to tap, reaching out to try and grab a rope. Slowly, painfully the courageous and d woman reaches her prize and grabs on tightly. Relief doesn’t come however as Marcus continues his tight hold! The official yells for him to relent but that just makes him pull harder! Finally, just barely before the 5 count LeVine releases the hold.

Marcus is ordered to his corner as the ref checks on Adeline. He continues to ignore direction however and charges at his foe. La Roux ducks and yanks down the top rope to allow her opponent to sail out of the ring. As LeVine begns to get to his feet La Roux uses the ropes to springboard over and both crash into the barricade and hit the ground outside the ring. When neither wrestler gets to their feet the ref has no choice but to begin the count! Slowly Adeline Rises as the count reaches four and begins to climb into the ring. She gets most the way in when Marcus grabs her by the ankles and drags her back out. The count restarts however as LeVine lays into his foe with hard shots before grabbing her by the hair the bottoms of the wrestling gear and rams her shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. Marcus then attempts to Irish whip Adeline into the steel steps as the official screams five. La Roux reverses it however and LeVine crashes into the steps instead. Adeline gets into the ring once more but climbs back onto the apron and gets a running start to perform a dropkick that smashes Marcus’ head between her feet and the steps.

Marcus is brought to his feet by Adeline who then rolls him into the ring. The woman then scrambles into the ring and climbs a corner. She then launches herself into the air in an attempt to end the match with the Bite The Bullet! The bullet misses the mark however as Marcus rolls to safety. LeVine quickly turns Adeline over and covers her.



NO! La Roux gets her shoulder up! Frustrated Marcus lifts Adeline’s arm and puts his boot on her head. He puts a finger to his lips and shushes the crowd before stomping the young lady’s face into the mat. LeVine then goes for another cover.




The frustration is starting to show on Marcus. He lifts the battered Adeline to her feet and prepares to strike when Laroux counters with several stiff forearms. She prepares for another but LeVine blocks and pulls the woman wrestler into a kimura! The beating her arm has taken has worn Adeline down and after several agonizing seconds she is forced to tap!

Winner, by submission at 08:24
Marcus LeVine

After the bell rings, Marcus refuses to relent however, cranking the shoulder lock in deeper! LaRoux writhes and cries out as LeVine continues to twist. Finally on the third bell he releases the poor woman and stands with arms raised victorious amid a cacophony of boos, a sinister grin on his face.

Match Four – Single’s match
Lucilla vs. Wulf Erikson

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(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

As Chuck Aitken calls for the bell, Wülf is ready to go, but before he can initiate an opening maneuver, Lucille stretches out her arm and holds up a finger, indicating that he has to wait for a bit. She tells both Wülf and Chuck to ‘shoo’ and clear the center of the ring. Eyebrows raised, the two men begrudgingly do as told, their curiosity getting the better of them.
Lucilla then stands in the middle of the ring, and performs a backflip-corkscrew maneuver, landing perfectly on her feet. She stretches out her arms and opens her chest, much like a professional gymnast would, and then bows. She takes a step to the side, looks at Wulf, then points at the middle of the ring, daring him to do the same.

The crowd actually cheers Lucilla and her offer, and Wülf shakes his head in disbelief, but the wide grin on his face tells us that he’s more than happy to accept. He takes center stage and as the fans go berserk, he pulls off the same maneuver… but gets in an extra rotation on the corkscrew! He winks at Lucilla, and ‘bows out’, daring her to do one better. The crowd is going absolutely wild, and Lucilla returns his grin.

We have a flipping contest, folks. And it’s a game of one-upsmanship!

Lucilla reclaims her spot in the middle of the ring. She tells Wülf to watch closely. She does a backflip, gets in two rotations on it, lands on her shoulders, and kips back up in one smooth motion, landing back on her feet! Flippin’ Wow! Wulf acknowledges it, by pulling the ‘Not Bad’ face Obama made famous. Lucilla raises an eyebrow and backs off, wondering how on Earth Wulf is going to top that. The Silver Bullet runs to the ropes, leaps, and uses the top rope as a springboard. He jumps to another rope on the adjacent side of the squared circle, twisting in mid-air, springboards off of that as well, and performs four corkscrews in the air, before landing on his hands! He maintains a perfect handstand, and then pushes off, adding one more flip for good measure before landing on his feet. The crowd goes absolutely wild! Wülf now laughs, as it’s obvious he has won! The crowd seems to agree as they wildly chant his name.


Lucilla, either being a sore loser or just bored, runs in with an enzuiguiri, catching Wülf completely off guard. With Ricky at ringside raving about Lucilla’s brilliance and how Wülf’s showboating is going to cost him dearly, Lucilla goes for the cover!



Wülf kicks out, and shakes his head. The enzuiguiri was all the more devastating because he hadn’t seen it coming, and was unable to brace himself. He clutches his neck, but didn’t spot Lucilla coming in with a rolling thunder! She hits it, and hooks his leg once again.



Wulf kicks out! Lucilla slaps the mat in frustration, and slaps him across the face! She grabs him by the arms and sets him up in the corner with his back to the buckles. She takes a few steps backwards and nails him with a facewash! Wulf slumps, but remains in the corner. Lucilla audibly giggles, and takes position… Stinkface! She rubs her bottom all over Wülf’s face. While some men would kill for the pleasure, the Silver Bullet is none too pleased. As Lucilla cackles and rolls back to the middle of the ring, he seems to get an adrenaline boost. He rolls, kips up and levels an unsuspecting Lucilla with a Pelé Kick! Lucilla goes down, but instead of waiting to be pinned, she rolls through to the outside to catch her breath.

Nope. Erikson gets up, runs the ropes, and accompanied by a ‘WHOA!’ from the crowd hits the #DownToFlip! He crashes into Lucilla, and as she collapses, Wülf gets up, spreads his arms wide, and calls for the crowd to make some noise! And boy, do they ever. They almost blast the roof off of the building. Erikson grabs Lucilla by the hair and rolls her back into the ring, before hopping on the apron and springboarding again. In a move reminiscent to the one he used in the earlier flipping contest, he springboard to another rope, and hits a corkscrew moonsault off of it, landing right on top of Lucilla, instantly pinning her!



But Lucilla is OTB, and she kicks out! Wülf smirks, gets up, and waits for Lucilla to do the same, scouting for the perfect moment to strike! He crawls in, and locks in an attempt at the Wit’s End! But before he can sweep out her feet from under her, Lucilla manages to grab hold of a rope, giving her plenty of leverage to avoid being swept away into defeat. With Wülf blocked, she escapes the hold, and rolls out of the ring, next to the announce table.

Didn’t you learn your lesson last time, Lucilla? This is Wülf Erikson you’re facing, who is more comfortable flipping about than with his feet on solid ground. Another DTF? You bet! He runs up, springboard off the top rope… but Lucilla hits him with the Red Light in mid-air! She nails the mist straight into his face. Completely and instantaneously disoriented, Wülf loses all sense of where he is and crashes on top of the announce table, which collapses! With CJ shrieking and Ricky all giddy, Lucilla grins, her chin now red with the residue of the paint. With Wülf down, she lifts up the apron curtains, and retrieves a kendo stick.

What is she doing? Does she really not care about being disqualified? The answer seems to be ‘no’. Lucilla points the stick at Wülf, who is slowly crawling back to his feet. She wields it like a sword, putting it under his chin to position his head juuuuust right… She goes for the swing!
But it’s blocked. Chuck Aitken has rolled out of the ring, and grabs the end of the kendo stick, before ripping it out of her hands and throwing it away. We’re not sure who’s more furious here, the ref or the Ballwrecking Bitch. They both start shouting at each other, with Aitken throwing threats of DQ her way, and Lucilla threatening to eat his dog Fifi. Chuck loves that dog!

But with Lucilla distracted, she never sees Wülf coming. He grabs her. Sweeps her legs… Wit’s End on the outside!

Aitken has lost count, and decides to roll back into the ring, starting at 5… Wülf hoists Lucilla into his shoulders, and rolls her back into the ring. And he’s going for the icing on top of the cake! He hops on the apron and ascends the top turnbuckle. He leaps, going for a 450 splash, but Lucilla rolls out of the way! He spots it in time though, and flips onto his feet rather than crash and burn. But Lucilla rolls him up from behind!


Oblivious to the ref, she uts her feet on the rope for added leverage!



Under a chorus of boos, Lucilla laughs, as Chuck Aitken calls for the bell!

Winner, by pinfall at 13:05

Lucilla rolls out of the ring instantaneously. Wülf’s arguing with the referee doesn’t help. He knows she cheated to win but can’t do anything about it. He looks at her with a look of disgust, and shakes his head. Despite a valiant effort, Lucilla tricked the referee and got away with the win.


Match Five – Single’s Match
Michael Kelly vs. Justin Lust

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

The Chosen One, Michael Kelly, is making waves around the wrestling world. The number one contender to Armenian Beast’s Canadian Championship faces off against Justin Lust, who seems slightly more focused than usual after rumors of Wülf Erikson whispering words of encouragement into his ears. However, as soon as the bell rings, Kelly’s superior skills are immediately apparent. Lust goes for a lock-up, but is driven back into a corner by the strong style artist. Pushing him against the buckles, Kelly releases the lock-up, and nails Lust with several stiff forearms to the face.
Each shot looks like a sledgehammer being driven into the rookie’s face, and his head nastily snaps back with every blow he receives. Morello intervenes, making sure Kelly doesn’t actually break Lust’s neck, and asks if he can continue. Justin nods, although even that already seems to give him quite a bit of pain. Kelly, focused as ever, grabs Lust by the wrist and Irish whips him to the other side of the ring. Lust hits the turnbuckles so hard he bounces off of them, and Kelly comes charging in, planting his knee right in Justin’s gut. He doubles over, only to be uppercutted by the Chosen One. He crashes to the floor, but is hit instantly with a kneedrop to the temple. Morello slides in, again asking Lust if he wants to quit. He nods his head, and as he does so is immediately grabbed by his long hair. Kelly lifts him up, and proceeds to lay some knife edge chops into his chest, each of which reverberates throughout the arena. Crying in agony, Lust tries to retreat, but as he turns his back to his opponent, Kelly nails him with a snap German suplex that drive the back of his head into the mat.

Lust isn’t getting up. He’s not even moving. Morelly tells Kelly to back off as he checks on him. ‘MK’ casually leans against the ropes as the referee does she, seemingly annoyed at the delay. Morello has no choice but to start counting. Kelly starts measuring up his opponent, and smirks. At the count of eight, Lust is on his knees. And he has a date. With Desti-knee!

Kelly charges in with his deadly single leg running knee strike. There is such a hard collision that people in the front row look away. One mother shields her child’s eyes. Kelly immediately goes for the pin.




Winner, by pinfall at 03:36

Kelly rises to his feet. As his theme plays he ascends the top turnbuckles, with Lust lying motionless in the ring. He points at the Over the Top sign and then makes a strap motion across his abdomen section. He just put the world on notice. He’s hungry for gold, and he is cashing in his shot at the Canadian Championship next week at OTT XXI!


Match Six – Elimination Match
Mike Rosati vs. The Bhutanese Beast vs. Bryan Blaze vs. Corporal Punishment

Posted Image

(Referee: Corey Miner)

The match starts off with the superstars in pairs. Bryan Blaze immediately goes after Corporal Punishment and pushes him into a corner. They begin trading blows while Mike Rosati locks up with Karma Tenzin the old fashioned way.

Mike switches into a headlock, wrenching down hard on the Bhutanese Beast. Karma is able to twist out and apply a hammerlock. He follows that with a club to the back of Mike’s head. Meanwhile, Blaze is eating some forearms by the Corporal.

Punishment quickly sends him across the ring with an Irish Whip. Before he can rush towards Blaze, Tenzin and Rosati lock back up right in his way. CP charges at them, but in an act of cohesiveness, Karma and Mike send the Corporal flying with a double hip toss.

Blaze comes at them out of the corner but is met with a double elbow! Karma Tenzin looks at the former Maddogg and shows his approval of their current partnership. It doesn’t last long. Rosati sends a big kick to Karma Tenzin’s gut. He sets Tenzin’s head between his legs and locks the double underhook.

Out of nowhere, Bryan Blaze reenters the ring and hits the ropes! He springboards and connects with The Heatwave! Karma Tenzin drops out of Rosati’s grasp as Mike tumbles to the mat. Bryan Blaze quickly moves in for the cover as Corey Miner slaps the mat!




Mike Rosati has been eliminated!

Blaze rolls off as Rosati is forced to head to the back. He stands and Corporal Punishment is back in this thing! CP sends a big shoulder block at Blaze. He hits the ropes and rebounds with a big knee drop. Punishment goes for the cover.



Blaze gets a shoulder up!

Punishment stands, ready to inflict more…punishment. Har har.

That is short lived, though! Karma Tenzin moves in and locks the waist of Corporal Punishment. Huge German Suplex! CP bounces off of the mat and ends up rolling out of the ring. Karma Tenzin and Bryan Blaze are having a standoff now.

They begin to circle and Bryan strikes first. He sends a flurry of legs kicks into the Bhutanese Beast, driving him back. Blaze keeps Karma on the ropes with a combination of jabs and hooks. He hits the ropes on the other side of the ring. As he comes back, Karma ducks down, pulling the ropes!

Blaze flips over onto the apron. Karma pulls him up and locks in a sleeper hold! He’s got a version of Enlightenment locked in over the ropes onto Blaze! Corey Miner tells him to bring it back in the ring, but with no rope breaks out count outs, there isn’t much he can do except yell.

Fortunately for Blaze, he’s quick on his feet and with his thinking. Bryan reaches up and grabs onto Tenzin’s head. He’s able to drop down and stun the Beast on the ropes. Bryan snaps out of it and hurries to his feet. He springboards in at Karma, but Karma moves! Bryan is able to roll through to his feet!

Blaze quickly turns and rushes the Bhutanese Beast, but Karma Tenzin is ready! He spins around and hooks the sleeper hold! Karma and Blaze are both struggling to get the advantage. If Karma is able to drop himself and Bryan to a knee, it could be over for Blaze in his debut match!

The struggle continues, but Corporal Punishment is ready to remind everyone that he is still in this thing! CP is on the top rope! He dives and throws an arm out!

Blaze breaks out of the sleeper hold and escapes the path of Corporal Punishment…


CP hits Karma Tenzin with his signature flying clothesline! Punishment is obviously fine with that outcome as he climbs on top of Karma Tenzin and hooks the leg.




The Bhutanese Beast, Karma Tenzin, has been eliminated!

Two down, two left!

As soon as Punishment releases the pin fall, Bryan Blaze is hounding him. He begins to club his back and send knees into his midsection. Punishment puts his guard up and tries to scramble away. Blaze is just keeping on him, though.

Blaze drives Punishment into the corner, reminiscent of the opening part of the match up. He backs up and charges forward. CP with a countering elbow! He quickly switches positions with Blaze. He turns Blaze so that he is facing the corner and sends a salute the crowd!

One turnbuckle smash…



He keeps going and the crowd begins counting!

Corporal Punishment slams Byran Blaze’s head into the turnbuckle twenty-one times! 21 Gun Salute!

Blaze stumbles backwards and falls to the mat. CP drops down with him for a pin fall! Corey Miner moves in.



Blaze kicks out!

Punishment takes the kick out in stride and keeps going after Blaze. CP sends a few stomps before lifting him to his feet. He drags Blaze to a corner and hoists him up! He’s calling for the end! Death From Above!

CP climbs and hooks the arm. He lifts, but it’s blocked! Blaze isn’t budging!

Bryan Blaze delivers some hard blows to the Corporal’s side, causing him to let go! Blaze shoves and Punishment lands on the mat! Bryan Blaze hurriedly flips off of the top rope for a 450 Splash!

Punishment moves! But Blaze is quick and sees it! He hits a roll out of the flip and keeps running toward the ropes! CP gets up and sends a big clothesline towards Blaze, but Blaze ducks!

Bryan hits the other side of the ring now, leaping, and springboarding! He sends The Heatwave towards Punishment!

No! Punishment backs up and grabs onto Blaze’s leg, not letting it connect! Blaze hits the mat and the Corporal grabs the other leg! He starts to swing him!

The fans count and a dizzy ten times is how many CP goes around! He let Blaze fall but immediately locks in the ankle lock part of the sequence!

Taps has been applied by the soldier!

In the center of the ring, Blaze has nowhere to go! He’s forced to pound the mat and submit!

Bryan Blaze has been eliminated!

Corporal Punishment releases the hold and jumps to his feet, celebrating his victory! His uncle, Major Payne, would be proud!

Winner, by pinfall at 10:55


Prior to the next match, Matt Moore has been hunted down by Angela Icke. She’s caught him for an interview, questioning the situation from earlier in the evening. Matt touches base on the issue with his brother’s “mind roommate.” He just reiterates that at Midsummer Massacre, he’s going to send Sorrow away for good.

Angela then questions what happened with Asylum. During the break, after Matt challenged Sorrow for the upcoming pay-per-view, Asylum interrupted. He stated that “Sorrow is temporary. Asylum is forever.” Matt calls Asylum a maniac just like Sorrow and that he’s not intimidated.

Angela then mentions Matt’s confidence after what some would call a tainted win last week. Matt has no idea what she is talking about. He got to check the box on the list he made that included Wulf Erikson and James Calhoun. Angela remembers now that Matt is not too fond of modern technology and probably hadn’t seen anything about it.

She pulls out her phone, finds a video, and shows Matt the ending of his match up against the Silver Bullet. He sees that Bryan Blaze hopped the barricade, connected with brass knuckles, and sent Wulf tumbling to the mat. Matt seems a bit disappointed in this revelation.

Nonetheless, he says people need to mind their own business. Too many people are in his way for no reason. Well, he is going to give them a reason to stay out of his way. That starts with Asylum up next!


Match Seven – Single’s Match
Asylum vs. Matt Moore

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(Referee: JJ Hemphill)

Moore versus Asylum is on with the Masked Madman sending a big blow towards Matt! Matt avoids it, though, shooting for Asylum’s legs. He isn’t able to take him down, but he is able to push him backwards against the ropes! JJ Hemphill immediately demands the match move away from the ropes. Asylum doesn’t give a damn, though. He simply drops a massive double axe handle over Moore’s back.

Moore drops to a knee and Asylum sends another axe handle. Matt screams out from the back pain. Asylum drags him to his feet in the center of the ring. He grabs Matt by the hair and sends a massive headbutt his way. Matt drops to the canvas.

Asylum sets one foot on Matt as JJ moves in.


Matt throws Asylum’s foot away.

The Masked Madman knows that wasn’t it, but is certainly starting the mind games early. Asylum slowly lifts Matt to his feet. He takes just a moment too long as Matt explodes out of his clutches! Moore sends a flurry of forearms at Asylum, backing him against the ropes. He sends Asylum across the ring with an Irish Whip.

Asylum comes back and Matt drops down, causing his opponent to continue running. Asylum rebounds yet again. Matt wraps around Asylum’s waist as he comes back, but the big man halts his momentum immediately! The overhead belly-to-belly suplex isn’t going to pan out this time!

Asylum shows his freak strength by simply busting out of Matt’s grasp and lifting him onto his shoulder. Asylum drives Matt’s back into the turnbuckle and swiftly spins to drop him to the ground with a running slam.

Asylum stays on top of Matt, but not for a cover. He lifts a knee up to place it on Matt’s face and begins to grind it back and forth. JJ Hemphill calls for Asylum to break it up, but it’s of no use. He has to start counting.





Asylum gets off of Matt at the last possible opportunity. Again, grabbing the hair, Asylum lifts Moore to his feet. Looking for a quick ending, Asylum hoists Matt onto his shoulders again. He’s calling for the Lobotomy!

No! Matt wiggles free and drops down behind Asylum. He forces him forward, causing him to rebound off of the ropes. Matt keeps a hold and rolls through with a pin fall! JJ Hemphill speeds in!



Asylum forces Matt off of him!

Both men hurry to their feet, but Matt is on Asylum first!

Step Up Enziguiri!

Asylum hits the mat and Moore speeds towards the corner. He hops onto the top rope and measures the distance to the downed masked man. He approves! Matt flips off and lands a Somersault Leg Drop! He hooks Asylum’s leg!



Asylum gets a shoulder up!

He’s not going down that easy. Matt is a bit surprised that he hasn’t put him away. Matt is quick to get Asylum to his feet. He’s not wasting any time! Matt goes to lock in the Cobra Clutch, but he can’t lock his legs around the Masked Madman!

Asylum refuses to let this submission be the end of him. He scratches and claws at Matt, struggling to remove himself from the hold. Instead, he uses his power to force Moore backwards, slamming him into the turnbuckle.

The impact causes Matt to break his hold. Asylum is free as Matt stumbles out of the corner. A kick to the gut and Asylum has Matt where he wants him! He lifts…and wham! A powerbomb! The End is Near connects!

Asylum drops onto Matt for the cover and Hemphill slides in!




No, Matt is able to get a shoulder up!

Asylum is uncharacteristically shocked. He knows he needs to finish this up sooner rather than later. Asylum gets Matt to his knees, holding onto his hair, ignoring the referee’s requests to let go.

The Masked Madman is right in Matt’s face, spewing disturbing comments galore. He then gets Matt to his feet and Irish Whips him into the ropes. Asylum is looking for the Shock Treatment!

He leaps and sends the dropkick!

Matt holds onto the ropes and Asylum drops hard down to the ring!

Asylum rolls over and gets to his feet. He turns back towards a spinning Matt Moore!

The Gaijin Kaiju throws a boot as Asylum is fully facing him now…

Discuss Big Boot connects! Asylum drops and Matt covers!




Matt Moore is victorious yet again!

Winner, by pinfall at 08:43

JJ Hemphill goes to raise his hand, but Matt will have none of that. He simply slides out of the ring, avoiding any revenge Asylum may be looking to get.


Before the eighth match of the evening, Amaranthine’s Nexus hits the studio’s speakers. Over the Top’s General Manager Lara Pegorino comes out, to a standing ovation of the fans. They cheer and chant her name as she makes her way to the ring, no doubt reminiscing about the days she was an active competitor.
Sylvie Rose hands her a microphone, and the GM addresses the fans, after their cheers have died down. She announces that following Midsummer Massacre, UWE will launch a new division. And the best and only way to properly ensure that it is off to a flying start, is by holding a tournament. UWE will host a tag team competition to crown the inaugural champions of a newly launched Tag Team Division. It’s open to absolutely anyone, providing they are cleared by the General Manager. This is met by an enthusiastic roar of the fans, who can’t wait to see new champions crowned! Lara also says that the brackets are currently being drawn up, and that there are still spots left, but that it’s already shaping up to be nothing short of phenomenal!


Match Eight – Single’s Match
Eavan Maloney vs. James Calhoun

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(Referee: Claudia Morello)

The anxiously awaited match between Maloney and Calhoun began light heartedly with Eavan poking fun at her friend by wearing his hat and mimicking drinking a beer. Calhoun didn’t seem to find any humor in it, however, dropping an unprepared Maloney with a stiff right. Calhoun follows up with a trio of hard stomps. He tries for a quartet but Eavan gets out of the way and kicks the cowboy hard in the gut. She gets to her feet then floors Calhoun with a stiff knee. When he gets back to his feet James is surprised by a sudden monkey flip that brings the fans to their feet. The Steam Punk Warrior springboards to attempt another knee but the champ steps aside and counters with a massive clothesline. Undeterred she kips up and waves for Calhoun to keep it coming.

The champ obliges and rushes in but Maloney surprises him with a dropkick to the knee and follows up with an enzuiguiri. The plucky Irish scrapper then moves in for the Eavan lock!
Maloney grabs one leg, hooks up the other, and manages to roll Calhoun over! Maloney is winching back on that Texas Cloverleaf, Calhoun desperately trying to get to the ropes, trying to reach back and grab Maloney’s foot, anything to break out. Calhoun pulls himself up on his hands, Maloney starts to fall forward, but as she rights herself to lean back again, Calhoun gets a hand on the rope, the referee telling Maloney to break the hold. Maloney does, Calhoun pulls himself to the corner, trying to get feeling back in his leg. Maloney, slow to capitalize, staggers back in Calhoun’s direction, he pulls himself to his feet on one leg, and swings at Maloney. Maloney dodges the first one, but not the second which catches her on the ear and Maloney is staggering before falling face-first on the mat.

Calhoun lifts the woman by the hair until she gets to her knees then slams a hard elbow stamp onto her face to drop her again. The callous cowboy then puts a foot on Eavan’s face and begins to grind his heel in hard. The official orders Calhoun to stop but he just chuckles and shows off four fingers, ordering the ref to count. Finally the count huts four and James lets the writhing woman up. When she stands Calhoun comes in to attack again but Eavan counters fast. Ducking under the punch she throws several quick punches and kicks of her own. The flurry ends with a hard superkick that would have floored Calhoun except that he fell into the corner. The warrior woman charges and lands a devastating dropkick that leaves her foe sitting against the turnbuckle. The plucky Irish lass gets a mischievous look on her face and rolls out of the ring to grab the cowboys hat once more. She waves it over her head and yells out Yeeehawww! Before rushing the champ to hit him with a bronco buster, holding the hat above her head as she bounces on the rope. The crowd cheers and laughs at Calhoun’s predicament.

After a few seconds Eavan rolls back and charges again, this time looking for a drop kick to the face. Calhoun manages to roll out of the way and hopes to leave Maloney crashing into the turnbuckle. He doesn’t notice that she was able to land on the second turnbuckle until he turns around to see the Irish warrior leaping at him in an attempted body press. The cowboy moves faster than expected and catches Eavan in mid flight, Calhoun then lifts her onto his shoulder to slam the woman but she again surprises him by sliding back to lock Calhoun in position for an inverted DDT! He hits the ground with a heavy thud and Maloney rolls him up.
The refs hand was almost ready to slap the mat for the third time when Calhoun’s shoulder shoots off the mat. Frustrated but not defeated Maloney begins to lift Calhoun to his feet when he rakes his fingers across her eyes. The maneuver earns a harsh rebuke from the ref but the callous one ignores it, exploding forward with a huge lariat. Eavan hits the mat hard and her foe follows up with a fist drop to the face before attempting a pin on his own!


Maloney is up! The plucky lady won’t stay down! An irritated Calhoun punches her roughly in the face before lifting her up. The irate cowboy sends her to the ropes and attempts to land his Boot Hill but Maloney ducks under it and hits the other rope. The pair rushes each other and collides hard in a double clothesline that leaves both prone in the center of the ring. The official checks the wrestlers then begins the ten count.

At five Calhoun makes it to his feet and stands on wobbly legs. The cowboy climbs a turnbuckle and prepares to leap off in what looks to be a flying elbow but waits one moment as he notices Eavan hasn’t risen yet. He grimaces and takes deep breathe before leaping. The hesitation was brief but it was enough. Maloney gets out of dodge and lets the cowboy crash onto empty mat. He tries to get up but is met with a solid super kick that drops him for a second time. Maloney rolls Calhoun up and…




Winner, by pinfall at 10:01

Eavan Maloney has beaten the champ! The crowd is going wild as the plucky Irish lass raises her arns. She sees Calhoun struggling to stand and walks over to offer a hand up. The cowboy looks at the offered hand then to Maloney. He reaches out as if he is going to take it but slaps the hand away instead. The defeated champion rolls out of the ring as the victorious Maloney stares after him with a mixture of hurt and anger on her face. Before the match they swore they’d remain friends, but it doesn’t seem to be that way now…

Main Event – No Disqualification
Brandon Moore/Sorrow vs. Tiami Erickson

Posted Image

(Referee: Chuck Aitken)

The main event of the evening has arrived. It truly does appear to be Brandon Sorrow versus Alexis. The supernatural being inside Brandon Moore’s mind and the dangerous alter ego inside of Tiami Erickson’s. And no disqualification to top it off. Chuck Aitken is about to have his hands full!

The two stand with no emotion across their faces. The bell rings and there is no movement to start. Sorrow just surveys Alexis up and down with his black voided eyes. Alexis doesn’t break contact with Sorrow’s face. She strolls forward, staring up into Sorrow’s nothingness.

Sorrow actually smirks, but that expression is quickly gone. Sorrow launches his head forward. Huge headbutt that sends Alexis stumbling backwards. She chuckles and speeds at Sorrow, actually catching him off guard.

She connects with a big jumping forearm. Sorrow moves back. Another forearm. He’s in the turnbuckle. Alexis backs up and rushes at Sorrow one more time. Sorrow moves! Alexis bounces chest first off of the padding and Sorrow grabs her hair, slamming her back to the mat.

He’s taking advantage of the No DQ ruling early! Sorrow rolls out of the ring and starts searching underneath it. It isn’t long before he pulls something out. Sorrow has gotten a hold of a kendo stick!

Sorrow heads back in towards Alexis. He swings the stick down at her, but she rolls out of the way. Another swing and she moves again! Getting frustrated, Sorrow simply throws the stick at her as she hops to her feet.

She blocks the impact by swatting the stick away and dropkicks Sorrow in the knee. Sorrow drops as Alexis exits the ring and heads over to the timekeeper’s area.

Sorrow’s movement isn’t halted with a simple dropkick, however. He follows behind her. Sorrow reaches over the barricade into the area. Alexis surprises him! A steel chair shot cracks Sorrow right over the head. Alexis throws the chair into the ring, saving it for later.

She mounts Sorrow and says some awful things the camera was not able to pick up. Alexis rains down some punches onto Sorrow’s skull, putting more hurt where the chair connected.

She gets off and sadistically taunts to the fans in the front row. Alexis then climbs onto the apron, waiting for Sorrow to get to his feet. She hollers for him to rise and once he does, she takes off down the apron in his direction. Alexis leaps off, but Sorrow cracks her with a massive European Uppercut!

Alexis crumbles and Sorrow is quick to keep up the attack. He lifts Alexis up and sends her right into the barricade. Chuck Aitken is simply watching from inside the ring. He’s there to call a pin fall or a submission. That’s it.

Sorrow is going for yet another weapon! He’s got…


Sorrow slides it into the ring and then does the same to Alexis.

Sorrow enters next and heads right for the table. He begins to set it up, obviously hoping for something big and brutal in a moment.

Alexis isn’t out of this, though! Sorrow turns around and gets hit with the steel chair right into the gut! Good thing Alexis tossed it in the ring earlier! Another chair shot follows over Sorrow’s back.

Alexis sets the chair up now, as if she were about to sit in it…but that’s not the case.

She hooks Sorrow’s arm and head. Alexis lifts…

Icy Nail onto the chair!

The scoop brainbuster drops Sorrow hard, distorting the steel of the chair. It’s unrecognizable!

Alexis hurries for a cover!



Sorrow kicks out!

Alexis discards the ruined chair and notices the kendo stick that Sorrow was using earlier. She grabs it and starts to whack Sorrow in the spine with it. The crowd flinches with every crack heard from the bamboo.

She grabs both ends of the stick now and breaks it over Sorrow’s back! The kendo stick snaps and she tosses it out of the ring. She gets Sorrow to his feet, with his back towards her. Alexis reverses before charging forward. She hooks Sorrow’s head and leaps over the table!

Ice Spike!

No! Sorrow breaks free and lets Alexis simply fly over the table without bringing him through it. She lands on her feet and braces herself against the turnbuckle in order to stop her momentum. She turns and is standing across the table from Sorrow.

Alexis throws a roundhouse, but Sorrow backs away. There’s not enough room for it connect. They’re seemingly at a stalemate now! Alexis perches herself on the top rope and Sorrow has had enough. He moves the table out of the way and heads towards his opponent.

Alexis leaps off, looking for a diving hurricanrana! Sorrow catches her, though! He pulls her up and moves towards the table. Powerbomb!

No! Alexis rolls over the top of Sorrow and brings him with her for a pin fall attempt!



Sorrow forces Alexis off!

She hurries and grabs Sorrow from behind! Icy Coffin!

No, Sorrow is able to reverse out of it! He pulls away, kicks Alexis in the gut, and hooks her arms. He lifts her and drops her right on her head!

Demon Driver!

Sorrow covers! Chuck Aitken with the count!



Alexis gets a shoulder up!

Sorrow keeps on her, hooking her arms on the ground. He’s looking for Sing Your Sorrows!

Alexis isn’t letting it happen! She wiggles and worms her way free from Sorrow and leaps to her feet. Sorrow rushes in and jumps at Alexis, but she moves out of the way! Sorrow lands on the second rope, but is immediately hit with a low blow! Alexis went downtown!

She hooks Sorrow’s legs over the ropes now, seating him on the turnbuckle. Alexis drags the table over and sets it in position. She climbs the ropes now and hooks Sorrow’s head for a reverse DDT. She’s looking for the Icy Coffin off the top, through the table!

Sorrow won’t allow it! He holds on and is able to slip away onto the apron. Sorrow trips up Alexis, causing her to fall onto the ropes in a seated position much like he just was!

Sorrow climbs from the apron to the top rope. He lifts Alexis up and steadies them both so that they don’t fall. Sorrow hooks her head and arms and turns them around so they are facing the opposite way of how they just were.

Sorrow lifts, turns, and drops Alexis!

Darkness Falls through the table! My god!

A few moments pass as Sorrow removes himself from the rubble. He drags Alexis out as well, so that her shoulders may touch the mat. Sorrow covers and Chuck Aitken moves in.




Winner, by pinfall at 11:25

Brandon Sorrow has defeated Alexis! He stands with the void look in his eyes. The show ends with a snarling Sorrow and his blackened eyes being the last image seen. That’ll keep the kids up all night!

Quick Results
°Jared Oliver vs. Mike Manning ends in no contest
°Drew Stevenson def. Timothy Hunt by pinfall
°Marcus LeVine def. Adelina La Roux by submission
°Lucilla def. Wülf Erikson by pinfall
°Michael Kelly def. Justin Lust by pinfall
°Corporal Punishment def. Bryan Blaze, Karma Tenzin and Mike Rosati by pinfall
°Matt Moore def. Asylum by pinfall
°Eavan Maloney def. James Calhoun
°Brandon Sorrow def. Tiami Erickson by pinfall


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